WE NEED YOU…….YOU NEED US!! The North Hastings Fund Development Committee has committed
to purchasing $254,200 in hospital equipment for Quinte Health
Care North Hastings this year.
The hospital staff and physicians provide excellent care 24 hours a
day 7 days a week to the whole community. Whether you live here
full time, part time or just for a weekend, we are all part of the
community that requires a well-equipped hospital.
The need:
Portable X-ray machine
Portable Ultrasound machine
Point of Care Testing for blood analysis
Help us……Help you! Individual or organization donations can be made out to QHC
North Hastings at Box 157, Bancroft ON K0L 1C0
For further information please call 613-332-2825 ext. 6220
YOUR COMMUNITY THANKS YOU! Check out our website www.BancroftHospitalFundDevelopment.ca