Potentate Tony D. Morris and Lady Kay

Hasan Shriners
First Quarter 2015
Potentate Tony D. Morris and Lady Kay
Potentate Tony D. Morris and First Lady Kay
5342 Golf Drive
Lake Park, GA 31636
Cell: 229-561-9070
[email protected]
Chief Rabban E.L. Sprayberry and Lady Jetta
960 Parten Road
Home: 229-567-3811
Ashburn, GA 31714
Cell: 229-317-2781
[email protected]
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Assistant Rabban John H. “Johnny” Walker Sr. and Lady Andrea
318 Paschal Street
Home: 229-824-5817
Plains, GA 31780
Cell: 229-938-0640
[email protected]
High Priest & Prophet Paul Massey and Lady Cindy
P.O. Box 338
Home: 229-378-8254
Cairo, GA 39828
Cell: 229-224-0463
[email protected]
Oriental Guide David “Ricky” Hortman and Lady Robin
1412 North Iasbella Street
Sylvester, GA 31791
Cell: 229-347-3417
[email protected]
Treasurer Dorsey Holt,P.P. and Lady Mary (Shangie)
1001 Bear Creek Road
Home: 229-896-7356
Adel, GA 31620
Cell: 229-561-7373
[email protected]
Recorder Wesley D. Pantone, P.P. and Lady Jackie
156 Kinchafoonee Ck Rd Home 229-439-0360
Leesburg, GA 31763
Cell 229 -886-4169
[email protected]
Appointed Divan 2015
1st Ceremonial Master Joe Futch
3470 Egg & Butter Road N. Home: 229-574-5051
Ochlocknee, GA 31773
Cell: 229-403-4503
[email protected]
2015 Elected Imperial Council Reps
Potentate Tony D. Morris
Chief Rabban E.L. Sprayberry
G. David Powell, P.P.
Emeritus Robert E. “Bob” Hughes, P.P.
Hospital Emeritus Robert E. “Bob” Mathis, P.P.
Hospital Emeritus Gene H. McDowell, P.P.
2015 Elected Southeastern Reps
Potentate Tony D. Morris
Chief Rabban E.L. Sprayberry
Recorder Wesley D. Pantone, P.P.
2015 Dixie Shrine Assoc. Reps
Vice President Dorsey Holt, P.P.
Potentate Tony D. Morris
Chief Rabban E. L. Sprayberry
Assistant Rabban Johnny Walker, Sr.
Recorder Wesley D. Pantone, P.P.
2nd Ceremonial Master Doug Head and Lady Emily
16 Joe Fletcher Road
Home: 229-386-2420
Tifton, GA 31794
Cell: 229-848-2663
[email protected]
Director Tim Crimmins and Lady Alanda
1590 Lovers Lane Road
Cell: 229-435-2784
Leesburg, GA 31763
[email protected]
Marshal Joe Battles and Lady Darinda
1011 Foxwood Drive
Office: 229-243-7446
Bainbridge, GA 39819
Cell: 229-220-1962
[email protected]
Captain of the Guard Edwin “Brad”Hurst and Lady Kristie
704 W. 10th Street Home: 229-326-8360
Tifton, GA 31794
[email protected]
Outer Guard Elmer “Dan ”Daniels and Lady Cathy
132 Tallassee Trail
Home: 229-759-1533
Leesburg, GA 31763 Cell: 229-809-2145
[email protected]
I would like to say how much Lady Kay and I appreciate your support this year. We look forward
to working with you and serving as Potentate and First Lady for Hasan Shrine Temple in 2015.
We take our responsibility very seriously, yet at the same time we want to have fun and want
you to have fun too.
Please, make plans to attend the Spring Ceremonial March 13th and 14th in Adel. We hope each
of you will attend the Potentate Nobles' Ball April 17th and 18th in recognition of your hard work
and dedication to Shriners Hospitals and Shrine Temple Fundraising activities. Please come be a
part of all our activities and fundraisers to enjoy the Brotherhood and Fellowship.
Yours in the faith
Black Camel Down Memory Lane
Ralph Edwards
Charles Luke
Joel Carrington
Donald Ward
Billy Jas Hancock
Jesse W. Luke
James C. Duke
Wayne Holt
Lucius Jacobs
Gary W. Nelms
Donald “Don” Olin
John Dewitt
Tommie Clark
Roy McDonald
Frank Haile
Marion Holloway, Jr
Barney J. Glass
Lawrenceville, GA
Valdosta, GA
Tifton, GA
Melbourne, FL
Adel, GA
Gulf Shores, AL
Bainbridge, GA
Bainbridge, GA
Willacoochee, GA
Nashville, GA
Albany, GA
Barney, GA
Fitzgerald, GA
Waycross, GA
Nashville, GA
Bainbridge, GA
Blakely, GA
Albany Ladies of Nasah
Meetings 1st Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.
All Ladies of Shriners are Invited to Attend
Jetta Sprayberry, President, 229-567-3811
Christine Fowler, Membership, 229-869-6744
From your
Thank you to everyone
for having confidence
in me and re-electing
me as your Recorder.
This year as in the past
Hasan Shrine will have
many new
opportunities. Our
membership is still dropping. We have a membership
chairperson, Brad Hurst. We all need to work with
him to make membership one our most important
issues. Hasan currently has 840 members. Let us set
a goal to increase our membership. You know where
we get new members; it is from your Blue Lodge.
Look around and see if you can find someone that
wants to be a Shriner. Sign him up, also on that same
note, if you know someone that was a Shriner. Get
him to agree to be reinstated. Call the office and find
out how much it will cost.
The trips to take patients to the Shrine Hospitals have
increased over the years and our Transportation Fund
needs your help to provide these trips for our
children. Your donations help to pay for the
constantly increasing cost of fuel and maintenance of
the vehicles. Contributions to the transportation
fund are always welcome and are tax deductable.
We always need more drivers to take a child and a
family member to and from the hospitals. If you can
drive the vans, and have time, stop by the office and
talk to Jim. Just let him know when you are available
to drive. He will help you with the paper work. This
project is one of the most rewarding opportunities
you will ever have.
Potentate, Tony Morris, has some new and some old
events and moneymaking plans. We need your help
to make it all work for him in 2015. This will be a very
exciting year. Let us all work together and keep the
fun in Shrine.
Wesley Pantone Recorder, PP
2015 Past Potentates
*C.W. Pidcock, 1950-51
*R.E. Coleman, 1952
*Clyde Howard, 1953
*J.R. Belflower, 1954
*Dr. Jack Standifer, 1955
*David L. Paulk, 1956
*D. Albert Murphy, 1957
*Julian Webb, 1958
*H.H. Goodman, 1959
*Leonard J. Doyal, 1960
*Cleve S. Mincy, 1961
*Don E. Hodges, 1962
*John C. Butler, 1963
*Rufus C. Johnson, 1964, Jean
*H.M. Barry, 1965
*E.E. “Gene” Hodges, 1966
*Toby Royal, 1967
*L. Broughton Powell, 1968
*Wayne D. Seaman, 1969
*Dr. T.B. Cobb, 1970
*Joe P. Davis, 1971
*O. Fletcher Thompson, 1972
*Dr. Roy T. Puckett, 1973
*W.T. Hawkins, 1974
*Ray Randall, 1975
*O.H. P. Juhan, 1976
*R. E. Blue, 1977
*Ray W. Willingham, 1978
*Dr. W.E. Wynens, 1979
Robert E. Hughes, 1980, Carolyn
Joel A. McNair, 1981, Ramona
*James R. Harrell, 1982, Sandra
*H. Joe Nichols, 1983, Frances
*M.E. “Jack” Cole, 1984, Catherine
* Robert C. Huggins, 1985, Carolyn
*Dr. Robert W. Wilson, 1986
Olin F. Thompson, Jr., 1987, Mary
*William “Bill” Maxwell, 1988, Marideane
*Vernon T. Shaw, 1989, Evelyn
Jack F. Lee, 1990, Barbara
H.J. “Skip” Nichols, 1991, Lavon
*Rance J. Taylor, Jr., 1992, Avie
Allen L. Parrish, Jr., 1993, Elsie
*Andrew F. Kinard, 1994, Edie
Daniel J. Griffin, 1995, Lonnie
G. David Powell, 1996
*Paul R. Baker, 1997, Jolyn
*John L. Goodroe, 1998
*Travis W. Thompson, 1999, Azalea
E.R. “Rudy” Rigsby, 2000
H. Larry Wimberly, 2001, Lavonia
Dennis J. Blair, 2002, Ann
G. David Powell, 2003
Gene H. McDowell, 2004
Dwayne T. Culpepper, 2005, Gloria
Robert E. “Bob” Mathis, 2006, Elaine
Robert E. “Bob” Hoffman, 2007, Sharon
Fred A. Burt, 2008, Judy
Gary A. Rogers, 2009, Carol
Dorsey E. Holt, 2010, Shangie
Wesley D. Pantone, 2011, Jackie
B. Keith Laney, 2012, Chris
Allen Jernigan, 2013, Peggy
William W. Willingham 2014
Friday March 13, 2015
1 p.m. – 6 p.m. Registration at Days Inn
I-75 (Exit 39) and Hwy 37 1200 West Fourth Street
6 p.m.-7p.m. 1st Session at Delle Beaumgard Center
8 p.m.-12 p.m. Entertainment at Days Inn Court Yard
Saturday March 14, 2015
7:00 a.m.
Registration at Days Inn
9 a.m -10 a.m.
Candidates’ street work
10 a.m.
Parade Lineup
11 a.m.
11:30 a.m.-1 p.m Candidates Lunch –Delle Beaumgard
1 p.m.-3 p.m. 2nd Session at Delle Beaumgard Center
4 p.m -6 p.m. Potentate’s Treat at Days Inn Courtyard
8 p.m. – till
Entertainment at Days Inn Courtyard
Honoring all New Nobles
Chairman: Jon Sands
Co-Chairman: James Taylor, Sr
Friday March 13, 2015
1 p.m.- 6 p.m. Registration at Days Inn.
Purchase Ladies Luncheon Tickets
8 p.m.-12 a.m. Entertainment at Days Inn Courtyard
Saturday, March 14, 2015
7:30.a.m-10 a.m Registration at Days Inn.
Purchase Ladies Luncheon Tickets
9:00 a.m. -10a.m. Enjoy street work of candidates
11 a.m.
View parade downtown
12 p.m.-until
Ladies Luncheon ($25 per person)
4 p.m.-6 p.m. Potentate Treat at Days Inn Courtyard
8 p.m.-till
Entertainment at Days Inn Courtyard
Chairperson: Frana Taylor
Co-Chairperson: Nicole/ Stacy
Chairman: Tifton Shrine Club
Cook County Shrine Club
Danny Saturday
Danny Saturday
Tony Morris
Chairman: Joey Shiver
Co-Chairman: James Taylor
Chairman: Dorsey Holt, P.P.
Co-Chairman: David Sands
Chairman: Joey Shiver
Co-Chairman: James Taylor, Sr.
Chairman: Bill Willingham
Co-Chairman: Chris & Craig Burt
John Wilson
Cook County Shrine
Chairman: Beau Daniel Sinclair
Cook County Shriners
Tifton Ladies of Nasah
Ladies of Cook Co. Shrine Club
Ladies of Cook County Shrine Club
Chairperson: Frana Taylor
Co-Chairperson: Nicole/ Stacy
Chairperson: Emily Head
Co-Chairperson: Kay Morris
Chairperson: Frana Taylor
Co-Chairperson: Kay Morris
Chairperson: Kristie Hurst and
Roadrunner Wives
Ladies of Cook County Shrine Club
16 Smoking Rooms and 34 Non-Smoking
54.99 + TAX
In Memory of: Charles Luke
Presented by
Hasan Shriners
H.B. Edwards III
In Memory of: Cory Bell
Presented by
Bill Willingham
In Memory of: Don Olin
Presented by
Hasan Shriners
Wesley & Jackie Pantone
Bill Willingham
Bob & Sharon Hoffman
Katherine Jeschke
Lori & Lexy Cravens
Dorsey & Shangie Holt
Dwayne & Gloria Culpepper
Julian & Janis Webb
Juanita Lawson
Allen & Peggy Jernigan
John H. McDuffie
United Methodist Women's
David Powell & Margie
Susan Watson
Ray & Diane Campbell
Sarah S. Moore
In Memory of: Ernest T. Brooks
Presented by
Wesley & Jackie Pantone
Bill Willingham
Dorsey & Shangie Holt
In Memory of: Gary Nelms
Presented by
Hasan Shriners
In Memory of: GaryLee Royal
Presented by
Dwayne & Gloria Culpepper
In Memory of: Ira Harper
Presented by
Wesley & Jackie Pantone
Bill Willingham
Dorsey & Shangie Holt
G. David Powell & Margie McLelland
In Memory of: Larry Hancock
Presented by
Carolyn Hollis & Family
J. Stewart Champion Jr.
Larry & Barbara Delbridge
In Memory of: J. Frank Haile
Rhonda Lambert
Presented by
Kay & Dean Hayman
Hasan Shriners
Jim, Marilyn & Jimmy Allison
Dorsey & Shangie Holt
Patsy & Charles Webb
In Memory of:James E. Willingham F & W Forestry Services
Engineering & Equipment Company
Presented by
Bill Willingham
In Memory of: Lucius Jacobs
Presented by
In Memory of: James V Duke
Hasan Shriners
Presented by
Ralph & Shari Dorminey
Hasan Shriners
Bill Willingham
William & Virgie Barber
Wesley & Jackie Pantone
In Memory of: Janet Bailey
Bob & Sharon Hoffman
Presented by
Allen & Peggy Jernigan
Bill Willingham
Dorsey & Shangie Holt
Allen & Peggy Jernigan
Dwayne & Gloria Culpepper
David Powell & Margie McLelland
In Memory of: Jim Hinson
Presented by
In Memory of: Marinell Melton
Larry & Barbara Delbridge
Presented by
Wesley & Jackie Pantone
In Memory of: John Dewitt
Presented by
In Memory of: Mildred Caldwell
Hasan Shriners
Presented by
Dwayne & Gloria Culpepper
Allen & Peggy Jernigan
David Powell & Margie McLelland
Wesley & Jackie Pantone
Bill Willingham
Don Tyner
Dwayne & Gloria Culpepper
In Memory of: April Summerlin
Presented by
Lori and Lexy Cravens
In Memory of: Mildred L. Harvey
Presented by
Leon & Dena Blair
In Memory of: Bill Wimberly
Presented by
Gene Paris and Melba Howard
In Memory of: Robert Huggins, P.P.In Memory of: Jackson O'quinn
Presented by
Presented by
Bob & Sharon Hoffman
Wesley and Jackie Pantone
Allen & Peggy Jernigan
Bill Willingham
Fred and Judy Burt
In Memory of: Ron Hinesley
Donald & Janet Koechlein
Presented by
Shawn & Kara Spare and Family
Bill Willingham
Chuck and Carla McNeil
In Memory of: Sherry Banghart
Presented by
Wesley & Jackie Pantone
In Memory of: Tom Mitchell
Presented by
Larry & Barbara Delbridge
In Memory of: Vasser Goode
Presented by
Wesley & Jackie Pantone
In Memory of: Vergil Newberne
Presented by
Paul & Debi McNeal
Rick & Emily Williams
Mike &Deane Williams
Steve & Lynn Williams
In Memory of: W.L. Maddox
Presented by
Larry & Barbara Delbridge
In Memory of: Walter Mathews
Presented by
Bill Willingham
Wesley & Jackie Pantone
Ray & Diane Campbell
Marvin & Shari Dorminey
Tony & Sue Parr
Allen & Peggy Jernigan
In Memory of: Kimberly Ann
Douglas Robbins
Bill Willingham
Wesley and Jackie Pantone
Gene Paris and Melba Howard
Albany Shrine Club
Tim and Alanda Crimmins
John Sedberry
Ron and Marsha Bryant
Joe and Vivan Borom
David and Gigi Carmichael
Laura Peterson
Director's Staff
John and Christine Fowler
Johnny and Andrea Walker
$1200 A YEAR?
There are medicare savings programs
available to people with limited income
and resources pay out of pocket.
Medicare expenses such as:
*Premiums * Deductibles *Co-payments
The help you may receive from Medicare
savings programs could put $1,200 a
year back in your Social Security check.
Call Debbie Mitchell
Office (229) 430-9100
Senior Resource Center of Georgia, Inc
In Memory of: Mrs. P.H. Watson
Presented by
Cook County Shrine Club
In Honor of: P.H. Watson
Presented by
Cook County Shrine Club
In Memory of: Ross Smith
Presented by
Dwayne and Gloria Culpepper
In Memory of: Sam Thompson
Presented by
Dwayne and Gloria Culpepper
Trustees (Elected)
1 Year: G. David Powell,P.P.
2 Year: Gene McDowell,P.P.
3 Year: Skip Nichols, P.P.
Executive Advisory Staff
Fred A. Burt, P.P.
G. David Powell, P.P.
Dennis J. Blair, P.P.
John Jacobs
Joe Abernathy, Emeritus
Housing Director
Wesley Pantone, P.P.
Colonel of Units
Craig Hart
Major of Units
Richard Kirkland
Mark “Possum” Johnson
Chief Aide
John Fowler
Billy Brooks
Ron Bryant
Matt Hall
Roy Harden
Doug Head
Kerry Helms
Jason Holt
Brad Hurst
Jeff Lewis
Ron Marcinski
Jerry McKellar
Charles Moore
Gene Paris
Larry Price
John Sedberry
Geoffrey Smith
Roger Stewart
Jamie Tharpe
5/8 Tillery
Robert Ellis
Henry Ellis
Bobby Ellis
Dan Baker
Joe Maine II
Hospital Committee
Tony Morris,Chairman
G. David Powell, P.P.,Tampa
Gary Rogers, P.P.
Dennis Blair, P.P.
J.C. “Pete” Bentley
Leon Blair
Dwayne T. Culpepper, P.P.
Johnny Davis
Ray C. Power
Robert E. “Bob” Mathis, P.P.
Gene H. McDowell, P.P.
Fred Burt, P.P.
Bennie Brookins
Bill Vest
Bus Transportation
Fred Burt, P.P., Chairman
Chris Burt
Craig Burt
Bill Willingham, P.P.
Doug Head
Deputy Chief Aide
Bill Brott
Tim Crimmins
Miles O’Quinn
Lynwood Sheffield
Aide Emeritus
J.C. “Pete” Bentley
H.E. “Bo” Everson
Hospital Transportation
Jim Adam,
Tom Wright
Temple Photographer
John Ogburn, Chair
G. David Powell, P.P.
Chief Aide Emeritus
James Snellgrove
Ken Phillips
Insurance Committee
Wesley PantoneP.P., Chair
Mitch Cothron
Temple Attorney
H.B. Edwards, III
Chief Executive Aide
Tom Wright
Deputy Executive Aide
Wayne Hobby
Executive Aide Emeritus
Leon Blair
Executive Aides
Justin Fost
Mark Johnson
Personal Aide
Dennis Pantone
Chuck McNeil
Chris Burt
Craig Burt
Charles Moore
Miles O’Quinn
Provost Guard
Building & Grounds
E.L. Sprayberry
Potentate’s Escorts
Red Devils
Albany Shrine Club
Mitchell County Shrine Club
Thomasville Shrine Club
Legion of Honor
Worth County Shrine Club
Membership Committee
Brad Hurst, Chairman
Finance Committee
1 Year: H.J. “Skip” Nichols, P.P.
2 Year: Dorsey E. Holt, P.P.
3 Year: G David Powell, P.P.
Grievance Committee
Gene H. McDowell, P.P.
Robert E. “Bob” Mathis, P.P.
H.J. “Skip” Nichols, P.P.
Fred A. Burt, P.P.
Gary Rogers, P.P.
Public Relations
Gary Mathews, Chairman
Jurisprudence & Laws
Gene H. McDowell, P.P.,
Dwayne T. Culpepper, P.P.
Robert “Bob” Hughes, P.P.
G. David Powell, P.P.
Masonic Relations
J. C. Bentley, Chairman
Dennis Pantone, Co-Chair
Tim Crimmins
Leon Blair Emeritis
Justin Fost
Moultrie Car Show
Ricky Hortman, Chairman
Tony Morris, Co-Chairman
Chris Burt, Co-Chairman
Pot of Gold
Paul Massey, Chairman
Ricky Hortman
Chuck McNeil
Joe Futch
Haunted Trail
Dennis Pantone
Chris Burt
Craig Burt
Hospital Crusade
J.C. “Pete” Bentley,
All Divan
Medical Staff
Dr. Clay Lee, Waycross
Dr. Steve Zeigler, Valdosta
Long Range Planning
Gary Rogers, P.P.,
Gary Mathews
G. David Powell, P.P.
Tony Morris
Street Collections
Craig Hart, Chairman
Roger Stewart, CoChairman
Mark Johnson
Jeff Lewis
Special Events Committee
Tony Morris, Co-Chairman
Johnny Walker, CoChairman
John C. Allen, Blakely
Clyde Andy” Anderson,
Jack Baker, Mitchell Co.
Everett Bailey, Mitchell
Leon Blair, Thomasville
Ferrell Brooks, Tifton
Hershell Brown,
Leon Burch, Douglas
C.A. Burdett, Ashburn
Ray Campbell, Albany
Bo Everson, Colquitt
Harvey Hatcher, Tifton
Wayne Johnson,
Mike Moorman, Leesburg
Ray Power, Albany
John Odom, Blakely
John Ogburn,
Don Olin, Blakely
Marion Padgett, Lenox
Jimmy Phillips, Tifton
Harold Ragan, Cairo
John Tinsley, Valdosta
Lynwood Sheffield,
Thomas Wright,
At Large Emeritus
Howard Lawson
James Snellgrove
William Vest
Brooks County
Tom Wheeler
Danny Strickland
Scottish Rite
Jim Adams
Justin Fost
Max Davis
At Large Emeritus
Joe Abernathy
J.C. “Pete” Bentley
Bennie Brookins
E.D. Billy Raines
A.W. Holton, Jr.
Gary Mathews
At Large
Carl Duren
Dennis Harrell
William E. Marsh
Retired Military
J.B. Davis
Dan Daniels
Tony Morris
Red Cross of Constantine
H.B. Edwards III
E.L. Sprayberry
Bobby Pollock
Keith Pollock
Jim Potter
Lavon Chandler
Richard Williams
William R. Cox, Jr.
Masonic Blue Lodge
A.W. Holton
Dennis Pantone
Joe Maine
Danny Saturday
Don Baker
Joe Maine
Joey Shiver
Ken Tate
Elmer Alexander
Russell Clark Durden
Jason Holt
Jimmy Duke
Robert Holloway
Gene Paris
John Sedberry
Leroy Gray
C.S. “Pete” Ingram
Ralph Dorminey
Gordon McDowell
Jimmy Owens
Tommy Rabon
Forrest Van Cowart
Wayne Johnson
Marcus Clements
Johnny Davis
John Jacobs
Jerry McKellar
Lynn Charles
Mitch Cothron, Sr.
Alan Davis
Herb Lunden
Keith Stewart
Jimmy Sublett
Raymond Sutton, Sr.
Mark Johnson
Out of State
Norman “Joe” Earls,
Keith Eppes, Florida
William R. Fry, Ohio
Albany Shrine Club
Meets on the
1st Wednesday & 3rd Saturday
Past Potentate William “Bill “Willingham
presents J.C. “Pete” Bentley with a
Distinguished Service Award in 2014
Miles O’Quinn -President
Tim Crimmins- Secretary
“Thomasville Shrine Club Happenings”
“2015– New Faces - A year of Growth”
Shriners Recognize President Jimmy Carter
Thomasville Shrine Club operates under the jurisdiction of the HASAN Shrine Center in Albany, GA. We were fortunate in 2014 to have one of our
members, Noble Bill Willingham, serve in the leadership of HASAN as Potentate. The community of Plains, GA, experienced a flood of Red FEZs
from all around Georgia on December 1st for the event held at the Plains High School Auditorium. As reported by WALB TV…… “PLAINS, GA
(WALB) - President Jimmy Carter has teamed up with the Hasan Shrine to help children internationally. President Carter was made Honorary
Ambassador for Hasan Shrine Center in Albany. A proclamation was given among guests from temples around Georgia at Plains High School last
week. Now, the Carter Center will be working with Shriners' Hospital for Children to expand medical care for kids around the world.” “It’s just
going to be unlimited the amount of additional children we will be helping," said Noble Johnny Walker, Ed.D., Hasan Shrine High Priest and Profit
for the Shrine Center.
"With President Carter on board, he reaches around the world and we can identify more children and help more children," said Potentate Bill
Our many thanks to our 39th President, Jimmy Carter, for his support of our Fraternity and the work of the Shriners Hospitals for Children, as well as
Dr. Johnny Walker, another member of the Thomasville Shrine Club and a resident of Plains, for his untiring efforts in getting this recognition
coordinated and completed.
As we open up the New Year we find several new faces in the leadership of the Thomasville Shrine Club. Our incoming president, Noble Ron
Marcinski, is relatively new (we seem to count anyone with less than 10 years as such!) as a Shriner and brings fresh thoughts and ideals to a
fraternity that is over 100 years old. Although not new to Masonry nor to serving as a Shriner, Noble Bruce Fykes has taken over the role as
Treasurer and has already hit the ground running since he assumed the position during the last term. Our outgoing president, Noble Larry Price, has
graciously accepted the Secretarial responsibilities from Noble Bill Becknell. Bill, who holds the title of the longest serving member in the club (48
years as of last December) has been our faithful Secretary for as long as anyone cares to remember! Coming to Thomasville in 1966 as part of the
mobile home company management team, he is still active today in his Mobile Home and RV Services business. Many of our readers may remember
when the shrine club had a parade group riding articulated bicycles and were called the Rose Pedals. Both Bill Becknell and Bruce Fykes were
members of that group, as were Ray Glass, John Carr, John Booth, Denny Blair and Ray Baker. Each, demonstrating a lot of skill in keeping the
front and rear wheels of the cycles going in the same direction!
Completing the rest of our elected officers are 1st Vice Noble Tom Moore and 2nd Vice Noble Joe Futch. Although both are considered relatively
new (like Noble Ron) Futch is starting his second go-round in the club leadership line. So, the Thomasville Shrine Club looks forward to 2015 with
the new faces and welcome another year of growth. Installation of the newly elected club officers will be held at the end of January and after
submission deadline for this edition of Scene. Pick up a copy of the April Scene edition for more on the installation.
Familiar sights each year in and around Thomasville during the Christmas season are the Salvation Army “Bell Ringers.” Again in 2014, as in years
past, club members assisted with collections as did many organizations and individuals within Thomasville. This time we were in front of Wal-Mart
and enjoyed some good crisp weather as we greeted the many shoppers each day. We so enjoyed seeing some of the most generous Thomasvillians
give unselfishly to the mission of the Salvation Army. Our thanks to Noble Wayne Johnson for coordinating our volunteer efforts and times with the
Salvation Army leadership. If you have never participated in this endeavor or in any one or more of the many volunteer opportunities in
Thomasville, we encourage you to offer your time and support in 2015. It sure helps to get one in the spirit of giving.
The Thomasville Shrine Club membership hope that your 2014 events find a favorite spot in your bucket of memories and bring smiles to your face
as you think of times past. As well, we hope that 2015 will see your bucket overflow!
Honorary Ambassador Carter
addresses the Shriners
Road Runners
2014 was a year of the rebirth of the Road
Runners. It was a great joy to be exciting the
children at the parades and providing a lively spirit
to our fraternal fellowship. It was all culminated
with the honor of standing by the side of one of our
own as Tony Morris was sworn in as the Potentate
in January of this year.
In our elections, Doug Head was elected as
president, Don Baker was elected as vice-president,
and Brad Hurst was retained as our treasurer and
secretary. The unit voted as a whole to become
members of the Dixie Motor Corp and we have
plans on participating in the competitions in
Panama City in May of this year.
We anticipate continued growth in 2015 and are
planning on being the center piece for our parade
events, starting with the ceremonial in Adel.
Tifton Shrine
The Tifton Shrine closed out a fantastic 2014 with a
New Year's Eve Bash. We rang in the New Year
with live entertainment and the dance floor
rocking. If you missed this great event, be sure to
put it on your calendar early this year! The club
continued its growth with the addition of a new
member just after midnight on the 1st of January, by
welcoming Hector Rodriguez into the fold.
Elections brought forth a new president (Doug
Head), vice-president (Allen Jernigan), and
treasurer (Brad Hurst). Danny Saturday was elected
to remain as our secretary, as he still looks the best
in a dress.
We have many events planned for the year and we
would like to invite all Shriners to participate. Our
first poker tournament will take place in March
(details will follow soon). This event will help to
finance our planned construction projects, which
include a new deck, pig roasting pit, camper hookups, and children's playhouse. It is our hope to use
these improvements in order to provide recreational
opportunities for our local children serviced by our
shrine hospitals.
Thank you for your support.
Provost Guard
Elections have been held and Colonel Charles Sprat
will be C.O. of the guard for 2015. Still looking for
a few good men, rank is fast but, the pay is not all
that great, you start with nothing but it will double
each year after that.
Our Goal for the year, support our Potentate and
Divan, pray for our military and keep at Zero
Hello Nobles and Ladies,
All too often we forget to say thank you to an
individual or group that have gotten out and
worked their butts off for Hasan Shrine.
There is one group that we are all familiar with
since we see them at out temple meetings and at
every parade. They are a pretty rough looking
bunch and they ride around in a truck that looks
like it should have been sent to the scrap yard
long ago. This group may look rough but they
have a heart of gold and that truck will outrun
almost any vehicle on the road.
Several groups (Clubs and Units) get out and
collect money for our Hospitals or the
Transportation fund. Both of these are a necessity
to keep our hospitals and our shrine center in
The Unit I am talking about is the Ben Hillbillies
based in Fitzgerald, GA. This year they have
gotten out on several occasions and held a paper
sale and have sent checks to Hasan totaling
Since the Hillbillies started collecting in 1983,
they have sent $63,983 to Hasan. I feel very
strongly that his group of nobles need to be
commended for this work.
The next time any of us see a Ben Hillbilly, we
need to shake their hand and say Thank you.
Allen Jernigan, P.P.
And a member of the Hillbillies
Albany Shrine Club
Grady Co. Shrine Club
Tifton Shrine Club
Miles O’Quinn, President
113 Carillon Ct.
Leesburg, GA 31763
Elmo Israel, President
9765 Walker Rd.
Albany, GA 31705
Doug Head, President
16 Joe Fletcher Drive
Tifton, GA 31794
Tim Crimmins, Sec-Treas
1590 Lovers Lane Rd.
Leesburg, GA 31763
Max Davis, Sec-Treas
287 Marie Circle
Cairo, GA 39828
Danny Saturday, Sec
14625 Valdosta Highway
Quitman, GA 31643
Bainbridge Shrine Club
Lee Co. Shrine Club
Anthony Miller, President
1201 Brenda Street
Bainbridge, GA 39817
Dennis Pantone
President, Sec-Treas
205 Kinchafoonee Creek Rd.
Lot 40
Leesburg, GA 31763
Brad Hurst, Treasurer
704 West 10th Street
Tifton, GA 31794
Bruce Mann, Sec-Treas
P.O. Box 1921
Bainbridge, GA 39818
Ben Hill Shrine Club
Harry Singletary, President
157 Lindy Road
Fitzgerald, GA 31750
Donald During, Sec.
123 Preston Dr.
Fitzgerald, GA 31750
Blakely Shrine Club
Wayne Parker, President
135Baptist Branch
Blakely, GA 39823
John C. Allen, Sec-Treas
P.O. Box 310
Blakely, GA 39823
Brooks Co. Shrine Club
Hilman Walden, President
106 South Clay St.
Quitman, GA 31643
Daniel Graham, Sec-Treas
14796 Moultrie Hwy.
Barney, Ga 31625
Cook Co. Shrine Club
James Taylor Sr., President
2429 McConnell Bridge Rd.
Adel, GA 31620
Dwayne Culpepper, P.P., Sec
601 Plantation Dr.
Adel, GA 31620
Miller Co. Shrine Club
Billy Kimbrel, President
735 Oak Drive
Colquitt, GA 39837
W.R. “Bill” Cox, Sec-Treas
460 Thompson Town Rd.
Colquitt, GA 39837
Mitchell Co. Shrine Club
D. Jack Baker, President
296 Highway 37
Sale City, GA 31784
Irwin Horne, Sec-Treas
1545 Wade Rd.
Pelham, GA 31779
Moultrie Shrine Club
Jack Gordon, President
220 Nandia Drive.
Moultrie, GA 31768
Gordon McDowell, Sec-Treas
130 McDowell Rd.
Doerun, GA 31744
Thomasville Shrine Club
John Everett, President
660 Baldwin Road
Ochlocknee, GA 31773
Bill Becknell, Sec.
274 Timber Ridge Dr.
Thomasville, GA 31757
Turner Co. Shrine Club
Lester Adkison, President
2135 Adkison Rd.
Rebecca, GA 31783
Kenneth Bryan, Sec.
411 Lakeview Dr.
Sycamore, GA 31790
Valdosta Shrine Club
Richard Brown, President
2405 Spring Valley Circle
Valdosta, GA 31602
Dale Turner,Treasurer
5818 Coleman Road. N.W.
Hahira, GA 31632
Waycross Shrine Club
Mark Johnson
2824 Beulah Curch Road
Alma, GA 31510
Dale Oglesby, Secretary
P.O. Box 1232
Nahunta, GA 31553
Worth Co. Shrine Club
V. Craig Hart, President
1596 Jewel Crow Road
Sylvester, GA 31791
Billy Brooks, Sec-Treas
1061 Story Rd.
Sylvester, GA 31791
Colonel of Units
Craig Hart
1596 Jewel Crowe Road
Sylvester, GA 31791
Majors of Units
Richard Kirkland
245 Camp Osborn Road
Sylvester, GA 31791
Provost Guard
Charles Spray, Colonel
4725 Nashli Drive
Valdosta, GA 31601
Elmer Alexander, Captain
610 Pine Valley Rd.
Douglas, GA 31533
Red Devils
Mark “Possum” Johnson
2824 Beulah Church Road
Alma, GA 31510
Dennis Pantone, President
205 Kinchafoonee Creek Rd.
Lot 40
Leesburg, GA 31763
Ben Hillbillies
Harry Singletary
Raban of the Clan
157 Lindy Rd.
Fitzgerald, GA 31750
Fred Burt, P.P., Sec-Treas
9880 Vines Rd.
Baconton, GA 31716
John Jacobs
Keeper of the Cob
5703 Forest Lake Dr.
Tifton, GA 31794
Doug Head, President
16 Joe Fletcher Drive
Tifton, GA 31794
Road Runners
Blakely Drum & Bugle Corps
Olin Thompson, P.P., President
183 N. Main St.
Blakely, GA 39823
John C. Allen, Sec-Treas
P.O. Box 310
Blakely, GA 39823
Directors Staff
Tim Crimmins, Director
1590 Lovers Lane Rd.
Leesburg, GA 31763
John Sedberry, Sec-Treas
158 Westfield Rd.
Leesburg, GA 31763
Legion of Honor
Andy Anderson, Commander
6101 Dogwood Circle
Albany, GA 31705
Gary Rogers, P.P., Adjutant
1388 Cook Road
Moultrie, GA 31788
Brad Hurst, Sec-Treas
704 West 10th Street
Tifton, GA 31794
Transportation Unit
Jim Adam, President
124 Southhill Dr.
Leesburg, GA 31763
Tom Wright, Secretary
613 West Central
Fitzgerald, GA 31750
Hospital Transportation Report
Our divan and general nobility send a special “thank you” to our drivers whose dedication is recognized and
greatly appreciated!
Jan 8
Feb 5
Trips in 2014
Mar 8
April 7
May 4
June 8
Aug 6
Sept 4 Oct 5
Nov 3
Dec 3
July 11
Trip Destination in 2014 –59,078 miles
Tampa-50,820 miles
New Orleans-850 miles
Cincinnati-6,390 miles
Atlanta-360 miles
Van Drivers 2014
Jim Adam
Steve Bailey
Charlie Brown
Danny Dollar
Dwayne Culpepper, P.P.
Clayton Gardner
Danny Gardner
Wayne Hobby
Roger Holleger
Lon Livington
Mike Kilgore
Wesley Pantone, P.P.
David Powell, P.P.
Ray Power
Wayne Parker
Charles Taylor
Jonathan Turner
Tom Wright
Thank you, ladies, for allowing your noble to drive, with special recognition for those of you, ladies, who
accompanied your noble on a trip.
NOTE: If you did not drive during 2013-2014 and you wish to remain a driver, please call Jim Adam at (229)436-4393, Tom Wright at (229)424-2988 Bennie Brookins (229)246-1270 or
the Temple office 229-432-1011 in order to bring your record up to date. No contact indicates your desire to be removed from our drivers’ pool.
Ladies of Nasah
New 2015 Potentate
addresses Nobles
Noble of the Year 2014
Tom Wright
1st Ceremonial Master Joe Futch
thinks about making a mad dash
during the Installation of officers.
Thomasville Shrine Club of the Year 2014
Captain of the Guard
Membership Chairman
Brad Hurst
Lady Kristie
Dorsey Holt, PP
and Lady Shangie
Left to right is Noble David Sands, First Lady Kay, Potentate
Tony Morris, Noble Johnathan Sands and Granny Jean
If you haven’t already sent in your contribution for 2015 please do so now. Also, if you think your name
should be listed and isn’t, please call the Temple Office. As you must know, the costs of printing and mailing
this publication continue to increase each year. We do need and appreciate your support.
Please specify where you would like to be listed: __________________________________________
Please mail to 1822 Palmyra Road, Albany, GA 31701
Cordially Invites You And Your Lady
To Join Us At The
2015 Potentate Nobles’ Ball
Illustrious Sir Tony Morris
And First Lady Kay
The Divan, All Nobles and Their Ladies
Call the Temple office at 229.432.1011 to make your room Reservations at Merry Acres Quality Inn
Hasan Shriners
1822 Palmyra Road
Albany, GA 31701
Dated Material Please Expedite
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
Permit No. 163
Albany, GA
4 Annual Bass Tournament
April 11, 2015
Lake Seminole - Big Jim’s
Entry Fee: $150 per 2-Person Team
Cash Prizes
Dave Leonard’s Fisherman’s Paradise & Valdosta Bassmasters will be hosting and are the Weigh Masters
For More Information Contact
Miles O’Quinn 229.886.6958 or Dan Blaker 229.834.0168