Rights of Mother Earth

Statement for UN in Harmony with Nature
3 May 2015
A stand for Rights of Nature;
It is urgent to establish a different structure of law, which
acknowledges Nature as a living being, including Nature in the legal
system as a rights bearing entity. A legal system that supports an
economic model that works in harmony with nature. Rights of nature is
the only viable solution for a sustainable future for all of life.
Today, Nature is treated as property under current law. Nature has
no standing and therefore, cannot be represented in a court of law.
However, Nature is a living being, in all its forms, with the right to
exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles and therefore,
we must stop considering Nature as property – a resource to be
An essential step to achieve Rights of Nature is to apply Earth
Jurisprudence or Earth Law, which gives natural communities
standing in the court of law and sees and treats Nature as
fundamental, rights bearing entity, with intrinsic rights to exist and
flourish, irrespective of its use and value to humans.
Earth Jurisprudence is already in place in a number of countries
recognizing the inherent rights of Nature to exist, thrive and evolve.
Earth Jurisprudence is also grounded in the recognition that
humankind and Nature share a fundamental, non-anthropocentric
relationship given our shared existence on this planet.
Since 2006, a number of countries have adopted national or local
legislation on the basis of such principles: Ecuador, Bolivia, India,
Mexico, New Zealand and the USA. Hence, a legal system based on
recognizing that Nature, in all aspects, have inherent rights to health,
prosperity and evolution, is gradually becoming the norm.
For a list of countries and detailed information please see:
We, civil society organizations worldwide have voiced the need for
humankind to recognize the fundamental rights of the natural world
and have called on the Governments and peoples of the world to
adopt and implement a “Universal Declaration of the Rights of
Mother Earth”. We have modeled such Declaration on the “Universal
Declaration of Human Rights”.
Among the key reasons are:
Environmental legislation has ignored the interconnection of water,
air, land and wildlife. Present single-stressor laws missed the fact
that humans could transform the Earth System on a global scale,
through air pollution, ocean acidification, deforestation and water
Human pressure on the Earth System has reached a scale where
abrupt global environmental change can no longer be excluded. To
continue to live and operate safely, humanity has to stay away from
critical “hard-wired” thresholds in the Earth’s environment and
respect the nature of the planet’s climatic, geophysical, atmospheric
and ecological processes;
Human wellbeing and prosperity can no longer be at the Earth’s
expense, but instead must serve the Earth. Humankind should stop
abusing and treating Nature as a commodity in the same way that
people were treated throughout history. The adoption by the United
Nations General Assembly in 1948 of the “Universal Declaration of
Human Rights” was a landmark to end such abuses. Today, in order
to stop the abuse of Nature, we need the same landmark declaration
for Rights of Nature.
With kind regards,
Doris Ragettli,
founder of , www.Rights of Mother Earth