APRIL 2015 NEWSLETTER - Harrison Public School

APRIL 2015
A Message from the Principal, Mrs. Pearce ...
On February 20th a group of our primary staff attended
a workshop called “Kids Have Stress Too” presented by the
Psychology Foundation Canada. We received some interesting information about our children’s ability to manage stress
and to problem solve at home and at school.
Things that May Upset or Stress Your Children
Questions to your Children :
What upsets you?
What do you worry about?
What do you do when you are feeling upset?
Give your children time to finish what they are saying, as
they explain their worries, don’t interrupt or finish their
sentence. Encourage them by nodding, listen to their words
and the feeling in their words. Acknowledge their fears and
know that they seem very real to them. Expect if you are
going through difficulty at home or someone is ill that they
may feel very stressed. Work in partnership with the child’s
teacher and Principal.
Problem Solving with Children : Some Tips for Parents
Help Children Relax – when children experience problems
they may be upset, angry, hurt and crying. This is not the
time to solve the problem but to help your child relax using
deep breathing techniques or giving her or him a hug.
Problem solving about what went wrong is best done when
you have 15 minutes or more and probably not before
bedtime as it may stimulate your child’s thinking rather
than relax them.
At school with Kelso’s Choice and in learning about helping
children to solve problems we want children to come up
with possible solutions, while we ask questions and have the
children do their own thinking about the problem. Please
don’t solve their problems but help them to generate
solutions. Listen to what they say and observe and notice
how they are feeling as they talk about it. Help by
suggesting some solutions if your child is stuck and help
them to think ahead about the solution they have chosen. If
the solution hasn’t worked we often encourage them to try
another or ask for help from an adult when it becomes a
bigger problem.
Pictured are Mr. S. Podrebarac, Superintendent of Schools, Paige
Bottos, 2015 Student of Excellence, and Brenda Pearce, Principal
of Harrison Public School
Student of Excellence
We are proud to announce that Paige Bottos has been
selected as the Halton Student of Excellence for Harrison
Public School. Her enthusiasm for learning and positive
attitude make Paige an excellent role model for both peers
and younger students. Paige demonstrates a responsible
and mature work ethic in all that she does while achieving
personal goals with much success. Her participation in
many extra-curricular activities, and leadership roles at
Harrison, displays the exemplary citizenship qualities that
have earned her this prestigious award. Congratulations
on your achievement, Paige!
Whole School Trip
All of the students of Harrison will be going to the John
Elliott Theatre to see the Production, “The Little Mermaid”
on April 30th. The Grade 1 –5 students will be walking, and
the Kindergarten students will go by bus. Permission forms
will go home in early April. With the help of fundraising
efforts, the School Council will pay for half the cost of the
tickets and a bus for the Kindergartens. We are all looking
forward to this adventure!!!
Information Adapted from www.kidshavestresstoo.org
59 Rexway Drive, Georgetown L7G 1P9
Telephone 905 877-4421
Attendance 1 877 409-6310 or hdsb.schoolconnects.com
Parking Lot
We are experiencing some concerns
about families pulling into the parking
lot in the morning to drop their
children off. All staff and support staff
need spots to park in as they arrive,
there is no parent parking here until after 9:00 am
Also, it is becoming dangerous for students as they are
being dropped off in the parking lot and parents are
driving too quickly as they exit, or are backing out of the
parking area by the recycling bins.
Please encourage your children to walk up the sidewalk
area independently by the Kindergarten fenced area if
they are on time and park in the designated areas
provided at the front of the school ( not in the bus zones)
or on MacKenzie Drive or Norton Crescent and then
walk them back to school.
Teams at Harrison
Volleyball teams have been playing some games with the
other local schools. They have a tournament in early
April, in Acton. The teams have done well and enjoyed
their volleyball season.
EQAO Dates
EQAO dates for Grade 3 Students:
Tuesday May 26th
Wednesday May 27th
Thursday May 28th
EQAO Math Test for Grade 4 students is on April 15th in
the A.M.
Author Visit
On February 9, we had the privilege of having Annaleise
Carr visit our school and share her amazing story with us.
In 2002, at the age of only 14, Annaleise became the
youngest person to swim across Lake Ontario to raise
money for Camp Trillium. Many of our junior classes had
read her book as one their Silver Birch selections and also
in anticipation of her visit to Harrison. What she
accomplished at only 14 is remarkable and her selfless
desire to help others is inspiring. I hope what our
students remember from meeting this remarkable teenager is her powerful message that no matter what the obstacles are in front of them they should never give up!
As the weather and field conditions improve, tryouts for
Grade 3, 4 and 5 students will begin for Harrison School
Relays teams.
If you are planning on moving out of the
Harrison catchment area and your children
will be changing schools for September 2015,
please contact the school office. This will help us when
building classes for the fall. Thank you.
Cashless Schools Winners
Congratulations to the following
families that will enjoy a large
pizza.. 18 in all… just for using
Cashless Schools:
Bertrand, Chylinski, Crawford, Fisher, Fleury, Francis,
Gareau-Hames, Gear, Giles, Harding, Jackson (KF-3),
Panabaker, Park, Plante, Poole (KF-3), Reynolds, Smetana
and Urata.
If you have any friends or neighbours with children of
Kindergarten age, please remind them that they must
be registered for Kindergarten for the next school
year. They must be 4 years old by December 31,
According to our statistics … In November we had 23%
active users of this system. We now have 34% of families
enrolled in the Cashless system. Thank you to those who
have chosen to use this method of payment.
In the fall we will have a contest for a free pizza day for
the entire class who has the most Cashless users!!!
Simply sign this form and have your child
return it to the school the next day. We’ll
Just for reading the important information in our monthly
newsletter, your child could win a free pizza. Winner of a
free family pizza is Hayley L. in Grade 2.
do a draw at the end of the month.
Thanks for reading our newsletter!
March 29
2 Pizza Day
3 Good Friday
No school
9 Pizza Day
Volleyball Tournament at MSB
10 Hot Dog Day
Lily Pick UP
2:00– 7:00 pm
Silpada Fundraiser
6 Easter Monday
No school
16 Pizza Day
21 Sub Day
23 Pizza Day
30 Little
Mermaid in a.m.
Battle of the Books
at Georgetown
Public Library
12:00-3:00 pm
May 1
Gr. 5 Grad
Picture p.m.
Pizza Day
March 31 -Easter Lily pick up: 2:00 p.m.—7:00 p.m.
April 2—New Pizza order begins
April 3—Good Friday
April 6—Easter Monday
April 13—Hot dog Day
April 21—Sub Day
April 30—Whole School Field trip to “Little Mermaid”
Grade 5 picture in the afternoon
Please note the dates for EQAO testing for Grade 3’s:
May 26, 27 & 28.
Superintendent of Education – Mr. S. Podrebarac
Trustee — Mrs. J. Gray
Principal—Mrs. B. Pearce
Secretary— Mrs. M. Alcorn
Harrison School Hours
8:30 a.m.
Yard Supervision begins
8:40 a.m.
Entry Bell
8:45 a.m.
Classes begin
Nutrition Break #1
10:25 – 11:05 a.m.
Nutrition Break #2
12:45 – 1:35 p.m.
3:15 p. m.
Director— Mr. D. Euale
Associate Director— Mr. S. Miller
Halton District School Board
P.O. Box 2005, Burlington, Ontario L7R 3Z2 www.hdsb.ca
Toll Free Number 1-877-618-3456