Spring 2015 GEAR UP Newsletter

Youth Summit
MHS students check out the surgical technology program, one of many courses available at TCAT Jackson, during April campus tours that also included JSCC.
High School Matters, Part 2
It’s nearly the end of the
spring semester, and your freshman
year will soon be history. If you
think this year went by in a flash,
just wait for the next three to zoom
past. Before you know it, graduation will be looming on the horizon.
Will you be ready—both to graduate on time and to move on to the
next step toward the future you
Before you start summer
break, take time to assess your progress and make plans for next year.
During our winter College Planning
Sessions, students shared college
and career plans that ranged from
“undecided” to very specific professional specialties in law and medicine.
Whether you fall into one of
those groups or somewhere in between, plan your courses for next
year with care. While it’s tempting
to take the easiest courses you can
find, that won’t be your best bet in
the long run, especially if you are
planning on college—which is what
all of you need to be planning on!
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June 8-10
Sign Up with
Eng. I Teachers
ACT Camps
June 8-12
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in Guidance
March Means Mentoring
BCHS freshmen pay close attention to
Julian McTizic, local entrepreneur and
BCHS alum.
This spring, GEAR UP Freshmen had the opportunity to benefit from
the advice and life experiences of local business professionals and retired
educators. The Hardeman County Chapter of NAACP organized a speaker
series during March for all cohort students. Speakers included Mr. Russell
Shelton, Ms. Sharon Murden from CB& S Bank, Hardeman County Property
Assessor Mr. Josh Pulse, and local businessman Mr. Julian McTizic.
Tennessee Reconnect:
Opportunities for Adults
The newest piece of Gov. Haslam’s Drive to 55 initiative is the TN Reconnect program, which provides an opportunity for adults to learn a skill and
earn a tuition-free credential at a TN College of Applied Technology (TCAT)).
You qualify for TN Reconnect if you are
24 or older, do not already hold a college
degree, and are interested in a degree or
certificate from one of Tennessee’s 27
While the steps are fairly simple,
the timeline is rather tight. Here are
the required steps:
 Sign up by May 15 at
 Apply to local TCAT by May 15
 File FAFSA by June 15
 Visit TCAT
 Enroll in program of choice as a
full-time student
High School Matters continued from p. 1
If you are “undecided” about the future, use your high school courses to explore different subject areas or career fields. You might find just the right fit—or at
least narrow the field by eliminating some possibilities.
Parents, how can you help your student get ready for next year and a future
beyond high school?
Discuss your student’s course selections for next year and check with teachers or
guidance counselors if you have questions or concerns.
Encourage your student to take the most academically challenging courses possible—it’s great preparation for college.
Also encourage participation in extra-curricular organizations such as sports and
clubs. These help build soft skills valued by employers, scholarship panels, and
admissions officers.
Encourage and enable your student to stay active and engaged during the summer
break. That may mean getting a job, volunteering for community service projects,
or attending summer enrichment opportunities like the GEAR UP ACT Camp.
ACT Camps
June 8-10
For cohort freshmen
- prepare for the fall
PLAN test & possibly
qualify for
Dual Enrollment.
For rising seniors improve your March
score and qualify for
scholarships and college admissions. For
maximum benefit,
sign up to take the
June 13 ACT Register by May 8
to avoid the late fee.
For more information or
to sign up for the camp,
see Guidance
or contact
Dr. Dorrie Powell at
731-658-2510, ext. 146
Or by email at
[email protected]
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