Launch Team Commitment

Planting Jamestown Harbor Church
Launch Team Partner Commitment
By joining the launch team you are agreeing to the statements in the declaration below. You are doing your best to
help accomplish the tasks listed in the to do list and you are joining a team of like-minded individuals who want to reach
people in their community with the good news of Jesus Christ.
Launch Team To Do List
Pray for the community
Introduce the Lead Pastor to people in the community
Serve in the community
Hold and attend social events
Invite friends to join the team and social events
Attend outreach events
Start new small groups
Pray, Pray, Pray!
Declaration of Partnership
The formation and development of this new church is in response to the call of God through Jesus Christ
who has sent us to make disciples and form a community faithful to His mission.
Becoming a partner in this team involves supporting the mission, vision, values and leadership that make us who we
I commit to pray for the ministries, needs and impact of this church on a regular basis as well as for friends, family,
and neighbors who need help Finding Their Way Back To God.
I commit to serve as I have opportunity and ability as a servant of Jesus Christ and a support to the overall mission
of this church.
I commit
longs to Him and I am a temporary steward.
$_____________________ (weekly/monthly/yearly)
I commit to faithful attendance at launch team meetings, events and worship services.
I commit to inviting new people into the team, the ministry and the church on a regular basis.
I commit If a time comes when I must leave this church, I will seek to do so in such a way as I can give and receive
a blessing from the Church.
Name(s): ____________________________________________
Phone: _____________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________
Email: ______________________________________________
Date: __________________