CLASS II Holidays Homework As the holidays have begun, it`s time

Holidays Homework
As the holidays have begun, it’s time for us to have some fun,
It is the time to read an amazing book and help mommy cook,
We will make new friends and play a lot of games,
Spend time with them and know their names,
We will sleep on time and rise with the bright sun,
As the holidays have begun, it’s time for us to have fun!!
Dear Parents,
Summer Vacation is a welcome break……
It is the time to read books to discover new things.
Reading will help your child familiarize with many new words. They will speak well
and read better.The Holidays’ Homework designed would not only enhance
achievements of your children but also help to enhance family relationships. It would
teach your child to work independently and would improve their basic academic
skills, such as reading, writing, and spellings and would help them develop personal
skills and time management.
A few suggestions that you may keep in mind.
 Spend quality time with your children. Take them out for outings and have fun
time together.
 Help your child to become independent by asking them to share responsibilities
by involving them in small household activities.
 Inculcate in them good manners, healthy habits and respect for elders.
 Inculcate the feelings of empathy, affection and tolerance in your children.
 Give them a chance to take care of the elders of the family and young brothers
and sisters.
 Converse with your child in English.
 Encourage your child to read books to enhance his/her vocabulary. Reading will
also boost their interpretative skills and provide them invaluable literary
 Cultivate sportsmanship by encouraging your child to play various indoor and
outdoor games.
Remember that Summer Vacation is the time to relax and enjoy. So spend these
holidays creating a nurturing and stimulating environment filled with fun, frolic,
learning and education.
 Do page no. 3-30 of cursive writing book .
 Read headlines of newspaper daily. Pick out 10 naming words from the
headlines and make sentences in scrap file.
 Paste any 5 pictures. Write 5-6 lines on each picture. Pictures can be
of a birthday party, market scene, scenic beauty, school etc.
 Read any one story. Draw, colour and decorate your favourite
character on A-4 size sheet. Also stick it on thick cardboard and learn 45 lines on it.
 Make a finger puppets of your family members (father, mother,
brother, sister, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, cousins) to share a
bonding of love among them.
 Write any five golden food habits.
 Draw and write any five things made from cloth.
 Draw and write any three lines on any one type of room in a house.
 Make a collage of (food and clothes) of any one season you like most.
Also write 5 lines on it.
 ? kI maa~a sao sambainQat kao[- paÐca flaoOSa kaD- banaaeÐ .(raola na 1- 20)
 Ð ibandu kI maa`~a sao sambainQat kao[- paÐca flaOSa kaD- banaaeÐ .(raola na 21- 40)
 Pa`itidna dsa [email protected] ka Eautlao#a ila#ao.
 ima~ kao janmaidna kI baQaa[- doto hue ek saundr saa ga`IiTMga kaD- banaaeÐ AaOr ]sao janmaidna kI
maubaark doto hue kuC [email protected]Ð ila#aoM.
 Paaz 2 sao 8 naindnaI pUrk puistka kao pZ,ao AaOr ]nako p`Snaao<tr pustk maoM hI krao.
 Do page numbers 13,15,17,22,23,43 in Wonder Art Book.
 Use your creative skill and make a wall clock by using waste material.
 Roll a dice three times. Note down the outcomes. Then form 4 threedigit numbers with the outcomes by writing the numbers in place of
hundreds, tens and ones .Do this exercise ten times. For eg.
o 356
o 356, 653, 365, 536
 Write the place value of each digit in the numbers formed.
 Write their number names.
 Write what comes before and after each number.
 Practice forward and backwards counting from 100 to 999.
 Practice what comes after , before and between.(at least 10 of each type)
 Learn tables from 2 to 5.
 Do page 10 and 22 in math book.
 Complete page no.11 to 20 in Abacus Brain Exercise Book II.
Note: The homework must be done systematically as per the instructions.
 Do all written work in 3 in one notebook and creative work in a
coloured scrap file. All assignments given will be graded .
 Revise and practice all the work done in the class.
 Submission date of Holidays Homework shall be intimated by the
teacher in the first week of July.
Closes for Summer Vacation from Monday, 18th May 2015 for students of classes Pre
School -VIII and shall reopen on Wednesday 1st July 2015.