information on tube bending here - HANSA

As a system partner, we can proudly announce that HANSAHANSA-FLEX
Our tube bending specialists at HANSAHANSA-FLEX Canada can be called
Hydraulics Canada Inc.
Inc now offers design and production of bent
upon at short notice to provide advice and support on technical
tubes of all kinds – quickly, with absolute attention to detail and
queries. Tubes are produced individually on a custom-made basis or
precision. In view of the fact that fluid systems are inconceivable
mass-produced (OEM orders) according to prototype, sample and/or
without bent tubes and that these are essential, especially where
Safety in
complex engineering needs to be housed in constricted areas and
spaces, HANSA-FLEX has established a dedicated production for
drawing. Service could include just-in-time delivery to the assembly
location or fixed stock orders based on our customers’ needs.
every bend.
tube assemblies / bent tubes in our facility in early 2014.
runs true.
In addition to this, we can HANSAHANSA-FLEX X-CODE all of your tube
assemblies, making it easy for identification purposes, especially
during immediate assistance in an emergency. Applied prominently
Prior to the establishment of this specialized area last year, our
and permanently to the tube assemblies, the
HANSAHANSA-FLEX staff was thoroughly coached and trained, as well as
X-CODE helps to unmistakably identify in minutes, replace parts with
examined by our HANSAHANSA-FLEX colleagues from Europe, who are
a phone call, granting rapid delivery to assembly location and
specialists in the field of tube bending and tube assemblies.
subsequent coding for future reference.
Whether as original equipment or replacement parts: our new
production area of bent tubes and tube assemblies offer a fullservice package to our customers which they can and will rely on.
Copper, SS, CRCR-IVIV-free plated tubing
Fractional tubing – carbon steel
steel (N.A.)
Hydraulic tubing – seamless and annealed
All commonly used connection variants available.
Our focus within this particular new area as of now lies in the
production of precision tubes and tube assemblies for small to
6m max length – metric
20 ft. – fractional
Nominal widths metric 66-42, ¼ to 1 ½ fractional
medium-sized industrial concerns, from a wide variety of materials,
SingleSingle-customcustom-made from samples and drawings
featuring all commonly used connection techniques - and of course
– OEM production & servicing
with a tried and proven HANSAHANSA-FLEX quality.
FlareFlare-less, EOEO-2, 37 degree
Metric flare
flare24-degree cone
re-less 24Quick delivery times
Prefabricated assemblies