WWU Workshops! Actor-Creator Training at WWU

WWU Workshops!
Actor-Creator Training at WWU - WWU trained students will demonstrate Suzuki forms,
Viewpoint creation, and a short, original devised work. Followed by Q &A with WWU students.
Facilitated by Rich Brown
Afro Caribbean Dance - Its carnival time all the time on the Islands. We will enjoy dancing
combinations from cultural places like Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti and Brazil. Workshop is great for
intensive dance students. All are encouraged. Women are asked to wear wide skirts or sarongs.
Anyone can Sing - Don’t believe you can sing? Been told you are “tone-deaf”? Learn
techniques to help you go right to the correct pitch. Find out that you really can learn to
sing, and have fun in the process. Larry Bridges.
BA or BFA? -That is the question. Beth Leonard, department chair at WWU, will discuss the
pros and cons of both degrees to prepare students for this important decision. Beth ran the
BFA Acting program at Stevens College in Columbia, Missouri for years and now teaches in the
BA program at Western. Beth Leonard
Become a Better Broadway Belter: Tired of being told “You need to learn to belt”? Find out
what healthy belting is, and how it differs from ”legit” singing. Discover how to protect your
voice, so you can do 8 shows a week on Broadway! Larry Bridges
Four Leadership Patterns that Enable Success In and Out of the Classroom-Teachers only. Join
Dr. AnnRené Joseph in experiencing the four leadership patterns that enable personal and
professional success in most situations. The four leadership patterns that will be shared and
experienced by participants of this workshop support the artistic processes of creating,
performing/presenting, and responding to life, work, and people. Understanding how the
patterns work, and that each and every one of us has the potential and possibility to access the
four patterns that are innate in all people, will inspire participants to work through their
strength patterns to access their weaker patterns, while moving toward a balanced approach to
teaching, learning, living, and being. Dr. Joseph will lead participants in accessing each
leadership pattern through dance, music, theatre, and visual arts techniques in this interactive
session. Dr. AnnRené Joseph
Improvisation Games and Technique:- An interactive workshop designed for all levels of
improv skill, this workshop will focus on the basic elements and techniques of improvisation
through exercises and games leading to the long-form narrative style known as the "Harold."
Deb Currier
Introduction to Viewpoints - Up and moving, we’ll explore the nine Viewpoints of Space and
Time and discuss how they provide a common vocabulary for theatre artists as well as build
connection and presence between actors in performance. Rich Brown
The Laban Movement Technique for Character Creation - This interactive and fun workshop
will outline the basic techniques of the Laban method, a unique and easily applied physicality
technique for actors (and dancers). Time will also be allotted for those with prepared
monlogues to apply this technique to discover new and useful character physicality and vocal
life. Deb Currier
The Living Mask - Using masks created by master mask maker Kate Braidwood, the
WONDERHEADS will introduce the fundamental process by which they bring a mask and story
to life. Through a series of games and guided exercises, participants will focus on developing a
greater understanding of physical expression and articulation, and leave with a set of tools to
help them better express themselves both on stage and off. Andrew Phoenix, Co-Head
WONDERHEADS WONDERHEADS is a multi award winning physical theatre company
specializing in mask performance and exquisite visual storytelling for adults and children. Their
work is performed in full-face mask, a wordless, whimsical form rarely seen on North American
stages. Co-Founders Kate Braidwood and Andrew Phoenix hold MFAs in Ensemble Based
Physical Theatre from Dell’Arte International, and make their home in Portland, OR.
LOVERS IN SHAKESPEARE’S TWELFTH NIGHT- Through the words of Orsino, Olivia, Viola,
Sebastian, and Malvolio, we will explore the meaning of love in this play—as well as sorting out
who loves whom! (25 Max) Cynthia White
Moving Lights and Lighting Technology- Graduating students will lead a practical workshop on
moving and intelligent lighting fixtures. Mainstage Charlie Weber
NAPS - Did you know that you can take a NAP in 30 seconds? NAPS are universal and will
benefit you in more ways than just feeling refreshed. Join us as we make napping plain and
One thing I would like to bring to (insert state here) is raising money for The Lincoln Experience,
and all I need is a minute! Allyssa Jewell
Pyschophysical Acting, Grotowski’s Plastiques - Up and moving, we’ll explore how the actor
combines the imagination (outside imagery) and the body to evoke emotion. Plastiques are
body isolation exercises designed to discover specificity within the actor’s body via reacting
rather than acting. Rich Brown
Rasaboxes - Experimentation with Raw Emotion - The rasaboxes, originated by Richard
Schechner and developed by East Coast Artists in New York City, train performers and others to
be what Antonin Artaud called “ athletes of emotions.” An exploration of eight emotional
states (“rasas”) as described and theorized in the Natayasastra, an ancient Indian manual of
performance, the goal of the Rasaboxes training is to develop the emotional, vocal, and
movement abilities of performers. Marcie Colleen
THE SCOTTISH PLAY by William Shakespeare: Sex, Power, and Magic as Seen through the
Characters of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth- limit 25 students
In this workshop, we will use text analysis to define a shared world of the play and the roles of
Macbeth and Lady Macbeth within that specific world. We will also look at guidelines and
principles for creating ADAPTATIONS of Shakespeare’s Scottish Play. When is an adaptation
legitimate and interesting and when does it rip out the heart of a classic play? (25 Max) Cynthia
Six Ways to Hit Your Mark - How do you define leadership? The International Thespian Officers
define leadership in six different ways, and you will learn how. Whether it is individualized or
with a team, leaders are active in every occasion. Come receive leadership advice from
advocates around the country, and learn how to hit your own mark! ITO, Allyssa Jewell
Slaps, Falls and Fisty Cuffs- Learn the basics and safety of unarmed stage combat including prat
falls, punches, slaps, trips and hair pulls. Class limit of 24 Lee Ann Hittenberger
Soukous Dance: African Hip Hop Social Dance - Soukous Dance and the new craze Azonto is
created by the African Youth from all over the World Everyone and All ages are welcome! Come
whine your waist and enjoy the latest Ghanian /Naija club music with movements performed
on Broadway stages. Oblong scarfs or sarong are used to grace your waistline. Mama Ye Ye
Sword fighting - Students will learn basic elements of swordfighting and fencing for the stage
and create their own fight. I prefer to just do one of the days unless you need me for both.
Thank you for having me!! Heidi Fredericks
Tablework - Unlocking the Actor/Director Relationship How does a director approach table
work and best communicate with actors to shape performances under a unified vision? We will
explore the actor/director relationship and how to craft connection, specificity, and meaning to
unlock the door to an organic process that begins with script, works with impulses to guide
blocking, and ultimately results in grounded, active, and driven performance. Amy Feinberg
Tablework - Unlocking the Actor/Director Relationship- teachers only. How does a director
approach table work and best communicate with actors to shape performances under a unified
vision? We will explore the actor/director relationship and how to craft connection,
specificity, and meaning to unlock the door to an organic process that begins with script, works
with impulses to guide blocking, and ultimately results in grounded, active, and driven
performance. Amy Feinberg
Tech Portfolio and IE Events - Unraveling the mysteries of IE Tech or how to succeed at tech
competitions without a huge hassle. This workshop is for BOTH teachers and students who are
interested in how Tech IE works and how to document tech work in a portfolio. Learn how to
take apart an IE guideline and insure success for competitions by participating in the analysis of
an IE Rubric. Helpful hints for mastery of the Tech IE. Leslie Day.
Technical Showcase Interviews-Interviews of participants competing in Tech Events following
the IE Rubric for Thespians. Students and teachers will be encouraged to view the IE projects
and watch individual interviews. A great way to learn what Tech IE is all about. Leslie Day
West African Dance for Beginners - African Movement and Dance for Beginners is designed for
any student who always wanted to try something new and exciting. Here is your opportunity to
have fun while actually learning basic West African Dances. No Skinny jeans or tight clothing.
Sarongs and wide skirts are encouraged. Bring a friend. Mama Ye Ye
West African Djembe Dances for Beginners - Djembe is a very popular African hour shaped
drum now played all over the world. Learn and experience the dances/ movements for this
drum. Each time this workshop meets we will learn a different dance with song. Sarongs are
encouraged. No skinny Jeans or restricted clothing. Mama Ye Ye
3D-Printing for Set Design limit 20 students Location: Design Lab. WWU design faculty
will lead a practical workshop on 3D-printing technology for the theatre. Limit 20 Students Dipu