Some additional notes by Jena Griffiths on our call

Some additional notes by Jena Griffiths on our call on the 4 Tasks of Psyche.
Richard’s reference for this mythology: Jean Shinoda Bolen. Goddesses in Everywoman
Highly recommended.
Measurement x
Some markers we discussed that
weren’t in our document.
Measurement x is a floating Cross
between the heart line and Headline
under Apollo finger.
It means a different thing on a man’s
hand to a woman’s hand. On a
woman’s hand it means a fear of
bringing her talents out into the world –
actually getting out there and doing it.
(her masculine energy)
On a man’s hand it’s to do with not
bringing out his feminine energy.
On the right hand it could be that he’s
not getting enough support of the
feminine out in the world - his partner
or wife. (She is the mirror of him so
he’s not getting enough support from
his inner feminine.)
Usually it looks like a floating x made from two
short lines but it can also be more messy, as
in the image alongside. It is the location that’s
We discussed this during the call “Showing up”.
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Star in the Third Eye = Seer Star (see chakras on next page)
= gifted in discernment. Richard made an important point about this star not necessarily
being exclusive to the healing arts.
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Richard gave a fantastic interpretation of this myth from a hand analysis perspective.
Here are some additional notes from Jean Shinoda Bolen. Goddesses in Everywoman
The Psyche Myth: A metaphor for psychological growth ( pages 258-262)
“Women who put relationships first and react instinctively or emotionally to others need
to develop the abilities symbolized by each task.” (p.259)
Trusting the ants: The ants symbolize the intuitive process working “beyond conscious
control.” (p. 260)
The golden fleece task symbolizes gaining power and still remaining compassionate.
Filling the flask: The eagle’s perspective “is not the usual perspective for a woman, such
as Psyche, who is so personally involved that she “cannot see the forest for the trees.”
“It’s especially important for Aphrodite women to get some emotional distance on her grasp what is significant.” (261)
Saying no. “Whether it is a person who needs their company or comfort, or the attraction
of an erotically charged relationship, until a woman can say no to her particular
susceptibility, she cannot determine her own life course.” (p 262)
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