MAH Elections 2015 Candidate Profiles

MAH Elections 2015
Candidate Profiles
Ejaz Rasool
Nominated By
Ali T. Ghouse
Mohammad Aslam
Reason for
Statement of Qualifications
Experience, Maturity,
Administrative knowledge of
MAH and community, Knowledge
of Islam, Motivation
Alhamdollillah, I have been in the board as a
director and a vice-president since 2008 (~3 full
terms). I have a good understanding and good
experience with the various activities and aspects
of our MAH. I am a professional Engineer and a
professor of Mechanical Engineering.
I am a resident of the city of Hamilton since 1987.
I am active member of Muslim Association of
Hamilton since 1987. I am active member of the
community since 1987. I served as direction on
the board of Muslim Association of Hamilton for
2 years. I was elected as President of Muslim
Association and served as President for 2 years. I
have been actively involved in the larger
Ex. community of the City of Hamilton and ran for
President of MAH, Initiator of new the Office of the Mayor of the City of Hamilton in
2014 Municipal Election. Along with my other
Mosque Project.
board members, I actively took part in the
initiation and construction of the New Mosque
Project during my tenure as President of Muslim
Association of Hamilton. The new mosque project
was actively started in my tenure as President of
the Muslim Association of Hamilton and today by
grace of Allah (SWT) the Muslim community is
now praying in the new mosque. I am the founder
member of the Ontario Taxi Workers Union and
Statement of Interest
I ask Allah swt to help me maintain and expand all
the good activities and services provided at MAH.
I would like to establish new services through
Government grants, InshaAllah.
I would like to work with the Board and community
to see MAH a centre of excellence.
To locate a reasonable place of worship in the west
mountain/ Ancaster area for the Muslim community
living in that proximity. Eventually construction of a
new mosque in the west mountain/ Ancaster area.
Building of Minarets, Elevator, dome and completion
of the left over work in the current new mosque on
the mountain. Construction of a new triple story
building for parking or negotiating a parking space
with the city on the other side of of Linc Road.
Building of Islamic High School. Increase in
interaction with other religious groups, encouraging
increased in inter faith dialogue for the better
understanding and spreading of the word of Allah
(SWT) in the City of Hamilton and adjoining areas.
Creating proper learning atmosphere and education
arrangement for new Muslims in the community.
Initiating a community and recreation centre for the
seniors. Foster home arrangement for Muslim
children. Continuation of improvement in the by laws
of Muslim Association of Hamilton. Encourage
MAH Elections 2015
Candidate Profiles
Wael Amin
Ghulam Ali
Randa Abu Elhawa
Ejaz Nadeem
Commitment, Experience and
Financial Background, Audit
Experience, Person for the Mosque
became the first president of that association.
youth active participation in the community.
Two years President of Montana State University
Muslim Association. Basic and advanced
accounting training. Over seven years banking
experience. Canadian Tax preparer 1 Tax Season.
5 years as financial officer in Al Furqan school.
Al Furqan school head master the last 3 years of
the 5 years service
My goal is to serve this community and to help
strengthen the financial performance of our MAH
organization, create new sources of fixed regular
income othern than donations on Fridays.
I have done my MBA in finance and have 24
years of International Banking Experience in
Retail, Operations and Investment. I have worked
for an Audit firm also for 3 years giving me good
understanding of internal- external audit and
understanding of accounting techniques and
Being a banker by profession and having a strong
accounting Background, I would like to volunteer
and offer services to the MAH. Finance is the field
where my services will be of best use the MAH.
I can help in advising on accounting processes and
writing standard operating procedures for the
I was instrumental in setting up new Depts. /
accounts and finance Dept. Of MAH besides helping
Branches besides running of various branches in
in Audits.
the banks that I worked for, which has indeed
enriched my experience in man management, I Since I understand the Banking system I can help
have written banking procedures and processes for improve processes which can save time in dealing
Departments under my supervision.
with banks.
In Canada I have worked for Scotia Bank in Retail
banking before starting my own investment
portfolio which are mainly in stocks and Mutual
funds, at present I am actively involved in North
American Stock Market, managing own funds.
Management of this portfolio requires that I have
to keep myself up-to-date to the Global economic
There are various grants available to MAH type
organization given by Provincial and Federal
Governments, my expertise can be used to tap these
funds by preparing and presenting proposals to the
respective Departments.
MAH Elections 2015
Candidate Profiles
scenario as well as to Canadian business news.
Uzma Qureshi
Yasmeen Mirza
Mohamed Hamed
Uzma Qureshi
Her experience, dedication and
hard work
I am humbled to have the opportunity to seek reelection as Board Secretary of the MAH. I have
served in this position for the past three years. During
I have been the MAH Board Secretary for the past this time I have worked diligently and have made it
three years.
my responsibility to ensure records, policies and
procedures are developed and/ or maintained for
I have over 10 years experience in marketing,
smooth operations. Although much has been
communications, public relations, policy and
established, I recognize there remains a fair amount
project management.
of work to undertake. I look forward to continue
serving, first and foremost Allah swt, and then our
community, for another term, insha’Allah.
Experience in community
development, management and
social services
As a child I always accompanied my parents to all My vision for this position is:
events at the mosque and spent hours at board
 Provision of a much broader Islamic
meetings etc. Over time I myself got involved in
education which not only encompasses
the affairs of the Muslim Association of Hamilton.
learning but development of our children’s
I would help my mom with Eid dinners, and in the
Islamic identity.
organizations of other functions at the mosque.
 Making specific educational provision for
This experience instilled in me the desire to be
involved in the mosque and support our members
 To make the mosque inclusive of all
and organizations in any way I can. I have always
Muslims, and not just those from the
helped and supported the organization from the
outside in any way that I can but now with
 To make the mosque a vibrant focal point of
opportunity to get involved in the day to day
the community.
affairs of the mosque as a director, I feel I can
really make a difference.
Further, my vision is to provide a range of holistic,
In addition to me helping out my parents with culturally sensitive services for the communities of
anything I can at the mosque. When my brother Hamilton, drawing on our Islamic values and
Javid was the president at the mosque I was the heritage, with a view to improving quality of life and
MAH Elections 2015
Candidate Profiles
chair of the women’s committee and we organized enhancing community cohesion.
various functions. I have had numerous other
work experiences that further enhance my
qualifications for this position. My resume
enumerates the various positions I hold and have
held in the Hamilton community as a whole.
Currently I work for the city of Hamilton as a
Social Worker. I am 3rd Vice President of our
union-Local 5167 with over 4000 members. I am
responsible for education and bi- laws. I am also a
member of the Chief of Police Advisory
Committee on Diversity matters. I am involved
with the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion. I
have also been involved with various projects on
addiction and mental health with CAMH ( Centre
for Addiction and Mental health). I am also the
Chair of Labour Relation Committee with the City
of Hamilton as well as the Chair of Health and
Safety. I am also the Chair of Women’s
Committee and the Human Rights Committee
with my union and what all of these involvements
I have gained valuable expertise in managing,
organizing, Observation, self-awareness, Critical
Thinking, verbal and written communication and
decision making. Further more, I bring to this
position the following:
Advocate for individual in the community
on identified problems
Serve as a broker by connecting
individual with resources
Create and maintain professional helping
MAH Elections 2015
Candidate Profiles
Azeem Patel
Uzma Qureshi
Extensive youth work
leadership capabilities
Improve problem-solving, coping and
development capacities of all people
Be able to engage and communicate with
diverse population and groups of all sizes
Have a knowledge and understanding of
human relationships
Provide services to not only support
change in the individual but also in his/
her environment as well
I have been living in Hamilton pretty much my
entire life and have seen the masjid grow as I
grew. In April 9, 2015 I will be completing my I believe that there are many things that the Muslim
degree in Political Science at McMaster community is capable of doing and and I have
several ideas that I would love to see implemented.
I have served on other boards before including One of these ideas is to have an Islamic Studies fair
that of the Children’s International Learning where children prepare presentations for the
Centre in Hamilton. I also have a wide base of community and can judged. The top three would get
other volunteer experiences. As a young, educated prizes awarded to them.
and creative youth I would love to give back to
my community.
Khalid Azzam
Uzma Qureshi
I am an academic Internal Medicine Specialist and
father of five. I have been in Hamilton since 2008.
Prior to moving to Hamilton, from 2005-2007, I
Experience in Administration, was elected as the inaugural President of
Manitoba Islamic Association- Thomson Chapter.
Education and governance
In my role, I established a working relationship
between Thomson Muslim Association and
Manitoba Islamic Association. Working closely
with other charitable organizations, during this
Serving Islam and the Muslim community is a
priority of mine. My intension to join the MAH
Board of Directors is to please Allah through
devoting time and energy to serve the Hamilton
Muslims community. I will bring in a wealth of
knowledge and experience in administrative
teambuilding and stakeholders engagement. It would
be an honour and pleasure to utilize my skills and
MAH Elections 2015
Candidate Profiles
period, we built the Masjid in Thomson. Over the abilities in these domains to help the MAH and the
past 10 years I have assumed significant academic Muslim community in Hamilton.
and administrative leadership roles. I am currently
the Assistant Dean for Continuing Health
Sciences Education in the Faculty of Health
Sciences at McMaster University. I am a
collaborative leader and believe in doing what is
right. One of my strongest leadership skills is my
ability to bring teams together to work effectively.
Over the past year I have been an officer at the
Hamilton Muslim Association Board supporting
the board with its activities.
Zeeshan Ahmed
Ejaz Nadeem
- 3 years work at GE Water as service Planner- Several areas that I would like to contribute towards,
co-ordinating proposals for service
Insha Allah:
Professional skill, Passion for the
Mosque, Strategic thinker
- leading meetings, working alongside sales Islamic Education at the Mosque is the next step
teams, performing costing models
forward for our Hamilton Muslim community. I am
pleased to learn of the efforts to teach the Quran at
- Mosque volunteer, initiated Matrimonial service
the Mosque, and would like to help in continuing the
last year
progress on Islamic education.
- Deep interest in Islamic learning
Under the Journey Together umbrella, I helped to run
- Passionate about Islam and our Mosque
our first matrimonial service at the mosque. I am
hoping to broaden the scope of these services, Insha
- Hamilton resident since 1984
I envision making advances in the not-for-profit and
business fields. I see opportunities to bring the
passion and firm guidance of the mosque into these
areas and with some integrity, we can provide
opportunities for start-ups as well, Insha Allah.
As our community gets better established, our costs
rise exponentially, requiring a corresponding
MAH Elections 2015
Candidate Profiles
offsetting by moving services to not-for-profit feebased areas and assisting business start-ups that share
our values who would donate some proceeds back to
the mosque.
I am hopeful that a renewed push will increase
community participation. The areas I am
concentrating on are: coordinated allocation of
volunteer resources, better logistics using technology
such as WhatsApp, and on-campus recruitment at
Mohawk and McMaster MSAs, InshaAllah.
- Hamiltonian Muslim for the last ~20 years
Ejaz Nadeem
Qualification as explained to the - x- Director of Shabab Islamic Centre
- Current Board member of MAH
- Help grow MAH capacity by identifying &
attracting talents and resources of the community
- Practicing engineer/ professional in Ontario
Badiuz Zaman
Shuja Qureshi
- B.Com from
- improve non-ISH educational offering
- Continue to improve on processes and offering of
Chittagong, - I would like to help the board in the various
Good standing member of
community, loyal and dedicated
- Past chairman of Parent Council of Templemead - I can be helpful in the Islamic School due to my
School, Hamilton
experience in Templemead School
- Community policing volunteer of Hamilton - I will help to reduce the gap between the board and
Police Services
the community
Syed Abdul
Ejaz Nadeem
I am running a business for past 9 years. Our
expertise are IT Staffing Augmentation. I can help
Passionate about well being of the
identifying the right skills which can be helpful to
Mosque, Posess computer skills
MAH’s growth and achieve long term and short
which will be helpful for MAH,
term goals. My job is to understand the needs and
committed to work hard
deliver accordingly. I manage different verticals
which includes recruitment, sales, finance,
My interest is to serve community from MAH’s
platform. I want to learn and participate on day to
day challenges. My vision is to ring community on
one platform. I am very much interested in helping
youth and guide them for their career goals. I
strongly believe working with team members, Insha
Allah. jzk
MAH Elections 2015
Candidate Profiles
Abdul Lateef
Samir Hussein
Hafsa Syeda
Mohammed Smadi
1- MSA Shoura member at Chicago- 20022003
2- Riyadh Al Saliheen Institute student –
( 2005-2008
3- Khateeb in various masajid in Chicago2004-2008
My aim is to bridge the gap between the management
& the community.
I am currently working as a Plant Manager for an
automotive Company. My responsibilities include
management of company departments, ensuring
Active community member who
optimal customer satisfaction and ultimately
has the experience and dedication
generating profit for the company. I am a college
to improve our community
graduate from the Industrial Engineering program
with extensive range and courses taken throughout
my working experience/ year.
I feel that my past experience that I have developed
throughout my years of working experience and
community involvement as well as my education can
qualify me to contribute in many areas such as
acquiring or expanding our Islamic School to include
a high school and I can take on any other project the
community is in need for relating to facilities as well
as systems.
Previous experience & dedication
in working for the Muslim
The masjid can function much more efficiently if we
can engage the greater Muslim community of
Hamilton insha Allah.