Desktop Computers CPUs

Desktop Computers
Also known as Tower Units, Processors,
Central Processors or Data Processors
Main component of a personal computing
Desktop Servers
Closely resemble a CPU
Computer with Built-in Monitors
Example: iMac series
Thin Clients
Computer Peripherals
Computer-specific Cables and
Must be used to connect to electronic units on
the Approved Products list
Computer Speakers
Circuit Boards
Hard Drives
Power Supplies
CPU Cases
Monitor Cases
Portable Personal Computers (PCs)
Laptop and Notebook PCs
Netbook PCs
Tablet Computers
Usually characterized by their smaller size and
touch screen
Display Devices
CRT Monitors
Leaded glass panel
Resemble a TV
LCD Monitors
Screen backlit by a mercury bulb
Flat panel display similar to that found on a
Plasma Monitors
Screen backlit by a mercury bulb
Very similar in appearance to LCD flat panel
Monitors with CRACKED screens
Note: Monitors with broken screens (i.e.
missing or loose pieces of glass) require
Special Handling at select locations.
CRT Televisions
LCD and Plasma Televisions
Combination TV/VCR
Closed Circuit Monitors
Combination PC/TV Displays
Printers & Fax Machines
Inkjet Printers
Desktop units used with personal
computers (home or office)
Laser Printers
Desktop units used with personal
computers (home or office)
Printer Combinations
Desktop units that have copying, scanning
and/or faxing capability
Dot Matrix Printers
Desktop units used with personal
computers (home or office)
Photo Printers
Fax Machines
Label and Card Printers
Desktop units used with personal
computers (home or office)
Computer Scanners
Computer Scanners
Desktop units used with personal computers
(home or office)
Personal or Portable Audio & Video
Playback/Recording Systems
Includes traditional film and digital
Also includes video cameras, camcorders and
web cameras
Portable DVD Players
Walkman, Discman and Digital
Music (MP3) Players
Portable Radios
Boomboxes and Portable
Portable/Docking Speakers for
MP3 Players
Microphones (non-industrial)
Earphones and Headphones
Includes ear buds and over-the-ear types
Voice Recorders
Includes lecture/dictation recorders, cassette
or digital
Hand-Held Video Recorders
Portable video recorders with screens
Non-cellular PDAs
Specifically those that cannot connect to a
cellular network
NOTE: Cellular PDAs are not acceptable.
Home Audio & Video Playback/Recording Systems
Home Stereos
Includes all receiver, amplifier, CD, tape,
turntable units and speakers
Mini/mid/full-size systems
Big/small for home stereo systems
Bookshelf or floor standing
Used for vinyl records (LPs/albums)
Cable Boxes and Satellite
DVD, Laser Disk, VHS and
BETA Players/Recorders
Personal Video Recorders
Multimedia Projectors
Includes video, data and LCD projectors
Clock Radios
Digital Picture Frames
Video Baby Monitoring
Home Security Cameras
Vehicle Audio & Video Systems (Aftermarket)
Vehicle Audio Systems
All aftermarket audio system components
including tuner/cassette/CD player,
amplifier/equalizer, speakers and
Vehicle Equalizers and
In-Dash Decks
Includes aftermarket radio tuner, cassette,
CD players
Vehicle Speakers
Vehicle Video Systems
All aftermarket video system components
including DVD player, display screen unit,
speakers and wiring/cables
Non-cellular Telephones & Answering Machines
Non-cellular Telephones
Includes corded, cordless, VoIP and satellite
All system components including peripherals
and cords/wiring
Answering Machines
Includes cassette and digital types
Also includes answering systems integrated
into non-cellular telephones
Home Theatre in a Box (HTB) Systems
Home Theatre in a Box
Includes all system components and
peripheral devices