1. Preparation

Instructions for use Perm Set 0, 1 und 2
in BERRYWELL® German it stands for the magic caused by the lively waves of hair, through their magic bounce
and elasticity!
1. Preparation
Before you wash your hair and begin the curling treatment, make a diagnosis of your hair and scalp. Decide which concentration you can use to carry out the
0 = straight, difficult to curl hair
1 = normal hair
2 = damaged and bleached hair
You can determine the conclusive processing time
through accurately timed sampling of several test
Wash your hair with a mild shampoo, e.g. the
BERRYWELL® Deep Cleaning Shampoo, without massaging the scalp. Than rinse well. Squeeze out excess
moisture with a towel, do not rub.
8. Setting
Apply an adequate quantity of the BERRYWELL® Foam
Neutralizer to the curlers with a sponge. The foam decomposes by itself and spreads evenly on the curlers.
Processing Time: approximately 5-10 minutes. Afterwards remove the curlers and apply the neutralizer
to the curls/waves again briefly. Finally, rinse the hair
thoroughly with water.
2. Pretreatment
An adequate quantity of an appropriate pre treatment
agent should always be applied, e.g. the BERRYWELL®
Perm Pretreatment. This is an ideal way of preparing
the hair for a perming treatment and strengthening it.
7. Rinsing
At the end of the processing time rinse all of the
curlers with warm water,(approximately 2-3 minutes).
Afterwards carefully dab all of the curlers.
3. Coiling
Under no circumstances must you wet the hair with the
Perm Lotion before coiling. Dry the hair with a towel and
coil it.
9. After-Treatment
After rinsing out the setting product we recommend
an adequate after treatment agent for achievement of
results, e.g. the BERRYWELL® Perm Conditioner. This
stabilises the result of the waving process and the hair
will be neutralised and groomed.
4. Mix the Perm Lotion and the Perm Activator
It is essential to wear gloves! Mix the Perm Lotion and
the Perm Activator at a ratio of 4:1. The best thing to
do is pour the 15 ml activator completely into the 60ml
perm lotion, close the cap and mix it well by shaking
it. You can use the applicator to apply the completed
mixture precisely.
Warning Notices for Perm Lotion and Activator:
Contains salts and ester of thioglycolic acid. Can cause an
allergy upon contact with the skin. Avoid contact with the
eyes. In the case of contact with the eyes rinse immediately
with water and consult a doctor. Wear appropriate gloves.
Observe the instructions for use.Keep out of the reach of
children.For commercial use only.
5. Application of the Perm Lotion
Thourougly wet every curler with the mixture, beginning
at the nape. Avoid the perm lotion coming into contact
with the skin by applying it in doses. Do not use protection for the contours of your face (cotton wool, etc) when
carrying out the application and during the processing
time. Any mixture that is left over cannot be used again.
Warning Notices for Foam Neutralizer:
Contains hydrogen peroxide.Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes. Rinse immediately with
water if the product comes into contact with the eyes.
Wash splashes off the skin and clothes immediately. Wear
appropriate gloves. Do not pour quantities that have already been withdrawn back into the bottle. For commercial
use only.
6 .Processing Time
Perm Lotion
Ready mixture
Processing time
(without heat or cover)
0 straight, difficult to curl hair
10 – 20 minutes
1 normal hair
10 – 20 minutes
2 damaged and bleached hair
10 – 20 minutes
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