Can I use regular soap as shaving soap?  

Can I use regular soap as shaving soap?
Can I use regular soap as shaving soap?
Kansas City, MO
While all soaps can lather, shaving soaps are specifically formulated to produce a thicker and
creamier lather that is both lubricating and moisturizing. Shaving soaps contain certain base oils
that create a protective lather that allows a razor blade to glide across without friction that can
damage the sensitive skin of the face and neck. In addition, shaving soap is designed to
maintain its thickness for enough time as it takes a person to shave without drying down. Body
and hand soaps usually produce a thinner lather that collapses and dries down quickly.
Furthermore, many bath soaps contain antibacterial ingredients or drying agents that are not
designed for the face. There are some luxury bath soaps, such as those from Rancé and Santa
Maria Novella, that create very rich lather that can be used for shaving; however, these are the
exceptions rather than the rule. Most men prefer to use soap specifically created and marketed
as Shaving Soap for the rich protective lather and moisturizing properties it offers. Learn more
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