HHS Student Prom Packet - Hackettstown School District

Hackettstown High School
(HHS Student)
Junior & Senior
Prom Packet
Prom Table Sign-up
Your Full Name:
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Guest Full Name:
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School Guest Attends (if not HHS):
There will be 10 students per table. Write down the first AND last name of each student you
would like to sit with. We will do our best to seat you together but your table is only
guaranteed if the same group is written down by all 10 students. Don’t forget to include
yourself (and your date) in the list below.
Prom Dress Code
In order to maintain a healthy, safe, and orderly environment, the following dress code shall be used. The
purpose of a prom dress code is to help you make good choices, not inhibit your style or personality. If you
are bringing a date outside HHS, you are responsible for making sure his/her attire meets the
 Formal prom attire may be classified as a tuxedo or dress suit, including a tie, bow tie, a collared
shirt, and may include a vest. Jeans will not be permitted.
 No canes, hats or headwear are permitted.
 Shirts are to be worn at all times.
 Boys’ shirts must be buttoned up (and remain buttoned up) to at least the second button from the
 Pants should fit properly on the hip and not sag below the waistline.
 Dress shoes must be worn.
 (Refer to “Prom Dress Code 2015” on the Junior Class Website for examples)
 Girls will wear semi formal attire or formal gowns or pantsuits.
 Undergarments must not be showing.
 Dresses may not be cut below the bust line. Rule: place thumbs on collarbone and touch index
fingers together toward bust line. Where your fingers meet is how low your dress can go. The bust
continues around your sides directly under the armpit. With arms down at your side, if flesh
touches flesh below the bust line, the dress is inappropriate.
 No midriff can show or cut-outs that expose the front or sides of midriff (even when arms are
raised). Two-piece dresses must overlap.
 Sheer/see-through fabric over bare areas is not acceptable.
 Back of dress must not be too low-cut or revealing. Back of dress should not go below natural waist.
 Dresses are to be no more than 3 inches above the knee (front and back). This also applies to slits
in dresses. Dress must also be at the appropriate length even if leggings are worn underneath the
 The determination of the appropriateness of student dress and grooming shall rest with the
administration. If the attire is questionable, students are encouraged to show their evening wear to
administrators beforehand to determine if it is appropriate. Contact your class advisor(s) by email
if you have a question about a dress.
Students and their dates who are inappropriately dressed shall be denied entry. If the student dresses
inappropriately, refunds will not be given. Girls will not be permitted to use cover-ups (coats, shawls,
sweaters) over dresses that do not meet dress code as a solution.
I, _____________________
__________________, understand and agree to follow the Prom Dress Code.
(Print legibly)
Student signature
Parent/Guardian signature
Hackettstown High School Junior & Senior Prom
May 15, 2015
Hackettstown High School Juniors, seniors and their guests may attend our prom. Guests from other schools
must be approved by the administration and also complete a guest pass which requires a parent signature.
The prom will be held at The Villa at Mountain Lakes from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Students must arrive at the
high school between 5:15 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Buses will depart at exactly 6:00 p.m. Students who do not ride
the bus will not be admitted entrance to The Villa.
Students attending the prom will be dismissed from school immediately following an 11:45 a.m. mandatory
meeting in the auditorium. No student will be excused before this time. Students must attend periods 1
through 6. Dismissal will follow the meeting. Please arrange all appointments accordingly.
We are pleased to announce that we have contracted luxury coach buses (air conditioned, CD players, TV’s) to
transport prom goers to and from the Villa at Mountain Lakes. Bus transportation is in place to ensure all
prom-goers safety. Bus will depart from the high school at 6:00 p.m. and return to campus at approximately
11:00 p.m.
The Hackettstown Board of Education has adopted the following regulation specific to illegal drugs and/or
When a student is found to be under the influence of illegal drugs and/or alcohol, or in possession of illegal drugs and/or
alcohol, or found to be selling illegal drugs and/or alcohol at any district school property/premises or any district school
function, or found guilty by the court of criminal violence while on any district school property/premises or at any district
school function, he/she will forfeit all co-curricular activities for a period of 25 school days. If a student were to be found
guilty of a second offense as outlined above, the penalty will double to 50 school days. Please note that this regulation
is in addition to suspension and counseling required by policy. Seniors, please be aware that this 25 day suspension would
include forfeiture of all senior activities including participation in the graduation ceremony.
I, __________________________________, understand the rules governing the Prom and agree to follow them.
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Student signature
Parent/Guardian signature
Parent/Guardian Name PRINTED
Emergency Contact:
________ Emergency Phone #
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Prom Photo Permission Slip
Pursuant to law, we will not release any personally identifiable information without prior written consent
from you as parent or guardian. Personally identifiable information includes student names, photo or
image, residential addresses, phone numbers and locations and times of class trips.
We are sending this parental consent form to you to request permission for your child’s photo/image and
name to be published on the district and/or school’s web site.
In order for the school to release your child’s name and or picture to a local newspaper and/or to include
it on our website you must complete the bottom portion of this form and return it to the high school.
Please be aware that the school will release pictures and names of students for the purpose of
academic and athletic accomplishments, scholarship announcements and school-sponsored activities.
If you, as the parent or guardian, wish to rescind this agreement, you may do so at any time in writing by
sending a letter to the principal of your child’s school and such rescission will take effect upon receipt by
the school.
Check one of the following choices:
_____ I/We GRANT permission for a photo/image that includes this student without any other personal
identifiers to be published on the school and/or district’s public Internet site.
_____ I/We GRANT permission for this student’s photo/image and name to be published on the school
and/or district’s public Internet site.
_____ I/We DO NOT GRANT permission for photo/image that includes this student to be published on
the school and/or district’s public Internet site.
Student’s Name: (please print)___________________________________ Student’s Grade:________
Printed name of Parent/Guardian:(print)__________________________________________________
Signature of Parent/Guardian:(sign)____________________________________________________
Relation to Student:______________________________________