Open Class Entry Form

Adult: ___ Youth: ___ / Age: ___ Open Class Entry Form
Home, Family, and Horticulture Exhibits
This entry form must be completed & entry tags must be attached to your exhibit before check in.
Bring this form to check in at the Open Class building on the fairgrounds.
Phone: ____________________
Class Name
Ex. OT 12
Ribbon Placing
P=Purple, B=Blue,
R=Red, W=White
Blue Cable Knit Scarf
All Entry Tags must be attached to projects. Exhibits must be brought to the Open Class building on the fairgrounds
on Monday, July 20st, 2015 between 3:30 to 8:00 pm or on Tuesday, July 21st, 2015 from 7:30 to 9:30 am. Exhibits
will be released on Sunday July 26th, 2015 at 1:30 pm (no early release). All Exhibits must be picked up on time!
I understand that exhibits lost or damaged during the fair are the liability of the exhibitor.
Signature of Exhibitor
Open Class Entry Instructions
Home, Family, and Horticulture Exhibits
 Use the Open Class Entry Form.
 In the top right corner please put an X by Adult or Youth. If youth, please add the age as
of entry day. This helps the judges during the evaluation process.
 You must fill in your name, phone number and address.
 You must include the Class # (ex. OH 1), Class Name (ex. Garden Flower Spike) & a brief
description of your entry. (ex. Yellow Rose in glass vase)
 Use the Open Class Entry Tag.
 In the top right corner please put an X by Adult or Youth.
This helps the judges during the evaluation process.
 Attach a completed Entry Tag to each exhibit.
No. – Leave Blank
Division – Leave Blank
Class – Use the class number in book (ex. OH 1)
Entry – Provide a brief description of your entry
Name – Exhibitor Name
Address – Exhibitor Phone #
X OH 1 Garden Flower Spike Red Rose in glass vase Joe Smith 319‐824‐0000 ENTRY DAY OPTIONS:
Deliver your entries & entry form to the Open Class building on the fairgrounds
Monday, July 20th, between 3:30 pm – 8:00 pm or Tuesday, July 21st between 7:30 am – 9:30 am
NEW!!! - All exhibits & tack are released on Sunday, July 26th at 1:30 pm. Exhibitors who
remove their exhibits prior to release time without proper consent of the Executive Committees
will not be allowed to exhibit at the 2016 Grundy County Fair.
All exhibits MUST be picked up by 1:30 pm as clean up begins shortly after. If you are unable
to pick up your own projects please put a name and phone number on your entry form of the
person who will be picking up your project.
Any Exhibit lost or damaged during the fair are the liability of the exhibitor.
Superintendent: Judy Eilers
Asst. Superintendents: Marian Nederhoff, Nancy Venenga & Darnelle Nederhoff
Entry Forms & Tags:
Available at the: Grundy County Extension Office, 703 F Avenue; Suite 1, Grundy Center.
Office Hours are 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday thru Fridays
Cost: $1.00
Open Class Entry Time:
Exhibit Check In:
Exhibit Release Time:
Monday, July 20th
Tuesday, July 21st
3:30 pm – 8:00 pm
7:30 am – 9:30 am
Sunday, July 26th
1:30 pm
All exhibits must be picked up at this time!
General Open Class Rules:
1. Classes are open to anyone who wishes to exhibit with one exception, 4-H & FFA
members cannot enter the same exhibit in non-livestock projects in both 4-H & FFA
classes and open classes.
2. All entry forms must be signed, tags completed and firmly attached to the
exhibit by the exhibitor before arriving at the building.
3. Entry Forms MUST include name and phone number of the person who will be picking up
exhibits at check out. When using more than one entry form please label them 1 of 2, 2 of
2 in the top right corner.
4. Exhibits entered must have been made with in the last two years.
5. No more than two items per class.
6. The superintendents and assistants reserve the right to reclassify an item or split classes.
7. Ribbons will be given to all participating. Each item will be judged on its own merit,
receiving a blue, red or white ribbon, regardless of how many are in the class. Blue
ribbons will receive $2, Red - $1, and White - $.50.
Open class superintendents are not responsible for broken or damaged goods.
Section A: Fruit and Vegetable Classes:
1. All exhibits must be brought on a sturdy paper plate or cardboard and covered with a
plastic bag.
2. Entries must be home grown.
3. For information on how to prepare vegetables for exhibit and judging criteria, ask for the
“Harvesting and Preparing Vegetables for Exhibit” at the Extension Office.
4. Please include description of entry on the tag and specify variety.
Class Class Name
OV 1 Vegetables & Herbs
Limit of one exhibit of each kind of vegetable
Asparagus – 10 spears
Beets – 3 specimen
Broccoli – 3” head
Cabbage – 1 head
Carrots – 3 specimen
Cauliflower – 1 head
Celery – 1 bunch
Chinese Cabbage – 1
Cucumber – 5 pickling
Cucumber – 3 slicing
Dill – 2 head
Dried Onions - 3
Eggplant – 1 specimen
Garlic – 3 specimen
Green Onions - 5
Kale-1 plant
Kohlrabi – 2 specimen
Lettuce – 1 plant
Lima Beans – 6 pods
Okra – 3
Parsnips - 3
Parsley – 10 springs in water
Peas – 6 pods
Peas (Edible) – 6 pods
Peppers – 2 specimen
Potatoes – 3
Pumpkin – 1
Radish – 5 specimen
Snap Beans – 6 pods
Spinach – 1 plant
Squash – 2 summer
Squash – 1 winter
Sweet Corn – 2 ears
Turnips – 3 specimen
Zucchini - 2
OV 2 Vegetable Basket Display
Basket must include 5 or more vegetables, attractively displayed. Basket cannot be larger
than one-half bushel size.
OV 3 Fruits
Muskmelon – 1
Raspberry – 10 specimen
Rhubarb – 3 stalks
Tomatoes – 3 specimen
Tomatoes (Cherry, Pear or Grape) – 10 specimen
Watermelon - 1
OV 4 Other—Fruit or vegetable not already listed but must be specified on the entry tag.
Section B: Flowers and Flower Arrangement Classes
1. No more than 2 items per class
2. For information about exhibiting and judging flowers and house plants ask for “Preparing
Cut Flowers and House Plants for Exhibit” at the Extension Office.
3. Plants will not be watered unless you include instructions on back of your entry tag.
OH 1
OH 2
OH 3
OH 4
OH 5
OH 6
OH 7
OH 8
OH 9
OH 10
OH 11
OH 12
OH 13
OH 14
OH 15
OH 16
OH 17
OH 18
OH 19
OH 20
Class Name
Garden Flower Spike – Use glass vases, no plastic
Garden Flower Spray – Use glass vases, no plastic
Garden Flower Stem – Use glass vases, no plastic
Gone Wild – Arrangement of wild flowers
Shoebooty – A plant or flower arrangements in a shoe or boot
Green Thumb Arrangement – A predominately green arrangement
Mini Me – Miniature arrangement under 6 inches high
Fall Harvest – Arrangement of yellow and/or orange flowers
Weathered Beauty – Fresh flowers with weathered wood
Patriotic – Arrangement or container. Everything needs to be red, white or blue
Kitchen Sunshine – Any kind of fresh flowers in kitchen container
Rustic Arrangements – Arrangement of flowers in a rustic container
Holiday Fair – Container must be a holiday container, ex. Christmas, Easter, etc.
White on White – White Flowers, White Container
Tea Time – Fresh flowers arranged in a tea pot
Coffeemate – Fresh flowers arranged in a coffee mug or cup
Home Grown Dried Arrangement
House Plants
Patio Plant
Container Flower Garden – This includes more than 1 plant in a container
Home & Family Exhibits
Section A: Foods
1. All exhibits must be brought on a sturdy paper plate or covered cardboard in
clear plastic bag.
2. No more than 2 items per class.
Recipe must be on an index card and attached to the entry tag.
4. Preserved Foods MUST have a “Food Preservation Label”. Label’s can be picked up at the
Extension Office.
The following information must be included on the label:
a. Method of preservation
b. Processed Time
c. Date Processed
d. Current UDSA and/or Iowa State University guidelines for home food preservation
methods must be used. (Check at County Extension Office for recommended
practices or call ISU Hotline 1-800-262-3804 for current researched information.)
Preserved foods must include the Food Preservation Exhibit Label, vI-991201WB/SSA.
e. All jars must be displayed without rings.
5. No cream cheese or item that needs refrigeration.
6. A sample of baked goods will be displayed after judging and the remaining baked goods
will be sold.
Class Class Name
OF 1 Yeast Bread -1 loaf
OF 2 Bread Machine Loaf -1 loaf
OF 3 Yeast Rolls -7 rolls
OF 4 Quick Breads -1 Loaf
OF 4A Quick Breads -1 Mini Loaf
OF 5 Fruit and Nut Breads
-1 loaf or 7 muffins
OF 6 Layer Cakes
-1 cake with frosting
OF 7 Cakes and Cupcakes
-1 cake or 4 cupcakes
OF 8 Decorated Cakes
- judged on decorating only
OF 9 Bar Cookies (7)
OF 10 Chocolate Chip Cookies (7)
OF 11 Drop Cookies (7)
OF 12 Refrigerator & Roll Out
Cookies (7)
Class Class Name
OF 13
OF 14
OF 15
OF 16
OF 17
Candy (7 pieces)
Pie - No cream pies
Jams - 1 clear sealed jar, not paraffin
Jellies -1 clear sealed jar, not paraffin
Preserves and Butters
OF 18
OF 19
OF 20
OF 21
OF 22
OF 23
OF 24
Canned Fruits - clear sealed jar
Canned Vegetables - 1 clear sealed jar
Canned Pickles - 1 clear sealed jar
Canned Relishes - 1 clear sealed jar
Dried Foods
Other Food Entry – Specify
Fruit or Vegetable Sculptured
- 1 clear sealed jar, not paraffin
Section B – Textiles and Clothing
1. All classes must indicate whether the article is original, kit or pattern on the entry tag.
No more than 2 items per class. (ex. OT 4a is 1 class & OT 4b is 1 class. You can bring 2 OT 4a’s & 2 OT 4b’s)
OT 1
Class Name
Quilts (Include size on Entry Tag)
a. Machine Quilted
b. Hand Quilted
c. Machine Embroidery Quilt
d. Embroidery Quilt
OT 2
OT 3
OT 4
OT 5
c. Other (Specify)
Wall Hangings
a. Framed
b. Unframed
OT 6
i. Tied Comforter
j. Other Quilts
Quilted Clothing
Fleece Blanket
a. Knitted
b. Crocheted
e. Patchwork Quilt
f. Machine Applique Quilt
g. Hand Applique Quilt
h. Mixed Techniques
c. Hoops
d. Latchhook
e. Other Wall
Healthcare & Wellness Items
(ex. Walker accessory, lap robe, receiving blanket, prayer shawl, etc…)
OT 7
OT 8
OT 9
OT 10
Crewel Embroidery
Counted Cross Stitch Embroidery
a. Wall hanging
b. Picture 4x4 and Under
c. Picture 10x10 and Under
OT 11
OT 12
OT 13
OT 14
OT 15
OT 16
OT 17
Machine Knitting
Crochet with Yarn
Crochet with Thread
Weaving (any item)
d. Picture 16x16 and Under
e. Picture over 16x16
f. Pillow Christmas
g. Other Counted
Cross Stitch
Section B – Textiles and Clothing (continued…)
OT 18
OT 19
OT 20
OT 21
Toddler Clothing
Children’s Clothing
Men’s Clothing
Women’s Clothing
a. Blouse, top or shirt
b. Shirt, short or slacks
c. Casual Dress
d. Formal Wear
OT 22
OT 23
OT 24
c. Crochet
d. Other (specify)
Fabric Crafts
a. Stuffed Toys
b. Rag Crafts
c. Padded
OT 25
OT 26
OT 27
d. Jewelry
e. Doll Clothes
f. Recycled Items
Serger Sewing
Home Decorating
a. Curtains
b. Tablecloths
OT 28
i. T-shirts
j. Other (specify)
Holiday Sewing
a. Quilted
b. Pieced
e. Jackets or Suits
f. Sweatshirts (decorated)
g. Recycled Items
h. Vests
c. Appliance Covers
d. Other (specify)
a. Purses
b. Hat
c. Tote
d. Other (specify
g. Other (specify)
Section C – Fine Arts
1. Indicate whether the article is an original design or from a pattern or kit on entry tag.
2. All art items need to be ready for display before checking in at entry table.
3. No more than 2 Entries per class.
(ex. OA 14a is 1 class and OA 14b is 1 class. You can bring 2 OA 14a’s and 2 OA 14b’s)
OA 1
OA 2
OA 3
OA 4
OA 5
OA 6
OA 7
OA 8
OA 9
OA 10
OA 11
OA 12
OA 13
OA 14
OA 15
OA 16
OA 17
OA 18
Class Name
Christmas Tree Ornaments
Holiday Novelties
Oil Painting
Acrylic Painting
Fabric Painting
Silk or Dried Flower Arrangements
Holiday Wreaths
Decorated Wreath
Drawings (must be matted or mounted)
a. Charcoal
b. Pencil
c. Other (specify)
Creative Writing
1 page Scrapbook Layout (must have a page protector, no more than 2 exhibits)
2 page Scrapbook Layout (must have a page protector, no more than 2 exhibits)
Theme Album (examples: baby album, Christmas album, friend’s album,
dance album, etc. No more than 2 exhibits.)
OA 19
OA 20
OA 21
OA 22
OA 23
Shadow Box Arrangement
Cricut Creations (Cricut machine used to create this exhibit)
Decorative Soap
Creative Cards (must be a set of 3 cards)
Creative Jewelry Set (any necklace, earrings, bracelets or a jewelry made by
exhibitor, must have a tag attached to the jewelry with exhibitors name and phone number,
all jewelry exhibits must be inside a small clear plastic bag.)
OA 24
Other Arts and Crafts (specify)
Section D – Photography
All photography entries must be 5”x7” in size or larger
The photo must be matted or framed. The photo itself must be at least 5”x7”
No more than 2 per class
Must indicate if picture is 35mm or digital
Class Name
OP 1
Black and White Animal photo
OP 2
Black and White People photo
OP 3
Black and White Still Life photo
OP 4
Black and White Landscape photo
OP 5
Color Animal photo
OP 6
Color People photo
OP 7
Color Still Life photo
OP 8
Color Landscape photo
OP 9
Sepia Photos
OP 10
Digitally Enhanced – Any photo that has been changed in any manner with
computer technology.
OP 11
Trick Photo – A photo that gives the illusion of something that is not really there.
These photos cannot be digitally enhanced. They must be natural illusions.
OP 12
Series – A series is a group of three to five related photos that tell a story.
Include a description of the photos on an index card or separate sheet. It should be
mounted as one piece.
Section E – Woodworking
OW 1
OW 2
OW 3
OW 4
OW 5
OW 6
OW 7
OW 8
Class Name
Refinishing Wooden Articles
Indoor Woodworking
Outdoor Woodworking
Wooden Toys
Wood Carving
Wood Burning
Wood Lawn Ornaments
Other Woodworking
Go Green Community Challenge
GO GREEN…any exhibit that helps the community
1. Must include a write up on index card or separate sheet explaining why this exhibit is a “go
green” community exhibit.
2. Please include pictures if this was an event or activity.
3. No more than 2 entries
Examples: a recycled exhibit, a consumer management plan, community service project
write up, energy savings plan, youth program, wellness items or activities, community
garden, etc. Be Creative!!
4. Group projects are welcomed.
Jennie Bakker Chocolate Chip Cookie Contest
In memory of Jennie Bakker, a founder of the Open Class Exhibit
at the Grundy County Fair.
SATURDAY, July 25th, 2015
Curt Bakker & Shari Sell-Bakker
Sponsored by:
Grundy Center Subway
Entry Check In:
Saturday, July 25th at 12:00 pm
Saturday, July 25th at 1:00pm
Announcement of Winners:
Saturday, July 25th at 1:30 pm
Cookies for Sale:
The Top 3 Cookies will be Auctioned Off
& remaining cookies will be sold after
Announcement of Winners
General Rules:
Anyone is welcome to participate in the Jennie Bakker Chocolate Chip
Cookie Contest.
Entries will be checked in at the Open Class Building on the Grundy County
Entries should include 13 cookies on a plate and placed inside a baggie.
Recipe must be included.
There must be at least 1 cup of chocolate chips (semi sweet or milk
Cookies can contain any other ingredients.
Exhibitors are invited to watch the judging. Bring your lawn chairs to watch
judging on the North Side of the Open Class Building.
All exhibited cookies will be sold.
Awards will be presented to the First, Second & Third Place Winners!