New Entrants/Applicants The Applicant agrees that he/she has read

New Entrants/Applicants
The Applicant agrees that he/she has read and understood these terms and conditions that he/she shall
agree to these terms and conditions as given below and also to the terms and conditions that may be
updated in the official web sites of the company. This application forms is considered as
an authentic and legally binding document. This contract is between the Application (hereinafter
referred as ASSOCIATE) and GODIAC REAL TRADE(hereinafter as the COMPANY)
The applicant should have completed minimum 18 years of age and shall be competent to enter
into contract as provided in the 'Indian Contract Act'.
All payments to the COMPANY shall be in the form of D. D. and the COMPANY is not liable for
any CASH PAYMENTS done to any person at any place except for cash deposited at the HEAD OFFICE and
also should have the COMPANY RECEIPT.
For joining as an independent distributor of the company, the applicant will have to make the
prescribed payment towards distributorship fee by way of a crossed demand draft favouring 'WEALTH N
HEALTH HABITS PVT. LTD.' payable at Mumbai
The Company will not accept payment in cash under any circumstances.
The company has not authorised any official, officer or distributor of the company to receive any
amount in cash on behalf of the company towards the distributorship fee, or cost of products, as the
case may be.
If anybody makes any payment in cash, it will be at his/her own risk and under no
circumstances, will company be responsible towards the distributorship fee, or cost of products, as the
case may be.
The initial payment made by the applicant is towards enrolling as an independent distributor
and the same is not refundable under any circumstances. All the packages include the registration fee,
the processing fee and the administrative costs.
The distributor will be eligible for incentives or income only as per the volume of business done
by him that is also subject to the eligibility normsformulated by the company. The Company does not
assure any incentive or income to the distributor on merely account of his / her joining the company.
The independent distributor will not be a consumer, agent, or empolyee of the company.
His/her position being so, he / she cannot bind the company, in any manner not he / she has any
authority to bind the company or to represent or speak on behalf of the company.
The Company will approve the distributorship by issuing an official receipt and an online
registration, which will carry the password and an identification under known as 'LOGIN ID' as chosen by
the applicant himself / herself. This password and LOGIN ID have to be quoted by the distributor in all
his/her transactions and correspondence with the company. The LOGIN ID once chosen cannot be
altered at any later point of time.
The company will, in no case, entertain any communication without LOGIN ID and password.
The company will not entertain any request for any product / package made after six months of
the date of acknowledgement of payment.
The distributor has to pay annual renewal fees at the end of 12 months of their distributorships
as per the company norms.
The COMPANY shall be entitle to after, amend, modify or change the business plan as well as
the terms and conditions from time and I agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions, rules and
regulations embodied therein for the time in force.
Service Charges will be deducted as per Company norms. TDS will be deducted s formulated by
the Government.
In the event of any dispute arising between the ASSOCIATE and the COMPANY relating to any
matter concerned with this appointment or the subject there of for relation to and whether as to the
construction or otherwise, the same shall be referred for ARBITRATION, as per THE ARBITATION ACT,
1940. One Arbitrator shall be be appointed by each party and the two appointed arbitrators jointly shall
appoint the third arbitrator whose verdict will be binding to both the parties. The venue of arbitration
shall be subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.
All individual distributors should adhere to Rules & Regulations formed by the organization & If
any of the distributor is found guilty of not observing the same, then he / she will be terminated from
the company
The company reserves all rights to terminate a distributor.
Once a distributor is terminated, he / she cannot enter any of
premises/meeting locations and his/her incentives / Income will be stopped immediately.
The disributor shall bear true faith and allegiance to the company and shall uphold the intergrity
and decorum of the company and shall maintain good relations with other distributors and other clients.
The distributor shall always behave and act in a dignified manner befitting the status of a
distributor of a reputed and leading network marketing company of the country.
The distributor shall not compel or indeuce or mislead any person with any false
statement/promise to join the company or to purchaseany product.
The Company will not be answerable for any promise, assurance given by any distributor to any
person, unless it is in accordance with the approved business plans and terms of the company. Hence,
the applicant shall go through the website - ''' and the brochures and notices issued by
the company. Through these company sources, he / she will fully inform himself/himself on all these
The applicant / distributor shall ensure that all the information/furnished to the company is
correct and properly entered. Any request for correction furnished by the distributor as to his/her
sponsor or placement details will not be entertained. Once payment statements are processed.
The company reserves the right to reject distributorship / application at its own discretion.
The company reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions, products, schemes,
business and policies giving prior notice through its website. '''' and it will be binding on
all distributors of the company.
The Distributor himself/herself is responsible for the payment of registration. If any indirect
transaction done with any distributor company will not be responsible for it. Pin will be transferred after
the payment is received.
Site Transfer Conditions :
Site transfer of any distributor will be done on a affidavit along with transfer fee RS. 5000/-.
Site transfer fee will be accepted only by D.D.
Solemnly affirm and declare as follows :
After carefully reading/hearing it read by others, the terms and conditions and the business
plans appended along with the application form, brochures, and in the website I hereby
agree to the same, and join as an independent distributor of the GODIAC REAL TRADE, of my own
according to do the distribution business.
I will bear true faith and allegiance to the company and shall uphold the integity and decorum of
the company of the company to which I am about to join as an independent distributor.
I will bear atmost honesty and uprightness to the distributors and the prosepective distributors
and to other clients of the company. I also swear that I will not indulge in any kind of unfair means to
promote my business as a distributor.
I have fully understood & am convinced of the terms and conditions with the norms of the
I am fully aware that the initial payment made by me is towards distributorship fees and hence
not refundable.
I am made to understand that being a freelance distributor, I will not be an agent, empolyee, or
consumer of the company. Hence I have no authority to bind the company or to speak on its behalf.
I declare that I have not been given any assurance or promise by the company or its senior level
distributors as to any income on account of the initial payment made by me. However I am made to
understand that I will be eligible for income/incentives depending upon the volume of business done by
me as per terms.
Under any circumstances. I fully understand that the value of the packages offered to me will be
at a higher side than the amount paid by me.
I will not promote the business of other companies in the office, premises. and meeting hall or
wherever the activities of the company takes place.
I will not misguide or induce any one dishonestly to join the company. I hereby agree and
adhere to the terms and conditions stipulate along with the application form and as mentioned above
and agree to do distributorship business.
I hereby agree to submit all disputes to arbitration as provided in the terms and conditions of
the company.