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The Grand Hotel
Mornington’s Grand Hotel is aptly named. After all, its
magnificent tower has overlooked the seaside suburb’s
iconic Main Street shopping precinct for 142 years.
For 36 years of those, the Taylor name has been synonymous with The Grand, the
family owning and operating the heritage-listed building over that period.
Steering the ship is youngest of the clan and General Manager Pir Taylor-Price. She is
acutely aware of the need to run the business as environmentally soundly as possible
and considers the Grow Me The Money program as pivotal to achieving improved
results in regard to carbon footprint reduction.
“We did a thorough search and found that the Grow Me The Money program was the
most comprehensive and effective for what we were looking to achieve. We spoke to
others that had started the program and they highly recommended it, so we chose it.”
While The Grand’s wonderful character is a major drawcard, its heritage listing
presented some challenges in regard to reducing the business’ carbon footprint. With
the guidance of Grow Me The Money, Taylor-Price oversaw the installation of solar
panels, offering savings to the hotel’s power usage and carbon footprint reduction.
Taylor-Price also suggests that the monitoring and regular reporting from Grow Me
The Money offer huge benefits.
“We have been very impressed with the Grow Me The Money program because it allows
us to measure savings and monitor our practices while providing great guidance along
the way. Our water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions levels are just two
examples. Now we can see the great savings we have made using the program, and we
present figures to the staff at meetings, using it to show a positive outcome.”
With a 150-seat restaurant representing a mainstay of the business, it was clear that
this area would be an area of focus.
“We looked at water saving and now have pedal taps for the chefs. We also fitted
dimmers on all lighting – along with recycling systems for our glass, plastic bottles
and paper.”
The action plan supplied by Grow Me The Money has proven invaluable at
The Grand Hotel.
“Staff handbooks and payslips – emailed to save paper – carry specific information
regarding the hotel’s environmental measurements. Staff are informed of savings and
results, giving them the clear understanding that the good practices they adopt make
a big difference over time.”
The Grand Hotel has been recognised by Grow Me The Money as a top three finalist in
2010. It also won the Australian Hotels state award twice and has won at national level
for its environmental practices.
*Grow Me The Money is an initiative to help small business become more sustainable,
and save money on resource usage by following a 12-step online program.
Energy saving globes and
downlights fitted throughout
entire premises.
Kitchen areas equipped
with water-saving fittings.
Improved glass and
dishwashing systems.
Cleaning products audited and
adjusted for biodegradability.
Office systems analysed
for paper wastage and
adjusted to include
email payslip delivery.
Air conditioning
systems upgraded for
reduced consumptions and
associated GHG emissions.
Staff information
program introduced.
Promotional campaign
to inform and educate
customers introduced.