Voorstelling Transport Joosen ENG

Dear Sirs,
We are proud to have the opportunity to present our company.Joosen Transport is an independent haulier, specialized in
transport of seacontainers. Our flexible team and operators, having the best knowledge and experience, are at your service.
To accomplish this job we provide a fleet of 80 own trucks, completed with an extra 25 subcontractors. Please see our
website (www.transportjoosen.be) to find out our possibilities for handling and transporting all kind of containers.
Our modern fleet is equipped with satellite communication as well as scanners, what gives us the advantage to follow up our
trucks from the start till the end, to provide our clients with the exact information
on any moment of their cargo and to provide them with all paperwork directly
after loading or unloading of the cargo.
As we have moved to Antwerp harbour, where we dispose of a 25000 m²
secured area, we are able to provide You with some extra services, such as
storage of empty and full containers, small reparations and cleaning or lining up
of containers.
Furthermore we are very proud to annonce You that since 07/01/2013 we are
AEO-certified (BE AEOS0000130GDA) as one of the first hauliers in Belgium.
This certificate shows once more that Joosen Transport is a reliable transport
To serve our clients even better, we offer them as from now also our logistic
services and conventional transports. This way we enable the clients to arrange
their complete transport order by instructing one person.
If any more questions or more information needed, do not hesitate to contact us.
We will be very happy to have the opportunity to convince You of our strenght,
flexibility, correctness,…
Meanwhile, we remain,
Kind regards,
Yves Haud’Huyze
Sales Manager
Transport Joosen
00 32 3 540 04 33
Mobile : 00 32 476 75 46 08
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