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Lake Davis Father’s Day Weekend Trout Derby Rules
In conjunction with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, USDA Forest
Service and in the interest of maintaining a level playing field and avoiding
possible conflicts, the following rules shall apply to this event:
1. It is the responsibility of each participant to know all the rules of this
2. All fish weighed in must be caught at Lake Davis the day of the event.
3. All fish weighed in must show signs that they are freshly caught and not
held from a previous outing. Warm and faded fish will be withheld at
the weigh master’s discretion. Keeping fish on ice is highly
4. All California Dept of Fish & Wildlife Regulations apply. Including
Fishing License
5. All California Dept. of Boating & Waterways Rules & Regulations apply
6. All USDA Forest Service Rules & Regulations Apply, this includes day
use and launch fees.
7. Any person, capable of handling a fishing rod & reel, accompanying a
registered participant in a boat must be registered in the event. No ride
8. Junior Participant Definition: Any participant under the age of 16.
9. The points are determined by the weight plus length of the fish
10. Only 1 fish per participant will be used to determine standing. Up to two
fish may be weighed in, and the higher scoring fish will be the official
11. All measurements are final once weigh masters accept measurements.
There will be NO re-weighs. All weigh master decisions are final.
12. Official start time is 6 am. No fishing is allowed by participants on the
day of the event prior to start time.
13. You are not permitted to hold any fish with the intention of releasing it
later for a larger fish. As soon as a fish is caught, you must decide to
keep it or release it.
14. Absolutely NO transferring of fish between boats or participants.
15. Amateurs only. No professional guides, or guided fishing trips.
16. Any persons conducting themselves in a disorderly manner at any time
may be expelled from the event and can be denied re-entry to future
events. Failure to comply with any of the rules will result in
17. Weigh-in on the Saturday will start at 1:00 pm and end at 5:30 pm. On
Sunday weigh-in 1:00 pm to 3:00pm You must be in line by the end
time for weigh-in. No late arrivals accepted.
18. In the interest of Sportsmanship and Fairness to all, and to promote the
fun and family atmosphere of this event, the above may be amended on
a single case basis at the discretion of the derby moderator.
Lake Davis Father’s Day Weekend Trout Derby Registration
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[ ] Adult $40 Both Days
[ ] Junior $20 Both Days
[ ] Adult $20 [ ]Sat [ ] Sun
[ ] Junior $10 [ ] Sat [ ] Sun
Day of Registration
[ ] Adult $45 two day [$25 one day] [ ] Junior $25 two day [$15
Payment Information
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Make Checks payable to GPA Special Events
I have read and agree to comply with all rules, regulations and laws
governing the Lake Davis Labor Day Weekend Fishing Derby, CA Dept.
of Fish and Wildlife, and the USDA Forest Service.
I herby agree to assume all risks of my participation and that of my minor
children. I also agree to hold harmless Graeagle Plumas Alliance (GPA),
J&J’s Grizzly Store and Camping Resort, CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife,
and the USDA Forest Service.
Received by:
Mail to
GPA Special Events
7552 Lake Davis Rd
Portola, CA 96122