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March & April
Dinner’s on us!
Everyone who receives this
newsletter is a part of the Green
Mtn. Roamers. There is a need to
get involved in the club and its
responsibilities to our 56 miles of
trail that we are the stewards of.
Please give our trail master a call
and come out to one of the bridge
or trail project weekends to share in
the good feeling of knowing you
helped make a difference in our
trails this winter.
Reminder to all members to attend our
monthly meeting on the second
Thursday of each month at 7:00pm at
the Cider House. We also have trails
meetings every Thursday night at
7:00pm at the American Legion to go
over trail issues.
Join us for the officer elect
meeting at the Cider House
Restaurant to elect officers
for next season and have
dinner on the Roamers!
When: Thursday April 16th
At 6:30 pm
All members are welcome
Make sure to “Like” us on Facebook
And please add pictures from your
experiences out on the trails!
TMA's can be purchased at Parro's Gun
Shop in Waterbury
Please check out our website:
Snowmobiling is a privilege
and is permitted only through
the traditional generosity of
thousands of property owners.
Eighty percent of Vermont's
trail system is on private land.
Respecting the land by
showing courtesy and not
littering will ensure that New
England's best trail system
remains open for years to
Green Mountain Roamers
PO Box 376
Waterbury, Vermont 05676
Your GMR Officers
Johnny Lynds
[email protected]
Vice President:
Brian Boudreau
Kara Cooley
[email protected]
Kelly Ainsworth
[email protected]
Trail Master:
Craig Gibbs
[email protected]