Greene County Fair Corn Bag Toss Entry Form

Name: ________________________________________________________ Age :( must be 12 or older) Address: _______________________________________________ Email: ________________________ Phone: ____________________ Team Name: ___________________________ Partner’s Name: ______________________________ Circle Night Participating ‐ Tuesday Wednesday Thursday I certify that I /my son/ daughter/ is in good health and able to compete in the Greene County Fair Corn Bag Toss Tournament. I will not hold the Greene County Fair or any of its entities responsible for any injury I/he/she may incur while participating in the tournament. I sign with full permission to participate: ___________________________________ Participant’s Signature or Parent/Guardian if under 18 _________________________ Date Each participant must fill out above form and pay a fee of $25.00 per team with registration. Total Included: $________ Checks payable to: Greene County Fair – For more information call 423‐638‐2521 or Qualifying days for the Championship (Money) Round are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. To qualify for the Saturday Night Money Round, your team must finish 1st or 2nd on Tuesday,
Wednesday or Thursday. The qualifying rounds will be single elimination and the Saturday night Championship Round will be Double elimination. It will be composed of 6 teams. ( The 2 teams that placed 1st and 2nd for each of the 3 qualifying rounds). Winning teams must be present on Saturday night to collect prize money.