CREATIVE BRIEF Product: Situation:

Product: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (Project #3)
Situation: Mr. Clean is a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble. The Mr. Clean Brand was introduced in 1958. The first Mr.
Clean product was an all-purpose liquid cleaner; this product became the best-selling cleaning product in America within
six months of its release. The mascot for Mr. Clean is a character named Mr. Clean. This cartoon man is muscular, tan,
and bald. He is depicted with his arms crossed wearing a white shirt and an earring. Mr. Clean has consistently been
commercialized as a tough guy character who fights grime and leaves household surfaces shiny.
The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser was released in 2003. Its cleaning power comes from melamine foam. This foam, when
moistened, becomes a fine-grained abrasive cleanser that can remove crayon, magic marker, grease, and adhesive
residue from hard surfaces including painted walls and wood furnishings. It can even remove plastic-adhering paints
from treated wooden tables. There are currently four varieties of the product: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (Original), Mr.
Clean Magic Eraser Extra Power, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with Febreze Fresh Scent, and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Wheel
and Tire.
Cultural Fuel: Moms, especially those with young children, are busy but seek to find “family time” to spend with their
children. The recent economic downturn has the majority of the country worried about the value of a product for its
price; most families are focusing on cutting household spending costs to saving money. As a result of the current
economic state in this country, the people want products that work; they do not have time or money to waste. Families
are looking for inexpensive ways to have fun with their children. There is also a movement toward natural and organic
products. Families are becoming more conscious of possible negative health consequences that can occur from using
products with harsh chemicals. Advertising for many products depicts the “ideal” family life—children and parents
smiling, laughing, and spending time together in a warm, clean, well-decorated house.
Purpose: The purpose is to position the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser as an easy way to clean up tough messes on hard
surfaces that is safe to use in the home.
Target Audience: The target audience is middle class working and stay-at-home mothers, ages 35-49 who have young
children, are family oriented and lead busy life styles.
Target Insight: This demographic wants to spend quality time with their kids and enjoy the journey of their children
growing up; they would rather spend time with their kids than do household chores, but they recognize the importance
of a clean and orderly house. They want products that are of high quality and get the job done. Moms want to use
brands they know and trust because they are concerned for the safety of their family. They are conscious of ingredients
in household cleaners; and prefer to use more natural cleaners with fewer harsh chemicals.
Competition: After the debut of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, several other melamine foam-based products were
released. All ventures have since failed, except for 3M’s Scotch-Brite Easy Erasing Pad. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser faces
competition from spray cleaners and other household cleansing products. There is a wide variety of these products.
Popular brands include Clorox, Lysol, Windex, Pine Sol, Green Sense, Nature’s Source, Seventh Generation, Oxi-Clean
Versatile, and others. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is considerably more expensive than traditional spray or powder
cleaners because each Magic Eraser sponge can only be used once.
Communication Problems: Many moms are used to spray cleaners, are loyal to the brand they currently use, and feel no
incentive to switch. A wide variety of cleaning products are available, and it is difficult to break through the cluttered
market. As a result of the current economic downturn, people are looking to save money any way they can and they
may be less likely to purchase the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser when cheaper options are available. The fact that the Mr.
Clean Magic Eraser is so powerful may lead moms to believe that the product contains harsh, unhealthy chemicals; if
this is the case, many moms would be deterred from the product.
Bottom Line:
Focus of Sale: The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is the easiest way to clean up the tough messes kids make.
Support: The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser cleans in one step, is tough on messes, and doesn’t use harsh chemicals.
Tone and Manner: The tone is fun, family-oriented, and light-hearted, with a mom’s perspective in mind.