Annex News Term 2 Week 1 - Great Ryrie Primary School

The Annex News/Homework Sheet
14th April 2015
Welcome back to Term 2. We hope
Science Talent Search
that you enjoyed your holidays and
We are looking for individual students
Easter break.
or groups of 2, who are interested in
Happy Birthday to the following stu- Science hobbies such as making models
dents who celebrate their birthdays in and inventions or have a point of view
about a science issue to present
the next two weeks of April:
through the medium of poster, picture
Lucas Aedo Kailea — 15th
story book, video, games, computer
programs or photogLaura Milton — 15th
raphy. You will find enterKyle Ashcroft — 20th
ing Science Talent Search
Vann Chasemore — 23rd
a very rewarding
Their birthdays will be
celebrated on Wednesday 30th April in the
Annex staffroom at
morning recess time.
Transition to Year 7
Year 6 students, please be aware that
the Application for Year 7 Placement
form will be coming home to parents
this week and should be returned to
your teacher no later than Friday 22nd
Blackburn High School
is having an Open Night on Wednesday
29 April, 2015 from 6.00pm – 8.00pm.
Everyone is welcome. Come and see
what creates their success.
Norwood Secondary College
is holding its annual College Open Night
on Wednesday 6th May at 7pm.
Melba College
is having an Open Night in the Junior
Campus – Croydon Rd, Croydon on
Monday 4th May, 2015 at 7:00pm. Parents and students are invited to see
their school at work; participate in
aspects of their curriculum; find out
what Melba College has to offer; ask
questions and seek further information.
Vermont Secondary College
is having an Opening Evening on
Wednesday 6th May commencing with a
YEAR 7 2016 Information Session from
6:00pm to 6:30pm in the college gym
followed by the College Open Evening
from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.
For the first two weeks of Term 2 our
focus for Integrated Studies will be ANZAC
Centenary. ’The ANZAC tradition - the
ideals of courage, endurance and mateship
that are still relevant today - was established on 25 April, 1915 when the Australian
and New Zealand Army Corps landed on the
Gallipoli Peninsula. It was the start of a
campaign that lasted eight months and
resulted in some 25 000 Australian casualties, including 8 700 who were killed or
died of wounds or disease. The men who
served on the Gallipoli Peninsula created a
The cost of entering is $8
legend, adding the word ‘ANZAC’ to our
for a single entry and $15
vocabulary and creating the idea of the
for a group of 2. The closing date for
entries is Friday 29th May 2015. Please ANZAC spirit.’ During the next two weeks
see Mrs Frith for more details and entry students will be engaged in an education
program which will encourage them to
reflect on the personal qualities exemplified by the spirit of ANZAC and remember
the service and sacrifice of Australian
service men and women in all conflicts and
peace keeping operations.
Premier’s Reading Challenge
Congratulations to all the students who
have signed up for this year’s Premier’s
Reading Challenge. Over the last 10
years nearly two million children and
young people have read an incredible
34 million books through the Challenge.
This is an exceptional achievement and
a testament to the success of this
important literacy initiative. Reading
plays a critical role in literacy development and future educational success. It
expands our minds and inspires us to
discover the exciting new adventures
waiting among the pages of good book.
The Challenge begins on Friday 17th
April. Let’s get reading and make the
2015 Challenge the biggest, best and
most enjoyable yet!
Chess Club News
Chess Club starts this Friday at 3:30pm in
Rooms 19 and 20. Beginners are always
welcome. Come for a try out. Your first
lesson is free.
These will continue Next Thursday, 23rd
Special Reminders
We hope that families enjoyed looking at
the work in students’ portfolios. Now,
however, it is time to return portfolios to
Please return your Summer sports tops if
you have not already done so.
Athletics Day
Year 3-6 Athletics Day will be held on
Tuesday 12 May at Proclamation Park in
Ringwood. Heats for all the running
events will take place in the first few
weeks of term during class time.
Planning Day
Years 5/6 Planning day will be Monday
20th April. Students will be engaged in a
program of activities run by Specialists.
Integrated Studies
Please remember that Tuesday is Nude
Food Day. Please bring your food in a reusable container and leave your rubbish at
Quote for the Fortnight
Look up and not down.
Look forward and not back.
Look out and not in.
Lend a hand.
Edward Everett Hale (1822—1909)
Due Friday 24th April
Please complete all of the following tasks .
Remember you have two weeks to complete all
tasks. Therefore the teachers are expecting your
work to be of a particularly good standard.
Open-ended Task
By accessing available resources, on websites
such as, your
classroom, the school library or local library,
make yourself familiar with the events of the
Gallipoli Campaign during World War 1. Read some
of the stories of men and women who served
during this war. Then, from the point of view of a
service man or woman, create a diary of your
experiences during your whole involvement in the
war. You should include hand drawn maps and
sketches as well as photographs. Use your creativity to make your diary look authentic. Of course,
it will be handwritten! Please make sure that you
include a bibliography.
Maths Quiz
1. 65—47
2. What is a scalene triangle?
3. 52 divided by 4 equals
4. What is the next prime number after 7?
5. 87 + 56
6. What is three fifths of 50?
7. How many straight edges does a cube have?
8. If you add the numbers on the opposite sides of
a die, what sum do you always get?
9. A box holds 22 apples. How many apples would
there be in 20 boxes?
10. Divide XXVII by III. What is your answer?
General Knowledge Quiz
1. Which structures were built in medieval times as
a mixture of residence and defensive building?
2. Which is the heavier metal of these two: gold
or silver?
3. Who was caught red-handed trying to blow up
England’s parliament in 1605?
4. Which is the most common non-contagious
disease in the world?
5. What did the Romans use a hypocaust for?
6. Where is the hottest place on the Earth?
7. Which animal is known as the ship of the desert?
8. Which is the most sensitive organ in our body?
9. Which city did the ancient Greeks by legend
besiege for 10 years?
10. At room temperature, which is the only metal
that is in liquid form?
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