Livestock & Auctions
N13438 State Hwy 73, Withee John Oberholtzer 715-216-1897
Ken Stauffer 715-559-8232 • Sale Barn 715-229-2500
Auction Every Friday at 9:00 a.m.
Schedule: Hay @ 9:00, Dairy Cattle @ 11:00 a.m. cows, then
bred hfrs, dairy bulls, open hfrs and calves. Feeder cattle, fat cattle
and cull cows following dairy sale.
Every Tuesday at 9:30 a.m.
Cull cows, bulls and fat cattle, followed by feeder cattle and calves.
Special Dairy & Heifer Sale - Fri., March 27 @ 11:00AM
3 Complete Herd Dispersals
Bells Runway Acres Dispersal
Owner Ken Bell, Marshfield, WI 715-305-7693
65 Holstein Cows - 8 Holstein Springing Heifers
One of the very best herds we have ever had the priviledge of selling at Premier!!
4 yr. old Lucius Dau.
122 lbs., 5.3F, 2.8P, 60 SCC
Bred to Brycen, Proj. over
32,000M and nearly 1700F!!
The total PackageProduction, Type & Test!!
3 yr. Perform Dau.
80 lbs., 29 SCC
Due Oct. to Colt-P-Red
A showy cow that knows
how to milk and carrying a
Red Factor calf!!
3 yr. old Perform Dau.
Fr. 1-27, 112 lbs., 24 SCC
Built to last!!
2 yr. old Alexander Dau.
Fr. 1-8, 84 lbs., 11 SCC
Fancy & Young!!
All AI breeding with top bulls from Select Sires & Genex.
Current DHI rolling herd avg. 26,737, 4.38F, 3.08P. Bulk
tank avg. in the upper 80’s on 2x milking - no BST. Extreme
low SCC, current month avg. is 54 & avg. for last 12
months is 63!! 19 cows currently over 100 lbs.!! Tiestall
cows that are let out everday. 21 cows fresh in last 90 days,
3 yr. old Autopilot Dau.
Just fresh 24 days and already
@ 134 lbs. & 13 SCC!!
An economic Powerhouse
and built to last!!
3 yr old Luck Dau.
Pictured just fresh one day.
She will milk!!
3 yr. old Mutual Dau.
3 yr. old Elias Dau.
82 lbs., 39 SCC,
Fr. 12-17, 104 lb. 23 SCC
Due 8-28 to Branch
Bred to Mad Max
Another Pretty & Profitable cow!!
Production & Type!!
36 cows confirmed bred back, 6 cows dry & springing. 8
fancy bred heifers all due in April, May & June. Sires include
Abraham, Alexander, Belter, Cammo & Moseby. Very wellgrown heifers that will sell immediately following the Bell
herd and before any other cattle. Fully vaccinated cattle. All
raised in freestalls.
Shorthorn heifer calf born 12-1-2014. Sired by 14MS118 Badger. Dam is VG85. 4 generations of
VG & EX dams!!
Brown Swiss heifer calf born 12-8-2014. Sired by 14BS334.
Dam is a Fancy Swiss cow out of a great cow family!!
These Excellent Quality Fancy Show Calves will sell immediately following the Bell dispersal.
Approximately 12:30 p.m.
Special Items:
250 units semen from top Foundation Genex Holstein bulls. Also, 40 units Jersey semen from top bulls.
Jerseys ~ Jerseys ~ Jerseys
2 Complete Jersey Herd Dispersals
Jersey Herd #1: 18 Jersey & Jersey cross cows. Also, 2 close up springing cows and 4 cows milking & confirmed
belted cows. Tiestall cows. Herd is averaging 64 lbs. milk, bred back. An excellent quality Jersey herd!! Cows are
4.7F. 3.5P, 140 SCC, no BST. 11 cows fresh last 90 days. 3 vaccinated.
A sample of Jerseys selling 3-27-15: Milk, Type & Test!!
Jersey Herd #2: 14 Jersey cows & 14 Jersey heifers. A
nice gentle herd of hand-milked tiestall cows. Many late
lactation and several dry cows. 5.0F. 3.66P, 200 SCC. Low
cell count herd including several fancy young cows! Herd is
on home-grown feed and not pushed for production. 14
excellent quality Jersey heifers!! 2 bred heifers, 2 ready to
breed, 8 FANCY yearlings & 2 calves.
Auctioneers: Mark Oberholtzer & John Ivan Oberholtzer
Other Early Consignments
Several nice groups of heifers already consigned. Expecting 200+ heifers! Please call to consign.
Fancy young registered Ayrshire cow due 4-2-15!!