April 3 – 16, 2015
April 2 – 16, 2015 | Issue No. 12.07
The Easter Issue
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April 3 – 16, 2015
April 3 – 5, 2015
Editor's note: Our area's churches hold their own Easter services
but most associated with WAICC also participate in the L'Arche
"Walk with the Cross" followed by an Ecumenical Service held at the
Wolfville Baptist Church on Friday afternoon.
(15 University Ave, Wolfville)
Good Friday, 9:30am: Good Friday Service
Easter Sunday, 7am: Easter Morning Early Service followed by
(118 Main St, Wolfville)
Good Friday, 3pm: Service with Fr. Craig
Good Friday, 8pm: Easter Vigil at St Joseph’s, Kentville & St
John’s, Windsor
Easter Sunday, 9am: Easter Service
(160 Main St, Wolfville)
Good Friday, 9:30am – The Commemoration of the Lord’s
Holy Saturday, 10:30am – Between Cross and Resurrection
Easter Sunday, 8am – Holy Communion followed by Breakfast
Easter Sunday, 10am – Holy Eucharist
(130 Cornwallis Ave, New Minas)
Easter Sunday, 7am: Sunrise Worship, Communion, & Breakfast
Easter Sunday, 11am: Combined Worship & Communion
(Hwy 358, Canning)
Good Friday, 11am: Ecumenical Service
Good Friday, Noon: start at the Clock Tower Park (Main & Elm,
The Walk will end at Wolfville Baptist Church with fellowship at
(487 Main St, Wolfville)
Good Friday, 1pm: WAICC’s Ecumenical Good Friday Service
Easter Sunday, 11am: Easter Sunday Worship Service
(15 Nichols Ave, Kentville)
Good Friday, 7pm: Ecumenical Service
(265 Commercial St., Berwick)
Good Friday, 7pm: Good Friday Service
Ann Forsyth, 23 years old, was born and raised and still resides in Port Williams. "I was a member
of the Cornwallis 4-H club most of my life and that's when I became to love animals. I have raised
chickens in my backyard since I was a child. I now work as a veterinary assistant at a local vet clinic, and as a dairy maid at Patterson farms. I hope to go back to school to study to become a vet."
The cover photograph as well as these two were taken by Ann. Below are pictures of her dog, Jake
with her Polish rabbit named Bunny, and one of her Ameraucana hens.
(1031 Main St, Port Williams)
Easter Sunday, 7am: Sunrise Service followed by Breakfast
Easter Sunday, 10am: Easter Sunday Worship Service & Reception
For more information or to confirm dates and times, please visit:
April 3 – 16, 2015
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40 Water St, Windsor | 798-5337 |
This morning, on the way to school, we came across a
bird sitting in the sidewalk with its wings spread out.
My daughter Jo asked if we could help it so I carried
it, not really knowing where at first, just to get it off
the cold ice. The bird's wings folded under itself and it
nestled into my winter gloves.
We tried taking it to the biology building, but they
didn't want live animals. They recommended Hope for
Wildlife. I walked Jo to school, and told her I would try
to help the bird. I called Hope for Wildlife, left a message, then made a little box for the bird and
filled it with some shredded paper.
When I came back from a morning meeting, it was breathing with an open beak. I wondered if it
needed some water. Upon offering the water though, the little bird lurched, reared back, keeled
over, and stopped breathing. I called biology again. A very nice ornithologist came and took the
bird away, explaining he would join the museum over there.
I've had better mornings.
Ross Chapman
The Furry
Brought to you by
Bringing you natural health and harmony
141 Water Street, Windsor
(902) 799-0796 /
Oh hey! My name is Damon. I am an eight year old Siberian
husky mix. I’ve been neutered and I'm up to date on all of
my vaccinations. Despite my age, I still have a lot of energy.
I love people and will make a fantastic family companion.
You can meet me at the Nova Scotia SPCA, Kings County
Branch. We are located at 2385 County Home Road in Waterville. You can also check out our website at www.kings., look us up on Facebook, or call my caregivers at
902-538-9075. Hope to see you soon!
If you would like to adopt a cat please stop by the Wolfville Animal Hospital.
Wolfville Animal Hospital | 542-3422 |
12-112 Front St, Wolfville
[email protected]
The opinions found within these pages do not necessarily
reflect the views and opinions of the Grapevine staff,
our advertisers, or our other contributors.
Wishing you
and your family
a Happy Easter!
Quality long and short term accommodations in Wolfville: 32 Main St., Wolfville, 542-3420,
April 3 – 16, 2015
HERE AND AWAY: Happiness
by Pamela Swanigan
Provincial figures and the first set of Canadian figures reflect the percentage of people who
answered “Satisfied” or “Very satisfied” to the question “How satisfied are you with your life?” in
a 2012 survey carried out by The Centre for the Study of Living Standards. The survey compiled
yearly averages of the organization’s community health study for the years 2003-2011. US data are
from the 2014 Gallup Healthways WellBeing index, which aggregates responses to questions about
social networks, financial security, life purpose, community satisfaction, and physical well-being.
The second set of Canadian figures, and all non–US international data, derive from a 2010 Gallup
poll that asked the same questions as the Healthways survey and analyzed the results to categorize
people as “thriving”, “struggling”, or “suffering”.
Canadians: 91.8% “satisfied” or “very satisfied”
with their lives (Centre for the Study of Living
Standards); 69% “thriving”, 30% “struggling”,
2% “suffering” (second-happiest in world, after
Denmark: Gallup World Poll)
Missouri: 60.8
West Virginia: 59 (lowest-ranked state)
Denmark: 82% “thriving”, 17% “struggling”, 1%
Nova Scotia: 94.1% “satisfied” or “very satisfied”
(highest in Canada: Centre for the Study of
Living Standards)
Bulgaria: 6% “thriving”, 58% “struggling”, 6.5%
Quebec: 93.2%
Palestinian Territories: 14% “thriving”, 70% “struggling”, 10% “suffering”
Newfoundland: 93%
British Columbia: 91.1%
Israel: 62% “thriving”, 35% “struggling”, 2%
Ontario: 91%
Cuba: 24% “thriving”, 66% “struggling”, 11%
United States: 57% “thriving”, 40% “struggling”,
7.3% “suffering” (Gallup World Poll)
Alaska: 64.7 well-being index score out of 100
(Gallup Healthways Wellbeing index, 2014:
top-ranking state)
Hawaii: 64.5
Texas: 62.8
Burundia: 2% “thriving”, 58% “struggling”, 40%
Sources: CBC News; The Centre for the Study of
Living Standards (Canada); Gallup Healthways
WellBeing Index; Gallup Global Wellbeing; “The
Behavioural Economics of GDP Growth”
Wolfville Council Approves 2015/16 Budget
Wolfville's Town Council approved an operating budget totaling $9.55 million at the March
24, 2015 Council Meeting. The approved
residential tax rate of $1.43 per $100 of
assessment is unchanged from last year and
increases residential property taxes by an
average of 1.6% for the majority of properties. New construction/major renovation
assessments accounted for over $125,000 in
additional tax revenue. The operations budget
continues, and in several areas enhances,
Council priorities for the community. Key
among these:
crease in commercial revenue of 4.1%. Almost
half of the increase relates to 11 properties,
while the remaining commercial properties
(101 properties) see an average increase of
• Corporate restructuring to create a one-stop
shop for developers and residents under the
Department of Community Development,
responsible for planning, building inspection,
bylaw compliance, economic development,
recreation programs, tourism, and festival &
• Additional resources for economic development with a focus on assisting the business
community to grow and prosper.
• Reviewing and updating of the Town’s Municipal Planning Strategy.
• Increased resources for Public Works and
Parks to enhance service to the community
including street and bike lane maintenance.
• Revised focus related to bylaw enforcement,
including hiring a Compliance Officer and
contracted services for parking enforcement and events. Education and community
consultation to be of equal importance with
The commercial tax rate also remained unchanged at $3.55 equating to an overall in
Key changes impacting the commercial sector
• Reduction in the business development area
rate by 25%, offsetting the basic commercial
levy. It is anticipated that further reductions
in the area rate may be possible in fiscal
The Capital Budget continues Council’s focus
on improving both the basic streets infrastructure and community parks & amenities. Four residential streets are scheduled
for infrastructure renewal (Oak, Kencrest,
Cherry, and Prospect). No major capital work
is planned for Main Street in the upcoming
year. Overall, $3.7 million in capital projects
is planned for 2015/16 as part of the Town’s
ten year capital investment plan which totals
over $25 million. The capital plan includes
the development of the rail trail as part of the
active transport corridor extending the length
of the Valley.
The complete 2015/16 Operations Plan will be
available on the Town of Wolfville's website at
March 7, 2015
George Mercer, a former Cape Breton Highlands National Park Warden has just released *Dyed In The Green*, his first completed novel in a planned fictional
series (of the same name) about park wardens and their battles to protect our country’s special places. Mercer, who was born and raised in Newfoundland, worked
in six national parks across the country before retiring in 2012, after a thirty-five year career with Parks Canada.
Mercer attributes much of the inspiration for his writing to his experiences working throughout Canada and this is reflected in *Dyed In The Green*. With each
book in the series set in a different national park, the stories follow the main characters from Nova Scotia to British Columbia and back again, concluding on the
east coast in Newfoundland and Cape Breton.
The first novel, set along the world-famous Cabot Trail in Cape Breton Highlands National Park, tells the story of the park wardens’ battles with a notorious
poacher who has a reputation for letting nothing get in his way and the local communities who view poaching as part of their way of life. Battling egos, greed and
corruption, the park wardens are drawn into an intricate game of cat and mouse that takes a turn no one could have imagined.
A work of fiction that bridges the gap between mystery and suspense, *Dyed In The Green* opens the door for a new genre of novel that provides a refreshing perspective on the efforts to protect our most iconic wild places and the species that live there. Subsequent books in the series, including Book Two – Wood Buffalo,
will build on the notion that our country’s national parks are under threat from within as well as from outside forces, and these threats have to be met head on by
our park’s protectors.
Dyed In The Green is now available at the Box of Delights in Wolfville.
March 23, 2015: Taco Night!
Am I ever glad to be home safe. Tony
and I journeyed home in the storm
yesterday from Fredericton hitting
the worst of the weather. We planned
the trip to miss the "Saturday" storm,
but sometimes no matter how much
planning you do, life decides to give
you a wee challenge.
Do you live in the Annapolis Valley & write a blog? Send us your website & we’ll try to include it in the Local Blog Roll. [email protected]
February 14, 2015: Wrong Question: can fracking
be done safely?
Dr. David Wheeler (president of Cape
Breton University), who headed the
Nova Scotia (government-appointed) panel on hydraulic fracturing in
2013-2014, gave an excellent speech
to the Maritimes Energy Association.
It’s an overview of our current and
future energy needs and a plea for a
Carbon Tax.
March 28, 2015: Enough?
I feel as though I’m on the cusp of a
new stage in de-cluttering. The way
I see it is this: if I told you RIGHT
NOW to choose 5 things from the
room you’re sitting in and throw
them out, it would not be that
difficult (provided you are a regular
1st world consumer person). If I told
you to find 50 things, you would have
a much harder time. If I told you
to find 500 things, you’d likely fail.
Somewhere between the 50 and 500
things is probably the perfect balance
between having too much or too
little. It’s called enough.
March 22, 2015: Can you dig it? Pruning
grapevines in Nova Scotia.
As the birds begin whistling and
singing for spring, our friends the
grapes are waking up from their long
winter’s nap. Isn’t that just lovely?
How delightful. No. Not according
to our vineyard manager, Marcel.
It’s not lovely nor delightful because
most of Nova Scotia’s vineyards
haven’t started pruning yet.
April 3 – 16, 2015
Lemon Asparagus Risotto
Subitted by Stephane Levac
ell, spring is here and we are eagerly awaiting one of our favourite seasonal vegetables... asparagus! One of our preferred ways of preparing asparagus is by simply adding it to the final
stages of making risotto. Risotto is one of those things that if you are not careful, you can overcook the rice into a complete mush! It is important to continuously stir and check for doneness.
Finish the dish by adding some fresh herbs, we recommend trying mint in your combination!
Lemon Asparagus Risotto
In a large non-stick frying pan heat butter and
olive oil on medium-high heat. Add onions
and celery, cook until they are translucent
(not browned), about 6-7 minutes. Add rice to
the pan, stir and toast for about 3-4 minutes.
Add white wine and stir, reduce until it has
almost evaporated (about 1 tbsp liquid left
in the pan). Add two soup ladles of stock to
the frying pan and reduce again until almost
evaporated, stirring continuously. Continue
to add stock until rice is almost al dente, this
should take about 30-35 minutes. Remember,
keep stirring...
6 cups Vegetable or Chicken Stock
2 tbsp Butter
Drizzle of Olive Oil
1 large Onion diced
2 Celery Stalks diced
1 cup Arborio Rice
1 cup dry White Wine
1⁄2 batch of Asparagus cut into 1⁄4 inch
Handful of grated Parmesan Cheese, plus
more for garnish
Zest of 1 Lemon
Fresh Herbs
Salt & Pepper to taste
Add asparagus, lemon zest and cheese. Continue to stir over moderate heat, an additional
5-10 minutes, until rice and asparagus are
cooked fully but still toothsome. Season with
salt and pepper to taste. Garnish with fresh
herbs and grated parmesan.
In a large stock pot, bring 6 cups of stock to a
boil, and then reduce to simmer. You may not
need all the stock.
Submitted by Donna Holmes
Tattoo Artist: Jason Mahar, Everlasting Ink
Tattooee: Peter Mowat
According to some versions of Greek mythology, Perseus
flew Pegasus half way around the world to help save
Andromeda. What a ride! And what a great matching
tattoo for a father and daughter to get together. Peter
Mowat and his daughter Kelly both had their Pegasus
tattoos inked at Everlasting Ink in New Minas by Jason
Mahar. Peter says “she loves horses and we both love
motorcycling so when I went searching on the web (for
ideas), Pegasus seemed like the perfect tat.”
Photo Credit: Jocelyn Hatt
The Blomidon Inn
in Wolfville was
the setting for the
March 27th launch
of the first volume
of memoirs by
well-known man of
Canadian theatre
Michael Bawtree.
Titled 'AS FAR AS
book tells the story
of Bawtree's early
life – from his birth
in Australia and upbringing in England
to the moment when
he steps on board
the boat for Canada,
with his distinguished Canadian
career still before
The occasion was a
convivial affair, with
over forty people
crowded into the
Blomidon's drawing-room. Former
Acadia President Dr.
Jim Perkin, MLA
Keith Irving and MP
Scott Brison were
among those who
attended, and chairs
had to be found
from other rooms to
accommodate the latecomers.
Bawtree was introduced by his former student the entrepreneur Orin Dash, who had attended Acadia's theatre program in the late 1990s when Bawtree was director of drama. He described Bawtree
as a 'true renaissance man', who had been not only a mentor to him but a friend.
Bawtree then took the floor and regaled the audience with several short passages from his book,
recounting life on his father's farm in Devon during the war, vignettes from his school career, an
uproarious incident at his parents' Fawlty Towers-type hotel, and an anecdote from his service in
the British Army in Cyprus.
Tea was then served, while Bawtree sat down to inscribe and sign the dozens of books which had
just been purchased.
8789 Commercial St., New Minas
681-3025 /
'AS FAR AS I REMEMBER' was first published in the UK in 2014 by 'Memoirs Publishing'. The Canadian edition was printed by 'etcPress' in Halifax and is published by LIKE NO OTHER PRESS of
Wolfville. The book is on sale at the Box of Delights bookstore in Wolfville for $24.95, and should
soon be available at selected bookstores elsewhere. The Box of Delights will be hosting a book-signing at their Main Street store on Saturday, April 11, at 2 p.m..
is proudly sponsored by
Everlasting Ink
Tattoo and Piercing
WINE ADVISOR | LOCAL PROSPERITY: New Economics for Rural Canada Conference
The "Local Prosperity: New Economics for
Rural Canada Conference" occurs this weekend in Annapolis County at the Annapolis
Basin Conference Centre in Cornwallis, and in
Annapolis Royal. The conference takes place
April 9 to April 12 and will teach a wide range
of immediately-actionable tools for community
builders. The conference is intended for those
who can return to their communities with what
they have learned and begin the work to inspire
others in the implementation of these projects
and tools.
There will be many seminars available concerning small responsible farming, living, crafting
and economic development. Specific topics
include natural beekeeping, Eco sheds, growing
shiitake mushrooms, quilting, seed saving,
knot tying, and rain sheds. The list is extensive
and multi-faceted. As a person who is interested in all things wine, I noticed that John Cummings from Gaspereau Valley will be leading a
seminar, 'Mead Making & Medicinal Plants'.
Cummings "is currently in the process of creating an organic medicinal herb farm and herbal
product company, Green Man Botanicals.
This herbal path has been infused with herbal
mead-making as a pastime, especially revelling
in fruit (melomel) and herbal meads (metheglin). John will be sharing his knowledge and
passion for making herbal meads as well as
leading a workshop on '10 Common Medicinal
Plants and How To Use Them'."
– Submitted by Kim C.
In fact, Mead is enjoying a resurgence and
revival globally.
'honey wine'. No spices are added here - Kayli's
Blend/Honey Chardonnay: $18.09 pretax.
Mead is an ancient form of fermented beverage
made with honey and water and sometimes
spices. When combined with grapes it is called
'Honey Wine'. Centuries of tradition mark this
style of wine with luck for fertility and with
enjoying on 'honey - moons'. This style of beverage has been made for centuries in cold climate
areas to make the local wine more palatable. It
is considered a classic form in many areas of
the United Kingdom and Mediterranean. This
beverage traces back to ancient time and is said
to have many healing properties.
Nice, elegant wildflower honey aromatics.
Palate is smooth with a light-medium body.
The Honey and Chardonnay are both sourced
locally. This is the only sweet wine in their
portfolio. To try this classic style of wine, visit
the Planters Ridge booth at the Wolfville Farmers' Market on Saturdays. It makes for a great
esoteric gift for anyone getting married.
Planters Ridge Winery is on the trend with a
For information about the Local Prosperity:
New Economics for Rural Canada Conference,
or to purchase seminar tickets, visit: www.
April 3 – 16, 2015
the free tweets
Although The Grapevine was around for 5 years prior to Joss and me,
this Easter issue will be our 150th! What milestones will your business
be celebrating this year? And/Or, how will you be spending Easter this weekend?
Free Community Business Listings & Two-Week-Tweets
These listings work on a 1st come, 1st served basis. Email [email protected]
every two weeks for your free placement. Or, reserve your place with a 5-issue minimum
commitment at $10 per issue.
The Market
456 Main St.,Wolfville, (902) 542-0015
[email protected] /
Tiago Voss reopened The Market in August
2014. He took over this iconic Wolfville business
from Rick & Michelle Daniels who established it
in 1971.
Tiago’s initial goal is to reach the one-year
milestone, while the dream is to keep it going
beyond that. So far the response to his extensive
renovations has been very positive and he’s
happy to be contributing to Wolfville’s unique
retail landscape. If it’s been years since you’ve
stepped in, it’s worth the visit.
This Easter weekend they’ll be opening their
expanded smoke shop & vinyl record section.
E-cigarettes and basic music supplies will be
arriving shortly. Don’t miss their sale starting
on Tuesday, April 7! Discounts on Herschel
Bags, Aprons, & Lost Cod Apparel.
Harwood House Bed & Breakfast — 33 Highland
Ave., Wolfville, 542-5707 /
• We’re celebrating our 17th year operating
Harwood House Bed & Breakfast – our family is
far away so we like to invite some of our guests'
children over for Easter Dinner – it makes for a
great family affair and they always appreciate a
delicious home cooked meal.
Naturopathic Doctor Amy Florian (Hilltop
Health) — 16 Webster Ct., Kentville & 552
Victoria Dr., Kingston / 902 804 4488 /
[email protected] / • Happy
Easter & Happy Spring! Looking for a way
to refresh your health after a long winter?
Naturopathic doctors work to identify the
underlying cause of disease and do not
prescribe drugs, but treat conditions using
lifestyle counseling, nutrition, dietary
modification, exercises, and more. Treatment
plans are tailored completely to your needs and
preferences. Direct billing to private insurance
companies is available.
Valley Family Fun — [email protected] / • Spring is the perfect time
to come out of hibernation and get out and
do some activities with your family! Visit a
farm, plant a garden, or play in the park! Valley
Family Fun has an endless supply of ideas on
our website.
Careforce — Kentville, 365-3155 /
[email protected] / • Careforce
is celebrating 25 years of providing home care
Whole Green Heart Coaching — Berwick,
538-3079 / • We will be
at Seedy Saturday at the Wolfville Farmers’
Market on April 18, with program flyers and
our workshop schedule ready to hand out. We’ll
also have gardening and cooking books for sale,
and our book “9 Simple Strategies for Building
a Life You Would Love Living”! Happy Easter
from Al and Michelle Wolf.
Our Mother’s Keepers — 85 Water St. Windsor,
472-8733 • OMK will soon be celebrating
5 years in business; thank you to all of our
customers and supporters! And congratulations
to Jeremy and Jocelyn for their 150th issue!
Tiago Voss
in the Annapolis Valley this year, and we are
honoured that the local community has placed
such trust in our team. Here’s to 25 more.
RE used resale Co-op, Ltd. — 8759
Commercial St.,New Minas, 681-1210 /
[email protected] /
/ • RE will be
celebrating 1 year since opening on May 16th.
We look forward to hitting more milestones
this year, including extending our hours and
adding new faces to the RE team! As we enjoy
Easter weekend, Saturday with our customers
and the rest with our families, we look forward
to what’s to come.
Flowercart — 9412 Commercial
Street, New Minas, 681-2349 /
[email protected] / / facebook: Flowercart • In the
fall, Flowercart will have existed for 45 years.
Our first year we served 4 people, creating
Supported Employment opportunities for
them. This past year we served more than 260
people – helping them find jobs and training,
developing their work skills and increasing
their employability.
County Fair Mall — 9256 Commercial St., New
Minas, 681-8331 • He’s coming! He’s coming!
Find the Easter Bunny in Centre Square court
every day for the next two weeks. Bring your
own camera and capture some great moments.
Weekdays: 5–7pm, Saturdays: 12–4, Sundays:
Errands by Karen — 790-2626 /
[email protected] • Errands by Karen
is celebrating its First Anniversary! Buy one
errand and get one free, now through April
10! From Ellershouse to Wolfville, Karen
provides errands and home service, as well as
at-home/at-work blood collection. If you are
looking for a helping hand with those spring
chores, hop to it and contact Karen.
Sister Lotus Body Care Products, Belly Dance
& Herbal Education — Wolfville, 680-8839 / • With Spring comes the 2nd
session of ‘The Budding Herbalist’ on-line
foundational course, more retreats, a Women’s
Percussion Workshop, & the planting of
seeds! Also, keep an eye out for the upcoming
#sisterlotusselfie contest & win products!
Victory Taekwondo — Port Williams, 670-7897
/ [email protected] • Victory Taekwondo
is currently accepting new students to
their Taekwondo team. Our school and its
instructors strive to provide a fun environment
for families and individuals to train and be the
best martial artists they can be. Contact us for
Celine Gabrielle — 542-4212 /
[email protected] / •
Try a FREE sample class! Women’s Bootcamp:
workouts, meal plans, motivation and more.
M, W, F at 6am, T & Th at 9:30am @ Abhaya
in Greenwich. Any questions I’d love to
talk, Celine
Two Planks and a Passion Theatre —
555 Ross Creek Rd, Canning, 582-3842 /
[email protected] / • 3 Merritt
Awards for Two Planks! We are so proud of all
of our cast and creators who make the magic
happen. Allen Cole was honoured with the
awards for best Musical Direction and best
Original Score, both for The Miracle Man,
and Jamie Konchak won the award for Best
lead actress for her performance as Joan in
Dustbowl Joan (by Fire).
Binky’s Donuts — 599-1108 /
[email protected] / Facebook: Binky’s Donuts
& Confections • May your week be filled with
love, laughter and ALWAYS a Binky Donut,
found every day at Pete’s Wolfville. Binky’s
Donuts, formerly Mortiscycle Donuts, can also
be found at The Edible Art Cafe, Greenwich.
Wolfville Nutrition Consulting — 189
Dykeland Street, Wolfville, 542-2000 Ext 5 /
[email protected] /
/ • Helping you
eat well for optimal energy, vitality and good
health! We provide food and nutrition expertise,
customized meal plans, menus and more.
Individual, family, group/team, and workplace
sessions provided. Dietitian-nutritionist &
fitness nutrition specialist Beverley Noseworthy
would be pleased to assist you. Please see
website for details. Food – Nutrition – Wellness!
Art Can Gallery (Ron Hayes) — 9850 Main
St. Canning, 582-7071 / • You are
invited to “Crossing Paths”, a joint exhibit of
paintings by Ron Hayes of Canning and John
Kokkinos of Toronto. Halifax Public Archives,
Chase Gallery, 6016 University Ave., Halifax.
Exhibit continues through Apr. 25. See you
Natural Touch Reflexology and
Wellness (Reiki) — 678-0454 /
[email protected] / • Spring
is here! It brings with it new life and growth
when we can sow what we seed. This is true in
our gardening and within our spirituality. Book
an appointment and treat yourself to feeling
renewed and balanced.
Inner Sun Yoga Studio — 461 Main St.,
Wolfville, [email protected] /
• Inner Sun is now offering enhancements for
all yoga students to make their practice safer
and deeper.
~ In.formation ~
...alternative clothing; crafts;
leather goods and MORE!...
at the Wolfville Market or
10236 Hwy 1 (Flower House) Wolfville.
Shop Open in April: Hrs: 11–6, Sun & Wed
April 3 – 16, 2015
brought to you by:
402 Main St. Wolfville | 902.542.0653 |
WIN! Complete this crossword, then submit it to Naked Crêpe for your chance to win a dessert crêpe! Just
leave your contact information below this puzzle & submit the puzzle. Last winner was Rebecca Fairless.
HOPPY EASTER! (don’t hate me)
by Donna Holmes
4. What does the Easter Bunny use to keep his
fur neat? A __ brush!
6. How does the Easter Bunny leave a building? Through the __.
10. What did they call the Easter Egg from
outerspace? An __.
12. What's the Easter Bunny's favourite kind
of book? One with a __ ending.
13. What do you get when you cross a rabbit
with an insect? __ Bunny.
15. Why shouldn't you tease the egg whites?
Because they can't take a __.
16. What do you call Peter Cottontail when he
tells a good joke? A funny __!
17. What do you get when you cross a bee
with a rabbit? A __ bunny.
1. Why did the Easter egg hide? It was a little
2. How's the Easter Bunny stay fit? By doing
3. An egg is special but an Easter egg is __
5. What do you call a wandering egg? An __.
6. Why didn't the Grapevine reader give up
on solving this crossword? Because Donna
kept __ them on.
7. Where did Donna get her egg puns? She
__ them from the internet.
8. What did the rabbits do after their wedding? They went on their __.
9. Why shouldn't you tell an Easter egg a
joke? Because it might __ up!
11. Why did the Easter Bunny bang his head
on the piano? He was playing by __.
14. Why did the Easter chicks cross the playground? To get to the other __.
Bigger and badder every year! Want to Volunteer? [email protected]
Edible Art Cafe (New
Minas): Ron Edmunds Band
(2nd, 9th, 16th) 12pm-2pm
Troy Restaurant (Wolfville):
Ian Brownstein & Friends
(2nd, 9th, 16th) 6pm
Just Us! Cafe (Wolfville):
Open Mic (2nd, 9th, 16th)
Spitfire Arms Alehouse
(Windsor): Jam Session (2nd,
9th, 16th) 7-11pm
Tommy Gun’s (Windsor):
Meredith McCulloch (2nd, 9th,
16th) 7-11pm
Dooly’s (New Minas): Dooly’s
Karaoke “Molson Idol” w/
Margie Brown Duo (2nd, 9th,
16th) 8pm
Paddy’s Pub (Kentville): The
Hupman Brothers (2nd, 9th,
16th) 9pm
Paddy’s Pub (Wolfville):
Trivia Night (2nd, 9th, 16th)
Library Pub (Wolfville): Alex
and Riley (2nd, 9th, 16th) 9pm
Anvil (Wolfville): Top 40 DJ
C-Bomb (2nd, 9th, 16th) 10pm
Edible Art Cafe (New
Minas): Carl Boutilier (3rd,
10th) 12-2pm
King’s Arms Pub by Lew
Murphy’s (Kentville): Matt
Millett & Rob Hunt (3rd),
Andy & Arianna (10th)
Name & Phone Number:
Blomidon Inn (Wolfville):
Jazz Mannequins (3rd, 10th)
Spitfire Arms Alehouse
(Windsor): Margie Brown Duo
(3rd), The Camaros (10th)
Joe’s Food Emporium
(Wolfville): Jon Duggan (3rd),
GuyPaul Thibault (10th) 8pm
Union Street Cafe (Berwick): Open Mic w/Caleb Miles
(3rd), Open Mic w/Justin
Wood (10th) 8pm
Blomidon Garden Centre
(Greenwich): Johanne McInnis
Trio (5th, 12th) 11am
Tommy Gun’s (Windsor):
Open Mic Jam Session (5th,
12th) 3-6pm
Paddy's Pub (Wolfville):
Paddy’s Irish Session (5th,
12th) 8pm
West Side Charlie’s (New
Minas): DJ Lethal Noize (3rd),
TBA (10th) 10pm
Edible Art Cafe (New
Minas): Carl Boutilier (6th,
13th) 12pm-2pm
Farmers Market (Wolfville):
Shawna Caspi (4th), Heather
Kelday (11th) 10am
Paddy's Pub (Wolfville):
Open Mic w/Woodscott (6th),
w/Tom Savage (13th) 8pm
Edible Art Cafe (New
Minas): John Tetrault (4th,
11th) 12pm-2pm
Spitfire Arms Alehouse
(Windsor): The Hupman
Brothers (4th), Cracker Jack
(11th) 8pm
Union Street Cafe (Berwick): Susan Crowe and Cindy
Church (11th) 8pm
King’s Arms Pub by Lew
Murphy’s (Kentville): Jon
Duggan (4th), PM Blues
(11th) 8:30pm
West Side Charlie’s (New
Minas): Live Music (4th)
3-7pm, Ambush Inc.(4th) 9pm,
DJ Billy T (4th) 12am, TBA
(11th) 3pm & 10pm
Paddy’s Pub (Wolfville):
Woodscott (4th), Tristan Legg
(11th) 9pm
Library Pub (Wolfville): Dan
McFadyen (4th, 11th) 9pm
Tommy Gun’s (Windsor):
DJ Shorty P, $3 (4th, 11th)
Edible Art Cafe (New
Minas): Carl Boutilier (7th,
14th) 12pm-3pm
Spitfire Arms Alehouse
(Windsor): Trivia Nights, $2
(7th, 14th) 7pm
Paddy’s Pub (Kentville):
Irish Jam Session (7th, 14th)
T.A.N. Coffee (Wolfville):
Open Mic w/Donna Holmes
(7th, 14th) 8-10pm
Edible Art Cafe (New
Minas): Steve Lee & Ian
Brownstein (8th, 15th) 12pm3pm
West Side Charlie’s (New
Minas): Billy T’s Karaoke (8th,
15th) 10pm
April 3 – 16, 2015
TAURUS (April 20-May 20): The American
snack cake known as a Twinkie contains
68 percent air. Among its 37 other mostly
worthless ingredients are sugar, water,
cornstarch, the emulsifier polysorbate 60,
the filler sodium stearoyl lactylate, and food
coloring. You can’t get a lot of nutritious
value by eating it. Now let’s consider the
fruit known as the watermelon. It’s 91
percent water and six percent sugar. And yet
it also contains a good amount of Vitamin
C, lycopene, and antioxidants, all of which
are healthy for you. So if you are going to eat
a whole lot of nothing, watermelon is a far
better nothing than a Twinkie. Let that serve
as an apt metaphor for you in the coming
GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You may be
as close as you have ever gotten to finding
the long-lost Holy Grail -- or Captain Kidd’s
pirate treasure, for that matter, or Marie
Antoinette’s jewels, or Tinkerbell’s magical
fairy dust, or the smoking-gun evidence that
Shakespeare’s plays were written by Francis
Bacon. At the very least, I suspect you are
ever-so-near to your personal equivalent of
those precious goods. Is there anything you
can do to increase your chances of actually
getting it? Here’s one tip: Visualize in detail
how acquiring the prize would inspire
you to become even more generous and
magnanimous than you already are.
a simplistic, uninformed perspective. The more
correct view is that some astrology is nonsense
and some is a potent psychological tool. Some
of it’s based on superstition and some is rooted
in a robust mythopoetic understanding of
archetypes. I encourage you to employ a similar
appreciation for paradox as you evaluate a
certain influence that is currently making a big
splash in your life. In one sense, this influence
is like snake oil, and you should be skeptical
about it. But in another sense it’s good
medicine that can truly heal.
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): According to the
Biblical stories, Peter was Christ’s closest
disciple, but acted like a traitor when trouble
came. After Christ was arrested, in the hours
before the trial, Peter denied knowing his
cherished teacher three different times. His
fear trumped his love, leading him to violate
his sacred commitment. Is there anything
remotely comparable to that scenario
developing in your own sphere, Virgo? If you
recognize any tendencies in yourself to shrink
from your devotion or violate your highest
principles, I urge you to root them out.
Be brave. Stay strong and true in your duty to
a person or place or cause that you love.
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Marketing experts
say consumers need persistent prodding before
they will open their minds to possibilities
that are outside their entrenched habits. The
average person has to be exposed to a new
product at least eight times before it fully
registers on his or her awareness. Remember
this rule of thumb as you seek attention and
support for your brainstorms. Make use of
the art of repetition. Not just any old boring,
tedious kind of repetition, though. You’ve got
to be as sincere and fresh about presenting
your goodies the eighth time as you were the
SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): In Cole Porter’s
CANCER (June 21-July 22): People are paying
attention to you in new ways. That’s what
you wanted, right? You’ve been emanating
subliminal signals that convey messages like
“Gaze into my eternal eyes” and “Bask in the
cozy glow of my crafty empathy.” So now what?
Here’s one possibility: Go to the next level.
Show the even-more-interesting beauty that
you’re hiding below the surface. You may not
think you’re ready to offer the gifts you have
been “saving for later.” But you always think
that. I dare you to reveal more of your deep
secret power.
song “I Get a Kick Out of You,” he testifies
that he gets no kick from champagne. In
fact, “Mere alcohol doesn’t thrill me at all,”
he sings. The same is true about cocaine. “I’m
sure that if I took even one sniff that would
bore me terrifically, too,” Porter declares.
With this as your nudge, Scorpio, and in
accordance with the astrological omens, I
encourage you to identify the titillations that
no longer provide you with the pleasurable
jolt they once did. Acknowledge the joys that
have grown stale and the adventures whose
rewards have waned. It’s time for you to go in
search of a new array of provocative fun and
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Some people believe
unquestioningly in the truth and power of
astrology. They imagine it’s an exact science
that can unfailingly discern character and
predict the future. Other people believe
all astrology is nonsense. They think that
everyone who uses it is deluded or stupid. I say
that both of these groups are wrong. Both have
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): The English
writer William Wordsworth (1770-1830) wrote
hundreds of poems. Among his most famous
was “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud,” which is
also known as “Daffodils.” The poem sprung
from him after a walk he took with his sister
around Lake Ullswater in the English Lake
District. There they were delighted to find a
long, thick belt of daffodils growing close to
the water. In his poem, Wordsworth praises the
“ten thousand” flowers that were “Continuous
as the stars that shine / And twinkle on the
milky way.” If you are ever going to have
your own version of a daffodil explosion that
inspires a burst of creativity, Sagittarius, it will
come in the coming weeks.
360 Main St.,Wolfville | 697.3009
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Your
subconscious desires and your conscious
desires seem to be at odds. What you say
you want is not in precise alignment with
what your deep self wants. That’s why I’m
worried that “Don’t! Stop!” might be close
to morphing into “Don’t stop!” -- or vice
versa. It’s all pretty confusing. Who’s in
charge here? Your false self or your true self?
Your wounded, conditioned, habit-bound
personality or your wise, eternal, evergrowing soul? I’d say it’s a good time to retreat
into your sanctuary and get back in touch
with your primal purpose.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Sometimes
you’re cool, but other times you’re hot. You
veer from acting aloof and distracted to being
friendly and attentive. You careen from bouts
of laziness to bursts of disciplined efficiency.
It seems that you’re always either building
bridges or burning them, and on occasion
you are building and burning them at the
same time. In short, Aquarius, you are a
master of vacillation and a slippery lover of
the in-between. When you’re not completely
off-target and out of touch, you’ve got a
knack for wild-guessing the future and seeing
through the false appearances that everyone
else regards as the gospel truth. I, for one, am
thoroughly entertained!
PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): How can you
By Jake Rideout | Inquisitive Toy Company
What is the 40-day period prior to Easter?
According to Christian tradition, which body
part(s) did Jesus wash for his 12 disciples?
What is the first day of Lent called?
What were rabbits a symbol of in
medieval times?
Which foods are prohibited during Lent
in some Christian traditions?
Happy Easter from the
Inquisitive team!
is an English slang word that’s defined
as having the tendency, when eating a
chocolate Easter Bunny, to bite the head
off first. I recommend that you adopt this
direct approach in everything you do in the
coming weeks. Don’t get bogged down with
preliminaries. Don’t get sidetracked by minor
details, trivial distractions, or peripheral
concerns. It’s your duty to swoop straight into
the center of the action. Be clear about what
you want and unapologetic about getting it.
1. Lent, 2. Feet,
3. Ash Wednesday, 4. Fertility,
5. Meat, eggs, and dairy
ARIES (March 21-April 19): “Choconiverous”
at Cape Blomidon
Source: Canadian Fisheries & Oceans.
ripen the initiatives you have set in motion
in recent weeks? Of the good new trends you
have launched, which can you now install
as permanent enhancements in your daily
rhythm? Is there anything you might do
to cash in on the quantum leaps that have
occurred, maybe even figure out a way to
make money from them? It’s time for you to
shift from being lyrically dreamy to fiercely
practical. You’re ready to convert lucky breaks
into enduring opportunities.
Homework: Before bed on the next
five nights, remember everything that
happened during the day. Do it with
compassion and objectivity. Testify at
there are normally two high and low tides a day
* Highest High: 42.7 feet ** Lowest High: 37.7 feet
A bsolute NonScents
Copyright 2015 Rob Brezsny
Horoscopes for the week
of March 19th
Reduce your forkprint with
bamboo cutlery sets
& tiffins.
542-7227 / [email protected]
April 3 – 16, 2015
Th e B ox of Del i ght s Bookshop p re s e n t s. . .
Happy Easter from the Box of Delights! We have a range of Easter books for kids to share with your
loved ones over the holiday weekend, as well as some classic children's literature for the no-longeryoung but still young-at-heart.
The Complete Adventures
of Peter Rabbit
Charlie and the
Chocolate Factory
Beatrix Potter
Roald Dahl
This beautiful volume brings together all four of
the original Beatrix Potter tales featuring mischievous bunny rabbits. Peter Rabbit, Benjamin
Bunny, and the Flopsy Bunnies get themselves
into all kinds of trouble, sneaking into Mr
McGregor's garden, almost getting baked into
rabbit pie, and outsmarting the wily Mr Tod.
If you've eaten about as many chocolate eggs as
the human body is capable of but you still want
to keep the Easter-gluttony going, try revisiting
this classic. Bold, imaginative, darkly funny and
exuberant, Dahl's timeless tale of Charlie and
Willy Wonka is just as good as an adult, as it is
when you're young. It's infectious enthusiasm
for life and its unrelenting silliness is a welcome
antidote to the interminable wait for Spring!
Easter hours:
We will be closed for Good Friday (April 3) and Easter Sunday (April 5). All other days we are open as usual.
“What heaven can be more real than
to retain the spirit-world
of childhood?”
Thank you
Thank you for supporting the AIBA's petition to keep books affordable in Nova Scotia! We are delighted to announce that on Wed
March 25, during a pre-budget speech, Nova Scotia Finance Minister Diana Whelan confirmed that the government will not be
applying the provincial portion of the HST to books. This is wonderful news to all of us who love books, sell books, and buy books in
Nova Scotia! We're very grateful to our enthusiastic customers for supporting this cause, and particularly to those who signed the
online petition. Thank you for being "engaged citizens" with us (in the words of Graham Steele), and influencing provincial politics.
A bsolute NonScents
Reduce your forkprint with
bamboo cutlery sets
& tiffins.
542-7227 / [email protected]
April 3 – 16, 2015
Kelly Mitchelmore: Art and the Art of B&B Maintenence
Mike Butler
I want to send
a huge thank
you out to
James Skinner
for passing
along this
Who’s Who to
me. I feel like I
know everyone
in the Valley
but occasionally a new and
person creeps
into my life
and makes it
brighter. Kelly Mitchelmore (how cool is that
last name) did just that!
3rd Annual Valley Homeschool Expo
Curious about homeschooling? Join us at
our 3rd Annual Homeschool Expo at NSCC
Kentville (Kingstec, 236 Belcher St, Kentville)
on Saturday, April 25, 10am-2pm. The Expo
features live performances, light refreshments,
a musical petting zoo, games, prizes and more!
Admission is free and everyone is invited. For
more information visit us online at
Submitted by Alisa Nguyen
fun! This year’s event will feature families who
are homeschooling with projects, units of study
and experiments. There will be businesses
available on hand like Long & McQuade who
support homeschooling featuring products
and services available to local families. Also
the provincial homeschooling community will
be on hand with groups like the NSHEA and
HSLDA to answer questions about the legalities
of homeschooling.
The choice to homeschool can be difficult for
some parents and being able to connect with
others who are doing it can be supportive and
If you have any questions about homeschooling
or this upcoming event, please contact Alisa at
[email protected]
Kelly served in the Navy for fourteen years
and then after meeting the love of her life, Jon
Watson, in the middle of the Gulf of Oman
during 9/11, she decided it was time to leave
and plant her and her husband back home
(but in Calgary instead of Nova Scotia). Kelly
got her Bachelors of Interior Design at Mount
Royal University and, after working at a large
architect firm for a bit, she decided to get back
to her roots and move back to wonderful Nova
Scotia (so she could be closer to her parents).
Kelly says, “We sold everything that would not
fit in the truck (luckily the dogs fit in the truck)
and we drove across the country with a plan
to open a B&B. We did not choose Windsor - it
chose us because we fell in love with this large
old Victorian home in such a lovely little town.
So in 2007, and after a ridiculous amount of
renovations, we opened as the Phoenix Hollow
B&B and are currently the #1 Bed & Breakfast
in Nova Scotia according to Trip Advisor.”
Although Kelly has a military background and
her trade is interior design, she comes from a
long line of talented artists and art has always
been a passion of hers. Once the B&B was
practically running itself, Kelly dove into painting. Her works are absolutely stunning. Four
years ago Kelly switched from painting with a
brush to knife work and once she stopped conforming to the rules, her work really took off.
Kelly creates contemporary floral and scenery
pieces with the knife in both oils and acrylics.
She uses a heavy palette of bright hues and she
tends to paint large 24 x 48 gallery canvases.
about gardening, dabbles
in Graphic
Design, and
still does the
odd staging or
kitchen renovation. Her life
is pretty much
an open book.
At 6’2" with
flaming red
hair, Kelly is a
presence wherever she goes.
Her favourite
times are those ‘Turn on the loud music, grab
a glass of wine and some paints, take a hold
of the knife and create a stunning piece of art’
times! Which is not a bad way to pass the time!
Kelly says, “My wonderful husband is a genius
at the computer who currently works from
home and is in total support of my following
my art and seeing how far it will take me. So
I will be concentrating more time and energy
in perfecting my craft and maybe pursuing my
masters in fine art. My personal goal is to have
works shown throughout Canada in galleries
in every province within the next 5 years.
Currently I paint about 60 hours a week in the
off season and about 20 hours a week in the on
season - which is simply not enough to achieve
this goal. But it will happen. I have a ridiculous amount of energy and of course I have a
lot of wine... wine helps.”
Thank you Kelly for sharing your amazing talent with my readers, the world, and me. Your
work is so unique and breathtaking, you should
be very proud. I can’t even draw a straight line
with a ruler so I am envious of your talent and
applaud what you create. I wish you all the
best on your artistic journey!
So, where can you find Kelly’s beautiful works?
She states, “I am now showing throughout the
Maritimes and sell internationally through
the B&B gallery and online. A list of the local
galleries that I am showing in is on my website
at Currently I am getting
ready for my May show. I hold this show once
a year at the B&B in support of the Canadian
Breast Cancer Foundation.” This year’s show is
Sunday, May 3 from noon to 5pm at Phoenix Hollow B&B (65 Chestnut St, Windsor).
There’ll be three guest artists - Al Simm, Liz
Brown, and Tim and Jason from School Street
Glass in Hantsport.
Certified Practitioner
[email protected] | | (902) 698-3827
Reconnective Healing | 538-7787
I open the door, and you walk through it returning HOME to a State of Balance,
Wholeness and Vitality
When Kelly is not painting she teaches at the
Locker Room Gym. She is a runner, is crazy
183 Commercial St. Berwick
Reconnective Healing
Who's Who is
Brought to you by
April 3 – 16, 2015
IN REVIEW: Recent Events, Happenings and News
By Emily Leeson
March 21 was CHEATON CUP in Wolfville. According to their Twitter feed, the Acadia Students'
Union raised $7000 for Axes in Action with
proceeds going to L'Arche Homefires and
SMILE. Chipman House scored the victory,
their 4th in a row over Eaton/Christopher.
It was a crowded scene at the 48th CFUW BOOK
SALE at the Lions Club in Wolfville on March 26.
If you were following Mike Butler's suggestions
for Spring reading, hopefully you got there
early! The Book Sale supports several local charities and organizations, including the Annapolis Valley Regional Library, Flowercart, and the
Valley Regional Hospice Foundation.
It's starting to look a lot like ... more winter.
But it actually is spring! HENNIGAR'S opened up on
March 26 with free ice-cream for all those kids
brave enough to eat an icy treat alongside all
this snow.
In fact, the town of Wolfville is already getting
set for SUMMER: Check out the Wolfville Town
Blog ( for info
about summer recreation employment with the
But back to the snow: The TOWN OF KENTVILLE was
getting word out on Twitter that residents
should expect estimates rather than collected
meter readings for their upcoming water bills.
The accumulated snow is to blame!
March 27 was a shocking day for grocery shoppers in Wolfville. News quickly spread Friday
evening that PETE'S would be closing their doors
in May. Check out the announcement posting
by The Grapevine on Facebook for a lively discussion regarding this news.
And news from abroad: On April 2, Hollywood
will be treated to a NOVA SCOTIA KITCHEN-PARTY style
pop-up event care of Michael Howell and Lia
Rinaldo as they promote the fifth edition of
Wolfville's Devour! The Food Film Fest. Meanwhile, we locals will have to wait until November for the real thing to make it's way back to
the streets of Wolfville.
V is for Volunteering
Submitted by Laura Churchill Duke
A great way to set an example for your
kids and to teach about the world is
through volunteering. Model this to
them by volunteering yourself, or better
yet, volunteer together as a family.
If a youth shows a particular interest in
an area, why not ask an organization if
you can volunteer there? Many places
require that youth be 16 unless accompanied by an adult. Other places require
that you make a long-term commitment
to the volunteer opportunity. It takes
time and money from staff to train you,
and it would be nice to see it through
(another great lesson for kids).
Some examples include volunteering
at an animal shelter, the food bank,
and local churches. For more ideas visit
Laura Churchill Duke
Valley Family Fun
[email protected]
Direct Billing to BLUE CROSS
Compatible Companies
1341 Belcher Street, Port Williams
w w w. b ooke r s c h o o l . ca
❧ Hal Bruce April 17th, 7pm
❧ Now taking bookings for Convocation
980 Terryʼs Creek Rd, Port Williams, NS. | 542 5555 | | Open at 11:00 am every day
Mon - closed, Tues/Wed 12-6, Thurs/Fri 10-6, Sat 10-5, Sun 12-5
Evening and Daytime
902-300-9568 | 360 MAIN ST WOLFVILLE
Located within Reclaim Wellness (beside Pete's)
Convenient Booking Online via my website: | By Appointment Only
April 3 – 16, 2015
Canada’s Ballet Jorgen on Sunday, April 12
Submitted by Peter Smith
Submitted by Melanie Priesnitz, Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens
across Canada
are getting
to start monitoring
spring blooming plants as
part of an initiative called
PlantWatch. PlantWatch
encourages Canadians of
all ages to get involved in
helping scientists discover
how, and more importantly why, our natural
environment is changing.
The PlantWatch program enables "citizen
scientists" to get involved with climate change
monitoring by recording flowering times for
selected plant species and reporting these
dates to researchers through the Internet or
by mail. There are sixteen spring plants that
we watch in Nova Scotia ranging from Red
Maples to Dandelions. It’s easy to get started
and you can either watch all of the species or
just one or two.
The Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens has been
coordinating PlantWatch
Nova Scotia for over ten
years and the program
has been running in this
province since the late 90’s.
We’re starting to accumulate a solid amount of data
and we need help acquiring
more. If you want to get
involved go to the website and sign
yourself up as an observer.
If you’re not online stop by the Gardens and
we’ll help you get started.
he Acadia Performing Arts Series presents
Canada’s Ballet Jorgen on Sunday, April
12 at 7:30 at the Festival Theatre, 504 Main
Street at Acadia University in Wolfville.
The company, one of the country’s leading
producers of new dance works, will present a
program of cutting-edge contemporary ballet
called Formation.
If you forget what flowers look like, visit the
Conservatory where spring has arrived! Our
indoor native plant collection is starting to
The feature piece is Bouffonia by acclaimed
Canadian Robert Desrosiers, known as one
of the country’s most imaginative choreographers. This work bears his unmistakable
hallmark: the surreal spectacle is an exciting
example of the special genre of dance-theatre
Desrosiers established during his earlier career. Bouffonia features fantastical sets, props
and costumes and includes many acrobatic
Melanie Priesnitz
Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens
Acadia University, Wolfville, NS
Acadia University
15 University Ave, Wolfville.
542-2201 Staffed Switchboard
[email protected] – General Inquiries
The first half presents recent works by three
different choreographers using dance as a medium to explore various aspects of personal
dance elements.
Tickets are $34 for adults, $22 for students.
For more information or to buy tickets, visit
the Acadia University Box Office in person, by
phone at 542-5500 or 1-800-542-TICK(8425),
or online at .
Also at this performance, the series will
announce its exciting line-up for 2015-16 and
subscriptions for next year will be on sale.
Presented by Jack’s Gallery and Acadia University Studio Art
Are you a young man, aged 18–30,
who struggles with low mood, personal,
career or relationship issues? Do you
know someone who is? A Movember
Canada funded men’s mental health
enhancement program is looking for
participants to join an intensive workshop
that provides tools for strength, resilience
and restored life purpose. All expenses
are covered.
Those interested are advised to contact
Dr. Ron Lehr at 1-902-585-1302 or
[email protected], but should hurry as
there are few spots available.
Treat a Friend!
Rachel Houlton, “Collie, resting”, watercolour, 11 inches by 17 inches, $400.00 unframed
March 29, 2015 to May 3, 2015
Jack’s Gallery, Just Us/Acadia Cinema Cooperative, 450 Main St, Wolfville, NS
(May be applied to any service $75 & up)
This is a group exhibition by Acadia University students enrolled
in independent study. The art work is thematically diverse and
represents an array of media.
Where Nature, Research &
Technology come together
Open to students, visitors,
community, and faculty
8am - 10pm every day
Try A New Treatment and Get a
$50 Gift Certificate for a Friend!
Artists are: Audrey Eastwood, Rachel Houlton,
Isobel Leidl Wilson, Kassia Murphy and Josh Orman
For more information: Barbara Kaiser or Diana Baldwin at Jack’s Gallery,
[email protected] | Judith J. Leidl, [email protected]
780 Central Ave. • 902.765.2639
Centre Square • 902.678.2829
360 Main St. • 902.697.2829
PLEASE NOTE: Event information may change
without notice
Babies & Books — Wolfville Memorial Library 10–11am.
Newborn to 2 years. INFO: 542-5760 /
Brown Bag Lunch — Fountain Learning Commons, Great
Hall, Wolfville 12–1pm.
April 9 Speaker: Twila Robar-Decoste Topic: The Dark
Side of Plants: Hidden Poisons and Other Neat Stuff
Special Location: Seminary House Room 242 (main floor)
TIX: no charge INFO: 585-1434 / [email protected] /
In the Round Knitting Group — Gaspereau Valley Fibres
1–4:30pm. Also Tuesdays 6–9pm. INFO: 542-2656 /
Seniors’ Afternoon Out — Wickwire Place, Wolfville
1:30–4:30pm. Social afternoon with peers. Also Tuesdays
1:30–4:30pm. FEE: $5 INFO: Robin, 698-6309
Fun With Fitness — Community Hall, Millville,
5:30–6:30pm. Also Tuesdays. Low impact aerobics class
suitable for all ages/levels. Let’s get moving to keep moving!
FEE: $3 INFO: [email protected]
Yoga — White Rock Community Centre, 6:30–7:30pm.
FEE: $2 INFO: 542-3109 / [email protected]
Introductions – An Open Mic — Just Us! Cafe, Wolfville,
6:60–8pm. Come listen to or share songs, slams, or stories.
FEE: no charge INFO: [email protected]
AVD Clubhouse: Walking Club — Wolfville based,
locations vary, 6:30–8pm. Offered through the Canadian
Mental Health Association, Kings Branch. FEE: no charge
INFO: 670-4103 / [email protected]
Boardgame Night — [email protected] Lab, Wolfville Public Library,
7pm. Bring your games! Ages 12+ FEE: no charge.
INFO: 790-4536 / [email protected]
Adult Ceilidh Fitness — Community Hall, Greenwich
7–8pm • A fun hour of simple steps and sensational music!
The class is capped at 16 participants so ensure your place
TODAY! TIX: $50 for 8 weeks, $10 drop-in INFO: 582-1786
/ [email protected]
Bookworms Storytime — Port Williams Library, 10:30am.
Stories, games, songs and fun for kids aged 3-5. TIX: no
charge INFO: 542-3005 /
AVD Clubhouse: Arts Program — CMHA-Kings, Coldbrook
1–4pm. Offered through the Canadian Mental Health
Association, Kings Branch. FEE: no charge, but please
pre-register. INFO: 670-4103 / [email protected]
Chase the Ace — Royal Canadian Legion, Berwick 5pm.
Chase the Ace drawn at 7:15pm, light supper served
5–7pm TIX: $5 per person, $5 supper INFO: 375-2021 /
[email protected]
Fun Night — Legion (downstairs), Kentville, 7pm.
Variety of music. 50/50 tickets available. FEE: $2
INFO: [email protected]
Wolfville Farmers’ Market — DeWolfe Building, Elm Ave.,
Wolfville 8:30am–1pm
April 4 Music: Shawna Caspi
April 11 Music: Heather Kelday
Peace Vigil — Post Office, Wolfville 12–1pm
Drop in and Drum! — Baptist Church, Wolfville 1–2:30pm.
W/Bruno Allard. Drop in for a hands-on workshop & jam.
Learn to play the djembe with rhythms & songs from West
Africa. Everyone welcome. Drums provided. FEE: $5 INFO:
facebook: Djembes and Duns Wolfville
April 3 – 16, 2015
Valley Game Night — Gametronics, New Minas 6pm. Board
game/card game group. Yu Gi Oh –Thursdays, 6pm. Friday
Night Magic (Magic: The Gathering) – Fridays, 6pm FEE: no
charge. INFO:
Family & Community Flea Market — Port Williams, former
Stage 2 building. 8am–1pm. INFO: [email protected]
Flea Market — Kentville Legion 8am. Until May 9. 50/50,
kitchen open, everyone welcome. FEE: Tables $5 INFO:
Social Ballroom Dancing — Community Centre, Port
Williams 3–5pm. Practice your existing dance skills and learn
new group dances. FEE: $30 per couple per semester, or
$5 per session drop-in fee per couple. INFO: 698-2806 /
[email protected]
Acadia Improv — Student Union Building (basement),
Acadia 7pm FEE: no charge INFO: [email protected]
Free Community Walking/Running — Acadia Athletic
Complex, Wolfville 6-9am & 6-9pm (Mon. to Fri.). On the
indoor & outdoor track. FEE: no charge INFO: 542-0368 /
[email protected]
Painting Morning — Recreation Centre, Wolfville
9:30am–12pm. W/Evangeline Artist Cooperative. Bring your
own projects to work on & be inspired by like-minded artists.
FEE: $2, INFO: Susan, 542-4448
Fitness Classes — White Rock Community Centre,
10:30–11:30am. Also Tuesdays. FEE: $2 INFO: 542-3109 /
[email protected]
Harmonica Jam — Community Room, Sobeys, New Minas,
1:30–3pm. Light music: country, waltzes, jigs & reels. All
levels welcome, bring your harmonicas. FEE: no charge
INFO: Lloyd, 681-3711 / Ed, 678-4591
Fiber Ops — Hantsport Library, Every second Monday,
3–4:30pm, Until Spring (next: April 13 & 27). Chat & Knit,
Stitch, Hook or Weave. Bring your project & join this friendly
group. All levels of experience welcome! Light refreshments
served. INFO: [email protected]
Windsor Game Night — Library, Windsor 6pm. Board
game group. New players welcome! FEE: no charge
Toastmasters — 2nd Floor, Irving Centre, Acadia
6:30–8pm. Communicative skills to enhance peaceful
and effective dialogue. INFO: Chris, 691-3550 /
[email protected]
Darts (mixed league) — White Rock Community Center,
7pm. INFO: 542-7073
Musical Jam Night — Community Hall, 659 Victoria Rd.,
Millville 7pm. Bring your instrument or just relax & listen to
the sounds. INFO: [email protected]
Insight (Vipassana) Meditation — Manning Memorial
Chapel, Acadia, downstairs, 7:30–9pm. W/Laura Bourassa.
Suitable for beginner and experienced meditators.
Instructions, short talk, discussion. FEE: free-will offering.
INFO: 365-2409
Book in the Nook — Wolfville Memorial Library
10–10:30am. Suggested age range: 3–5. INFO: 542-5760
Friends in Bereavement — Western Kings Mem. Health
Centre, Berwick 10am–12pm. 1st & 3rd Tues. each month
(next: April 7 & 21). VON Adult Day Program Room (main
floor). INFO: 681-8239 / [email protected]
Rug Hooking — 57 Eden Row, Greenwich 1–3:30pm. Drop-in
rug hooking. FEE: donation INFO: Kay, 697-2850
Friends in Bereavement — Kentville Baptist Church
2–4pm. 1st & 3rd Tues. each month (next: April 7 &
21). Left parking lot entrance, sponsored by Careforce.
INFO: 681-8239 / [email protected]
Dukes of Kent Barbershop Chorus — Bethany Memorial
Baptist Church (gym), Aldershot 7pm. We sing four-part
harmony. INFO:
Learn Irish Music — Paddy’s Pub (upstairs), Kentville
7–8pm. Bring your instrument & learn to play traditional
music in a relaxed, convivial setting. FEE: no charge INFO:
697-2148 / [email protected]
Valley Scottish Country Dancers — 125 Webster St.,
Kentville, 7:30–9:30pm. Second term: Started Feb. 10
– May 12. All levels, no partners needed. FEE: $6/class,
$60/term. INFO: [email protected] /
Card Party (45’s) — White Rock Community Center,
7:30pm. Until April 21. INFO: Deanna, 542-7234
International Folk Dance — Wolfville Curling Club
(upstairs), 7:30-10pm. Until June. Traditional circle &
line dances from the Balkans & the Middle East. Expert
instruction. No previous experience necessary. FEE: $5
regular, $3 students INFO: 690-7897
AVD Clubhouse: Music Jam Session — Louis Millett
Community Complex, New Minas 10am–12pm. Offered
through the Canadian Mental Health Association,
Kings Branch. FEE: no charge INFO: 670-4103 /
[email protected]
Brain Injury Support Group Drop-In — Baptist Church,
Kentville 10am–12pm. 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the
month (next: April 8 & 22). For brain injury survivors, their
families and/or caregivers. Drop in for a coffee! INFO:
[email protected] /
Kentville Farmers’ Market — Town Hall Recreation
Centre, 350 Main Street, Kentville 10am–2pm. Open
year-round. INFO: [email protected] /
Toddler Rhyme Time — Kings County Family Resource
Centre, 503A Main St., Kentville 9:30–10:30am. Please
register. FEE: no charge. INFO: 678-5760 /
Wolfville Breastfeeding Support Group — Anglican
Church, Wolfville 10am–12pm. 1st & 3rd Wednesdays
of the month (next: April 1 & 15). INFO:
Recreational Pick-Up Indoor Soccer — Indoor Soccer
Facility, Kentville 11am–1pm. Co-Ed & all ages. Bring both a
dark & white shirt. FEE: $5 INFO: 678-2426
Wolfville Community Chorus — 30 Wickwire Ave.,
Wolfville 5:30–7pm. New members welcome! FEE: $180
yearly membership, no charge for first-time drop-in. INFO:
542-0649 / [email protected]
Valley Youth Project — Louis Millet Community
Complex, Rm 128, New Minas 6:30–8:30pm. 1st &
3rd Wednesdays of the month (next: April 1 & 15).
Social drop-in for LGBTQ+ youth and allies, 25 years
& under. Conversation, snacks, activities, & good
company. INFO: [email protected] /
New Horizons Band — Festival Theatre, Wolfville
7pm. Fun, informal community band under the
direction of Brian Johnston. INFO: Donna, 542-7557 /
[email protected]
Somewhere, Nowhere — Horton High School, Greenwich,
April 10, 7pm, April 11, 2pm & 7pm • The characters in
Somewhere, Nowhere face a dilemma: Do they stay close to
home at the end of high school, or do they get as far away as
possible? What if they want to do both at the same time?
TIX: $5 adult, $3 children/seniors, $10 families of 4+ @
Horton High School, Box of Delights (Wolfville) INFO:
542-6060 / [email protected]
Dinner Theatre: Temperance in a Teacup — CentreStage
Theatre, Kentville, April 17, 18, 6:30pm (doors open 6:15pm)
• Come enjoy the fun when a meeting of the Temperance
Society goes “awry” (or rum-te-tum) in the musical
Temperance in a Teacup. Roast beef dinner, Silent Auction,
Lotto Tree and chances for a Golden Ticket. TIX: $50 each.
Call to reserve tickets. INFO/RSVP: CentreStage, 678-8040
/ Lana, 542-2186 / [email protected]
to you by
Judith J. Leidl — Oriel Fine Art, Wolfville • Fine art:
floral paintings, scarves, acrylic paintings, prints, ceramics,
and Inuit work from Baffin Island. INFO: 670-7422 /
Wild Lupin Media — CentreStage Theatre, Kentville •
CentreStage is indebted to Wild Lupin Media for donating
a series of show posters. Enjoy a trip down CentreStage’s
Memory Lane! INFO: 678-7601 /
Highlights from the Permanent Collection & Curator
Talk — Acadia University Art Gallery, Wolfville. Until
April 15 • A selection that highlights: Canadian art,
works by women, and international works on paper.
INFO: [email protected]
Group Showcase — The Bread Gallery, Brooklyn.
Extended until April 18 • Our 4th annual End of Winter
[email protected]
Showcase is a juried selection of recent works by members
of the Hants County Arts Council. This showcase features a
variety of paintings, sculpture, fibre art, carvings and folk
art. INFO: 757-3377 /
Creative Connections: Independent Study Work —
Jack’s Gallery, Just Us!, Wolfville. Until May 3 • Group
exhibition by Acadia University students enrolled in
independent study. Various themes/media. INFO:
[email protected] / [email protected]
Apple Bin Art Gallery — Valley Regional Hospital,
Kentville • Approximately 100 pieces of affordable original
art created by local Valley artists. Part proceeds go towards
hospital equipment and to help support Annapolis Valley
health care programs.
April 3 – 16, 2015
SEND YOUR EVENTS TO [email protected]
Please note: Events are subject to change.
Unless otherwise stated, please dial 902
at the beginning of all phone numbers.
FRIDAY, 3 – Good Friday
For church services, see page 2.
Lions Breakfast — St Andrew’s Anglican Church
Hall, Hantsport 7-10am • Pancakes, eggs, bacon,
hash browns, toast, juice, tea/coffee. Proceeds for
Lions Community Service Programs. TIX: $6 adult,
$3 children 6-12 yrs., no charge under 5yrs. INFO:
YNC Sugar Maples & Tree Products event — Wild
Roots Nature Education Centre, Berwick 10am–
12pm • The YNC will celebrate trees with a Maple
sap toast, Maple sap candy, building shelters with
sticks and maybe even another camp fire! Wear
appropriate clothing and bring a water bottle/
snack. Please register. TIX: no charge INFO/Reg:
[email protected]
Shifters Biker Swap Meet — Fire Hall, New Minas
10am–3pm • Bike parts, leather wear, jewellery,
seamstress, 50/50 draws, door prizes, tickets
sold on a BBQ (draw @ 2:50pm) and all proceeds
going toward the Kidney Foundation. Canteen
available. A great way to start another year of
biking, with new friends and old. TIX: $4 INFO:
840-2861 / [email protected]
Ticket Auction — Heritage Hall, Coldbrook
11am–2pm • Raising funds for Acadia Students
Travelling with Acadia Global Brigades medical
relief mission to Honduras. TIX: 20 tickets for $1
INFO: 679-6676 / [email protected]
Be Fit Kit Launch — Library, Berwick 11:30am–
1:30pm • Drop in and check out the fun items in
our new BE FIT Kits! You can even take one home
with you (limited supply for check out). We’ll
have some games set up for you to try, and Door
Prizes & snacks as well! Bring the family over and
test it out. All ages welcome. TIX: no charge INFO:
538-4030 / [email protected]
Gala dinner with Anne Janelle — Evergreen
Theatre, Margaretsville 6–10:30pm • Our
Evergreen Gala will begin with dinner at the
Margaretsville Fire Hall at 6pm, followed
by a concert by Anne Jannelle at the
Evergreen at 8pm. TIX: $20. INFO: 825-6834 /
[email protected]
Night Kitchen Incognito — Al Whittle Theatre,
Wolfville 8–10pm • Featured performers
this month are Shawna Caspi and Brandon
Miller Davis (formerly of the Harrow
Brothers). See page 7. TIX: $10, $5 for
students/unwaged @ Just Us Cafe (Wolfville)
INFO: [email protected]
Dance: Still Doin’ Time — Legion, Kentville
9pm–12am • Bar and kitchen available. 19+ TIX:
$7 INFO: 678-8935
Dance: Route 12 — Fire Hall, Waterville 9pm–1am
• The Western NS Draft Horse Association will be
hosting their last dance of the season. So, grab
your dancing shoes and dance the night away
to the band Route 12! Must be 19 and hold a
valid ID to attend. TIX: $10, $15 per couple INFO:
375-2404 / [email protected]
SUNDAY, 5 – Easter
For church services, see page 2.
Easter Breakfast — Baptist Church, Forest Hill
8–9:30am • Bacon, eggs, beans, pancakes,
toast, tea, coffee and juice. TIX: donation
INFO: 542-2601 / [email protected]
Health and Fitness Dance Program — Louis
Millet Community Complex, New Minas 7–8:30pm
• Latin, Ballroom and Social dance practice.
Everyone welcome. Variety of music and by
request. Informal opportunity to practice and
improve your dancing skills. One half hour basic
instruction from 7–7:30. TIX: $2 INFO: Glenda,
Fundy Film screens BOYCHOIR — Al Whittle
Theatre, 7pm & Monday, April 6, 7pm • François
Girard’s (THE RED VIOLIN) drama tells of an
orphaned 12-year-old boy, sent to a boarding
school where he struggles to join an elite choir.
No one expects this rebellious loner to excel, least
of all the school’s relentlessly tough conductor
(Dustin Hoffman), who enters into a battle of wills
to bring out the boy’s extraordinary musical gift.
See ad p. 9 TIX: $9 INFO: 542-5157 /
Easter Monday /
National Tartan Day
Annapolis Valley Tartan Luncheon — Old Orchard
Inn, Wolfville 12pm • You are cordially invited to
a luncheon for the launch of the Annapolis Valley
Tartan. TIX: $25 @ Wilson’s Pharmasave (Berwick),
RD Chisholm (Kentville), Saunders Tartans and
Gifts (New Minas), Cochrane’s Pharmasave
(Wolfville) INFO: 679-1915
Fundy Film screens BOYCHOIR — Al Whittle
Theatre, 7pm • See Sunday, April 5. See ad p. 9
TIX: $9 INFO: 542-5157 /
Committee of the Whole Meeting — Town Hall,
Wolfville 9am • TIX: no charge INFO:
Soup Luncheon — Orchard Valley United Church,
New Minas 11:45am–1:15pm • Potato & Leek or
Beef & Barley soup, Cheryl’s famous biscuits and
rolls, tea/coffee and Lemon Fluff. TIX: $8 INFO:
681-0366 / [email protected]
Public Hearing & Municipal Council — County of
Kings Municipal Complex, Kentville 6pm • TIX: no
charge INFO: 1-888-337-2999
Student Composers Concert — Denton
Hall, Acadia 7pm • TIX: inquire INFO:
585-1512 / [email protected] /
Wolfville & Area Newcomers’ Club — Farmers
Market, Wolfville 7:30pm • April Meeting speaker:
Don Crowell, Scotian Hiker, Showcasing the
fun, adventure, and beauty on Nova Scotia trails
and exploring the variety of outdoor activities
that are available locally by joining the Scotian
Hiker or exploring on your own. TIX: no charge
INFO: [email protected]
Board Game Night — Paddy’s Pub, Wolfville
8pm–12am. Also April 14 • TIX: no charge
INFO: 542-0059
Jam session — Louis Millet Community Complex,
New Minas 10am–12pm • Jam with Lenley in
the music room. Door will be closed so please
enter anyway. Bring an instrument or just come
sing along. TIX: no charge INFO: 670-4103 /
[email protected]
New Minas Princess Tea — Louis Millet Community
Complex, New Minas 7–9pm • The 2015 New
Minas Princess Tea. TIX: $8 adult, $7 student/
senior, no charge for preschoolers INFO:
681-0771 / [email protected]
After the Storm — Beveridge Arts Centre, Acadia
7pm • Dr. A. J. B. Johnston, Canadian Historian
and Writer will describe the transition from
Historian to Novelist and give background
to his Thomas Pichon novels set in the 18th
century. TIX: no charge INFO: 542-9775 /
[email protected]
Booker School Open House — Booker School,
Port Williams 7–8pm • A public information
session for anyone interested in learning more
about the school and the early years IB programs.
See page 11. TIX: no charge INFO: 585-5000 /
[email protected]
Band Concert — Festival Theatre, Wolfville 7–8pm
• Join the Wolfville New Horizons Band and the
Wolfville Middle School Band for an evening
of Classic Concert Band Music – Marches,
Overtures and Pop Tunes. New Horizons Band
is always looking for new members. Come
see what we are all about. TIX: no charge
INFO: [email protected]
Valley Women’s Business Network — Party
Central, New Minas 7–9pm • Anne Grant of
Party Central, & Jenny Magee of Heritage
Land Surveying give tips, and insights into
putting your best foot forward at trade shows.
How to present a booth for your business
and where to promote it. Please RSVP. TIX:
no charge to VWBN members and first-time
guests, $10 at the door for returning guests.
INFO/Reg: [email protected]
Dreams: A Night of Music and Action — Al Whittle
Theatre, Wolfville 7–9pm • Horton’s Because I am
a Girl Club hosts music/talent night with female
performers: dancers, sinders, spoken word,
monologues, short skits. About men, women,
children & our community coming together to
support and inspire gender equality. TIX: $5, $20
for 5 (a family pass) @ Box of Delights (Wolfville)
INFO: [email protected]
Annapolis Valley Decorative Artists — Fire Hall,
Greenwich 7pm • Evening program will be a 5x7
watercolour painting. Everyone welcome. TIX: $2
INFO: 542-5800 / [email protected] /
ALLELUIA! - Acadia University Chorus —
Convocation Hall, Acadia 7–8pm • Annual
spring concert, directed by Michael Caines,
entitled ‘Alleluia!’ Joining the chorus will be
John Scott, University Organist. Performing
works by Z. Randall Stroope, August Soderman,
Stephen Paulus, Ralph Manuel, Linda Spevacek,
Thomas LaVoy, and Dietrich Buxtehude. TIX:
$10, no charge for students INFO: 585-1512 /
[email protected]
to you by:
Commercial St, New Minas • 678-7777 /
Christmas Angels AGM — Department of
Community Services, Windsor 7–8pm • TIX: no
charge INFO: [email protected]
Ian Stewart Master Hypnotist — Horton High
School, Greenwich 7–8:30pm • Ian Stewart is one
of North America’s top comedic hypnotists. Come
out for an evening of entertainment and laughs
the entire family will enjoy!! TIX: $10 adults,
$7 students/seniors INFO: Horton High School,
Music Jam — Community Center, Cambridge
7–10pm • Free will offering, 50/50 draw. Any
donations for the refreshment table are greatly
appreciated. Everyone welcome. TIX: donation
INFO: 538-9957 / [email protected]
Art for Wellness — Valley Community Learning
Association, Kentville 1–4pm • This is an art
and crafts program for those struggling with
issues in mental health. Please let us know you
are coming so we have enough materials for
everyone. TIX: no charge INFO/Reg: 670-4103 /
[email protected]
Guitar Studio Recital — Manning Chapel,
Acadia 7-9pm • Students from the studio
of Eugene Cormier featuring solos and
ensembles. TIX: no charge INFO: 585-1512
/ [email protected] /
Dance — Royal Canadian Legion, Windsor 8pm–
12am • Dance: Meredith TIX: $5 INFO: 798-2031
/ [email protected]
Breakfast — Royal Canadian Legion, Kentville
7:30–10am • Come and enjoy a good breakfast
with friends TIX: $6 adults, $3 children 12 and
under INFO: 678-8935
Breakfast — Fire Hall, Kentville 8–11am • Hash
browns, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, coffee,
tea, juice, water. Everyone is welcome. Hosted by the
Kentville Volunteer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary.
Proceeds for the Fire Department. TIX: free will
offering INFO:
International TableTop Day — Recreation
Centre, Kentville 10am–9pm • No experience
required, families welcome. We will have a game
lending library for the day and feel free to bring
along your favourites! TIX: no charge INFO:
[email protected] /
HART Birthday Bash/Spaghetti Dinner — Fire
Hall, Berwick 12–6pm • Join us as we celebrate
7 years of rescuing homeless felines. Veggie or
Meat gourmet spaghetti with garlic bread, dessert
and beverage. Bake sale, jewelry sale. Great door
prize! TIX: $10 adults, $7 seniors, $5 children
INFO: 847-9582 / [email protected]
Grow With Art Children’s Workshop — NSCC
Kingstec, Kentville 1pm (sign up 12:45pm) • W/
Struan Robertson, chief puppet maker at Mermaid
Theatre in Windsor. Children will enjoy seeing
how puppets come to life with this wonderful
presenter. Art works may be rented/returned at
this time for $2/month. TIX: $2 INFO: 542-0234 /
[email protected]
Book Signing w/Michael Bawtree — The Box of
Delights Bookshop, Wolfville 2–4pm • Michael
April 3 – 16, 2015
Little Miss Moffat, Sunday April 19, 2pm, Mermaid Imperial Performing Arts Centre, Windsor
Draw date: Monday, April 13 Enter all draws:
Bawtree will read from, and sign copies of, his
newly published memoir AS FAR AS I REMEMBER,
which tells the absorbing story of his early life.
See page 11. TIX: no charge INFO: 542-9184 /
[email protected]
Under the Big Top — Ross Creek Centre for the
Arts, Canning 6pm • It’s a fundraising Gala for Two
Planks and a Passion Theatre! Fine food provided
by Cocoa Pesto Catering, live entertainment
and an auction of art and activities from our
community and across Canada. TIX: $55 each
or $400 for a table of 8, including a fabulous
meal and tax receipt! INFO/RSVP: 582-3073 /
[email protected] /
Ian Stewart Hypnotist Fundraiser — Avon View
High School, Windsor 6:30–8pm • A fun family
evening with hypnotist Ian Stewart. Come out
and join us for an entertaining evening. Ian will
even be picking a few lucky people from the
audience to participate in the show. Proceeds for
the Students Council. TIX: $8 per person, $20 per
family of four INFO: [email protected]
Dinner & Dance — Community Centre, Port
Williams 6:30pm–12:30am • Jimmie Lamb’s
BBQ pork, Dance to live music by The Groove
Kings celebrating the 45th Anniversary of Charter
Presentation to the Port Williams and District
Lions Club. Everyone welcome TIX: $50/couple
for dinner & dance, $15/couple for dance only.
Advance tickets only! INFO/RSVP: 542-3933 /
[email protected]
Annual Spring Auction — Horton Community
Centre, Hortonville 7pm • Auctioneers: Doug
Crowell and Paul Saulnier. New items donated
by local businesses. Used items donated by local
residents. Baked goods. Local crafts. 50/50 draw.
Canteen service. TIX: no charge INFO: 542-3150 /
Concert: Susan Crowe and Cindy Church — Union
Street Cafe, Berwick 8pm • Susan Crowe is one of
Canada’s most respected singer songwriters in the
folk genre. Cindy Church has become renowned for
the clarity and emotive precision of her voice and
the subtlety of her approach to song interpretation
and songwriting. TIX: $27 INFO: 538-7787 /
[email protected]
Highway 125 — Al Whittle Theatre, Wolfville 8pm •
Don’t miss one of Atlantic Canada’s top blues acts!
This performance will be recorded live by Kory
Bayer of Soundmarket Live. See poster page 19.
TIX: $12 advance, $15 at the door @ Moe’s Place
Music Sales (Windsor), Box of Delights (Wolfville)
INFO: [email protected]
Dance: Margie Brown Duo — Old Orchard Heritage
Barn, Wolfville 8:30pm–12:30am • Dance to
the Margie Brown Duo and support the Cancer
Patient Navigation Fund. TIX: $10 advance, $12
at the door @ Old Orchard Inn, Wild Lily and Box
of Delights (Wolfville), Absolutely Fabulous (New
Minas), RD Chisholm (Kentville) INFO: 681-2284 /
[email protected]
Dance: Rte. 12 — Legion, Kentville 9pm–12am
• Bar & kitchen available. 19+ TIX: $7
INFO: 678-8935
Spring Fling Vendor & Crafters Sale — Lions Club,
Kentville 9am–4pm Local home-based businesses
and crafters! Epicure, Discovery Toys, Close To My
Heart, primitive crafts, Mary Kay, Watkins, Steeped
Tea, Scentsy, Artisan soaps, Gifts & Tours, Nana’s Skin
Care, Stella & Dot and many more. TIX: no charge
INFO: 670-7293 / [email protected]
Vintage Snowmobile Day — Hants County
Exhibition, Windsor 10am–3pm • Do you have a
pre-1991 snowmobile? Drag it out and show it off.
Regardless of condition, we want to see it at the
Vintage Snowmobile Day and Swap Meet. TIX: free
will donation to support the Hants Sno-Dusters
Club for trail work. INFO: 798-9419, 798-9531,
798-6437 / [email protected]
Black River Market and Cafe — Community Hall,
Black River 11am–3pm • Enjoy a light lunch
in our Schoolhouse Cafe, by donation with all
proceeds going to the Hall. Great variety of local
vendors selling handcrafted goods and delicious
treats. TIX: donation to enter, $5 per table INFO:
542-0002 / [email protected]
Fundy Film screens SELMA — Al Whittle Theatre, 4
& 7pm • Ava DuVernay’s award-winning feature
chronicles the tumultuous three months in 1965
when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (David Oyelowo)
led a dangerous struggle to secure equal voting
rights in the face of violent opposition. The
epic march (Selma to Montgomery, Alabama)
culminated in President Lyndon B. Johnson’s (Tom
Wilkinson) signing of the Voting Rights Act. See
ad p. 9 TIX: $9 INFO: 542-5157 /
Ballet Jorgen Canada: Formation — Festival
Theatre, Wolfville 7:30pm • A program of cuttingedge contemporary ballet called Formation. The
feature piece of Formation is Bouffonia, a brandnew work by Robert Desrosiers. See page 12. TIX:
$34 adults, $22 students @ Acadia Box Office,
542-5500 INFO: 585-1282 / [email protected]
Spring Into Action Challenge 2015 — Horizons
Community Dev. Asso. Inc., Wolfville 12:01am
• From April 13–May 24, Horizons Community
Development Associates Inc. issues a challenge
to our colleagues, friends and families to get
physically active and fit for summer! The goal
is to achieve 30 minutes of physical activity.
Deadline to register April 10. TIX: no charge INFO:
542-0156 / [email protected]
Council Advisory Committee — Council Chambers,
Kentville 1:30pm • Open to the public. TIX: no
charge INFO:
Fiber Ops : Chat & Knit, Stitch, Hook or Weave! —
Library, Hantsport 3–4:30pm • Bring your knitting,
weaving, hooking or any fiber project and join this
friendly group for a relaxing hour or two. All levels
welcome! TIX: no charge INFO: 684-4005
The Valley Gardeners Club Meeting. —
NSCC Kingstec Campus, Kentville 7:30pm •
Presentations by the two Kingstec Student
recipients of the club’s scholarship. All are
welcome to attend. TIX: no charge INFO: 681-0049
/ [email protected]
Band Concert — The Valley Community Concert
Band and the Hantsport Middle School Band
present a concert directed by Roger Taylor.
TIX: free will offering INFO: 694-8326 /
[email protected]
Seniors Legal Information Session — United
Baptist Church, Port Williams 2pm • Trinda Ernst,
Barrister at Waterbury Newton will provide
informational session regarding Wills, Medical
Directives, Powers of Attorney, etc. Large groups
should call ahead. TIX: no charge INFO: 542-3681
that all things are interconnected and not
separate, while at the same time all things retain
their individuality. An awareness of nonduality
can give you a bigger perspective on life, a greater
sense of freedom, and bring you a more stable
happiness. All welcome. TIX: no charge INFO:
401-3973 / [email protected]
Cinéma Politique — Studio-Z, Wolfville
7–9pm • TBA TIX: donation INFO: 678-3748 /
[email protected]
Dessert Party — Hants Community Hospital,
Windsor 7pm • Hants Community Hospital
Auxiliary Dessert Party. Guest speaker Nancy
O’Halloran, from Braveheart, a Red Cross
Training partner. First aid tips, desserts after the
presentation. Proceeds towards the purchase of
hospital equipment, please RSVP. TIX: donation
INFO: 757-1791 / [email protected]
Millville Hall General Assembly — Community
Hall, Millville 7pm • Community news will be
reported and voting on new Executive members
will take place. There are Executive positions
available for anyone interested. Hope to see
you there. TIX: no charge INFO: 847-0116 /
[email protected]
Mid-Week Business Mingle — Pete’s upstairs
Mezzanine, Wolfville 4:30-6pm • Facilitated by
Elsie of Wetmore Counselling and supported
by the WBDC. Light refreshments and snacks
provided, meet and mingle. TIX: no charge INFO:
[email protected]
Fundy Film screens 1971 — Al Whittle Theatre,
7pm • Before Wikileaks and Edward Snowden
there was the Citizens’ Commission to Investigate
the FBI, eight ordinary citizens who broke into
an FBI office in 1971, uncovered the FBI’s vast
and illegal regime of spying and intimidating
Americans, and mailed the incriminating
documents anonymously to newsrooms. The
damning evidence also revealed lifelong FBI
director J. Edgar Hoover’s illegal Counter
Intelligence Program. Despite extensive
investigations, the FBI could not solve the mystery
and the eight were never identified. Until now.
This documentary is their story. See ad p. 9 TIX: $9
INFO: 542-5157 /
Nice Buns! — Farmers Market, Wolfville 5:30-8pm
• Is bread your friend or your foe? Now you
don’t have to choose. Learn how easy it is to
make tasty breads, buns and wraps with gluten
free whole grains and seeds. Workshops
include: hands on learning, handouts and
recipes. Workshop Facilitator: Selah Koile,
Registered Holistic Nutrition Counselor, cook
and educator. TIX: $50 INFO: 697-3344 /
[email protected]
Non Duality Meet Up — Manning Memorial
Chapel, Wolfville 7pm • Nonduality is the sense
Graduating from the NSCC’s
Tourism Management program
in 2013 has provided me with
the supportive foundation to
currently work through the
transfer program at MSVU. The
NSCC program opened doors to
unique opportunities to follow
my dreams of working internationally where I completed a
practica position at Ashford
Castle in Ireland that will count
towards my undergraduate
degree. My current studies are
enhanced every day by my past
experiences and projects within
the industry from my time at
Sarah Harnish
For more info Contact Nicole 902-679-7441
April 3 – 16, 2015
Sat Apr 4 Sh
Sat Apr 11 H wna Caspi
eather K
Sat Apr 25 R
ichard G
ar vey
Sat May 2 A
ndy Flinn
May 9 Wide
O pe
Over 50 Farmers, Chefs & Artisans!
& Tofu
Meals for
Here or
24 Elm Ave, Wolfville
Event Details
Thurs April 16, 5:30pm–8pm: Nice Buns!
Is bread your friend or your foe? Now you don’t have to choose. Learn
how easy it is to make tasty breads, buns, and wraps with gluten-free
whole grains and seeds. Finally, a delicious and nutritious vehicle for
stacking mouth-watering market delicacies. Nice Buns! is the second of a
three-part series called “The Art and Ease of Good Food”.
Workshop Facilitator: Selah Koile (
Workshop details & costs:
Sat April 18, 8:30am–1pm: Seedy Saturday
Our abundant local harvests began with a simple seed planted in the
rich Valley soil. Join us for a fun-filled Market day full of Seeds, Plants,
Art, and Speakers (discussing transplanting, seed diversity, & seed
saving). Kids of all ages are invited to an interactive seed game. There
is something for everyone whether you have a green thumb, are just
learning, or are a seasoned veteran. Also, you have a chance to win
a basket of seed goodies! Be sure to bring your seeds to swap at the
Community Seed Exchange Table. ‘Seed’ you there!
Good Food Hub Kitchen
Tastes of the Market Demo Series
April 11: Suprima Farms
April 25: Harbourville Schnitzelhaus.
Customer Profile:
How long have you been a customer of the Wolfville
Farmers’ Market and how often do you come? I’ve been
a customer for Six years and visit almost every
market day.
What are some of the things you love best about coming to the
Wolfville Farmers’ Market? I like knowing that the food I buy is from local farms,
knowing that I can ask farmers about how the food is grown, learning new
ways to prepare foods, and knowing that I’ll meet friends there every time.
If you were to tell a friend why you come to the Wolfville Farmers’ Market, what would you
tell them? Come meet awesome people, buy the freshest and healthiest food,
and be inspired to cook great meals.
If you made a transition from being a casual customer to a more regular customer, what
obstacles did you overcome to do so, and why did you make that choice? As a student
I was price conscious, so buying all my food at the market wasn’t always
possible. Overcoming this barrier required a combination of learning about
health, ecology, and how to cook with lots of vegetables.
What are some of your other interests and passions? Cooking with friends,
mountain biking, bicycle touring, and starting and growing businesses
and organizations that create a better world.
Nova Scotia’s Newest Winery
1441 Church Street, Port Williams.
Health &
& Specialty
n Spaces
Sat. music
For Special E
Descriptions Listings &
, see below!
Market Team Profile:
What is your favourite part of working at the Market? My favourite
part of the market is talking to different people and vendors, and being part of the community by just being at the
market. Did I forget to mention, my equally favourite part
of the market is all the good food!!
What is the most important thing that the Market achieves from your
perspective? The market team and vendors work closely
together to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in
the community. The market has come so far since 2012 when I first arrived in Wolfville,
and this was achieved with a small team.
If you were to tell a friend why you work with the Wolfville Farmers’ Market, what would you tell them?
The Wolfville Farmers’ Market is a leader in the food movement in the Valley and the
Market team is super friendly, considerate, and sweet. It has been a privilege to work
with such a wonderful group of individuals.
What is your role with the Market Team? Please describe what you do. As the Good Food Hub
Assistant, my duties include, but are not limited to, preparing and handing out food
samples for special events, assisting with the Good Food Hub event planning, and
developing the kitchen logistics.
Vendor Profile Elizabeth Charlton
902-698-1856 / [email protected] /
What is your Business? Slow Dough Pastries is a boutique bakery focused
on delivering fresh pastries, breads and meals to its customers through the Wolfville
Farmers Market as well as our cafe at 416 Main Street. Our pastries are all butter (without
trans-fats, lards, or oil substitutions) while our breads use a minimum of yeast and are
“slow” proofed, allowing unique flavours to develop. We use local seasonal products when
available and we have a selection of wheat-free pastries too.
What are you most proud of in the product you make or grow for Market? Slow Dough strives to avoid
shortcuts in our baking, taking the time needed to create delicious products in true “scratch
baking” fashion. Quality, small-scale production requires focus and attention to detail at all
times in order to provide a consistent, premium food experience for our customers.
What inspired you to start your business? We moved our family to Wolfville almost a decade ago
and were surprised to discover how many people were committed to local agriculture and
food production at a grassroots community level. As a graduate of the Pastry Arts program
at George Brown College, I soon found myself sharing a booth at the Farmers’ Market,
selling a few products and getting positive feedback. We’ve since become full members at
the Market and continue to grow every year.
What do you love best about coming to Market? I love meeting and interacting with our customers.
There are so many active, interesting people in this region and throughout Nova Scotia and
getting to know so many of them enriches my life. I can’t remember half their names any
more but that doesn’t make it any less pleasurable!
William & Tammy Morgan
(902) 365 5184
474 White Rock Rd, New Minas
If we wouldn't put in our house, we don't expect you to put in yours!
Longspell Point Farm
• Free Range Beef, Pork
& Chicken • Vegetables
• Whole-Grain Flour
245 Longspell Rd, Kingsport • 680-5615 • 582-3930
[email protected]
April 3 – 16, 2015
Thank you from Trikes N Trails for
the opportunity of allowing us to
introduce ourselves. We believe
we have a product & service that
will interest and excite you as you
imagine healthy activities for your
youth and retreats this fall and
We offer
• A team building experience
A challenge circuit for indoors designed like Canada’s
Worst Driver
A healthy & thoroughly
entertaining activity
Great activities for youth
groups, fundraisers, & youth
A super Personal & Professional Development ‘tool’
Trikes N Trails began in the
summer of 2014 as a business
that would offer an eco-adventure
to adults utilizing the local old
rail bed behind the towns & villages. We wanted to offer a service which encouraged adult ‘play’,
health and fun! Our comprehensive website displays a variety of packages and events that depict
our vision. Since then we have been inundated with requests for themed birthday parties, and PD
retreats for teachers & professionals, younger family members, and fundraising opportunities.
We have an amazing indoor track at 341 Main St., Kentville. Really, the sky is the limit! For more
details call us at 902-365-3082, check out our website at, or visit us on Facebook
to find out about our regular specials and giveaways!
Nancy Hurren & Mike Knol, Proud Owners
Trikes N Trails - Eco Adventure Rentals & Indoor Circuit is 'A Blast to Ride!"
The Four Seasons
A Springtime Concert
Al Whittle Theatre, Wolfville.
We invite you to come and join us
in an evening of light orchestral music
suitable for a Springtime evening!
General admission: $15.
Seniors & Children: $10.
Orchestra directed by Roger Taylor
The FREE Classifieds
April 3 – 16, 2015
This page works on a first-come, first-served basis. Email your classified to: [email protected] and, if there's room, we'll get you in.
Or, to reserve a placement, pay $5 per issue (3-issue minimum commitment). Please keep listings to 35 words or less.
Your Personal Concierge,
Errand Runner & Personal Shopper
Serving your individual needs in the
Annapolis Valley | 902-698-6 766
Theatre Intensive Camp: Edalene Theatre,
Aug. 3–21. Ages 10–18. Train in dance, music and
theatre technique while rehearsing for a full scale
musical production of Jason Robert Brown’s “13.”
Auditions May 24. All who audition are accepted
(space permitting); audition is for best placement only.
FEE: $315 by July 3, $335 after July 3, $350 if late
INFO: Kerri, 684-2044 / [email protected]
Community Yoga: Wed. & Fri., 12–1pm @ Dance
Studio, Downstairs, Old-SUB, Acadia. FEE: $5, no charge
for Acadia students INFO: Carole, [email protected]
Meditation Course: 3 consecutive Wednesday
evenings starting April 8, 6:30–7:30pm in a
home-based clinic in Wolfville. Taught by Sensei Yula.
FEE: $30 or pay what you can. INFO/Reg: 697-2661 /
[email protected] /
Inner Sun Yoga: Classes for every level of student
with certified instructors in our inviting studio space.
INFO: 542-YOGA /
Taoist Tai Chi™: Lions Hall, 78 River St., Kentville:
Tuesdays, 6–9pm & Thursdays, 11:30am–2pm. Berwick
Town Gym: Mondays, 6–7:30pm. INFO: Mary Anne,
678-4609 / [email protected]
Trailblazers: April 13 to June 18 @ The Gorge,
Kentville. For students from P–6. Trailblazers combines
outdoor education, outdoor recreation, leadership and
play to bring children closer to nature. P–3: Monday
or Tuesday, 2:30–4:30pm. Grades 4–6: Wednesday or
Thursday, 2:30–4:30pm. Register by April 8, 4:30pm.
FEE: no charge INFO/Reg:
Certified Food Handler Training: May 28,
8:30am–4pm @ Windermere Hall, Berwick. Learn
the safe way to prepare food. Whether you operate a
restaurant, take-out, catering, or mobile food premises,
or are working directly with high-risk groups such
as children and the elderly, this one-day course is
designed to meet the needs of your staff and your
customers. Please register by May 13. FEE: $55
Beginner Argentine Tango Workshop Series: 4
Sundays, April 19, May 3, 24 & June 7, 1:30–4pm @
Cedar Centre, Windsor. W/Lorne & Martina INFO/Reg: / [email protected]
The Light Within – Women’s Retreat: Saturday,
April 18, 9:30am–4:30pm @ Port Williams Community
Centre. Through music, movement, and time for
conversation and contemplation, the day will provide
opportunities for women to explore and nurture the gift
of the Spirit that resides uniquely within every person.
Retreat Leaders: Robyn Brown-Hewitt, Heather Price,
Kathleen Purdy FEE: $40 INFO/Reg: Betty, 542-3327 /
[email protected]
Healthy Living....Positive Aging!: Tuesday,
April 21, 2pm @ Kings Riverside Court, Kentville.
Evidence-based information on healthy aging, as
well as useful tips and strategies for making positive
aging a choice in your life. W/Shelley Orr, RN, with the
Seniors Mental Health Program. INFO/Reg: 678-5414 /
[email protected]
Mini Private Women’s Retreat: Friday to Sunday,
May 22–24, Wolfville. Herbal Medicine Making, Yoga,
Breathwork, Meditation, Belly Dance, Herbal Cooking
& Baking, Hiking, Wildcrafting, Smudging, ‘Spa
Time’ with Sister Lotus products, Reading, Writing,
Visioning. Cozy home environment, and gourmet
meals. FEE: $225 (non-refundable) INFO: 680-8839 /
[email protected]
“The Art and Ease of Good Food”: Workshop
includes: hands on learning, handouts, recipes
and generous tasting in the shiny new Good
Food Hub commercial kitchen in the Wolfville
Farmers’ Market. April 16, 5:30–8pm: Make
your own delicious bread/buns/wraps out of
real gluten-free whole grains and seeds. Please
register. FEE: $57.50 (tax in) INFO/Reg: 697-3344 /
Donate Used Clothing: Flowercart creates
work and training for people. Donate your used
clothing to Flowercart and keep your donation
and the resulting money local. Drop off location
9412 Commercial St., New Minas. INFO: 681-0120 /
[email protected]
Under the Big Top: On April 11 it’s Two Planks and a
Passion Theatre’s 21st annual fundraising event. Funds
raised support the 2015 Two Planks summer season
of The Tempest and Turn of the Screw. If you can’t join
us you can still make a difference by donating. Thank
you in advance! TIX: $55 each, $400 for a table of 8,
including a fabulous meal and tax receipt! INFO/RSVP:
582-3073 /
Andrea Bell’s “Dare to Leap” Fundraiser:
Originally from Wolfville, Andrea will rappel
19 stories off one of Vancouver’s highest buildings
on April 16 to raise money for Outward Bound’s new
outdoor experiential education for inner city youth.
Health Board Volunteers: Your Eastern Kings
Community Health Board is looking for volunteers.
INFO: 542-1244 / [email protected]
Community Bottle Drive: Gaspereau
Baptist Church will be holding a bottle drive
in April and May for funds for steeple repairs.
INFO: [email protected]
‘Breaking Ground’ Festival Needs Volunteers:
July 1–4 @ Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, Canning.
We need help with planning and making the festival
incredible for the community. All skills/time available
welcome! INFO: [email protected]
Pam’s Editing Services: Make your writing look
professional! Experienced editor and journalist can
help you with: press releases, manuscripts, ads, reports,
school essays, proposals. FEE: $35/hr. INFO: Pam,
306-0570 / [email protected]
Interior/Exterior Painting: Women in Rollers
does accurate quotes, shows up on time to work, and
performs to perfection. We even leave your home
neat and tidy! Call today for your free estimate.
INFO: Pamela, 697-2926
Hand-Crafted Urn Boxes: Respectful, wooden,
locally-made. INFO: Farmer Eddie, 542-3387
Prom Dress Consignment: We are looking for
your prom dresses! Twice in a Life Time Prom Dress
Consignment Sale, April 18, 12-5pm in Kentville. Set
your price, and we will take only 20% for our charity.
INFO: [email protected]
Massiah’s Cleaning: The best services, prices and
quality of work. Stripping, waxing, deep scrubbing,
recoating, buffing, tile & grout, cement & degreasing,
carpets & general. Throughout the Valley, 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week – even on short notice. Maintenance
plans available. INFO: Ryan, 691-3614
Acupuncture / Chinese Medicine / Herbal
Care: #221, 112 Front St. Wolfville (above EOS). Hi,
I’m Devorah Fallows & I’m committed to supporting
health in our community. Find lasting, overall health
by getting to the root of your problem using natural,
safe & healthy methods. Specializing in menopause,
sexual & reproductive health, emotional balancing &
sleep restoration. Children welcome. INFO: 300-3017 /
[email protected] /
Acupuncture or Shiatsu: A holistic approach to
treating almost any health issue. Diagnosis and
treatment based on traditional Chinese medicine.
Provided by Sensei Yula. INFO:
Book an appointment: [email protected] /
John Tetrault CD Recording: Saturday, April 18,
8pm @ Soundmarket Studio, Wolfville. Join local
artist John Tetrault as he records his new CD. TIX: $10
advance, $12 at door @ Box of Delights (Wolfville) &
Moe’s Music (Windsor) INFO: [email protected]
Existing Mobile Business For Sale: Operate from
Home – No storefront needed. Exclusive territory – All
of SW Nova Scotia. Already generating 45K+ with
potential for more. Equipment & training Included.
Proprietary recipes & flavours. Excellent profit margins.
INFO: [email protected]
Valley Mac Service: I can help you with all your Apple
gear: tuneups, upgrades, configuration, instruction,
backups, advice. Student rates. House calls are no
problem. INFO: [email protected]
Courier Needed: Tuesday and Thursday
morning town to city commuter needed. Binky’s
Donuts...from exit 10 to Pete’s Bedford. Will pay a
little cash and a couple of Binky’s donuts for the drive.
INFO: [email protected]
House Sitting: 30-something professional
able to provide house-sitting arrangements,
within Wolfville preferred, car-required if
beyond. Available anytime, references available.
INFO: [email protected]
Apartment Needed: Age 76 senior looking for 1
bedroom apartment on ground level, no stairs. Parking,
laundry access, electric included. Near Kings Transit
stops. INFO: John, 681-3722
Apartment for Rent: Lovely, large basement
apartment in a quiet Port Williams home. Large kitchen,
4 piece bath, large living and sleeping rooms. Heat,
water, and power are included. Cat/other small pet
welcome, however no dogs please. Non-smoking.
INFO: 542-7227
Register Now for Brigadoon’s Wine & Dash: On
June 14, runners, walkers and wine lovers can sample
Nova Scotia wines along a beautiful route through
Gaspereau Valley, while helping to send kids to
Brigadoon Village! To register or to learn more visit us
online. INFO/Reg:
Men’s Mental Health: Are you a young man, aged
18–30, who struggles with low mood, personal,
career or relationship issues? A Movember Canada
funded men’s mental health enhancement program
is looking for participants to join an intensive
workshop that provides tools for strength, resilience
and restored life purpose. All expenses are covered.
Limited spots. INFO/Reg: Dr. Ron Lehr, 585-1302 /
[email protected]
Viewfinders Youth Film Competition: An
opportunity for youth to connect with the film industry
and a showcase of Atlantic Canada’s best young
filmmakers. Films will be evaluated by a panel of
Industry professionals. Filmmakers must be 18 or
under. See online for details. Deadline for submission
is May 1. INFO: 334-1426 /
Princess Kentville: Princess Kentville submissions
must be in by April 7 for the tea on April 15. Please
email to apply. INFO: [email protected]
Tourism InnovatioNS Day: April 22, 9am–4pm @
Old Orchard Inn, Wolfville. Learn about the latest trends,
tips, tools, and how you can work with the NSTA to
help grow your tourism business. Lunch/refreshments
complimentary. TIX: no charge, but please register one
week in advance. INFO/Reg:
Booker School Registration: Registrations for the
2015/16 Academic Year for Pre K–8 are now being
accepted. Deadline is May 1. INFO/Reg: 585-5000 /
Community INC 50/50 Raffle: April 1–Aug. 14.
A potential prize of $2500.00. Also, included with each
ticket will be a voucher to receive a $10 Giant Tiger
coupon with a purchase of $50 or more (before taxes
& some restrictions apply) from our 2014 Inclusive
Employer Award Winner, Giant Tiger. 100% of the
profits will directly assist with client’s needs. TIX: $5
per ticket @ our office, 28 Webster St., Kentville, or 298
Marshall St., Middleton INFO: 679-7469 / 363-3255.
Rent the Community Room @ The Market: The
Wolfville Farmers’ Market has a homey and flexible
space for meetings of 10 to parties of 100. Sound
system, projector & screen, plates & cutlery, wine
glasses, chairs, tables available for use. Fully equipped
kitchen. See online for details. INFO/Book: Kelly,
697-3344 / [email protected]
Seeking Artisans/Vendors: The Woodville Farmers’
Market (342 Bligh Rd.) will be open on Tuesdays
from May 26 until Oct. 6. Interested grower or artisan
vendors please contact. INFO: Henry, 993-0040 /
[email protected]
April 3 – 16, 2015
Bruce Dewar's New CD, Better Late
Bruce’s journey from a dingy
Legion bar in Truro in 1971
to a state-of-the-art recording
studio under the tutelage of J.P.
Cormier in 2015 is an interesting story.
In 1980, Bruce won a country
singing contest at CHFX Radio
in Halifax. This led to an appearance on the Tommy Hunter
Show in Toronto that fueled his inclination to
quit his job and pursue music full. But with bills
pilling up, a few years later he returned to work
in brokerage sales and continued to play music
on weekends. The prospect of a career in music
or making a record was not on the radar. He
jumped at the chance to move back to his native
Nova Scotia in 1997, but partly due to work
pressures, his musical endeavors diminished
even further.
Hon. Scott Brison
M.P. Kings - Hants
– Produced by J.P Cormier.
Finally retiring in 2013, Bruce
began searching his musical soul
again and found he still had lots
of gas in the tank. In September
2014, he had the good fortune to
run into J.P. Cormier who agreed
to produce, and play all the strings
for, an album. Better Late, was
released on March 19.
Despite J.P.’s tremendous endorsement, Bruce’s outlook remains humble,
“Hopefully this offering will be well received.
I’m not quite sure where it’ll go from here, I’m
just happy to be doing what I love most again.
Whatever happens, happens…‘Better Late’ than
Bruce encourages you to visit and like his
Facebook fan page at "Bruce Dewar Music".
To receive a copy of the CD, contact
[email protected]
Highway 125
Highway 125 is a five-piece blues/rock band out of Cape Breton. Formed in the summer of 2009,
the band currently consists of Curtis Matheson (guitar/lead vocals/harmonica), Allan Currie
(guitar/vocals), Tristan Baxter (bass guitar/vocals), Lonnie L. Jones (drums), and more recently
Matthew Nicholson (saxophone/vocals). Curtis Matheson and Allan Currie are the only remaining
original members, and no member was any older than 15 years of age when the band first began
playing together.
In 2012, the band quickly became popular around the Cape Breton music scene, performing in
just about any place that was considered anywhere. By mid-2013, mainland Nova Scotia had taken
notice and began booking them to perform. With this, came their debut album *Payin’ Dues*,
which eventually went on to be included on the Blind Lemon Blues 'Top 20 Canadian Blues Albums
of the Year', listed as #3. Their 2014 EP *Off The Floor* also received an Honorary Mention by the
Newfoundland radio show in 2015.
Today, Highway 125 is ready to make its comeback with its third consecutive spring/summer tour
of the Maritimes, this time stronger than ever before. This high-energy, real deal, rockin’ blues
blast is ready to come to a town near you. Long live Canadian Blues!
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