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Gre eti ngs fr om Grant ’s Ca mps
20 14 was the best season ever. Of course I say that
about every season but it’s true. Every season we see old
friends and welcome new ones to camp. Dry flies and
native brook trout on the lake... Black Ghosts and
salmon on the river all part of your fishing adventure
here at Grant’s. Plus great home cooked meals and even
greater stories shared around the tables.
Welcome back, my friends. Tight Lines.
John and Carolyn Blunt, your hosts
Lake Camps
See you in September Dino
Into Flat Iron Pond
Dino and his wife Maryanne and daughter Christina
visit with us in mid August but come September
Dino is back for some fishin’. He saves one day for a
trip on the Upper River starting in the Logan up to
Bridge Pool. Dry flies and brookies! Next day it’s
wading the Lower River for silver sided salmon!
Skip has been fishing here
for 25 years and a couple
of years ago he
introduced Condoda to
Kennebago Lake and fly
fishing. She can’t be
called a “rookie” anymore
Skip! A hike into Flat
Iron Pond made for a
great day trip and some
beautiful Brook Trout.
Ray Lemieux
Ray has been fishing at
Grant’s for more than
25 years in both June
and September. He
pretty much knows the
lake and where to find
the fish. This salmon
came to the top for a
#18 Montreal dry.
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The Prescots fly of choice is the Black Ghost
Peter & dad Barney Martin
They all fished the river and Roxanne particulary likes the
Powerhouse Pool where she picked up some nice salmon.
The family fishing adventure continued down to Devels
Elbow and Green Island. They all hooked up with salmon
and trout and they have been doing it since the late 1980s!
What a great family.
Any day fishing with dad is a
good day but on September
28th. it was a special day.
While fishing out in front of
the Rope Swing 9 year old
Peter hooked into a 18 inch
brook trout! He played it,
brought it in and netted it.
Congratulations Peter.
Glady De Wick
A Great Day In June!
The Lary brothers are back!
Kenny for his fifth year and
Kevin for his third.
It seems like every time someone saw them they had fish
on! All released. These guys
fish hard and laugh hard.
Great sports to have in camp.
Your cabin is ready!
Bill, Gordy and John
These fishin’ buddies have been coming
here for 34 years and by all their reports,
this June this was another great trip. And, as
was told by them one evening at dinner all
three had fish-on at the same time! But, we
gotta remember, they are fisherman!
New to the lake? Need a couple of tips?
They are willing to share and of course,
being fishermen they never stretch the
truth! See you in June for year 35!
Don’t have to strech this fish tail
Long time guest Dan likes to fish
John’s Pond Pool where he says “the
fish show but never bite”. Hey Dan
take a look to your right Looks like
your grandson Sam figured it out... an
18 inch brook trout!
The Smile says it all!
Arnold Atkins came in from New Mexico
in mid Sept. with one purpose and that
was to add to his life list the landlocked
salmon. He did get his landlocks but he
also got a brook trout of a lifetime in the
lower river... twenty three inches and five
pounds plus. What a double header!