Summer Program - Grade Power Learning

All Students Need Grade Power Learning this Summer
If there is one thing that you can do to help your child get better grades, it’s make sure
that he or she is learning this summer. Research proves it time and time again: students
who continue to learn over the summer have an academic advantage. By taking a
two-month break over the summer, the brain loses much of the information it learned
over the school year.
From learning to read to college-prep, Grade Power Learning has summer programs for
every student. Take a look at our great summer academic programs:
Summer Programs - 2015
Early Reading Program
Core Skills Program
Advantage Program
Catch Up & Get Ahead
20-Hour Programs
Get Ready for K & Grade 1
Grades 1 to 8
Grades 9 to 12
All Grades
Study Skills
Elementary Math Review
Intro. to High School Math
Group program
Individual program
Get Organized Skill
4-Hour Workshops
Understanding Group
For children 3 to 6 years old
Reading, Writing, Spelling, &
Learning Skills
Basic & Advanced Math
For students in grades 6 to 10
Review vital math concepts for
students going to grades 7 & 8
Common concepts of math in HS
for students going to grade 9
For students who want to take
SAT/ACT or Secondary School
Admission Test
Goal Setting, Time Management,
Organizational Skills, & Note
Taking for students in Grades 7-10
Understanding your and other
people interactional styles to work
effectively with other - for
students in Grades 7-10
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