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March 29, 2015
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Palm Sunday
Good Friday
Mar. 29
April 2
April 3
April 5
Upcoming Events
10:00 am Combined Worship Service. Coffee and
fellowship following the service in the
Deacon Doug’s day of rest
Pastor Jim’s day of rest
Maundy Thursday Service with
10:00am Good Friday Service.
Traditional Worship Service with
9:45 am Easter Brunch
11:00am Creative Worship Service with
Parish Fellowship Easter Brunch
Ushers & Readers Needed
Tickets on Sale to March 29, 2015
Please volunteer to be an Usher or
Tickets are $8.00 per person,
Reader. The need is especially great
(Children 7 and under are free!)
at the 8:30am service. Please contact
If you require more information please Brenda Chupik or the church office if
contact Lynn Campbell.
you’re willing to serve. Thanks!
Good Shepherd has a new way to make donations.
Aside from envelopes and the preauthorized
payment plan, you can now make donations online,
through The site is secure and gives you an
instant tax receipt. You can use credit and debit cards or a paypal
account. Also there are options for monthly donations or single donations. Please
check out the site at the following url:
Contact Dale Klein financial secretary at 306-539-1214 if you have questions.
April 5, 2015
"One Step Ahead"
Lutheran Hour Speaker: Rev. Gregory
Your future is not a mystery. Our risen
Savior is one step ahead and He leads
you to eternal life.
(Mark 16:1-8)
Listen at 7:30 am Sunday on CKRM 620
or anytime at
LLL News - Please mark your
calendars for the following dates:
May 7 & 8 Garage & Bake Sale
June 12 Fair Booth Fundraising Dinner
October 23 Oktoberfest Supper
DPS Amanda Hastings is on maternity
leave, and Deacon Doug Wilson has
begun one year of filling in for her.
He would love to get to know members of
the congregation as soon as possible,
and to help with that task will be trying to
make as many home visits as possible.
Please speak with him directly or call the
church office to schedule a visit, but don’t
be surprised if the church office calls you
 The Education
committee is looking for volunteers
to help with Sunday School. Commit
for one Sunday at a time if you wish.
 The Trustees could use additional
 People are needed to serve on the
evangelism committee.
 The Public Relations committee
needs someone.
 People are needed to help those
without transportation to attend
church and medical appointments.
Tired of standing on the sidelines as a
member of good shepherd Lutheran
Perhaps meeting more of your fellow
members, and helping out your Pastor
and Deacon in spiritual matters?
Then perhaps becoming a Good
Shepherd Elder might just be the
calling to enrich your life. Please see
Pastor Jim, Deacon Doug, or call the
church for details of this exciting
MAY 8-9, 2015
Discover more about the
different seasons and experiences that
make up a Christian woman’s faith.
Guest Speaker and Musician:
Jennifer Jade Kerr
Please refer to the brochure (on the
bulletin board) for further information.
If you have any questions or wish to
register, please contact DPS Alyx
Quinlan (Email:[email protected];
Phone: [306]999-4362)
Needs You!
Many of our Senior citizens living in
Care Homes would appreciate and
enjoy a visit from members of our
Edna Meyers in Wintergreen Estates,
Lutheran Women’s Missionary 4950 Pasqua St., 306-585-7100
Ted and Doreen Reiser, #331-2025
League-Canada (LWMLC)
Project News and Information: Heseltine Rd., 306-757-6578
Helene Sidaway, # 303 - 333 Emerald
Canadian Lutheran World
Park Rd. Emerald Park, SK S4L 1C9
Relief (CLWR) project –
We have been able to assemble and ship Lil Groff, Parkside Extendicare, 4540
10-12 Baby Bundles once each year for a Rae St.
Dorothy Allen, Parkside Extendicare,
large number of years. These are made
4540 Rae St.
up as follows:
John Schmidt, Kennedy Manor,
 4 flannelette diapers (fabric is
22 Kennedy Cres.
purchased by the LWMLC from their
local offering funds and stitched into
Jean Finell, Rawlinson Cres. Care
the required size by members.)
Home, 39 Rawlinson Cres. 525-4834
 2 receiving blankets, 2 diaper shirts or Marg Schmirler, Precious Memories
“onesies”, 2 prs. sleepers (received
Villa, 2800 – 23rd. Ave. S4S 1E6
mostly by donation or purchased by
Thank You to the
individual members at garage sales)
Youth for the
 2 washcloths (new), 6 safety pins.
Wonderful job
 1 baby sweater (crocheted or knit by
providing meals during
Lent! (Applause & Standing Ovation!)
Receiving blankets, diaper shirts/onesies, Looking Ahead: The Annual Tea and
and sleepers should be “gently used.”
Bazaar at the Regina Lutheran Home will
--these items should be newborn size—
be held on Saturday, April 25, 2:00 to
nothing over 12 months.
If you have any of the used items
We are asking for donations for the Bake
required for these Baby Bundles, we
Table and for the Craft Table. All
would be grateful to receive them!
proceeds go to enhancing the lives of the
Donated items can be placed in the box
Elders living there.
directly behind the mitten tree.
MARCH 29, 2015 – Palm Sunday
Any questions can be directed to Marvie
Blended Service 10:00 am. Coffee
Poier (306) 586-2833 or Alvina Morgan
and fellowship following the service in
(306) 586-4787.
the Narthex.
Good Shepherd
VBS this
July 20 - 24
Keep up with
Pastor Jim’s
blog about the
sermon and
readings for
the week.
The current blog is titled “Cheating”
Unfaithfulness, the little shop of horrors,
and being a Gomer. Plus Maury Povich,
and the Britsh Maury Povich. Are you the
father? Find out inside. Tune in at:
Do you have an
hour to spare?
That’s all it takes, just
one hour, to play a part
in the education of a child. We are revamping the Sunday school volunteer
program and we need your help! We
have a wide variety of volunteer
positions available (storyteller, craft,
games, music and snack) and we have
the resources to help you to further
explore this opportunity.
Please check out the bulletin board in
of Islam (Part Two):
the narthex for more information or to
Defending the Christian
Faith will continue on Wed. April 8, at the sign up for a Sunday. Any questions
home of Dale Klein (607 – 2300 Broad St.) can be directed to Connor Wright or
In Part Two of this Bible study, Sam
Deacon Doug Wilson.
Shamoun, an Arab-Christian, examines
Offering & Attendance Numbers
key texts from the Qur'an and the Bible.
Mar. 22 - $ 2675.00
Among the items he sheds light on are
At Jesus Feet
Islamic presuppositions concerning the
priority of the Qur'an, Bible texts
Sun. Mar. 22: 8:30 am – 42
considered corrupt by Muslims, the
11:00 am – 71
sonship of believers, and Islam's position
Please help fill this
on the Trinity. Please rsvp to Dale at 306space! Your
539-1214 so he knows how many to
Announcements are
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Please submit by Fri. 9:00am
3825 Hillsdale St. Regina, SK S4S 3Y5
Keep up with what’s
Phone 306-586-0299
happening, and see these
announcements in colour!
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