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Term 2
Week 6
4 June, 2015
Dear Parents
I have spent the past week meeting prospective families for next year’s Kindergarten intake. I have to say that this is
one of the most enjoyable tasks that I do each year. Without fail, it helps me to remember that the partnership
between the school and the home is critical to the success of the education your child receives. The relationship must be
built on trust which will only develop and flourish if you get to know your child’s teacher and they in turn get to know
I am also reminded at these interviews that each child is so special in the eyes of their parents and as a
consequence our profession carries with it a huge responsibility to never betray that trust. Although it is human
nature to have strong aspirations for your child each year I am struck by the simple hopes that each parent holds for
their child as they begin school; to be happy, to have friends, to make progress and in so doing enjoy the school
experience. I would encourage you to keep those goals clearly in your mind as we approach Reporting Time later
this term.
After School Supervision
You may have noticed that we have changed the protocol for use of the playground equipment after school. Staff
members are now allowing children to use the equipment if they are supervised by an adult. For many years we
recognised that this was a great meeting place for the parents of pre-schoolers but we have been hamstrung by the
concern that children could not be adequately supervised.
As you are aware at the end of the day the school provides supervision for children who are crossing Burdekin
Avenue at the Pedestrian Crossing, catching a bus or are awaiting pick up in our Church or Main Carparks. It is
assumed that all other children, including those playing on the playground are under the supervision of their parents
or a trusted adult. I would very much appreciate your support in assisting staff to provide this duty of care.
The second of our Confirmation ceremonies was held last night and the final (and largest) will be held tomorrow night.
It has been lovely to witness to sense of pride that the children have shown during the ceremonies. They have been
well supported by their immediate and extended families.
The ceremonies have been outstanding and a wonderful culmination to the thorough preparation the children have
undergone. Thank you once again to our staff for their efforts to prepare these young people. Congratulations to the
parents for your very significant role in this important milestone in your child’s faith development.
May God bless you and your family
Graham Pollard
Lochlainn V represented the ACT at the Australian
Little League Baseball Championships in Lismore this
Luke C will be representing the ACT School Boys Rugby
League team at the Australian Championships in
Darwin during August.
Our Community Council Working Bee will be
held Sunday, 14 June commencing
at 10 am. Pizza and drinks provided for lunch.
We will be digging up the pavers between
the Hall and Building C and stacking them to
be reused at a later date. The pavers need to
be removed prior to cementing the area.
If you can assist could you please bring
crowbars, gloves and wheelbarrows.
This is a great opportunity for parents to meet
new families and to catch up with friends.
If any of the following items belong to you could
you please contact the Front Office.
2 pair of adult sunglasses, a baby’s pink
cardigan with 3 heart shape buttons, an Ipad
carry case and a pair of tortoiseshell
frame glasses.
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