Enrolment Forms must be returned no later than tomorrow, Friday

Term 2
Week 4
21 May 2015
Dear Parents,
Tomorrow is a busy day at our school with an Athletics
Carnival run in conjunction with an Archbishop’s visit.
You will be relieved to hear that the Archbishop will not
be participating in any events. Rather his purpose will
be to meet the Year Six children who are preparing for
the reception of Confirmation the following week. It
does give you a quick glimpse into the busyness of
school life!
Thank you to the parish team, our Year Six Teachers
and our REC, Mr Luke Maher, who have spent
considerable time preparing these children.
I would like to sincerely thank Mrs Penny Vanzwol and
Mrs Mel Shannon who jointly presented a Parents as
Partners course on Tuesday morning and evening. We
were delighted with the response with over 60 parents
attending throughout the day. The feedback following
the sessions was very positive and confirms a discussion
at our recent Community Council meeting, whereby
members requested more offerings of this type.
Tuesday’s attendance was a clear affirmation of the
support for these courses.
May God bless you and your family.
Friday, 22 May
Athletics Carnival Year 2 - Year 6
Saturday, 23 May
Confirmation Ministry Mass - 6pm
Sunday, 24 May
Confirmation Ministry Mass - 9.30am
and 5.30pm
Tuesday, 26 May
Confirmation Spirit Day
Wednesday, 27 May
Friday, 29 May
Prayer Celebration - 5Housler & 3Zaja
Congratulations to Kirsty Price and
her husband, Brett, on the birth of
their little girl Zoe Christine.
Mum and bub are doing well.
Graham Pollard
If you have a child in pre-school this year, please see or contact Joan at the office
for an Enrolment Pack.
Enrolment Forms must be returned no later than tomorrow,
Friday, 22 May.
If your enrolment is received after the due date it will be classed a “late enrolment”
and other applications will be considered first. The enrolment process must be followed
for all new students intending to attend Good Shepherd next year,
even those with siblings.
www.goodshepherd .act.edu.au
Phone: 6255 7888
Fax : 62557999
Email: [email protected]
www.goodshepherd .act.edu.au
Phone: 6255 7888
Fax : 62557999
Email: [email protected]