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Audi A3 | A3 Sportback | A3 Saloon Accessories
Genuine Accessories
Onwards with even more individuality.
With Audi Genuine Accessories.
Unique design, impressive dynamics, intuitive functionality – the new Audi A3, the new A3 Sportback
and the new A3 Saloon will impress you straight away. And with Audi Genuine Accessories, you can design
your vehicle in any way you wish. For example, you could use the style package to give an additional
dynamic touch to the A3 of your choice. Or you could decide on the contrasting film sets that support
the new striking and fascinating lines of the vehicles. But regardless of which accessories you like best:
They give the car a personality – your own.
Sport and Design
Comfort and protection
Further communication equipment
4 | 5 Sport and design
Onwards with
even more beauty.
Audi cast aluminium wheels are subjected to constant strain
during daily use. Comprehensive testing ensures that they
nevertheless fulfil the high quality requirements expected
of them. Furthermore, the use of complex casting processes
results in high component strength. Whilst the multiple
coats of high-quality paint do not just create a stunning
look, but also offer effective protection against scratches.
1 Cast aluminium wheels, 5-arm Velum design,
anthracite,high-gloss turned finish
More sportiness. In size 7.5 J x 18 for 225/40 R 18 tyres.
Available for the A3 and A3 Sportback only.
2 Cast aluminium wheels, 5-arm Helica design
High quality and expressive. In size 7.5 J x 17 for
225/45 R 17 tyres (for A3 and A3 Sportback only). Also
available as a complete winter wheel in size 6 J x 17
(for A3 and A3 Sportback) and 6.5 J x 17 (for A3 Saloon)
for 205/50 R 17 tyres. Suitable for use with snow
chains, permissible top speed 210 km/h. Fuel efficiency
class: F, wet grip class: E, external rolling noise class:
69 dB.
6 | 7 Sport and design
1 Cast aluminium wheels, 5-arm Velum design,
matt black,high-gloss turned finish
Elegant dynamics. In size 7.5 J x 18 (for A3 and
A3 Sportback) and 8 J x 18 (for A3 Saloon) for
225/40 R 18 tyres.
2 Cast aluminium winter wheels, 5-arm Rotor design
Complete winter wheel, suitable for use with snow chains.
In size 6 J x 16 (for A3 and A3 Sportback) and 6.5 J x 16
(for A3 Saloon) for 205/55 R 16 tyres. Permissible top
speed 210 km/h. Fuel efficiency class: E, wet grip class: C,
external rolling noise class:
68 dB.
8 | 9 Sport and design
1 Wheel bag
Four-part set with practical carrying handles enables
complete wheels to be transported and stored simply
and kept clean. Made from tear-resistant plastic.
The wheel bolts can be stored in the outer pockets.
2 Valve caps
The 4 metal valve caps with the embossed Audi logo
provide better protection for the valve against dust,
dirt and moisture. Available for rubber, metal and
aluminium valves.
3 Snow chains
For an improved grip on snow and ice.
Cast aluminium wheels
Subject: Quality
One must
for beauty.
By undergoing a copper accelerated
acetic acid salt spray test, for example.
When our experts test the quality of
Audi Genuine Accessories wheels, they
are just as innovative as our designers.
Intense heat, high humidity, strong
sunlight – there is practically no limit
to the number of possible tests. But
the most extreme endurance test is
the copper accelerated acetic acid salt
spray test, known as CASS. In the test,
wheels which have been previously
damaged by simulated stone chips are
sprayed with this extremely corrosive
solution for several days. Yet they must
overcome all these challenges without
visible adverse effects. So that even
after many miles, you can be as thrilled
by the design of your Audi Genuine
Accessories wheels as you were on the
first day.
10 | 11 Sport and design
At Audi, we don’t
only provide our
products with
a shape, but also
a soul.
The style package from Audi Genuine Accessories
provides even more dynamism for your Audi A3
or A3 Sportback. It consists of a distinctive front
spoiler with blade, wider side sills, rear apron and
diffuser plus striking sports-style tailpipe trims.
The dynamic lines of the Audi A3 and A3 Sportback
are additionally enhanced by a roof edge spoiler.
The primed attachments can be painted in the
colour of your choice.
1 Front spoiler with blade*
Made to mearure for you, primed at the factory.
Can also be painted in a colour of your choice or in
the vehicle’s body colour (an extra charge applies
for this option). Also available in aluminium look.
(Only available in conjunction with the roof spoiler.)
2 Sports-style tailpipe trims
Made from chrome-plated stainless steel.
* Available for A3 and A3 Sportback.
style package
Subject: Design
with even more power.
Designing products is not just about
fulfilling technical specifications.
It is concerned with creating a lively
character between the two contrasting
areas of form and function. Or as is
the case with the style package from
Audi Genuine Accessories to provide
the vehicle’s form with a sportier final
touch. That’s why the designers of
Audi Genuine Accessories are involved
in the development process for a new
Audi vehicle from the very beginning.
The result is an exceptionally balanced
interplay between vehicle and accessories. Just like a tailor-made suit only
really comes into its own when it is
combined with accessories from the
suit’s fashion designer. Simply the
sort of design that you would expect
from Audi: with the power to turn a
product into a living character.
12 | 13 Sport and design
1 Roof edge spoiler
With integrated brake light, contributes to the good
aerodynamics and signals sheer power.
* Available for A3 and A3 Sportback.
2 Side sills*
Underline the dynamic side sections and provide
the vehicle with an individual touch.
3 Rear diffuser with blade*
Attractive eye-catcher at the rear, gives the vehicle an
even sportier line. Can be individualised: primed in the
factory and can be painted in the vehicle body colour or
a colour of your choice (an extra charge applies for this
option). Includes a cover for the trailer towing hitch.
(Can only be used in conjunction with the rear apron.)
14 | 15 Sport and design
with an even more striking look.
Give your Audi A3 an even more individual touch: The colour kits give colourful touches on the
paintwork and in the interior. The exact, unique colour designation is shown as an RGB code on
the centre console. Now you just need to decide between two colours: would you rather have
fiery misano red or mysterious fog blue?
QR Code
1–2 blue colour kit film set, red colour kit film set*
For the side sections, roof and bonnet in misano red/
ibis white and fog blue/ibis white. The number “3” is
close to the rear. Light-fast, resistant to abrasion and
can be removed without leaving behind any residue.
* Available for A3 and A3 Sportback.
To experience the Audi A3 colour kit in action,
scan this QR code with your Smartphone.
Or type the following link into your browser:
16 | 17 Sport and design
1–5 colour kit red interior, colour kit blue interior
Even more individuality in the interior with decorative
trims on interior mirror and centre console, inlays for
dashboard and door trim (for the A3 Sportback and
the A3 Saloon, also for the rear), as well as decorative
textile floor mats. Available in misano red/ibis white
and fog blue/ibis white.
Amalfi White
Brilliant Red
Brilliant Black
Ice Silver, metallic
Monsoon Grey, metallic
Dakota Grey, metallic
Beluga Brown, metallic
Glacier White, metallic
Shiraz Red, metallic
Scuba Blue, metallic
Misano Red, pearl effect
Phantom Black, pearl effect
Daytona Grey, pearl effect (only S line)
Estoril Blue, crystal effect (only S3)
Panther Black, crystal effect (only S3)
Combinable interior packages
Black/Titanium Grey
Black/Pashmina Beige
Black/Chestnut Brown
not available
Interior inlays
in fog blue/ibis white
Interior inlays
in misano red/ibis white
Film set
Fog blue/ibis white
Film set
Misano red/ibis white
Body paintwork
18 | 19 Transport
with even more flexibility.
Where will the mood take you next? Skiing in the mountains, for an extended kayak tour or on a
relaxed bike trip in the countryside? Just make a spontaneous decision. The smart transport solutions
from Audi Genuine Accessories give you the freedom to spend your leisure time as you want.
1 Carrier unit for roof rails
Carrier unit with embossed Audi logo for various roof
rack modules. The profile section is made from anodised
aluminium tube. The carrier unit is easy to install and is
lockable. Maximum permissible total weight of carrier,
modules and load 75 kg. For the A3 Sportback only.
2 Carrier unit¹
Carrier unit for various roof rack modules such as cycle
racks, kayak racks or ski and luggage boxes. The profile
section is made from anodised aluminium tube. The
carrier unit is easy to install and is lockable.
3 Ski and luggage box (480 l)²
Ski box for winter sports equipment and other luggage.
Lockable and can be opened from both sides. Easy to
clean thanks to smooth surface. (Can only be used in
conjunction with the carrier unit.)
4 Ski and snowboard rack
For the convenient transportation of up to 6 pairs of
skis or 4 snowboards. Lockable. (Can only be used in
conjunction with the carrier unit.)
5 Luggage box (370 l)²
Compact box, easy to open with easy-to-clean surface,
lockable. Its aerodynamic shape reduces wind noise
more effectively. (Can only be used in conjunction with
the carrier unit.)
6 Ski and luggage box (450 l)²
Lockable and can be opened from both sides. Suitable
for skis up to 2.10 m in length. (Can only be used in
conjunction with the carrier unit.)
¹ The maximum roof weight when using a carrier unit is 50 kg for the A3, and 75 kg for the A3 Sportback
and the A3 Saloon.
² Maximum permissible load 50 kg.
20 | 21 Transport
1–2 Bicycle rack for the trailer towing hitch
Lockable, for up to 2 bicycles with a maximum load of
60 kg. Optional: Extension kit for a third bicycle. Easy
mounting thanks to a simple plug-in mechanism. The
cycle rack can be very easily folded away to open the
luggage compartment. Foldable, can be stored away
in the bag provided to save space.
3 Bicycle rack
Made of specially shaped aluminium profile and powder
coated steel. Can be mounted very simply on the vehicle.
Lockable. Maximum load 17 kg. (Can only be used in
conjunction with the carrier unit.)
4 Bicycle fork carrier
Comfortable handling. Lockable. Suitable for bicycles with
a quick-action lock on the front wheel. It is also available
including the front rack holder. Maximum load 17 kg.
(Can only be used in conjunction with the carrier unit.)
5 Front bicycle rack
Front bicycle rack from matt anodised aluminium,
secured to prevent theft, completely pre-assembled.
Not suitable for bicycles with knock-out spindles.
6 Kayak rack
For a single-person kayak weighing up to 25 kg.
(Can only be used in conjunction with the carrier unit.)
4 5
Luggage rack*
Profile section made from eloxal aluminium. Lockable,
corrosion-resistant. (Can only be used in conjunction
with the carrier unit.)
Trailer towing hitch
Removable and lockable, ball joint coupling and ball
head made from forged steel. The 13-pin socket can
be swivelled out of sight behind the bumper skirt;
when removed, the towing hitch can be stored in the
spare wheel well.
* Maximum permissible total weight for carriers, modules and load 31 kg (A3) or 56 kg (A3 Sportback and A3 Saloon).
22 | 23 Communication
with even more relaxation.
The best on-board entertainment. Enjoy your own music from your
smartphone, which can be easily connected to your vehicle using
the adapter cable for Audi music interface. Even charging is made
easier – with the USB charging adapter.
1 Audi wireless internet access
For establishing a free internet connection in the vehicle
via WiFi. Serves as a hotspot for up to 8 mobile end
devices such as tablets, laptops or Smartphones – even
outside the vehicle in a range of up to 100 m. Functions
independently of the battery life thanks to the router
that is integrated into the vehicle. With roaming function,
even for prepaid cards.
2 Navigation update*
23 GB of new map material with new contents, e.g. terrain
models, improved graphics, 3D representation of Points
of Interest; easier to connect to real surroundings. More
convenient and a more relaxed driving experience. Our
tip is to get the update when you next have your vehicle
* For more detailed information, please contact your Audi partner.
3 USB charging adapter
To charge various mobile phone models in conjunction
with the Audi phone box.
4 Adapter cables for Audi music interface*
Enable the connection of a variety of iPod™ models
and other portable media players. Operation via the
MMI® system, if the function is supported by the
media player.
Retrofit of the navigation function*
Offers the opportunity to activate the navigation function
and data at any time in the future (provided that the
MMI radio and connectivity package are present).
Audi SD card (8 GB)
For storing music: ultra compact and universal SDHC
memory card, Class 6. Including protective cover.
24 | 25 Family
Onwards with
even more safety.
Even if it will still be a few years before the
youngsters are driving themselves, the child seats
from Audi Genuine Accessories ensure that the
little ones have just as much fun on the journey
as the grown-ups.
2 3
1 Colour variants for child seats
All child seats are available in the combinations misano
red/black and titanium grey/black. The fabrics used are
gentle to the skin, breathable, non-fading and washable.
Spare covers are available from your Audi partner.
2 Audi child seat
Can be used facing the front or rear. With adjustable seat,
integral full-belt safety harness as well as adaptable
head restraints. Removable, washable cover, breathable
and gentle to the skin, certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100,
in the colours misano red/black and titanium grey/black.
Can only be used in conjunction with the ISOFIX base.
Suitable for children from 9 to 18 kg (approx. 12 months
to 4 years).
3 ISOFIX base for Audi baby seat and Audi child seat
For better stability of the Audi baby seat and the
Audi child seat. Enables the seat to be installed and
removed quickly. The adjustable support base provides
additional stability. Optimises protection for the
child. Note: the ISOFIX base is optional for the baby
seat and is required for the child seat.
4 Audi child seat youngster plus
Offers excellent comfort thanks to intelligent belt
guidance. The backrest is adjustable in height and
width. Adaptations can be easily made via a viewing
window for size adjustment. Removable, washable
cover, breathable and gentle to the skin, certified to
Oeko-Tex Standard 100, in the colours misano red/
black and titanium grey/black. Suitable for children
from 15 to 36 kg (approx. 4 to 12 years).
26 | 27 Family
Child seat
Subject: Quality
What the 15th March 1954 has to do
with the development of our child seats.
This was the day that Georges de Mestral received his patent for velcro. He thus posed a challenge for the Audi developers of today: the velcro test.
Children’s shoes or jackets often have velcro fastenings which wear the material out due to lodgement. The test therefore involves pulling velcro strips off
the child seat covers repeatedly in order to test their durability. Only when the fibres have passed this and many other tests are they good enough to be
processed into an Audi child seat. But the design, as well as the quality, must satisfy the high demands of Audi. That is why the individual threads are dyed.
According to the exact specifications of our designers, so that they perfectly match the interior of an Audi. It practically goes without saying that the cover
materials are Oeko-Tex® certified and breathable.
1 Audi baby seat
Can be secured using the three-point belt. The integral
full-belt safety harness provides improved restraint,
whilst the attached cover offers protection from sunlight.
With an adaptable head restraint. Suitable for small
children weighing up to 13 kg (approx. 12 months).
2 Audi baby mirror
The velcro fastener enables the baby mirror to be easily
attached to the rear seat head restraint. This allows the
driver to keep an eye on the baby in the rear-facing baby
seat. The viewing angle can be adjusted individually. Not
for integrated head restraints.
3 Audi children’s world
The Audi plush steering wheel and cuddly toy ensure fun
and games. To match the child seat designs.
28 | 29 Comfort and protection
with even more comfort.
Life is already stressful enough. It’s one appointment after another. That’s why you should make the time between
them as comfortable as possible. To this end, Audi Genuine Accessories offers you a range of intelligent solutions
such as the clothes hanger and the sun protection system. The high quality products are perfectly matched to your
Audi and make every journey even more comfortable – even when you’re on your way to your next appointment.
1 Storage pocket
All-purpose pocket for versatile storage space to keep
the vehicle neat and tidy. Attached to the backrest.
Can be easily folded up and taken with you.
2 Coat hanger
For jackets, blazers or other items of clothing.
Secured to the front head restraints.
3 Sun protection system
Almost total protection from the sun. Exact-fit 2 or
3-piece set for the side and rear windows.
Easy installation, easy to store.
Parking system
Subject: Comfort
30 | 31 Comfort and protection
1 Parking system
Supports the driver by indicating acoustically how far
away the vehicle is from an obstacle. 4 ultrasonic
sensors are concealed discreetly in the rear bumper.
Activated by engaging reverse gear.
What can you learn from
bats about parking?
Quite a lot, we would say. Like navigating using ultrasonic signals. Bats use this technique to get their bearings in
even the toughest terrain, with impressive accuracy. So it is obvious that Audi would make use of the same principle for
its parking system which can be retrofitted to assist you with parking and manoeuvring. The 4 sensors in the bumpers,
which can be painted over, alternately send ultrasonic signals which are reflected back by obstacles. The retrofit kit
is individually calibrated to achieve an extremely precise system in the relevant range between 1.40 m and 30 cm.
This ensures that the trailer towing hitch from Audi Genuine Accessories, for example, does not cause the system to
misdetect obstacles. So ultrasonic signals get the bat to its destination and your Audi safely into the parking space.
2 LED gooseneck reading lamp
Very bright light exactly where it is needed – thanks to
the flexible silicon rubber neck. High level of stability in
any position. Connection via the cigarette lighter.
32 | 33 Comfort and protection
1 Protective film for paintwork
Transparent and therefore almost invisible high
performance protective film with an extra layer of
clear varnish. Reduces the effects of stone chips,
scratches and scrapes. For installing on the front
of your Audi.
2 Cruise control
Keeps the set speed constant at 30 km/h and above.
Active braking intervention, e.g. when driving downhill,
is also possible, as is operation via separate steering
column stalk. The set speed is displayed in the driver
information system.
3 Luggage compartment box (foldable)
Made from black polyester, can hold up to 32 l. Can be
easily assembled using velcro strips, functional, handy.
Can be used as an additional protective underlay for
the luggage compartment when folded out completely.
Washable and easy to clean.
34 | 35 Comfort and protection
1 Boot tray
Features a lip all the way round, providing the boot floor
with better protection against soiling. The non-slip
pattern reduces any slipping of the load. Can be easily
stowed away and takes up little space. For the A3 only.
2 Rigid load-liner
For all items of luggage that often leave traces behind
when they are being transported. High-cut plastic insert,
built robustly and easy to clean. Wide grooves prevent the
load from slipping out of place. For the A3 Sportback only.
3 Boot liner
Custom-,made luggage compartment protection,
washable and robust. The lip around the edge better
protects the luggage compartment floor from any
leaking fluids. For the A3 Sportback and A3 Saloon.
Universal luggage compartment divider
Enables the flexible use of the luggage compartment.
Can be bent into the required shape and fixed to the
floor using the velcro strap. After removal, it takes on
the original shape again. Can only be used for luggage
compartment surfaces made from needle fleece.
Loading sill protective sheet
Exact-fit, transparent sheeting provides the bumper
with better protection against damage when loading
and unloading the luggage compartment.
Protective film for cutout area, rear
Practical and effective solution for protecting the
cutout area of the rear doors in the wheel arch area.
Transparent film made of scratch-resistant and
robust plastic. For the A3 Sportback and A3 Saloon.
Mud flaps
Made out of high quality plastic. Reduce paint damage
and dirt around the sills and rear apron panel. Available
in 2-piece sets for the front and/or rear.
36 | 37 Comfort and protection
1 Care products
Specially tailored to the high-quality materials of your
Audi. Suited to exterior maintenance or many applications
inside the vehicle, depending on the product.
3 Rubber floor mats
Exact-fit. Offer improved protection from heavy soiling.
Attached to the vehicle by means of the fastening points
that are fitted on the vehicle floor. With A3 logo.
2 Vehicle cover
Exact-fit, in anthracite, with Audi logo, made of
breathable and antistatic material. Piping accentuates
the shape of the vehicle. Optimal protection from
dust and dirt. For indoor use only.
4 Audi Tracking Assistant plus*
Enables a stolen vehicle to be located and tracked via
GPS/GSM technology in 27 European countries. With
automatic driver recognition and intelligent restart
* For more detailed information, please contact your Audi partner.
38 | 39 Further communication equipment
Even more A3? But of course.
You can experience the whole world of the Audi A3 at www.audi.com.
Enjoy your voyage of discovery.
Audi Vorsprung durch Technik
85045 Ingolstadt
Valid from June 2013
The model variants and the equipment illustrated in this catalogue, and also some of the accessories, are not available in all countries.
Some of the cars illustrated are equipped with optional equipment for which an extra charge is made. Deviations from the colours, shapes
and materials shown in the illustrations may occur. Details concerning the delivery specification, appearance, dimensions and weights
of the accessories were correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of going to press. The right to introduce modifications is reserved.
Printed in Germany
This brochure is printed on paper made from pulp bleached without the use of chlorine.