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Spring 2013
Happy Spring! It never ceases
to amaze me at how quickly time
John Bedford, President
Kathy Carson, Vice President
Ed Regele, Treasurer
Jim Kraft, Secretary
Rick Sayre
Janet Massey
Brett DiPasquale
Jon Kristjanson
Stacey Iversen Huck
After volunteering more than 20
years, Mark made the decision to
retire from the Board of Directors,
most recently serving as the
President. All of the volunteers as
well as the staff appreciate all of his
years of service and wish him the
very best.
At our Annual Meeting held on
February 21, 2013, Stacey was
elected to the Board of Directors.
Congratulations Stacey, we know
you will be a great addition to our
credit union family!
THANK YOU to those who
attended our 64th Annual Meeting.
The Grand Prize winner of a $100
bill was Jim Kraft.
Holiday Closings:
Monday, May 27, 2013
for Memorial Day
Drive-up:Monday – Friday
7:30AM to 5:30PM
Lobby: Monday – Friday
9:00AM to 5:30 PM
Here are some reasons to use our
credit card:
• The application is short and
we only need a copy of your
most recent pay stub
• No annual fee
• Fixed rate at 8.99% APR
• Even if you pay your balance
in full, the credit union still
receives income from your
• You can make your payments
at the credit union
passes, and I am always happy to have
survived another Montana winter!
One of the reasons time has flown is
because we have spent a lot of time
creating products to serve the needs
of our membership. We focused on
two services; in-house mortgage loans
and credit cards. Both programs have
been received favorably, and we thank
those members who have supported
our efforts. If you are looking for a
loan or any type of credit, please
consider applying with us. We have
a knowledgeable staff ready to help
Call or stop by the credit union for an
you with your needs.
We are partnering with Billings
area credit unions to host a Shred-AKEN STEINMAN
Thon on April 27th. This will also be
a fundraiser for the Big Sky Honor
Flight; the credit unions will pay for
your shredding in exchange for a
Appointments will fill quickly, so call
donation to the Honor Flight program.
as soon as possible to reserve your
If you want more information
appointment. He will be here April
about the program, check out their
22nd and 23rd from 3:00 p.m. – 7:45
website at www.bigskyhonorflight.
org. It is an honor to support such a
worthwhile program, and I hope you
will participate in our fundraiser.
As always, thank you for your
support, both in using all of our
Borrow up to $1,000.00 for 12
products, but also in supporting
months at 6.00% APR. Applying is
easy, call or stop by for more details. our endeavors to give back to our
community. Credit Unions are based
on the principle of volunteerism, so
Rebuilding Your
we all feel it is important to “pay it
forward” to our great hometown, state
Credit History
1. Always pay your bills on time. and nation. ~ Paula
Delinquent payments and collections
have a negative impact on your credit
2. Keep balances low on your credit
cards and other revolving credit. High
balances lower your score.
Brought to you by the Midland Empire
3. Only apply for, and open, new
Chapter of Credit Unions
credit accounts as needed. Opening
a new account just to have a better
Bring your confidential waste and have it
shredded. All donations will go to support
credit mix won’t increase your score.
Big Sky Honor Flight.
4. Pay off your debt instead of
This event is open to the general public.
moving it around. Owing the same
amount, but having fewer open
Saturday, April 27th
accounts, may lower your score.
10am - 2pm
Remember, you can’t rebuild your
Credit Union
credit score; you rebuild your credit
history. Time is your ally in improving
your credit. There is no “quick fix”
for a bad credit score, so be aware of
suspicious deals that offer you a fast
and easy solution.
Tips For
Cards Safe
If you use a plastic card - debit,
credit, or ATM - you can learn a lot
from experienced card players. They
protect themselves by not showing
their hands. Here are seven tips for
keeping your cards safe and secure.
1. Memorize your PIN (Personal
Identification Number). Don’t write
it on the back of the card. You can
disguise it as part of a phone number
in your address book or translate it into
a word or easy to remember phrase
from a keypad - 5683 is LOVE; 2559
is All Kids Love X-Box.
2. Use caution when using an ATM.
Avoid frequenting any in secluded
places. Always be aware of anyone
“shoulder surfing” (standing close to
you to observe your PIN or account
3. If you have multiple credit cards,
use one exclusively for online or phone
purchases. Then if it’s compromised,
you have only one card to replace.
Never enter your card information on
a Web site unless the site is secured.
Check to be sure the site has an “s” in
its URL: https//. Scroll over the lock
icon to confirm the site is verified.
4. Photocopy the front and back
of your cards and keep the document
in a secured place. If one is lost or
stolen, you will have easy access to
the account information.
5. Keep your cards in the same
order in your wallet. That makes it
easier to discover if one of them is
6. Review your statements carefully
for any unauthorized activity.
7. Contact the credit union or other
issuer immediately to report a lost or
stolen card.
Rimrock Credit Union
Dividend Rates
Need A Vehicle?
Stop, Shop And Buy
If Old Man Winter was hard on
your vehicle, it’s time to spring into
action. Your first destination: the
credit union for a pre-approved loan.
With a pre-approval, you can shop
around for that new car, truck or van,
or one that is new-to-you. The Web
makes it easy to see what’s available,
with sites like www.edmunds.com
and www.kbb.com (Kelley Blue
Book) offering guidance on what your
options are and what you can expect
to pay. Other sites to visit are www.
carsoup.com, www.consumerreports.
org, and www.carprices.com.
After gathering information online,
it’s time to narrow your search and
visit the Web sites of dealers or check
out used cars for sale in the classified
ads and on Craigslist. Start narrowing
down the list of acceptable vehicles.
Once it’s a reasonable length, it’s
time to set foot on the dealer’s lot
or visit private sellers. Try not to
fall in love with a particular vehicle.
Keep your options open so you are
in a better position to negotiate the
best car for the best price. If you are
uncomfortable with negotiating, bring
along a friend or family member who
isn’t. Or conversely, shop alone but
tell the salesperson that your spouse
or significant other must be consulted
before you can make the deal. This
is the same negotiating tactic the
salesperson will use on you when
he or she says that your offer must
be approved by the sales manager.
Keep the fact you have been preapproved out of the equation. Dealer
financing is a profit center and if you
disclose you already have a loan,
the salesperson may try to make up
the profit somewhere else in the
There is no greater joy nor greater
reward than to make a fundamental
difference in someone’s life.
Happy 104th Birthday To Credit Unions
U.S. credit unions may be celebrating their 104th birthday this year, but they
are just as relevant for today’s consumers as they were more than a century ago.
The first credit union in the U.S. was formed in Manchester, New Hampshire
to provide mill workers with a safe place to save and an affordable place to
borrow. Those basic financial service needs (plus many more) are still being
met by credit unions from coast to coast.
Are you fed up with high fees and indifferent service from other financial
institutions? More consumers than ever are turning to credit unions for fair deals
and personal service. As we look back on a rich history, we look forward to
continuing to provide our valued member/owners with the tools and resources
they need to reach their financial goals.
as of 1/2012
Primary Share
Daily Balance
Second Primary
Daily Balance
IRA Share
IRA Certificate
1-Year, $2000 dep. .40%
The start-up fee to open an IRA is $10.00.
The annual maintenance fee is $10.00.
Close Account fee is $10.00.
Money Market Share .15%
Share Certificates
1-Year, $2000 dep.
91-Day, $2000 dep.
6-Mo., $2000 dep. .40%
Dividend rates subject to change without notice.
APY represents Annual Percentage Yield
when dividends remain on deposit for monthly
compounding. A penalty will be imposed for early
withdrawal on share certificate accounts. Contact
the Credit Union for more information about
dividend rates and fees.
Reserve Account
*Share Draft
The minimum balance required to avoid a service
charge is $100. If the balance falls below $100
any time during the month, a $5.00 service
charge will be assessed for that month. This
account may be closed if there are three or more
NSF drafts returned in a monthly period, subject
to management's discretion. Other fees are as
Stop Payment
Returned Draft (NSF)
Copy of Cleared Draft
Extra Statement Copy $5
Account Reconciliation
Overdraft Transfer Fee
Close Account Fee (closed for abuse) $20
Off Us Returned Check Fee $3
Christmas Club 1.75% APR/APY
The dividend rate for this account is determined
during the month of October of every year. Dividends
are paid annually, with the entire balance (including
dividends) being transferred to your Share Account
by November 1 of every year. The maximum
investment permitted is $7,500.00.
Loan Rates
As of 9/2010
Share Certificate Secured
APR will be the rate of the certificate,
rounded up to the nearest half percent, plus
New & Used Vehicles & Vehicles 1 year
Up to 72 Months
4.25% APR
Shares Secured
Signature and Co-Maker
All Other Secured
Overdraft Protection
3.50% APR
8.99% APR
4.25% APR
12.00% APR
Rates are subject to change. Call your
Credit Union for current quotes.
Where people are worth more than money.™