Summer 2015 - God`s Waiting Children Inc.

“And whoever welcomes a little child like this, receives me.” - Matthew 18:5
“In you alone, the orphans find compassion.” - Hosea 14:4
God’s Waiting Children
Summer 2015 Hosting Program
California and North Carolina arrival cities
Please read through the next few pages to learn all the details of hosting a
child and view photos and bios of the waiting children. Some of these kids
have experienced their orphanage getting destroyed in the war in the past
year and they have been relocated to another part of Ukraine. These children
will benefit from something positive in their life like a hosting experience.
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Hosting Details
God’s Waiting Children, Inc. is bringing a group of Ukrainian orphans to California for a cultural exchange
experience during the summer of 2015. The tentative arrival date is June 30th and departure date is July
20th, but those dates are subject to change. The children will stay with pre-approved host families. The
hosting experience is similar to having a foreign exchange student where the family will welcome a Ukrainian child into their home for a few weeks. The children will come with insurance coverage. This is NOT an
adoption program, though we can help you adopt a child if you decide to pursue that.
Why do we bring the kids to the US?
This hosting program was designed to give the children the experience of a lifetime and a much needed
break from the orphanage setting over their summer vacation. The goal of bringing them here to the U.S. is
to instill hope in these children and inspire them to stay in school and persevere, knowing there are opportunities in this world for him or her. It will also let the children know that a family here in the United States
cares about them. For some of these children, this hosting experience will be the first time they have experienced a “normal” family life. The host families are encouraged to stay in contact with the child they host
once the child returns to Ukraine via letters, phone calls, and care packages.
What is the cost to host or sponsor a child?
Host families will pay the all expenses and travel costs for the child or children they host. A $1,500 donation is due when a family submits an application to host. This covers the cost of the child’s passport, insurance, travel expenses for facilitator to gather the documents needed, medical exam, background check, US
visa, travel to Kyiv from orphanage, cost to prepare and translate travel documents, and transportation from
Kyiv back to orphanage. A second donation of $1,000 is due on May 15, 2015 and the final payment is due
on June 1, 2015. The families divide the ticket costs for the escorts so the amount of the final donation will
not be known until tickets are reserved. The total cost to host a child is estimated to be approximately
Is the expense a tax write-off?
Yes, the monies paid into God’s Waiting Children are tax deductible. We are a registered 501 c3 in the state
of California. Donors are sent a tax receipt prior to the end of the fiscal year.
What dates will the children be here?
We think the group will arrive June 30 and leave July 20, but those dates could change. We’ll know the
exact dates as soon as the tickets are purchased.
Where in Ukraine are these kids from?
Part of the group is from the southern part of Ukraine, north of the Black Sea. The rest of them used to live
in Donesk, but their orphanage was destroyed in the war in Eastern Ukraine last year. They are now living
in another part of the country.
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Is this an adoption program?
Host families DO NOT have to have any intentions of adopting a child. This hosting program is not an
adoption program. Host families play a big role in building awareness of international adoption by introducing their host child to family, friends, coworkers, and their church congregation through normal activities
while the child is with the family. If the host family decides to pursue an adoption in Ukraine, the family
may request to adopt the child they hosted. God’s Waiting Children can help you navigate the international
adoption process.
How do we communicate with the child?
The children speak primarily Russian and Ukrainian languages, but will likely know some English. Surprisingly, communication during a hosting experience is usually not a problem. The children are very intelligent and they learn very quickly. Host families will be given brief language guides and tips for communicating. There will also be local translators available by phone 24 hours per day.
How do we prepare for the hosting experience?
God’s Waiting Children, Inc. will help prepare the host families for their experience and facilitate all of the
details. We will provide a training manual and a telephone conference training prior to the kids arriving.
Host families can also rely on other families who have hosted previously to assist them if desired.
Contact Us
Hosting a Ukrainian orphan is a true blessing for everyone involved. Please join our mission to help these
kids – pray for them, sponsor a child, or host a child! For more information or to commit to sponsoring a
child, please email [email protected] or call our office at 559-316-4823. You may also
contact Laurel Boylan, Director of God’s Waiting Children, at [email protected] or Amy
Moore, North Carolina Hosting Coordinator at (704) 813-5691 or [email protected]
Please look at the children’s pictures and bios attached. Pray for each child and pray about what your role in
helping these children is meant to be. As these children find their host families, we will note HOSTED over
their photos on our Facebook page. So for up to date info on which kids still need host families, please visit
1865 Herndon Ave., Ste. K-125, Clovis, CA 93611 ● (559) 316-4823 phone
[email protected] ●
age 11
Misha dreams of having his own family in America someday.
He has no siblings that we know of. He likes to build things
and says he might want to build houses someday. He is good
around other children and enjoys playing games with others.
Misha is quite polite and has good social skills. He is looking
forward to practicing English.
Alex P.
age 9
Sasha is sweet as can be, but all boy at the same time! He dreams of
having his own dog to play catch with. He wants to learn to ride a bike.
He says he wants to be a professional soccer player when he grows up.
Sasha will enjoy helping his host family with chores and learning to do
new things. He is a pleaser! Sasha has no siblings that we know of.
1865 Herndon Ave., Ste. K-125, Clovis, CA 93611 ● (559) 316-4823 phone
[email protected] ●
age 11
Vadym is a very active and competitive boy. He likes to
play with other kids, but sometimes gets bossy or pouty.
He craves attention and would do well in a family that had
a lot of time to interact with him and teach him new things.
He is a sweet boy with a kind heart. He came for hosting
last summer. His former host family is happy to talk with
any family considering hosting him to share more details
about his personality.
age 12
Tanya’s caregivers describe her as a very good girl.
She is friendly, easygoing, and active. She is also
tidy, helpful and kind to others. She has a tender
heart. This very sweet girl is dreaming of a chance to
meet an American family. She may have a couple
siblings but she is not close to them. She wants a
chance to swim in a swimming pool!!!
1865 Herndon Ave., Ste. K-125, Clovis, CA 93611 ● (559) 316-4823 phone
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Ages 12
Lyudmila will celebrate her 13th birthday this summer
after she returns home from the hosting trip. She would
rather be out playing ball or swimming rather than being
dressed up “girly”. Her teachers say she is friendly, calm
and tidy. She is a great helper, and very kind to others.
She loves receiving hugs.
Sasha K.
Ages 8
Sasha lives in an orphanage with his 11 year old sister. He is
described as active, friendly and talkative. He does have a
softer, more sensitive and emotional side. He is afraid of the
dark and does not like being left alone. He loves to play with
cars, trucks, balls, anything that rolls. He will do well in a
loving, well-structured family that wants to make a big difference in this little guy’s life!
Ages 10
Sergiy will have the chance to celebrate his 11th birthday in July while he is here for hosting. This will be his
first birthday party ever!!! He does not have any brothers
or sisters that we know about. He is said to be very witty, lively, inquisitive, eager to learn! His teacher says he
is “all in all sweet boy”.
1865 Herndon Ave., Ste. K-125, Clovis, CA 93611 ● (559) 316-4823 phone
[email protected] ●
Sasha S
Ages 10
Sasha is 10 years old. He has an older
sister that is 13 and a younger brother
that is 7. Sasha is described by his
cargivers as being calm, friendly and
kind to others. He yearns to ride a bike and learn to play football.
He enjoys soccer but has always wanted to feel a real football, as
they do not have any at his orphanage. He is inquisitive and creative. Building forts is a favorite pastime, as is chasing butterflies.
Age 12
Twelve- year- old Yefrosyniia’s nickname is Frosnya.
This pretty young girl is known as very nice. She is calm
and easy-going. Frosnya is also said to be helpful. She
has a younger brother. Her orphanage was destroyed in
the war last year and she had to be relocated. She is hopeful a family will sponsor her so she can enjoy her summer
and meet new people.
1865 Herndon Ave., Ste. K-125, Clovis, CA 93611 ● (559) 316-4823 phone
[email protected] ●