Weekly Bulletin - Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church

Sunday May 31st, 2015
Our Pastoral Staff
Senior Pastor:
David Milley
Outreach & Discipleship Pastor:
Elaine Milley
Youth & Assistant Pastor:
Shannon Meade
Children & Family Ministries Pastor:
Lisa Meade
June 7th Volunteer Schedule
Children’s Church
CC Helper
Dale & Irene Woodworth
Ralph Freake & Faye Earle
Trudy Philpott & Karen Pinksen
Karen Pinksen & Emily Adams
Trena Pinksen & Vicki Hedderson
Rebecca Stuckless
Mike Diego
This week’s ministries are cancelled due to VBS.
VBS will be Monday to Friday 6:00 p.m. – 8: 15 p.m.
(Ladies prayer meeting will go ahead.)
Please take a look
At the back of our bulletin
For a list of ministries available
for your children!!!
For Further details contact the Church Office
At 944-3636
Water Baptism Service
June 12-14
June 14
July 4
July 12-19
50+ Retreat
Water Baptism Service
YAM Camp Fire
Family Camp
Prayer Meeting Cancelled
June 2 & June 3 (noon) Prayer meeting will be cancelled due to VBS.
Reading Material
“Today’s Christian Living” is now available in the foyer.
Girlfriends Ministry
Girlfriends Ministry
June 11 thEvent will be rescheduled for July.
June 11 Event will be rescheduled for July.
11 Event
for July.
is $100,000.00
Missions- Please do your part in reaching our goal.
June 14th in the evening service. If
you want to be baptised,
please contact
one of the
pastoral staff.
We need leaders and host homes for September.
If you would be willing to open your home to a group, or
be trained to be a leader or co-leader,
please speak to Pastor Elaine A.S.A.P.
Wondering what’s happening at the church
weekly? Who do you call if you need
pastoral help? What ministries are
offered at the church? Check out our
website at www.gladtidingsnl.org for
answers to these and other questions.
Service Recordings
Summer Office Hours
Church Summer Office hours will
start June 9th.
Hours will be Tuesday –Thursday
9:00a.m.-12:00 p.m. and 1:00p.m.- 4:00 p.m.
Our weekly morning and evening
services are recorded and may be
purchased, either for you or to pass
on to someone who may not be able
to attend the service. Contact the
church office to order. CD cost is
Children ages 0-36 months are
entertained in a fun, safe, loving
environment while parents take in the
church service in our main auditorium.
Moms and young children
gather to interact and support
each other while kids get a
chance to play and socialize.
For more information on
Children’s Church
Children ages 3-4 years old discover
that God loves them and has a place
Children’s Ministries contact
Pastor Lisa @ 944-3636
for them. On Sunday mornings children
are dismissed prior to preaching .
Sunday School
Children ages 5-11 learn truths from
God’s Word. On Sunday mornings
children are dismissed prior to
preaching .
Fun Factor
Children ages 3-11 are invited out every
Wednesday night from 6:30-7:30 to
celebrate God through music, stories
and games.
A time for children 5-11 to study God’s
August 12
Call church office
for details!
Youth Service
Youth are given opportunity to
experience God’s presence
through worship and are
challenged by the truth of His
Word, they are encouraged to
participate in the altar ministry.
Discipleship in God takes place
every second Sunday evening in
the Youth Auditorium. It provides
an atmosphere to grow in God
and gives opportunity for
fellowship with other believers.
Our youth our involved in several
activities throughout the year such
as skating, bowling, sliding,
travelling suppers, snowmobile
trips etc…
For more information contact
Pastor Shannon @ 944-3636
Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church
610 Hudson Drive * Labrador City, NL
Telephone (709) 944-3636
E-Mail gl[email protected]
Web Page www.gladtidingsnl.org