Land Cruiser V8 Accessories

Land Cruiser V8 Accessories
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The style of life
The Land Cruiser V8 is style personified. It represents a compelling combination of luxury,
sophistication and multi-terrain functionality. Genuine Toyota accessories make even more
of the experience by giving you options to tailor your car to the life you lead.
Car care
Alloy wheels 06
Styling and protection
Carrying and transport
Cabin and trunk mats
In-cabin practicalities
Child seats 20
Personal safety
Bulbs and paints
Car care 22
Individually yours
There’s no denying the Land Cruiser’s stature. It
stands proud on city streets, in country lanes and
among nature’s wide open spaces. Toyota
accessories add to the effect by offering new
dimensions of individuality.
The range includes options for style and protection,
plus there’s a great choice of specialised carrying
attachments for those big adventures. Each
accessory is purpose designed. Installation is easy,
the integration perfect and the performance as
rewarding as your Land Cruiser itself.
The Land Cruiser is a sophisticated balance of form and function. So too with
Toyota accessories. Whether alloy wheels, chrome detailing or wind
deflectors; the design complements both your car’s looks and its capabilities.
Exhaust pipe finisher
Durable chrome for a classic sporty look.
Indyana 18” alloy wheels
A distinctive design emphasising your car’s strength and personality.
Sunroof wind deflector
Contoured to reduce wind noise and turbulence so you can enjoy all the pleasures of driving with
the roof open.
Wind deflectors
Shaped to reduce wind noise and turbulence when driving with open windows. Available as a front
and rear set.
Chrome side garnish
A stylish highlight for the side of your car.
Rear bike holder
A lightweight high strength
steel design for securely
carrying two or three bicycles.
It attaches to a Toyota towing
hitch and features security
locking plus an integral lights
and licence plate holder.
Hood deflector
Diverts water spray, mud and stone chips away from the windshield.
Door handle film
Transparent adhesive film to guard paintwork against scratches.
Detachable towing hitch
Featuring the convenience of a removable hook. Capacity up to
3500kg. Optional wiring kit available.
Fixed towing hitch
Perfect for general day to day towing. 3500kg capacity. Optional
wiring kit available.
Flanged towing hitch
Maximum stability for big towing jobs. 3500kg capacity. Optional
wiring kit available.
The Land Cruiser is famous for its go anywhere flexibility. Toyota roof-top
accessories give you extra freedom for exploring life’s big adventures.
The base for maximum versatility is a Toyota roof rack, or cross bars if your car
is already fitted with roof rails. Both systems are custom designed for easy
installation, feature security locking and can be combined with a wide range
of specialised attachments.
Fixing straps
Ultra-tough strapping with a
torsion adjuster for securing
Roof rack
Strong lightweight design with integral security locking.
Available with two or three
Roof rails with cross bars
Choose a lockable two or
three cross bar system to suit
your needs.
Surfboard and mast holder
Securely holds a full-size
surfboard or a wind-surfboard
and mast.
Ski and snowboard holders
Small, medium and large
lockable designs for skis,
snowboards or both. The large
luxury holder slides to the car
side for easy loading and
Luggage box
An aerodynamic design with big interior dimensions and a luxury finish. With security locking and
passenger side opening.
Bicycle holder
Lockable lightweight aluminium design with wheel and frame grips. Conveniently, the frame grip
can be adjusted at roof height. Fits on either side of the roof.
Luxury ski box
Especially shaped for carrying your ski accessories. Featuring security locking, passenger side
opening and a luxury finish.
Personal space
The Land Cruiser V8 offers the best of both worlds
with its big interior dimensions and high levels of
comfort. It fuses the luxurious ambience of a top quality
passenger car with the functionality of an off-roader.
Toyota accessories add those extra details that
reflect your individual taste for style and practicality.
The concept is flexibility. You can create a personal
space that’s tailored for the way you like things to be.
People use their Land Cruiser in so many different ways. For some it’s city
living, for others it’s communing with nature. Toyota accessories complement
the extremes and all the variations between.
There are rubber mats for the dirtiest boots you can imagine, and velour mats
that are just right for the school run. You have options for protecting
paintwork, caring for your pet and to help keep the trunk tidy. The choices are
for you and your way of life.
Textile floor mats
High quality velour mats in grey or beige.
Rubber floor mats
The ultimate protection against mud and dirt.
Scuff plates
A brushed aluminium finish and discreet illumination add a distinct touch of style while also protecting door sill paintwork against
scuffs and scratches.
Tonneau cover
Gives the trunk space a tidy
appearance while protecting
its contents from prying eyes.
Cargo liner
Thick black rubber with high raised edges for the ultimate
protection against mud, dirt and spilled liquids.
Trunk liner
Tough water-proof, mud-proof protection with a non-slip surface
Dog guard
Floor to ceiling design to give your pet its own space for the
Vertical cargo net
Ideal for keeping smaller items neatly in place.
Cool box
Plugs into your car’s 12V accessory socket to keep refreshments either hot or chilled.
Horizontal cargo net
Trouble-free storage for anything from sports equipment to a briefcase.
With a spring-shut lid for in-car freshness.
Children love riding in a car as big and powerful as the Land Cruiser. But
youngsters come in all shapes and sizes and so keeping them safe needs careful
thought. Be assured, with Toyota child restraint seats you have options for
each age group.
Baby-Safe Plus restraint seat
Comfort and protection for babies from birth
up to around 9 months (up to 13 kg).
Duo Plus ISOfix restraint seat
For children between 9 months and 4 years
(approximately 9 to 18 kg).
Nothing is left to chance with a Toyota child seat. The fixings are secure, the
fabrics robust and the design provides that ideal balance of comfort and safety.
Kid restraint seat
Height adjustable for children between 4 and 12
years (approximately 15 to 36 kg). Available with
either ISOfix or seatbelt fixings.
Accessories range list
Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make a big difference. Land Cruiser accessories consider the details of helping care for you and your car.
01Warning triangle and
first aid kit
Essential preparation for whatever may wait around the next corner.
02Spare light bulbs kit
Be sure, be safe, with a complete set of replacement bulbs.
03Reflecting jacket
See and be seen is a golden rule of personal safety.
04Optibright and Optiblue bulbs
Stylish high performance headlamp bulbs for enhanced bright white or blue-white illumination.
05Touch-up paint
Available in stick and aerosol for those little scratches.
06Tyre repair kit
Plugs into your car’s DC socket to seal and inflate a punctured tyre.
07Car care products
A complete range of cleaners, polishes, oils and fluids available from your local Toyota retailer.
Stick-on patches for repairing minor paintwork blemishes.
09Toyota ProTect*
Professionally applied ProTect maintains the showroom finish of your car’s paintwork, alloys and upholstery.
Alloy wheels 06
Ashtray 19
Bike holders 09 & 12
Cargo liner 18
Cargo nets 19
Child restraint seats 20
Chrome side garnish 06
Cool box 19
Dog guard 18
Door handle film 08
Exhaust pipe finisher 06
Fixing straps 10
Floor mats 16
Hood deflector 08
Luggage box 12
Luxury ski box 12
Roof rack 10
Roof rails with cross bars 11
Scuff plates 17
Ski and snowboard holders 11
Sunroof wind deflector 07
Surfboard and mast holder 11
Tonneau cover 18
Towing hitches 09
Trunk liner 18
Wind deflectors 07
*Contact your local Toyota retailer for details.