™ For SOCIAL MEDIA P a g e | 2 With social networks and other tools on the Internet, more than 500 million
people have a way to say what they're thinking and have their voice be heard.
Mark Zuckerberg
Welcome to Throughout history advertising has been affected by evolving cultural and technological advances. The advents of Newspapers, Radio and Television have made it possible for advertisers to reach millions of people around the world. In 2010 a maverick entrepreneur David Bard, set out on a mission to recast the relationship between advertiser and consumer. The creation of GimmeIT is David's visionary contribution-­‐
the advertiser and consumer's liaison. GimmeIT was created from the depth of his fertile imagination and ushers forth a new and robust era for advertising. How? By reimagining and enhancing revenue opportunities for businesses like never before and supplying a direct and unique purchasing experience for consumers. David's sole mission for GimmeIT is to provide a multiplex of revenue opportunities, while adding a heightened buying experience through GimmeIT's easy to use proprietary technology. ©2015 GimmeIT P a g e | 3 !
TECHNOLOGY in SOCIAL MEDIA a journey, it’s Social media is no longer and companies become the destination, must adapt to the growing demand for more interaction within the social architecture. Today, people share as much emotion as they do facts, and social trends mirror emotion. For some, social media has become their primary source of information. It’s more than
simply checking in on friends and family… it’s how people get their news, their weather the stock
reports, traffic patterns, new music TV and other information of personal concern. Whether it’s
an Instagram image from their favorite band, or the Facebook post from the local weatherman,
people are increasingly turning to social media for the details most important in their lives. Now,
GimmeIT will offer the same people an opportunity to improve their social shopping habits.
Perhaps when they watch the Instagram post by their favorite band, they also notice a cool T-shirt,
and with a single click, they will have the opportunity to purchase the same shirt or save it for
"This is where marketing and the future of all of this social stuff really have a tremendous
opportunity to understand what it is we're trying to do in the first place, and how we can add value
in order to take value from each social platform" Brian Solis, analyst for Altimeter Group. GimmeIT, makes the process simple, but implementing proprietary second-screen technology
and offering the user a transparent and dynamic experience, with enhanced privacy via the
GimmeIT Click-Streaming portal, it’s becomes as easy as:
See IT. Hear IT. Get IT.
©2015 GimmeIT P a g e | 4 Benefits What are some of the benefits of using GimmeIT as a component of social media platforms?
Users: •
Ability to share information in real-time
Group forums allow people to share like interests
Searching methods will become increasingly brand-focused
SCOMMERCE is expected to grow by more than 800% in 2015
Integrated social advertising and social video promotion
Direct messaging with marketing and branding preferences
Total {plausible} anonymity
©2015 GimmeIT P a g e | 5 Companies and Marketing Firms:
Social media as forms of payment. Ex: Apple Pay or Facebook AutoFill
Social trending and dynamic tracking
Expand sponsorship opportunities through direct and indirect endorsements
Targeted advertising based on social groups, networks and bulletin boards
POD Casts and other reporting / lecture resources become marketing tools
Improved networking options provide unique access to various resources via social media
Political and journalistic leverage will increase via social media
According to FORBES: Image-based social media will become the standard for business advertising and with the advent of
newer more popular options {ex: ELLO} the demand for promoted posts and ads will continue to
increase. In 2015, marketers will finally realize there are two core pillars of a content marketing
strategy: publication and distribution. Forbes 11.4.14 GimmeIT will become the premier solution for social media companies, users, marketing firms
and other organizations seeking to monetize their products or services within the scope of evolving
societal platforms.
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