2015 Poetry Book - Gig Harbor Arbor Day

Poetry Cover Winner
Savannah Bruno, Minter Creek Elementary
Age 10
Planting Trees and Hope
April 25, 2015 – Gig Harbor City Hall
15th Annual Arbor Day Celebration sponsored by the
Gig Harbor/Key Peninsula Arbor Day Foundation
The National Arbor Day Foundation is a nonprofit educational
organization dedicated to tree planting and environmental
stewardship. Across America, National Arbor Day is observed on
the last Friday in April. Gig Harbor celebrated its first annual
Arbor Day on April 28, 2001 – a tradition that will continue each
year in late April. By recognizing Arbor Day, we look to the future,
to the growth and contributions made by the mature trees that
share our home.
Gig Harbor Peninsula Arbor Day Org
P.O. Box 1493
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
Web Address: www.gigharborarbor.org
As a special Arbor Day learning segment on trees and
environmental stewardship, students from local middle schools
were encouraged to participate in a poetry contest. Entries were
judged for spelling, grammar, style, and relevance to the spirit of
Arbor Day. Elementary students also participated in Art and Essay
Contests. Children in Kindergarten through third grade were
asked to illustrate why trees are important to them using words
and pictures.
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world
(for the better). Indeed, it’s the only
thing that ever has.”
-Margaret Mead
First Place What Do You See? You look at me, what do you see? not too much, I'm just a tree but I'm much like you, you heard that right I'm more than just what's in your sight Yes, I hold beauty as I sway in the breeze autumn, I change color Winter, I freeze season after season I deal with it all but I know when spring's here for the birds start to call No, I don't do sports, I don't catch I don't throw but when my life starts, I begin to grow My life is precious to me and for you you need me to live not just to view I'm stuck in one place, I can't run away so respect me and treasure me day after day. By: Sarah Oatridge Harbor Ridge Middle School Sixth Grade 1 Second Place More Than I Look Children frolic in my shade. Fish flicker beneath my branches. Violets dance under my protection. So many things thrive in my shadow. Sweet morning dew wakes up my blossoms. The first birds song rings through my leaves. A hummingbird hums the tiniest melody; as it twirls and dances to my flowers. A squirrel shyly scampers up me; to wake her newborn baby. I shower my love as far as I can; even to a buzzing baby bumble bee. I think myself a mother; to every living thing. I am a supplier; my supplies are for everything. My shadow is a hug. My branches are a perch. My leaves are needed shelter. I am more than I look! By: Sami Nichols Harbor Ridge Middle School Sixth Grade Honorable Mention – Essay Contest 3rd Grade Christian Keck, Harbor Heights Elementary Teacher: Mrs. McIntyre 2 31 Third Place Tree of Hope Promise, Pine into poetry, spruce into stories. Forests are felled, with each stroke of my pen. Paper takes trees. I'll try not to waste it. By: Edward Madera Kopachuck Middle School Eighth Grade Honorable Mention – Essay Contest 3rd Grade Benji Park, Harbor Heights Elementary Teacher: Mrs. Bosselmann 30 3 Willow Tree A young boy came across a seed. Little did he know it was from a willow tree. He scooped dirt with his hands and covered it up. And gave it water with a little glass cup. The tree started to sprout as did the boy. Everyday he laid under its small coverage from the sun. But the boys life had only just begun. He soon moved away. But the tree unable to go, had to stay. Now the tree had no one to keep cool. It patiently waited until he was done with school. Several years past and the house was now empty. One day an old man arrived. Though his face was wrinkled, he had a familiar twinkle in his eyes. The willow tree was now drooping and its bark was decaying. The old man now had an intent of staying. Everyday the old man lie under its shade. Until one day, he hadn't laid. A huddle of people dressed in black. Surrounded the tree and looked down at a plaque. The man was now forever laying at roots. Jenna Didway A Tree Anchored deep in the earth, Reaching high in the sky, Full of life from its roots, to the tiniest branch, from the weight of its trunk, to its delicate leaves Sophia Dorsey Honorable Mention – Essay Contest 3rd Grade Emily Price, Vaughn Elementary Teacher: Mrs. Moore 4 29 The Record Keeper That night I had another dream, Trees were virginal with Spring's breath and bore heavy grapes of Mother's breast, An iridescent bird craned its neck to peer at me, Its silver feathers did not flutter, nor nothing did it utter. A sigh escapes the groaning forest, Dipped and curved branches elegantly dance, Fluttering with a subtle whisper, Dark and deep like the depths of oceans far beyond, Reaching toward the dreary sky, Awe to all who stare and linger, Droplets of silver dew slip down weary leaves, Smears of watery grey light filter from the expansion above, illuminating the pale petaled trees, Their white, vivid against the indigo blue, Ebony limbs stick out like a bony skeleton. Home to all on high, The soft sounds of life echo each other, In her mossy hair resides a nest, With the crescendo of squealing cries, Woodland creatures creep about the thistle, Scurrying through the leaves. Unbeknownst to me the dreary sky began to darken and fester, Long white scars flared through the sky, burning the evermore black, The melancholy throbbing of a violin, played by Pluto, rang with longing vanitas, Rotting fruit fell from ash and bubbled like black sea foam, Honorable Mention – Essay Contest 3rd Grade Riley Westfall, Harbor Heights Elementary Teacher: Mrs. Lyle Trees are the literature of the Earth, The natural art of the ground. With their branches reaching toward the Heavens, Recording time with rimmed rings, They remind us of our limited breaths, Who will be left when we are gone? Katie Babson 28 5 Midnight Dance Beneath the glimmer of the midnight stars The soft glow of the gentle moon A spotlight shines down onto a humble philanthropist Adorned in a pale pink blossom dress The wind begins to sing as the tree begins to sway The twists and turns under the moonlight beam Are those of a provider; a spirit that only gives And takes nothing in return The graceful branches reach out Embracing the moonlight Connected to the earth; at peace in the night The gracious cherry tree takes a bow As the sun peeks over the hilltops Breathing life into Mother Earth The selfless tree is in harmony Contributing to nature once more Somer Mayer Nature’s Beauty The green branches sway with the wind, Trees perched on the hill, standing guard, Pine scent fresh as the gusts splash against the trunks, They watch over the life of nature, as a sign, We will never face defeat, Nature's beauty will forever stand tall. Hallie Jones First Place (Tie) – Essay Contest 3rd Grade Paytin West, Harbor Heights Elementary Teacher: Mrs. McIntyre 6 27 First Place (Tie) – Essay Contest 3rd Grade Hadley Larsen, Harbor Heights Elementary Teacher: Mrs. Lyle 26 7 Wise Willow Oh wise willow, Embrace me with your arms. Your leaves are a pillow, With you I have no harm. When I lay against your trunk, I fall into a daze. Your roots a comfy bunk, I count away the days. And throughout every season Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. I can give all the reasons, I love my willow most of all. Oh wise willow, Embrace me with your arms. Your leaves are a pillow, With you I have no harm. Audrey Krishnadasan The Beauty of Trees Trees are complex and beautiful things. Things that house many other spectacular creatures. Trees give us oxygen and shelter and so much more. Without them who knows where we would be. Trees are like humans, They come in all different shapes and sizes and colors. Some bare flowers or fruit or both or leaves of all different kinds. No two trees are ever alike. They are an essential element of human life. Jillian Creveling Honorable Mention – Essay Contest 2nd Grade Jackson Clark, Evergreen Elementary Teacher: Teri Wright 8 25 Trees, Trees and More Trees! The air is fresh, My lungs are clean. The sky is blue, And the branches swing. Wind blowing, Birds chirping, Sitting in the willow tree. Mind in a far off place, Nose in a book, Sun shining bright, The maple leaves shook. "What would this day be like," I ask myself, "Without all these wonderful trees?" Abigail Giese Walking In The Forest Honorable Mention – Essay Contest 2nd Grade Paige Beets, Purdy Elementary Teacher: Mrs. McDonald What do you hear when you walk in the forest? You hear the song of the birds and their kin You hear the soft trickle of the forest's creek You can see the vivid greens and the bright blues of the sky You can see the deer and their fawns You can see the birds high above the tree tops You will feel the clean surroundings of nature You will feel the fresh air, as in the middle of the sea So this is a not good reason to save the trees, It's a great one So save the trees and do your part Joe Guinn 24 9 The Aspen Tree White and green together heaves The aspen and all its glancing leaves. Ever awake, like a loud ticking clock, To and fro its branches will rock. From above, it is all a bright glimmer of green, And milk‐white when from below it is seen. Most unpeaceable of trees, It dances with the nighttime breeze. Up and down in windy weather Wave its leaves, like a pretty bird's feather. White and grey it gleams in the night, Like a flock of doves halfway through flight. Ryan Lohse Planting Trees In the beginning, You clear a spot in the meadow, Plant a tree and with the right attention, You'll see it start to grow, Before your eyes, Taller and taller, Everything else looks smaller and smaller, The bark is rough against my skin, Its prickly but I still grin, I look up at the branches and smile, I think to myself, "I haven't been here for a while," I whisper to my tree, "I have to go now, But I'll be back soon to check on you," Amanda Whitacre 10 First Place – Essay Contest 2nd Grade Hallee Jean Ahrens, Artondale Elementary Teacher: Mrs. Gonzles‐Reyes 23 Honorable Mention – Essay Contest 1st Grade Sadie Squance, Artondale Elementary Teacher: Mrs. Bailey Roots twist and tangle Digging through the earthy soil Spreading life and growth Rachel Grobbelaar 22 11 Trees, Trees, Beautiful Trees. In the summer, the trees are gorgeous, They dance to the wind, as they're dressed in green. Their color is brilliant, And they glow brightly, in the sun. In the fall, their color is beautiful, Red, orange, and yellow too! I watch as their leaves, flow gently upon the ground. The winter, the winter, Makes the leaves bow before the earth, As the snow melts, and shakes the dirt. Trees come in many names, But their beautiful, has no end. Esther Derr A Tree outside my window There is a tree outside my window, Blossoms sprout from its long graceful branches, It shields the sun with its breathtaking green leaves, Its trunk reaches and stretches to the sky, I dream of the day when its seeds fall onto the neighboring fertile soil. I watch the tree grow in spring, and shrink in winter, thrive in summer, and be deprived of its leaves in autumn Blossom tree, Blossom tree, Outside my window. The birds chirp in a nest hidden in your branches, And the squirrels climb up the rough long roots. I see you in the early morning, When your leaves sparkle from the dew, I see you before bed when the moon has risen, and the stars are aglow, The tree outside my window. Ailsa Gilbert Honorable Mention – Essay Contest 1st Grade Mariana Stihari, Purdy Elementary Teacher: Ms. Hansen 12 21 Where I Stand This tree. Where all my problems go away Where I used to play with my mother and father But now I stand alone At this tree. I'm not sad Because I know, I am not really alone Before me stand a living thing Holds memories and happiness This tree. Where I did my homework Where I played during the long summer days On the rope swing Hanging from its long, steady branches Where I feel happiness Where I grew up And where I will soon die This tree. Jessica Beck Standing Still First Place – Essay Contest 1st Grade Ella Coates, Purdy Elementary Teacher: Ms. Hansen 20 Lying in the woods, Not a sound to be heard but the wind sifting through the sky, It stands strong and tall, Sitting in place forever with no one to notice, Watching over the forest floor for eternity, Standing still as a powerful oak. Carter Lawler 13 Bough to the Seasons Covered in flowers that are budding. Partially covered in leaves the color of avocado. The wind starts its branches swaying. When you are playing al fresco, And your Frisbee launches an unintended direction, The tree will grasp it with its green fingers pronto. Drenched in bright green leaves sporting a bright reflection. Limbs with flowers, sprinkled, scattered. The pinecones are following their annual convention. On a day that is torrid, When you are tired and parched, The sun's inferno shall be screened. Most of the tree's leaves have parted. The remainder are brown, yellow, orange, and crimson. The visibility of its branches is hardly concealed. Trees provide your path with coloration. Carrying out their annual sidewalk painting In patches of yellow, orange, and vermilion. The snow covering the tree is very concealing. It is surrounded by the air's dance. Icicles below its arms, dangling. When it is not anticipated, by chance, Trees will initiate an icy brawl By hurling a frosty avalanche. Honorable Mention – Kindergarten Tree Art Rosemary Adams, Evergreen Elementary Teacher: Ms. Shipman These are the trees I am around winter, spring, summer, and fall. They enrich my experience of the seasons. To them I shall always give an appreciative call. McCain Emerson Potasky 14 19 Arbor Day As our forests are clear cut, For money and greed, Our hands are our weapons, The world is in need. They give us food, they give us shelter, Their leaves refresh the air, Our voices are our weapons, Until the world becomes aware. lf we plant a million trees, Try to turn mistakes around, Let our planet be our temple, As we kneel upon the ground. Sophia Boyd Honorable Mention – Kindergarten Tree Art Ethan Britt, Discovery Elementary Teacher: Ms. Smith 18 15 First Place – Kindergarten Tree Art Maya Kalahiki, Discovery Elementary Teacher: Mrs. Jensen 16 17