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The Directors Cut.
We hope you have had a brilliant Easter break! And if you wasn't sick at least once, you
didn't have enough chocolate egg!!!
So what's happened since last time? On the 7th of March, GHEA retuned to Harwich
Redoubt Fort, in deepest, darkest Essex.
It was good to see some familiar faces, as well as some newbies. We return here on
the 28th of August for a another visit. And at JUST £30 per person, the Redoubt
continues to be a popular venue.
We also visited the ever brilliant Rougham Control Tower, twice, on the 13th and the 28th
of March. We have said it before, and will say it again, this place has NEVER LET US
For some pictures of these, and other events we have organized, please visit – click on the media banner at the top of the page, and
follow the links.
GHEA News.
It may be Easter, but the team have been busy. We are already looking into locations
for 2016, and hope to have some news in the next few weeks. We are also looking to
fill a few weekends in for 2015.
On Saturday the 18th of July, we return to Peterborough Museum.
This is said to be the most haunted building in Peterborough. Four people saw the
museum's White Lady put in an appearance on our last visit, and even our resident
sceptic Paul, has said this is the first place he has been to, to which he can say is
haunted! You even get to visit locations the general public don't get to see.
This evening is just £48 per person, has all the details.
We also make a return visit to Oliver Cromwell's house in Ely. We were very surprised,
and happy, to be offered another date here. This location only has about four
paranormal investigations a year, so to be invited back so soon, is a real honour for us.
This event is £40 per person, again, please see our website for details.
As mentioned, we are looking at some new locations, and we have been talking to one,
which has been on our wish list since the company started. We hope to have news on
this, and other events, soon.
For all all the latest news on events, please go to for details.
Any Other Business.
“Star of the Month” is our finance wizard, Noel. We had problems with the website at
the end of March, and Noel put most of the front page back together, just from memory!
So a gold star, and a house point for Noel!!!
Our web Elves have been busy, and I happy to say the site is back to normal!
Our newest member of the team Sara, hosted her first event at Rougham, and we are
pleased to say she done very well. And she looks splendid in her new GHEA hoodie and
T shirt!!!
Please continue to support us. If you haven't liked our Facebook page yet, WHY NOT?
If you don't do it at this very moment, we will send the boy's 'round (And believe me,
Brian and Shaun tuning up on your doorstep is not a pretty sight. After a visit from
those two, a canvassing MP will be a doddle!!!). You can find us at
We are also on Twitter, @ GhostHunt01, names following us include Phil Wyman,
Richard Felix and Stuart Torevell, all from Most Haunted!
Once again, a big thank you to all our fab guests. You are the people that make it all
worth while. We look forward to seeing you all again, very soon.
And as they say in the cartoons,
Kind Regards,
The GHEA Team,
Jo, Noel, Bev, Paul, Sam, Shaun, Clare, Brian, Sue and Sara.