Whitfield County Summer Shootout June 13, 2015 Dalton

Whitfield County Summer Shootout
June 13, 2015
Dalton Fairgrounds
Dalton, GA
Exhibitor’s Name_____________________ County_______________
FFA__________ or 4H__________
Exhibitor’s Address ___________________________________
Telephone Number ____________________________________
Grade for the 2015-16 school year __________
FFA Advisor or County Agent: _________________________
FFA Advisor or County Agent Contact Number:______________
$15 per goat for weight class & $5 showmanship
Tag Number
Entry Fee
Do you want to show ______ Yes
in a showmanship
Add $5.00
______ No
Total Due
All Georgia 4-H and FFA State Livestock Rules and Regulations will be followed.
All animals must have health papers.
All Entries are Non-Refundable
Late Entries--postmarked after June 18th
Checks should be made payable to Whitfield 4H and mailed to:
Brenda Jackson
P.O. Box 1385
Dalton, GA 30722
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have read, understand, and will abide by all of the rules of the Whitfield County Summer
___________________Parent/ Guardian Signature
Whitfield County Summer Shootout
1. The show is open to 4-H and FFA members.
2. All Georgia 4-H and FFA State Livestock Rules and Regulations will be
followed. Exception is that you can show all five goats at the show, whereas, at
State you are allowed to show three.
3. Only wethers and does allowed. NO BUCKS. All animals will be shown as
4. Goats will be weighed and divided into classes of at least ten goats per class by
show officials. After the goat leaves the scales there will be no re-weighs.
5. Classes: Exhibitors must show their own goat in class. If the exhibitor has
more than one goat in class they can have another exhibitor show for them.
This must be cleared with show officials before showing.
6. The show will be split into a doe show and wether show.
7. Showmanship: Each exhibitor must show their own animal in showmanship.
The animal must be entered in the show and owned by the exhibitor.
8. Entry Fee: The entry per animal is $15. Late entries will be charged an
additional. Showmanship prize money will be awarded based on the number
of entries per class. Showmanship entry fee is $5.00 per exhibitor. Money will
be used for prize money after expenses are removed. Amount of prize money
is based on entries.
9. Due to the limited space, pens will be assigned on a first come first served
basis. (The show committee reserves the right to ask you to house your animal
on your trailer if we run out of pen space.) Counties may have to share pens.
Pen alterations are not allowed. There will be at least 2 goats per pen.
10. A certificate of Veterinary Inspection is required with the individual
identification and the following statement: Flock of origin is free from Foot
Rot, Scabies, Contagious Ecthyma(soremouth), Cutaneous Fungal Lesions,
Scrapie or any other Infectious disease. All Does must have a USDA approved
scrapie tag in the ear. Registration numbers will not serve as the scrapie tag
for the show.
11.The Whitfield County Show Committee reserves the right to review the rules
and make changes if necessary. All decisions made by the Whitfield County
Show Committee are final.
12.Absolutely no refunds will be given.
13.There are no weight limits.
14.Weigh in will be Friday, June 12 4:00-7:00pm and Saturday, June 13 6:008:00am. The show will start at 9:00 am with showmanship followed by weight
15.The Whitfield County Show Committee accepts no responsibility nor assumes
any risk for
injury to the exhibitor or animal due to or resulting from participation in the
16. Any Questions, feel free to contact Zack Lumpkin at
[email protected] or call at 706-537-4542.