Glaciation in central Idaho

Glaciation in central Idaho
All photos by Jim Cash, Moscow High
School. These pictures are from the Lost
River, Pioneer and Seven Devils Mountains
Glaciated valley cutting folded Paleozoic limestone, looking north
near Doublesprings Pass, Lost River Range, Custer County
Lateral and end moraines on west side of Double Springs Pass,
Lost River Range, Custer County.
Terraced outwash with terminal moraine from Double Springs Pass in
background-looking southwest on east side of Pass, Lost River Range
End moraine at Double Springs Pass-view looking south from north side
of pass, toward Lost River Range
Glacial valley of Boulder Creek. Devils Bedstead in center of view. Photo
Taken from near Wildhorse Creek campground, Pioneer Mountains
Old Hyndman Peak-glacial horn-head of Wildhorse Creek, Pioneer Mountains
Lateral moraine along Wildhorse Creek, Pioneer Mountains
Glacial polish at outlet end of Mirror Lake-Seven Devils Mountains.
Greenstone basaltic rock showing glacial polish and striations below
Sheep Lake, Seven Devils Mountains, Idaho County.