Geographe Financial Group News Flash

Geographe Financial Group News Flash
April 2015
Gerrald Lippman Trophy
Awarded To Bill O’Byrne
The directors and team at
Geographe Financial Group are
very proud to share our news
that Bill O’Byrne was recently
presented the Gerald Lippman
Perpetual Trophy for 2014. Since
1989, the Gerald Lippman
Perpetual Trophy has been
awarded to the adviser who has
made the greatest contribution
Managing Director of Charter
Financial Planning at the recent
Gala Awards night in March
winding up the recent Charter FP
Adviser Summit held in Perth.
Managing Director Kevin Stone
said the awards night shines a
light on the community of
professional financial planners
Mr Stone acknowledged Bill's
contribution to the adviser
community spanning almost 40
years. “A deserved accolade for
Bill in recognition of the great
contribution he's made to the
business, his community and the
AMP Tomorrow
AMP invites Australians
from all walks of life, across
all fields of endeavor to take
their great ideas and
consuming passions to the
Kevin Stone (Managing Director of Charter Financial Planning), Bill O’Byrne (Geographe
Financial Group), Dennis Bateman (2013 recipient), Craig Meller (CEO & Managing
Director of AMP), Paul Williams (Network Director AMP Advice)
to the progress and development
of Charter’s advice community.
The award considers the
contribution the adviser has
made to the financial planning
profession, their involvement
within their community, the
colleagues and the quality of
their practice. The Trophy was
presented to Bill by Kevin Stone
who improve the lives and
wellbeing of hundreds of
thousands of Australians each
year, helping them to live their
best life.
next level. Applications for
the AMP Tomorrow Fund
are now open. Last year we
discovered many
inspirational Aussies who
just needed the means to
bring their dreams to life.
Meet AMP's Tomorrow
Makers 2014
“Recognising advisers in this way
acknowledges the passion and
commitment they show in
helping their clients navigate
through life’s financial journey.”
If you have any questions,
please email [email protected]
More reasons to Celebrate
Geographe Financial Group Leaders Again
Geographe Financial Group has
once again been recognised by
Charter Financial Planning as a
Leader Practice at the recent
Charter FP Summit Awards Night.
Our team was honored to receive
this recognition, given Charter FP
is a large respected licensee
within the AMP structure with
over 800 advisers Australia wide
and to be recognised in the Top
20 practices is a proud
achievement. Being a Leader
over the past 5 years has enabled
Geographe Financial Group
access to increased educational
opportunities for our advisers
and staff and assistance with
building on the quality of advice
delivery, access to research and
senior industry figures as well as
vital business operations support.
Also, being a leader with Charter
FP makes us one of the best of
the best licensee’s in Australia,
with Charter FP being voted in
the top 3 licensees in Money
Management’s Dealer Group of
the Year Awards.
Value of Advice
Awarded to Justin
We are also proud to announce
that Justin was one of three WA
finalists in the Charter FP Value of
Advice Award. The award is
determined upon consideration
of real case studies. The case
Justin presented was recognised
for his commitment insight and
sensitivity as a planner ensuring
significant material change to his
client’s financial future.
Left: Geographe Financial Group
Celebrate at the Charter Advice Summit
Gala Presentation Night at Perth
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