May 2015
20462 Chartwell Center Drive, Cornelius, NC 28031
Praise God for His wonderfulness
The good reports continue to come from Ghana
The work of GEM is not
just a few annual
projects into foreign
lands, rather it is an ongoing work that takes
place 365 days per
The most recent foreign
project was completed
last month and we are
happy to report that we
were able to share the
Gospel with nearly
35,000 people in 132
separate venues where
23,314 individuals
i n d i c a t e d fi r s t - t i m e
decisions for Christ. This is a wonderful testimony to
the faithfulness of God and the commitment of our
Each person who indicates a decision for Christ receives a personal copy of
the New Testament provided through your financial support to GEM.
Please continue to pray for the multitudes of people who have heard and
responded to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for the follow-up taking place.
The teachers in each school are encouraged to begin a “Bible Reading Club”
as a first step of discipleship. Pastor Sammy is exhorting them here.
dear colleagues in Ghana. As our videos have shown
you the major part of the work for these men on the
ground take place after our American team has
returned home. The follow-up work takes place as
Sammy and his teams return to the site of each
ministry program and challenge the new believers
with the Word of God. Thank you for taking time to
remember GEM in your prayers and with your
continued financial support.
You are making a
difference today!
Dr. & Mrs. Roy D. Mason, Jr.
The warmer weather has
arrived in my part of the
world and we are enjoying it
very much.
With the
thoughts of summer
vacations in many of our
minds I am certain you are
l o o k i n g f o r w a rd t o t h e
opportunity to enjoy family
and friends in a great
environment. Our family is looking forward to our time on Hilton
Head Island — a place that we love and enjoy so
much. Summer certainly is a time for enjoying the
blessings of God.
The blessings of God are not confined to the season
of the year. God’s goodness is always evident, we
we only slow down long enough to notice it. The
good hand of God is ever before us and He desires
to lead you in all your steps. Our Father has nothing
but good planned for us but too often we are so bent
on getting things our way. The writer of the 4th
Proverb uses the words … ABOVE ALL ELSE and I
want to remind us of these things too.
“Above all else, guard your heart
for everything you do flows from it.”
—Proverbs 4:21 NIV
Above all else …
• Thank God for His presence every day.
• Ask Him to show you where He is working
around you.
• Express an attitude of Gratitude each day
• Show actions of Graciousness to people you
encounter daily
• Find a way to be Generous with your time, your
talents, and treasures today. I am certain if we do these things God will give us
the opportunity to show others His love in ways we
have never before experienced.
Now, until Jesus returns, I remain
Yours, in the fulfilling of the Great Commission,
For increased Ministry Opportunities
God continues to open doors of opportunity
both here and abroad. Ask God to direct us
specifically into those arenas where His Name
has yet to be heard. Pray for me as I will be
leading Bible studies with a group in San
Antonio, TX (May 10-17)
For the provisions for our team in Ghana.
There continue to be increased needs for our
nationals in country. Presently we are seeking
to provide another three pastors with the Field
Ministry Equipment (3 wheeler, projector, DVD
player, generator, and sound system) which will
cost $3,000 each. In addition to this we need
to secure another ministry vehicle before the
September project which will cost us $10,000.
For the formulation of the next TEAM.
Our next project to Ghana will be in September
and we are in the process of asking God to put
together the exact people that He wants to be a
part of this project. Several have expressed
interest in this and we must certainly make sure
that we are in agreement with God.
For the Gospel to powerfully penetrate the
darkness. The only reason we travel into
these places around the globe is to allow the
light of Jesus Christ to shine through us in a
desperately dark world. Pray for thousands who
have never heard the message of Christ.