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Post-Event Report
Decentralised Energy Canada
Green Energy Doors Open
Saturday, October 4th, 2014
2014 Alberta’s Green Energy Doors Open
Post-Event Report
On December 11th, Decentralised Energy Canada (DEC) signed an MOU with
the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) to encourage collaborative
programs in the field of renewable energy. Since then, DEC worked closely with
OSEA to bring the success of Ontario’s Green Energy Doors Open (GEDO) to
Green Energy Doors Open is an annual, single-day, province-wide showcase
providing access to sustainable and decentralised energy projects, businesses,
manufacturing sites, education programs and other related initiatives.
GEDO encourages users, producers and advocates of sustainable and decentralised
energy to open their doors in order to raise awareness, understanding and support
for sustainable energy by providing people with the opportunity to visit, see, touch
and talk about the projects in their backyard.
Alberta’s Green Energy Doors Open
Saturday, October 4th, 2014
We were able to reach and exceed the 2014 GEDO’s goals in Alberta with:
• 15 hosts
• 10 sponsors and organisational partners
• 9 communities
• 300 attendees
We would like to thank our
hosts, sponsors and partners
for supporting this initiative,
enabling us to organise it in the
first place and spreading the
word. This support was vital
to making this first Alberta's
Green Energy Doors Open a
huge success with close to 300
attendees in 9 communities
across the province.
Eden Project, Calgary
2014 Alberta’s Green Energy Doors Open
Post-Event Report
City of Calgary
1 - SEDV Community Garden
Host: University of Calgary
“The SEDV garden is at the University of Calgary’s community garden, where everything
is grown organically and without the use of
herbicides or pesticides. This was the second
year of the SEDV community garden and we
are looking forward to the garden’s third year,
which will be at a new location on campus.
The gardeners were happy to be included in
this year’s GEDO event and hope to see you
next year.” Helen Maguire, SEDV Community
SEDV Community Garden, Calgary
2 - SAIT Solar Lab Tour
Host: SAIT Polytechnic
“We had approximately 25 people at our
GEDO event at SAIT Polytechnic. They were
interested in solar energy and other environmentally-friendly building practices which is
our focus at the Green Building Technology.
The focus of the visits was our solar energy lab
where we have 6 solar thermal and 3 grid-tied
solar PV systems installed for demonstration
and evaluation purposes.” Tom Jackman, SAIT
SAIT Solar Lab Tour, Calgary
3 - Eden Project: Sustainable Food
Host: Eden Project
“Alberta’s first Green Energy Doors Open
was a great success, and Eden Project was
pleased to have taken part. We welcomed
more than 15 guests to tour the garden and
made some valuable connections with the
local community. It was a great opportunity
to share what Eden Project is about and to
network with potential colleagues and customers who are interested in the same goals
for a greener planet and more sustainable
lifestyles.” Adam Huygen, Eden Project
Eden Project, Calgary
2014 Alberta’s Green Energy Doors Open
Post-Event Report
City of Edmonton
4 - Edmonton Waste Management Centre
Host: City of Edmonton Waste Management Services
The Integrated Processing and Transfer Facility,
E-Waste Recycling Facility, Edmonton
City of Red Deer
5 - Solar Powered Social
Host: Landmark Homes
Landmark Homes, Red Deer
6 - Cielo Waste Solutions Tour-Demonstration
Host: Cielo Waste Solutions
Cielo Tour, Red Deer
7 - Residential Solar Tour and Mini Seminar
Host: Krause Residence (Sunfind Solar
“We enjoyed the event and had a great
group of attendees for our two hour seminar and tour. We enjoyed GEDO and hope
we can participate again next year.”
Caleb Schmidt, Sunfind Solar Products
Krause Residence, Red Deer
2014 Alberta’s Green Energy Doors Open
Post-Event Report
8 - EnergyMizer Information Booth
Host: Energy Management Systems
9 - Green Roof and Office Tour
Host: Berry Architecture
Town of Banff
Town of Black Diamond
10 - Banff Town Hall Solar PV System
Host: Town of Banff
11 - Arena Alternative Energy & Energy Efficiency Tour
Host: Town of Black Diamond
A sample solar power panel similar to the ones
on top of the Banff Town Hall during GEDO.
Photo courtesy of Jordan Small RMO
The Oilfields Regional Arena and Scott Seaman Sports Rink
offered open tours as part of GEDO. Handouts were with
information on the projects the facility has undertaken.
Town of Canmore
12 - Residential Solar PV
Host: Town of Canmore
“We thoroughly appreciated the
opportunity to showcase our local
renewable projects in Green Energy
Doors Open. Our solar energy project hosts were able to share their
success with the community, which
generated excitement about renewables and the role that solar energy
can play in Canmore. Green Energy
Doors Open provided the perfect
opportunity see real projects.”
Lori Rissling Wynn, Town of Canmore
Residential Solar PV, Canmore
2014 Alberta’s Green Energy Doors Open
Post-Event Report
Town of Okotoks
13 - Drake Landing Solar Community Tour
Host: Town of Okotoks
The Drake Landing Solar Community is an award winning solar
district energy system located in
Okotoks, Alberta.
The project includes a district
heating loop that uses solar energy to supply space heating for
52 homes.
Town of Vermilion
Town of Vulcan
14 - Applied Research Day
Host: Lakeland College
15 - Solar Park Progress and Completion of Energy Efficiency Upgrades
Host: Town of Vulcan
“We had 51 guests including one from
Newcap TV and two from local newspapers. The President of Lakeland College
also attended GEDO. A number of people
travelled from Edmonton after seeing the
CTV commercial. The open house at CSI
was a great success.” Veronica Peterson,
Lakeland College
Kyle Greene, project manager for Vulcan’s
proposed solar park at the Green Energy
Doors Open event hosted by the Vulcan
Brand Innovation Team.
Photo courtesy of Simon Ducatel, Vulcan
Renewable Energy Learning Centre, Vermilion
2014 Alberta’s Green Energy Doors Open
Post-Event Report
Media Coverage
CTV Two Alberta
A special thanks to CTV Two Alberta for providing substantial support by
broadcasting a Public Service Announcement (PSA). The PSA video was on air 181
times from August 23rd until October 4th. (Click here to watch the video)
As part of the CTV Two support for GEDO, they allowed us to choose two DEC
members for a Sustainability Connector video campaign. The campaign included a
1-minute and a 2-minute professional produced videos to showcase sustainability
projects on CTV television.
Lakeland College and SkyFire Energy participated in the campaign.
- Click here to watch Lakeland College Videos
- Click here to watch SkyFire Energy Videos
Thank you to CBC/Radio-Canada for interviewing DEC and showcasing GEDO projects
in Alberta. (Click here)
Other Media Features
GEDO also had tremendous media coverage the day of the event:
• Radio Interview QR77, Town of Black Diamond (pending publication)
• Rocky Mountain Outlook, It's always sunny in Alberta (Click here)
• Rocky Mountain Outlook, Homeowners welcome solar power in Canmore (Click
• Vulcan Advocate, Solar park proposal progressing (Click here)
• Radio-Mountain FM, Saturday open houses in Canmore and Banff showing off solar
power at work (Click here)
• Newcap TV guest in Vermilion (pending publication)
• 2 local newspapers guests in Vermilion (pending publication)
• Red Deer Express, Local homeowner discusses benefits of solar energy (Click here)
2014 Alberta’s Green Energy Doors Open
Post-Event Report
Sponsors and Organisational Partners
Silver Sponsor
Bronze Spponsor
CTV Two Alberta provided a Public Service Agreement
GEDO 2014 was a great experience. We have developed good relationships with our hosts, sponsors and partners.
DEC has also established good connections with different
stakeholders to promote and support GEDO.
Ana Medina, Decentralised Energy Canada
Looking forward to GEDO 2015
2014 Alberta’s Green Energy Doors Open