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Coordinator of Public Information
Catherine Knight, Ed. D.
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May 12, 2015
For Immediate Release:
Photo caption:
High School Yearbook Included in Publisher’s Gallery
Congratulations to the staff of Garden City High School’s “Mast” yearbook for
being selected to publisher Walsworth yearbook Gallery of Excellence:
“I am very pleased and proud to tell you the 2014 Garden City Yearbook has been
inducted into the Walsworth Yearbook’s Gallery of Excellence,” explained Walsworth
representative Mr. John St. Pierre. “The Gallery of Excellence is a showcase of the best
yearbooks published by Walsworth nationally. Books are selected based on the high
quality of their design, coverage, copy, and photography. Your staff should be proud to
have their yearbook among the small percentage of books that are among the best in the
nation. Your 2014 book will be used as a national sample to help inspire yearbook staffs
across the country to improve their books. The book will also be used at national
conventions and could be included in our marketing materials.”
Pictured here receiving a certificate of recognition are student staff members still
attending the high school (left to right): Christina Gibbons, Emma LaRiviere, Jessica
Allen, Mr. Jason Karp (advisor), Lauran Padala, Jessica Abruzzo (editor), Emily Pititto
(editor), Katherine Squires (advisor), John St. Pierre (Walsworth representative), Emily
Sauchelli, Casey Nemeroff, and MaryVivian Schott.