Enduro Rules

Enduro Rules
Any areas not covered in the rules shall be left up to the discretion of the racetrack
management. Management reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone.
Upon entering the pit area, all cars will be inspected to make sure they comply with
all safety rules. If it is not in the rules don't do it, because you will NOT run .
Following the race, as quickly as possible the top 11 cars are brought to the front
straightaway. The top 10 are checked for rule violations.
Any car found not in compliance to all the rules will, at that time be disqualified and
will not get paid. The 11th place car will then move up one position.
Every participant is responsible for reading and following the rules set forth here.
Please, if you do not plan to comply with theses rules, do not come!! We are not
baby sitters; we will not come to you before the race and tell you that something is
illegal on your car. (Only Pre race safety inspections will be performed). You will
simply be disqualified after the race event and will not receive any pay. If you are
unsure if your car does not comply, please contact one of the racetrack
officers/board members while you are building your car.
Stock apearing means if it didn’t come from the factory that way don’t bring it.
No official results will be available and no positions will be paid until after inspection
of all cars is completed.
1. Street cars, 2wd S10 & Ford Ranger Pick Ups, NO 4wd trucks Allowed.
2. Seat belts required & shoulder harness required (factory stock only).
3. All glass (Including all mirrors) must be removed. All trim, chrome, etc. including
headlights, tail lights, parking lights will be removed. Mesh should be securely
mounted where the windshield would be. Make sure to remove sun visor mirrors
also. If any glass is found upon inspection your entry will be forfeited.
4. Roll bars are not required, but a 4 point cage is allowed. Not to extend forward of
firewall or past rear doors.
5. Stock seats allowed.
6. No altering of suspension. Cars are required to be able to run in either direction
on the track. Cars MUST have working suspension.
7. Only steel wheels, maximum 7 inch width. Only tires designed for street use may
be used. Tires no wider than 8 inches allowed. Cutting of wheels up to 10 inches
above center of axle is ok. If rust extends further than 1 inch or if part of the wheel
well is missing, replace it. NO Bolting of wheel wells.
8. One passenger will be allowed. This passenger MUST be in the front seat and
must have a handle bar to hang onto. The passenger must hang onto the handle bar
at all times. If the passenger is not hanging onto the handle bar & or not wearing a
seat belt at all times your car will be disqualified.
9. Driver’s door must be welded. 3 welds at least 3 inches apart from each other. All
other doors, trunk lid, and hood will be chained. ALL HOOD LATCH HARDWEAR
MUST BE REMOVED. Holes may be cut into the hood and trunk to be able to run
chains through. No others. Stock bumpers for make and model of car only MUST be
chained also.
10. No profane language painted on car.
11. Bumpers MUST BE folded over, NO Sharp edges front & rear.
12. Gas tanks located above or in front of rear ends do not have to be relocated. All
others must be relocated into the trunk area. Marine tanks, whether plastic or metal
may be used. Auxiliary gas tanks used in station wagons must be located in the
back of the car and covered. All gas tanks (including those left in their original
position) must be securely mounted using 2 steel straps or chains 1 inch in width
minimum. No gas spouts may extend past the body of the car.
13. Battery may be moved but must be in an enclosed marine battery box and
securely mounted. Battery box HAS TO HAVE A COVER (no throwing a towel over
top of battery).
14. 1 radiator per car and it must remain in it’s factory location. Must be a stock
radiator. NO altered cooling devices.
15. No reinforcing, cutting apart, welding or modifications of anything on the car is
allowed except as specified above.
16. Absolutely NO Radio communications allowed. It is unfair to other participants
and will interfere with the track official’s radio communications.
17. This event is designed for stock street cars only. No high performance parts that
did not come on a stock vehicle allowed. All suspension, engines and drive trains
must be stock appearing. Transmission cooler must remain under hood. NO locked,
welded, or spooled rearends. Stock appearing means FACTORY MADE.
18. All drivers must be 16 years of age or older. Drivers under 18 years old must
provide notarized parental permission to accompany the entry application.
19. Only pre–entered cars will be guaranteed a starting position. It is to your
advantage to get your entry form and entry fee turned in early.
20. Cars will be parked in the starting position immediately after being signed in.
Therefore, be sure your car is race ready before you bring it to the track.
21. The race will consist of only 1 event that will end after 100 laps have been
22. Each car entry must provide one person as a lap counter. This person must
check in with the car at the pit gate and must stay in his/her assigned location for lap
counting throughout the entire race event.
a. This person will have the responsibility of watching only their assigned car as it
passes the flag stand on every lap.
b. Please choose your lap counter ahead of time and have them read the lap
counting instructions attached to these rules. They do not need paper but should
have some idea of what they are expected to do. Also, be sure they get to the track
on time. If they are late, we will not be responsible and it will be your lap counting
that will be messed up.
23. All cars left on the track or in the pit area after the gates are locked after the
racing event become property of the Grand Rapids Speedway (WRRI) to be
disposed of as the WRRI sees fit.
Lap Counter Instructions
1. All lap counters must check in at the pit gate with the car. You will be given you
lap counting equipment at that time.
2. Only one official lap counter per car will be allowed in the lap counting area NO
children or friends, please.
3. Be sure to turn your lap sheet to an official at the break of each segment and after
the last segment. If you do not turn the sheet in on time, your results will not be
official and could result in a disqualification for that driver.
4. Starting time—as soon as the green flag is given, write in line one the first time
that your car passes between you and the time clock.
5. Red flag—if the cars are not stopped, continue counting laps. If the flagman stops
then, write down the time when your car passes the clock (either as the car is
stopping or right when it starts to go again).
6. If your car goes off the track and then comes back into the race again later,
continue writing their time down when they pass the clock on the very next line, DO
NOT skip any lines.
7. Please bring your own clipboard and pencils. Bring more than one pencil we do
not have a pencil sharpener.
Official Entry
Entry For Car & Driver
Pit Cut Off 6:00pm
Payment maybe made by personal check, money order or cash. Make checks payable to
Due to over whelming response prepayment of entry fee is greatly recommended.
Pit entry is $25.oo per person. No grandstand tickets will be accepted at the pit gate.
Pit gate opens 3 hours before race start time. Pit meeting will start 1 hour before race
start time.
There is no drinking of alcohol in the pits before or during the race event.
Entry Fee For Driver and Car $6O.00
SS #:
Make & Model OfCar:
I hearby release the use of all photos, newspaper stories and TV footage
to the promoters of the Grand Rapids Speedway. I certify that I have read
all of the rules and I agree to abide by them in all aspects.
Send Entry Form and Fee To:
GRSW Enduro Entry
P.O. Box 424
Grand Rapids, Mn. 55744