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MARCH 2015
et’s face it; we don’t always
get enough time to create
great tasting, healthy meals
at home every day. Even
for those of us that love
cooking, one of the biggest daily
hassles is deciding just what to cook.
What if there was a tool that could
help make planning, preparing and
cooking easier?
Tefal have just launched the new Tefal
Cuisine Companion, an all-in-one
kitchen wonder machine that creates
gourmet dishes at the touch of a button.
Made in France, the Cuisine
Companion is a complete, multifunctional food processor and more.
It replaces up to 10 appliances
in the kitchen and is perfect for
chopping, whipping, mixing, kneading,
cooking, steaming, blending, stirring,
emulsifying, whisking, searing,
crushing, milling and precise heating.
• 2 x 600g baby barramundi
• 150g salt
• 150g flour
• 4 rosemary sprigs
• Vegetable oil
• 2 heads garlic
Images by Gault & Miallau
200g aioli
300g wood chips
20g diced preserved lemon
200g mixed baby herbs
40ml lemon oil
1. Peel cloves, cook in water until soft.
2. Soak wood chips.
3. Heat BBQ, place garlic, spread woodchips around coal.
4. Once smoke is produced place rack of garlic above the
chips, close lid. Smoke garlic for 20mins or until dark brown.
5. Refrigerate for 30 mins.
6. Blend garlic and aioli until smooth, set aside.
7. Mix salt and flour.
8. Fill barramundi with rosemary.
9. Dredge fish through flour salt mix until covered.
10. Place fish on oiled flat section. Cook 3 minutes or until
crusted and brown, repeat on opposite side. Close BBQ lid,
allow fish to cook for a further 10 minutes on medium.
11. Remove from grill, place onto serving plate.
12. Cut skin from top of head toward belly and belly toward the tail;
gently lift the skin from the belly to expose the flesh. Add smoky
garlic dressing, preserve lemon, mixed salad and lemon oil.
To save you time and deliver perfect
results every time, Tefal Cuisine
Companion also comes fully equipped
with six automatic programs with
present time, temperature and speed
settings. Just throw the ingredients in
and let the machine do the thinking
for you.
For a quick and healthy mid-week
meal, why not try the spicy steamed
prawns cooked in the Cuisine
Companion? Visit
and click recipes.
opportunity to work abroad thanks
to their Gault&Millau “international
passport.” A Gault&Millau rating
gives local chefs international
recognition and brings them to the
global culinary stage. Try some of
the featured restaurants this month
and remember it’s “GO-ME-YO”!
Jonah’s Salt-Crusted Barramundi
with Smoked Garlic Aioli
(serves 2)
Plus, you’ll never run out of ideas
with the 1 Million Menus cookbook
included in pack. With 100 starters,
100 mains, and 100 deserts that you
can flip, mix and match to create
1 million menu combinations, the
possibilities are endless.
Gault&Millau is new to Australian
soil but has a rich history throughout
Europe. Established over 40 years
ago, it is now one the world’s
leading restaurant review systems.
Gault&Millau is respected around
the world with its benchmark rating
system, giving Australian chefs the
@Gault Millau.
SYLVANIA 9522 2422
SYDNEY 9240 3000
BONDI 9300 9886
Under the guidance of Head
Chef Hu Yao, the influence
of his young team is evident
in the menu with Japanese,
Korean and Mediterranean
elements, and even French
pastry, weaving their way into
the dishes.
Seven Lanterns exudes elegant,
subtle style with a low-key
ambience and accommodating
staff. It is well suited to couples,
and the upper-level is great for
larger groups.
The food places a strong
emphasis on quality of produce
and plating. The beautifully
presented Atlantic salmon roll
is a delightful, smooth mix of
flavours. Hu Yao pork is a taste
sensation, the tender pork belly
harmonising perfectly with a
lemon, apple and honey sauce
that delivers a wonderful sweet
and sour flavour. The beef rib
hotpot is another standout –
tender meat in a mild, sweet
sauce, balanced by chilliinfused kimchi for a spicy kick.
PSST: Try the seven-course degustation menu
David Lovett has a philosophy
of ‘keep it simple, less is
more’, preferring to allow the
ingredients to shine. David
travelled extensively around
Italy, and his travels and
experience are reflected in his
cooking style.
Overlooking the ivy pool,
Uccello is an unexpected
escape from the hustle and
bustle of George Street. Rustic
yet formal, Uccello has an
energised feel while still being
perfect for a romantic dinner.
The simple elegance of
Lovett’s cooking style is
evident in every dish. Entrees
include handmade gnocchi
with wild mushrooms or tender
fried calamari with zucchini,
finished with mint for a
refreshing edge. Moving on to
mains, the chargrilled tuna is
cooked to perfection, a topping
of salsa adding lightness to the
dish. Spring lamb shoulder is
a standout dish – tender meat
with a hint of sweetness.
PSST: Arrive early for a drink in one of the private poolside cabanas.
Joel Best knows the art of
cooking fresh seafood. He
worked in leading seafood
restaurants before opening his
own fish and chip shop with
a difference - alongside sushi
chef Hirofumi Fujita.
This seafood and sushi bar
has a funky décor with fresh
seafood on display. Seating
is limited, but being a stone’s
throw away from Bondi Beach,
takeaway is a fantastic option.
BB fans can now also book a
table at the newly opened Hall
Street venue.
as this
is the
place for you! Salt and pepper
cuttlefish with chilli, sun-dried
tomato and basil is fresh, soft
and finishes with a nice hit
of chilli. They sure know how
to grill a piece of fish – for
instance, ocean trout is served
with really crispy skin, cooked
perfectly, still moist inside –
PSST: BB Hall St is giving readers 15% off their total lunch bill
Monday – Friday.