Gareth Foster

Web Designer
Graphic Designer
My resilient work ethic and ability to think outside of
the box are qualities that I maintain within work and
my life. I have experience with web design, which I
have innovated and developed on a personal basis.
I can work creatively and productively with client
briefs, and I have gained considerable experience
working with clients and developing their ideas.
I keep up-to-date with trends and technology of
the web that I infuse back into my work. I think it is
important to understand and perceive the potential
in people and their projects. With this in mind, I try
to bring out the best qualities in people and simplify
the projects. Throughout my working career and
life experiences I have gained responsibility and
efficiency, working within and leading teams to
07712 478 651
[email protected]
Autumn 2010 - Summer 2013
Autumn 2013 - Summer 2014
University of Sussex
City College
ux design
BA Honours Degree in Professional
BTEC in Interactive Web Design
This course was very important to my
development in web and graphics, as
much as the degree was not specific
to the industry. The creativity and
business management involved whilst
completing my dissertation helped
mould my skills as I transferred them
over into graphic and web design.
This course taught me the standards
expected for my entrance into the
industry. As a web developer, my
skill set was already fairly high - but
the insight and knowledge I gained
relating to the industry was fantastic.
I took this course to better myself and
my knowledge to advance myself in
my career.
Primary Software
Responsive Design
custom WP themes
Late 2013 - Present
Early 2014 - Summer 2014
Early 2014 - Present
Odd Creations
BN1 Magazine
Gareth Foster
Freelance Web & Graphic Designer
Freelance Web Developer
Freelance Web Designer/Brand Consultant
I started this company to gain experience of the working industry
and to gather a great portfolio. Throughout this venture, I have
designed websites for local and regional companies - spanning
industries from building construction to the music industry.
I was asked to join BN1 to maintain and improve their site. My
role was to optmise speed, SEO, add features such as API travel
agency and job listing, and to increase the flow of traffic. Although
I only worked with this company for a few months as a unpaid
position, it was an experience working for a heavy traffic and daily
updated website.
As a freelance designer and brand consultant, I help shape
clients visions from early stage concepts to redesign and/or
creating them a web presence. During performing as a freelance
I have outsourced some aspects of my work. This has given me
leadership strengths, task management and valuating my own
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UI & Website DESIGN
evolution studios
Evolution Studios is a rehearsal and recording
studio based within Sussex. They wanted a
clean website that easily held the brand and
spoke about their three areas, Rehearse,
Record and Grow. Using the simple curved
shape of the logo, colours and full width images,
a clean theme was born. A booking system was
integrated into the website with auto responding
messages stylised with the companies brand.
I enjoyed creating this website and the clients
loved it too.
The website is currently in its late stage of
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Nude Record Label came to me with three key aspects; simplicity,
usability and the future. I approached simplicity with the general
function of the website and the design. Throughout the design process
I produced various GUI’s to find the companies perfect vision.
Usability was at the forefront of all of the designs I created. Not
only was the website designed for maximum visibility due to being
responsive, but designing and creating a easy work flow on the backend of the Wordpress site.
The record label is planning to sign multiple artists and place all the
relevant information on the website. Adding and displaying shows,
artists, store items and news had to be built into the website for
future use. I designed custom post types, page template and used a
completely blank theme that I customised to harness all of the features
for the future.
Previous Design
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Paul Bott & Company
Paul Bott approached me with a vision to update there website to compete with their current competitors. First I did a complete competitor analysis to find the strengths and weakness of other estate agents. Usability and functionality were a large part of this project. Users had to navigate with
ease within as few clicks as possible to find their desired destination. Daily updates meant I have
to build consistence within the brand and the website.
I still work closely with Paul Bott & Company as their website maintenance. They trust me with
the free range of updating their theme to best display their properties and feature. I’m currently
creating a extensive update for their website that will enhance their mapping system, and display
single properties with greater feature
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Enhanced Glass Ltd
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Graphic Design
“Your Music, Your Vision, Your Way”
- Relaxing home studio set up ideal for songwriters and
solo artists
- High quality recordings for reasonable fee's, mixing
and mastering included
- 5min walking distance from Bimm West
Recording your music professionally at a high
standard shouldn't cost you a fortune, contact Bonn
Studios today and arrange a time to record your
music the easier way.
[email protected]
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