Welcome to the Meridian Gymnastics Fundraiser!

Welcome to the Meridian Gymnastics Fundraiser!
We will donate 10% of all in-house sales tonight between 5 PM and 8 PM towards the
Meridian Gymnastics. Visit their 50/50 table at the back of the dining room.
Tuesday Is Italian Night
Tuesday, April 28, 2015
½ Carafe of House Wine Special (3 Glasses!) $8
(Available with a Dinner Entrée, Pub Offering or regularly priced pizza.)
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Local Wine from Hillside Cellars at the Kalon Farm in Ashburnham
Reserve Red Glass $8 Bottle $27
Hillside White Glass $8 Bottle $27
“Stuffies” Casino Style Baked Stuffed Clams Clam shells are stuffed with a mixture of chopped clams, onions, garlic, bell
peppers, white wine, bread crumbs and bacon. Served with fresh lemon wedges. $9
Cheese Board Belgioioso Italico soft washed rind cheese, Belgioioso Asiago, Vermont Brie, apricot preserves, apples, hand
sliced pepperoni, crackers and brick oven toast points on a GAH cheese board. $14
Barbecue Pulled Pork Bruschetta Toasted brick oven garlic bread topped with slow roasted hand shredded pork, bacon
crumbles and melted cheddar cheese. Finished with a drizzle of house made white barbecue sauce. $9
Lobster Cobb Salad
A bed of romaine is topped with luscious rows of chopped hard-boiled eggs, diced avocado, bacon crumbles,
diced tomatoes, red onion, diced Swiss cheese and a center row of fresh lobster salad (lemon, mayo, and
white pepper). Salad is served with your choice of dressing. $17
~ $10 All You Can Eat House Made Spaghetti! $10 ~
Marinara or alfredo sauce served over our house made fresh spaghetti with garlic bread and a side salad.
Add sweet Italian sausage links or handmade fresh Italian meatballs for $1 each.
Italian Night Entrees
All Italian dinner entrees served with garlic bread on the side and your choice of soup or salad
House-made Short Rib Ravioli Stroganoff House-made short rib and cheese curd raviolis are tossed with sautéed onions,
mushrooms, arugula and peas and in a stroganoff sauce of portwine demiglace, sour cream, Dijon mustard and
worcestershire. $17
Shrimp Caprese Pasta Large shrimp tossed with fresh basil, garlic, diced roma tomatoes and a pinch of crushed red pepper,
sautéed in butter and olive oil, then tossed with mozzarella and fresh house made spaghetti. $17
Chicken Parmesan Chicken breast is lightly floured and coated in seasoned breadcrumbs, then pan seared in olive oil with
fresh garlic. Chicken is served over your choice of fresh house made spaghetti, bowties or linguini tossed with fresh mozzarella
and marinara sauce. Dish is topped with fresh melted mozzarella and garnished with fresh basil and asiago cheese. $16
Baked Ziti with Sweet Italian Sausage (Pastiachatti) Ziti is combined with a sauce of sautéed sweet Italian sausage,
marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese, asiago cheese fresh basil & heavy cream. Dish is then topped with a triple blend of
asiago, provolone and mozzarella cheeses. $16
Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo Sautéed chicken and broccoli tossed with our house made alfredo sauce and served over your
choice of fresh house made spaghetti, bowties or linguini. $16
More Entrees
All dinner entrees served with your choice of soup or salad
Chicken Enchiladas Braised and pulled chicken is rolled in freshly toasted corn tortillas with Cotija cheese (mild, melty, white
Mexican cheese) & minced onion. Enchiladas are coated with enchilada sauce (guajillo chiles, tomatoes, serrano chilies, garlic,
onion), drizzled with sour cream and topped with sweet onion rings, cilantro and more Cotija cheese. $15
Tenderloin Tips Au Poivre Tenderloin tips are seared with salt and cracked black pepper then finished with house made sauce
of brandy, beef demi-glace and heavy cream. Served with brown butter smashed red skin potatoes and tonight’s vegetable. $20
Rub It Right NY Strip Our 12-oz. hand cut Certified Angus Beef NY strip is rubbed with the locally made Rub It Right
seasoning (Leominster, MA). Steak is grilled to order and served with brown butter smashed red skin potatoes and
tonight’s vegetable. $19
Scallop Platter – Fried or Broiled Large sea scallops are breaded, deep-fried and served with hand cut house fries, cole slaw,
tartar sauce and a lemon wedge. OR broiled in white wine and lemon then finished with a garlic herb butter and served with
lightly seasoned long grain rice, tonight’s vegetable and a lemon wedge. $21
The following specials do not come with soup or side salad.
Salmon Burger Grilled salmon burger (house made patty of salmon, Dijon, shallots, breadcrumbs, parsley, mayo, lemon juice
and egg) on a buttered and grilled bun with lemon dill cream cheese spread and arugula. $11
Lobster Roll Nothing but lobster, a little mayo (a little!), white pepper, salt and lemon juice, on a buttered and grilled New
England style hot dog bun with green leaf lettuce. Served with hand cut house fries. $14
House Brewed Beers
On Cask We have on cask our Oma’s Altbier aged on American Oak. Cask ale is a small batch conditioning process
whereby we add a little something, like hops, and let it condition for a while in the cask.
Summer’s End (5.0% alc./vol. 20 IBU, Bronze GIBF ’13, Gold GIBF ’11 & ’10): Light; yet full flavored.
Made with German Kölsch yeast and German noble hops, ‘Summer’ is available year round.
Abbey Rye (6.6% alc./vol. 20 IBU): A traditional Belgian style Abbey Ale with an untraditional twist of rye. Rye
malt accentuates the already spicy and zesty flavors coming from the use of traditional Belgian Ale yest, and
increases the dryness, yet smooths the mouth feel. Brewed by your local, friendly downstairs “Monk”.
Oma’s Altbier (5.5 % alc./vol. 41 IBU Silver Medal Winner-Great International Beer Festival 2014): Oma’s Altbier
is German for “Grandma’s Old Beer.” This Altbier comes to us from an ale recipe that can be traced back hundreds
of years, hence the ‘Alt’ or ‘old’ designation. This rich and full-bodied beer is medium in strength and amber
colored. Its unique character is accredited to German specialty barley malts and distinctive German Ale yeast. Try
this for a big mouth feel, distinctive flavor profile and smooth finish.
Chair City Pale Ale (5.1% alc./vol. 31 IBU, Silver GIBF ’10): Our first pale ale is an example of the spicy, assertive
style of beer that can only be described as American. It uses American ale yeast and American hops in
a recipe that is designed to confront and engage your palate. Chair City is spirited, with a hoppy, in-your-face,
aroma. Its citrus and floral notes are the result of the chemistry of fermentation and the generous use of Cascade hops
in the later stages of the boil.
Vienna Lager (5.5% alc./vol., 25 IBU, Gold Medal – 2014 Great International Beer Festival): An amber lager
(named after the city in which the style originated), Vienna has a nice rich malt profile, low hop aroma, and a nice
balanced bitterness. Its toasted malt flavor comes from a combination of 9 different malts, with Munich and Vienna
malts dominating. German noble hops are used to balance out the malty sweetness. We love this beer, and the judges
XSB Extra Special Bitter (6.1% alc./vol. 41 IBU): Extra Special means a slightly more aggressive version of the
Bitter style of English ale. It is slightly more hoppy, a bit maltier, a little darker, a little more alcohol and a bit toasty
too! It’s a Bitterer Bitter! XSB is the English cousin to our Oma’s Altbier.
Facelift IPA (6.4% alc./vol. 72 IBU, Bronze – 2007 Great British Beer Festival): Loaded with English hops
and using a traditional English IPA recipe, this beer will happily lift your face as your palate explores its bitter,
yet smooth effect. Facelift’s up front bitterness gives way to full-bodied mouth feel and depth of flavor.
Naked Stout (3.6% alc./vol. 38 IBU Bronze Medal – 2012 Great International Beer Festival): This crisp, dry Irishstyle stout is typical of those made in England and Ireland. Ours contains hints of chocolate and coffee as a result of
the fermentation process.
Create Your Own Beer Sampler! Five 4-oz. samples of GAH house made beer served on a handmade board.
Suggested Sampler: Summer’s End, Chair City Pale Ale, Oma’s Altbier, Facelift IPA, Naked Stout
Guest Beers: Bud Light, Coors Light, Magner’s Irish Cider*, Wachusett Country Pale Ale, BBC Steel Rail,
Otter Creek Backseat Berner IPA, BBC Scotch Ale, Allagash White, Wormtown Bottle Rocket, Green River
Ambrosia Ginger Libation*, Omission Handcrafted Lager*#
*Indicates Gluten Free Brews #Indicates Bottled Beer
All Gardner Ale House Brewed Beers
are available for purchase in Growlers
**Free Brewery Tours every Saturday at 1pm
Ask your server for details**