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Revitalize Des Moines
Your Property Taxes
The City of Des Moines receives
36¢ of each dollar paid in property
taxes. There are 8 entities that collect
revenue from YOUR property tax
dollar. They include:
39.9% Des Moines Public Schools
36.06% Des Moines
14.81% Polk County
6.35% Broadlawns Co. Hospital
0.54% Polk County Assessor
0.08% Polk County Extension
Fall 2012 Edition
Des Moines on the Move !!!
Construction activity in our neighborhoods and downtown is increasing sharply as the
economic outlook improves. Des Moines is a leader in sustainable development and few things
are more sustainable than repurposing a historic building. Residential conversions are currently
underway in the downtown core in the Fleming and Des Moines Buildings, the Crane Building on
the west end and the Rocket Transfer Warehouse south of MLK. These new developments will add
over 350 new apartments to the downtown area in 2013. The Fleming and Des Moines Buildings
will also offer space for first floor commercial tenants. Construction has started on the Waterfront
Lodgings site at SW 2nd Avenue and Water Street with frontage on the Des Moines River.
In the neighborhoods, a groundbreaking was held for Melbourne Apartments Phase 2 in
the Easter Lake Neighborhood and site work has begun on the 30 unit Franklin Field Senior
Apartments in the Waveland Park/Merle Hay area. Building plans have been submitted for a
new CVS Pharmacy at 2nd Avenue and Euclid; this will be the first CVS in Des Moines. Several
restaurants that are new to the Des Moines area have opened in the new Ingersoll Avenue retail
center just west of MLK Parkway. Qdoba Mexican Grill, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt and Noodles
& Company, along with a T-Mobile store have replaced what use to be a vacant used car lot.
The city’s most
exciting project is
the reinvention of
Southridge Mall
and the first phase
of redevelopment
opens this month.
After demolition of
the mall’s central
area, 100,000
square feet of new retail space is now coming online just in time for the holiday shopping
season. This has been a great year for downtown and neighborhood development and we look
forward to what 2013 will bring.
City Manager Richard A. Clark | Phone: 515-283-4141 | Email: [email protected]
New Plans for Walnut Street Underway
The move of the Des Moines Area
Transit Regional Authority (DART) to its
new Central Station at 620 Cherry Street
will allow full-time use of Walnut Street for
vehicle traffic. In anticipation of this change,
the City of Des Moines in partnership with
the Downtown Community Alliance (DCA)
has hired a consultant team to develop
a streetscape and revitalization strategy
for Walnut from Second Avenue to Tenth
Street. This team is lead by two local
firms Confluence and Genus Landscape
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Mondays at 4:30 p.m.
Mayor T. M. Franklin Cownie
[email protected]
At Large, Skip Moore
[email protected]
At Large, Chris Coleman
[email protected]
November 19, 2012
December 3, 2012
December 17, 2012
January 14, 2013
January 28, 2013
Ward 1, Halley Griess
[email protected]
Ward 2, Bob Mahaffey
[email protected]
Ward 3, Christine Hensley
[email protected]
Ward 4, Brian Meyer
[email protected]
City Clerk’s Office Relocated
Chances are if you’ve been in City Hall,
you’ve visited the City Clerk’s Office at least
once. For the past 70+ years it’s been
located on the 2nd floor, adjacent to the City
Council Chambers.
This fall, in an effort to be more accessible
to the public, the Clerk’s Office moved to the
first floor, just inside the front doors of City
Hall. If you need information regarding City
Council agendas, need to pay a parking
citation, purchase a pet license or dog park
permit, or just need help locating the right
office, the Clerk’s staff will be at your service.
This move required some minor
remodeling, and the temporary relocation of
the Office of Economic Development, but it
makes the Clerk’s Office much easier to find.
When you visit the City Clerk’s Office, you’ll
still see the same smiling faces but you won’t
have to climb all those stairs. We think you’ll
like the change.
Frequently Called Numbers
Animal License...................................283-4209
Birth Certificates.................................286-3781
Building Permits..................................283-4200
Bus Schedules....................................283-8100
City Assessor......................................286-3141
City Clerk............................................283-4209
Clerk of Court.....................................286-3772
Consumer Protection..........................281-5926
DM Human Rights Commission.........283-4284
DM Waterworks..................................283-8700
Driver’s License Info...........................244-1052
Election Office....................................286-3247
First Call for Help ...............................246-6555
Garbage Collection.............................283-4950
Graffiti Removal..................................248-6350
Information Center (City Hall).............283-4500
Jobline (City jobs)............................... 283-4115
Library Information..............................283-4152
Mayor & Council Office.......................283-4944
Neighborhood Complaints .................283-4046
Park & Recreation Info.......................237-1386
Parking Tickets...................................283-4125
Police (non-emergency)..................... 283-4811
Polk County Information.....................286-3000
Property Tax.......................................286-3060
Social Services Referral Info....................... 211
State of Iowa Information.................... 281-5011
Street Maintenance............................283-4950
Tax Abatement....................................283-4751
Underground Lines......................800-292-8989
Vehicle Registration............................286-3030
Virtual Librarian (renew books)...........283-4000
Visitor Information at CVB..................286-4960
Weed Commission ............................286-3005
Zoo (Blank Park).................................285-4722
DMTV on MediaCom Cable 7, 86 and 97-1
Did you know that when you put your
recyclable items in plastic bags, the
city can’t recycle those materials?
The City of Des Moines’ recycling
program is an automated system that is
unable to process plastic bags or the items
inside of them. Help us to make the most
of your recyclables by putting them directly
into your blue recycle cart or inside of
PAPER bags. This helps the city process
all of your recyclable materials and keeps
them out of the landfill.
Plastic bags may be taken to your local
grocery store to be recycled.
page 2
City Hall
400 Robert D. Ray Drive
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Email: [email protected]
TDD: 515-283-4081
City Manager Richard Clark
Phone: 515-283-4141
[email protected]
Fax: 515-237-1300
Do not put plastic shopping bags in
the blue recycle cart.
Editorial Board – [email protected]
Amelia Morris
Editor, Public Information
City Clerk’s Office
Diane Rauh
Park and Recreation
Jennifer Fletcher
Jan Kaiser
DSM Public Library
Shekinah Young
Public Information
Melissa Rezab
Public Works
Brian O’Keefe
Fire Department
Chris Scott
Police Department
Laura Graham
City Manager’s Office
Watch DMTV Channel 7
! Clip and keep for future reference.
Meeting Dates
Know Where to Go Before the Snow
! Clip and keep for future reference.
Better, Faster Snow Removal This Year!
Residential streets will be plowed faster and more frequently this year using wing
plows. To make room for these larger plows, motorists will need to park their
vehicles off the street until snow plowing operations are complete.
Plan ahead and find off-street parking for all vehicles ...
know where to go before the snow!
Benefits of New Citywide Snow Removal Policy
Better Snow Removal
Beginning fall 2012, all residential streets citywide will be plowed
after 2 inch snowfalls.
Previously, most residential streets were plowed only after
snowfalls of 4 inches or more.
Faster Snow Removal
Wing plows can clear streets in one-third less time. However,
NO PARKING will be allowed on residential streets until after they
have been plowed curb to curb, with the exception of the streets
in the Carpenter, Drake, Drake Park, River Bend and Sherman
Hill neighborhoods. Parking alternatives include your driveway or
neighbors’ driveways with permission, nearby parking lots with
permission, snow route streets once they have been plowed and
property access off of an alley.
Learn When the Plows are Coming
When the snowfall ends and accumulations have reached 2 inches
or more, plowing will begin on residential streets. You can access
up-to-date information on snow removal by the following methods:
Email: Subscribe to email alerts at
Texting: Subscribe to text message alerts by texting
‘DMSNOW’ to 96362.
Facebook: Keep up on snow operations with Facebook
by liking ‘Des Moines Public Works’.
Twitter: Follow us @dmdpw.
Call: the Department of Public Works 24-Hour Customer
Service Center at 515-283-4950.
Residents are expected to follow parking restrictions during
snow plowing operations.
Warnings will be issued by police personnel on the first two
storms only. After that, vehicle owners will be ticketed and/or
towed. The cost of a ticket is $35.
page 3
— Department of Public Works —
Things to Keep in Mind About Snow Removal
• Snow Districts (Residential Streets)
When Snow Routes have been completed, Snow Districts
are normally plowed when the total accumulation of snow
on the street exceeds 2 inches. Snow Districts include
residential streets and other areas outside of the Central
Business District (CBD). Parking is restricted on all streets
during snow removal operations. Please remember city
crews do not salt or plow private property, nor remove snow
ridges in driveways caused by snowplows.
• Alleys
Alleys that provide primary access to residential properties
will be cleared prior to the end of the snowfall to facilitate
off-street parking during snow removal operations in
residential areas. • Cul-de-Sac or Dead End
Special equipment may be needed to plow Cul-de-sacs or
dead end streets. Residents may experience a short delay
in service.
• Sidewalk Snow Removal
To help ensure that sidewalks are cleared for pedestrian
use, the City of Des Moines requires residents to remove
snow and ice from sidewalks within 48 hours following the
end of a snowfall. Property owners who do not comply are
subject to a $50.00 administrative penalty for a first offense
and larger penalties for repeat violations.
• Deposit of Snow on Public Property
Keep in mind that snow removed from parking lots and
driveways cannot be placed on the street or public right-ofway. Property owners who do not comply, whether they hire
a contractor or not, are subject to a $100.00 administrative
penalty for a first offense and larger penalties for repeat
To report a street that needs to be treated or plowed following the completion of snow removal operations, please call the
Department of Public Works 24-Hour Call Center at 515-283-4950. Be prepared to provide the exact location such as an
intersection or street address.
The Department of Public Works appreciates your cooperation and patience as we work to return city streets to normal winter
driving conditions.
Five neighborhoods (Carpenter, Drake, Drake Park, River Bend, and
Sherman Hill) with high densities of multi-family structures and limited
off-street parking will be restricted to an odd/even parking process
during snow plowing operations.
On calendar days ending in odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7, 9), on-street
parking is allowed in front of addresses ending in an odd number.
On even number days, park in front of addresses ending in an even
number (0, 2, 4, 6, 8) to avoid being ticketed or possibly towed.
Enjoy Cleaner, Safer Streets
This Winter!
24-hour Call Center:
page 4
A Friendly Reminder ...
Parking is Restricted until
Streets are Plowed!
Know Where to Go
Before the Snow
To Avoid Expensive Tickets
and Possible Towing!
Watch DMTV Channel 7
# Clip and keep for future reference.
• Snow Routes
Snow Routes are given first priority for salt application and
snow removal. Snow Routes are normally plowed when
snow accumulations exceed 1 inch. Remember, when
emergency snow or ice removal operations are in progress,
you may not park your vehicle on a Snow Route.
# Clip and keep for future reference.
City Receives Highest Recognition for Financial Reporting
The City of Des Moines received high
praise and recognition for excellence in
its governmental accounting and financial
reporting practices. The Government
Finance Officers Association of the United
States and Canada (GFOA) awarded Des
Moines a Certificate of Achievement for
Excellence in Financial Reporting for its
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
(CAFR) for the fiscal year that ended June
30, 2011. This Certificate of Achievement
is the highest form of recognition in
governmental accounting and financial
reporting, and its attainment represents a
significant accomplishment by a government
and its management.
The award is presented to the Finance
Director; however it is the city’s Finance
Department staff that is primarily responsible
for preparing the award-winning CAFR and
as such, deserve the recognition.
The GFOA insures that the CAFR has
been judged by an impartial panel of peers
and that it meets the high standards of
the program including demonstrating a
constructive “spirit of full disclosure”
clearly communicating the city’s financial
story. The format and depth of detail are
designed to motivate citizens to read the
CAFR and better understand the resources
being utilized in providing essential municipal
A copy of the CAFR is available on
the city website at
Departments/Finance/Pages/default.aspx .
The GFOA is a nonprofit professional
association serving approximately 17,500
government finance professionals with
offices in Chicago, Illinois and Washington,
Disaster Planning
Preparing your household
for an emergency takes less
time and effort than you may
think. If a disaster hits your
community, having a family
disaster plan for what to do and stocking
up on some basic supplies can make all the
difference in how safely and comfortably you
make it through the crisis.
FEMA offers emergency planning advice
for families and businesses online at http:// These tips and tools make
getting prepared easy. Here are a few basics
to remember:
• Learn about the types of risks that
could affect your area. No matter
where you live, there is a natural or manmade disaster that could strike without
warning. Plan ahead, know what to do
before, during and after these types of
events. Decide how your family will get
in contact with each other, where you will
go, and what you will do in the event of an
• Develop a family emergency plan
and organize important documents.
A “family emergency plan” is available
on Each household should
identify someone locally and someone
out of state who will be your contact
person in case of an emergency. Learn
how to send updates via text messaging
to your friends and family. Print your plan
and share it with each family member.
Keep a copy with important documents
like birth certificates, insurance policies,
and financial forms in your emergency
supply kit.
• Put together an emergency kit.
A standard emergency kit includes
food, water and medicine to sustain all
members of your household for at least
three days. Visit for a complete
list of suggested items. Try adding a few
items at a time, that will ensure your family
is prepared for an emergency. And don’t
forget to maintain your kit and replace
items prior to their expiration and keep
contact information current.
Finally, get to know local resources. can link you to local emergency
information about sheltering and evacuation.
Check out the information on and
get started today!
Police Officer
The City of Des Moines is
accepting applications now
until December 5, 2012 for
the position of Police Officer. Interested individuals need
to complete an online
application on city’s website
at, look
under “Quick Links” on the
home page and click on
page 5
Accessible Pedestrian Signal
An APS (Accessible
Pedestrian Signal) is a
special device designed
to assist low vision or
blind pedestrians in
crossing the street. In
Des Moines, the APS is
a pedestrian push button
device that provides
audible cues such as tones
or voice messages to assist
the visually impaired.
Presently, there are
APS buttons installed at
traffic signal intersections
on Grand Avenue at Polk
Blvd, 31st Street, 35th
Street and 37th Street.
More APS devices will
be installed in the future.
An APS subcommittee of
the Des Moines Access
Advisory Board was
created to develop a
process for receiving and prioritizing new requests to install these
buttons at additional signalized pedestrian crossing locations.
Cross walks or intersections that are more complex or skewed,
have low traffic volumes, left turn arrows, or several lanes to cross
will score higher than locations that are smaller, less complex
Requests for new APS installations are accepted year round and in
September of each year, the Traffic and Transportation Division (T&T)
(Walnut Street continued from page 1)
Architects and includes national firms with expertise in retail planning
and urban media.
A preliminary study by the City and DCA calls for a street
design that blends public and private spaces aimed to enrich and
enliven urban activity along Walnut Street. The vision for Walnut
Street includes on-street parking, street lighting, landscape features
and an embracement of 21st century technology through public
art and urban media. This vision will guide the design of the
Over the next few months the consultant team will develop a
conceptual streetscape design, a base retail market study, and
cost estimates. Once this is complete, a public-private fundraising
effort will be initiated. The success of this fundraising effort will
dictate the number of phases of construction and the rate at which
improvements will be made.
page 6
staff will score the requested intersections and bring the scores back
to APS subcommittee. The process includes the following:
• APS Subcommittee ranks requested locations in order of priority
based upon total score.
• APS Subcommittee sends recommended priorities to the full
Access Advisory Board for review at their October Meeting.
• Each year in October, the Access Advisory Board would provide
recommendation of priorities to T&T staff for APS installation
• T&T notifies the requester of the result and provides a timeline for
the installation to be completed if applicable.
For information contact the Traffic & Transportation Division at
515-283-4973. To make a request for new APS installation, download
the form online at
TrafficTransportation.aspx – print and complete the form and mail to:
Traffic & Transportation Division
400 Robert D. Ray Drive
(Lower level - Basement)
Des Moines, IA 50309
• NFC provides financing in specific areas
within Des Moines for purchases,
refinances or home improvement
• Each NFC loan comes with a 5 year
forgivable loan (up to $10,000 per
property) for home repairs
• Visit our website at to see if
your home is in an NFC lending area
• Call one of our Loan Originators with any
questions: 288-5626
Ext 209 for Joni (NMLS #26251) or
Ext 211 for Karen (NMLS #29833)
Ext 213 for Richie (NMLS #521207)
Watch DMTV Channel 7
Guide to Fall & Winter 2012-2013
Fun in Des Moines Parks
The New Woodland Cemetery Arch: Connecting Past to Present
If you’re one of the more than
40,000 people who pass by the
City’s historic Woodland Municipal
Cemetery each day you’re certain
to have noticed the recent addition
of a new old-style arch over the
entrance gate. Des Moines Municipal
Cemeteries’ volunteer citizen historian
Gerald LeBlanc championed this effort
to enhance the charm of the entry to
the City’s oldest cemetery . . . he was so
committed to the need for this historic
project that he donated personal funds
and efforts in generating the $80,000
necessary to build the new structure
completed in September.
As indicated within the wording on
the new arch, Woodland Cemetery was
established in 1848; it was one of the
first cemeteries established in Iowa. The
69-acre cemetery reflects the Victorian
heritage of its time. A formal entrance
and arch structure was constructed by
the City in 1889. The entrance roadway
wound through a small covered gateway
between the superintendent’s residence
and the cemetery chapel. The entrance
and adjoining buildings were referred
to as the Gate Lodge. The text over the
covered entry gate read 1889 Woodland
Cemetery. These structures existed until
the early 1920s and reflect the trend of
covered, arched entrances that continues
even to this day in rural and municipal
cemeteries throughout Iowa. That covered
entrance was the inspiration for our
modern-day efforts to put a symbolic
cover over the current cemetery entrance.
In 1915, stately white Vermont granite
columns and ornamental iron gates
were placed at the main entrance of the
cemetery. The columns, still standing
today, are each composed of six drystacked Vermont granite blocks, skillfully
hewn to rest atop of each other without
any means necessary to fasten them
together. The craftsmanship is of the
highest quality and allows the columns to
stand free of internal or external support
to a grand height of 12 feet. The word
Woodland is carved into the top granite
block as a capstone on each column. A
short decorative iron fence panel spans
between the two main entry columns
and two shorter granite columns, one on
The new arch welcomes visitors through
the cemetery entrance on the corner of
MLK Parkway and Woodland Avenue.
each side complement the larger main
ones. Between the main columns are
two masterfully crafted ornamental iron
gates that open and close according to
the cemetery’s daily hours.
In keeping with the tradition of
Woodland Cemetery’s splendor, in 2004
the City of Des Moines widened, and
added landscaped medians along the
cemetery’s east boundary street, the
Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway. During
this enhancement project, the entrance
to Woodland Cemetery was relocated
in order to retain a prominent presence
along the new parkway. The granite
columns and gates were moved 38
feet to accommodate the widening
and to allow greater vehicle access to
the cemetery, while also protecting the
historic columns from possible vehicular
The decorative design of the new arch
is in keeping with that of the existing
entrance components. The arch rests
atop the Vermont granite columns and is
moored deep within them to withstand
nearly 100 mile per hour winds. It is
fabricated from mild steel, a modern
form of wrought iron, and was galvanized
prior to receiving its black paint finish
capable of withstanding several decades
of weathering. New entrance landscaping
will be in place by spring to compliment
the picturesque, welcoming structure
One day soon, heed the arch’s warm
greeting and drive through the entrance
to absorb fascinating Des Moines history
that has spanned three different centuries.
Tweet Up Goes Old School This Spring
Give your smartphone a break and head out to Gray’s Lake over lunch to “Tweet
Up” with the birds. Each Wednesday from 11:00-11:45 join local birder John Bissell.
Get to know the water and land birds that stop by Gray’s Lake Park as they pause
to refuel for their continued journey north during spring migration. The Parks and
Recreation Department is providing basic bird watching sessions through the end
of May.
The lunch hour sessions will meet at Gray’s Lake from March 6th through
May 22, 2013. March 6th through April 10th emphasis will be placed on
water birds such as ducks, geese, loons, grebes, mergansers, pelicans, and
herons and the public will meet in the beach parking lot on the north
side of Gray’s Lake. From approximately April 17th through the end
of May sessions will meet in the southeast parking lot for viewing
of songbirds such as warblers, vireos, thrushes, and sparrows.
Binoculars are encouraged – we have a few extra pairs if
you forget yours. This spring program is free and open
to all ages.
If you miss a session, check out our Facebook page for a posting of birds
seen each week at the park: or contact us
at 248-6380 or [email protected]
Transplanting in the Tropics
Looking to beat those winter
blues with a tropical getaway?
Leave your sun block at home and fly
over to the City of Des Moines’ Parks and
Recreation Greenhouse for a rendezvous
with the tropics!
Have you ever wondered where
those spectacular flowers and plants that
beautify downtown, neighborhoods and
parks get their start? While it’s freezing
cold outside they are snug and warm
growing in the city’s greenhouse. But
before spring arrives, we need your help
to transplant the little beauties into bigger
containers to prepare them for a heartier
spring planting in the ground. We grow
over 350,000 annuals each year!
It’s the perfect volunteer opportunity
for individuals, groups or corporate
volunteers. Many volunteers will be
needed, either for a one-time only
or a routine shift. No experience is
necessary all volunteers are trained onsite. Volunteers must be able to walk
unassisted, stand for short periods, do
light physical work and possibly bend
over while transplanting. Shifts start midFebruary and are available Monday-Friday
8:00-11:00 a.m.or 1:00-3:00 p.m. and
Saturday-Sunday, 1:00-3:00 p.m.
Contact us at [email protected]
org or 248-6380 to sign-up!
Don’t Wiff On These
The 2013 Des Moines Park
and Recreation Ice fishing
Derby will be held Sunday,
February 10, 2013 at Easter
Tournament hours are from 8 a.m.
to Noon and inspections will begin
at 6:00 a.m. Cost is $20 per person.
Participants are encouraged to
register onsite the day of the
This year’s derby will be both “big
fish” and” heaviest stringer” format,
fished by 1 and 2-person teams.
Contest winners will receive Bass Pro
Shop gift cards, a portable ice shelter,
ice fishing equipment and much more.
Portable ice fishing shelters will be
allowed, but no motorized vehicles will
be allowed on the ice. Shuttle service
will be provided from the boat ramp
to the ice for those needing assistance.
There will be lots of free prizes for the
kids, so we encourage moms & dads
to team up with your kids and come
out to Easter Lake for a fun-filled day
of competitive ice fishing! Panfish bag
limits, minimum length limit on bass,
and all other state regulations will
apply. For more information please
call (515)248-6310.
Wiffle Ball League
Prepare for the upcoming little league
season by signing up for this family oriented wiffleball league. This is a
recreational league with no score kept and a focus on skill development. It also
gives adults a chance to spend some quality time with their children. Children ages
3 – 10 and adult family members may register as a team, (maximum of six individuals)
or as an adult-child pair (to be placed on a team). Each team will play one 45 minute
game for four Sundays beginning March 17. Games will be held at Pioneer Columbus
Community Center, 2100 SE 5th St. Children will receive a trophy and hat for
participating in the league. All participants will receive free admission to one I-Cubs
baseball game this spring. Entry fee is $20 per person and the registration deadline is
Friday, March 1, 2013. To register please stop by Pioneer Columbus Community Center
or contact Tim Smith at 248-6314 or [email protected]
Adult Indoor Wiffle Ball League
This is an eight week indoor wiffleball league held Sunday evenings at Pioneer Columbus
Community Center, 2100 SE 5th St. Teams will play a doubleheader each week. Both
competitive and recreation leagues are available with skill levels of all kinds welcome.
Participants must be 16 or older and may register as a team or individual (to be placed
on a team). The cost is $25 per team with league play beginning January 6, 2013 and
continuing through February 24, 2013. The registration deadline is December 28, 2012.
To register please stop by Pioneer Columbus Community Center or contact Tim Smith
at 248-6314 or [email protected]
19th Annual
Sno-Ball Tournament
For the past 18 years, the Sno-Ball Tournament,
has been a fun time for softball players and their
families. Games are played regardless of the winter weather
conditions. The men’s division had 38 teams enter last winter
with the coed division entering 17 teams.
The 19th annual Sno-Ball Tournament will be held January 26-27, 2013
for the Coed Division, and February 2-3, 2013 for the Men’s Division.
Games are played at Des Moines Park and Recreation fields. Team
registration information will be accepted January 2, 2013 through
January 17,2013. Call 248-6310 for more details and remember
homeruns hit in February count in summer stats.
Time to Make Some Memories at the Father/Daughter Valentine Dance
Dads come on out and spend
an evening with your daughter(s)
and enjoy desserts, soft drinks,
and dancing at the annual Father/
Daughter Valentine Dance,
sponsored by the City of Des Moines
Park and Recreation Department along
with Boesen Florists.
The 2013 Father/Daughter Valentine
Dance will be held at Blank Park Zoo’s
Discovery Center on three separate
nights; Friday, February 1, 2013, and Friday,
February 8, 2013 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
and Thursday, February 7, 2013 from
6:00-8:00 p.m. The Blank Park Zoo
Discovery Center is located at 7401 SW
Ninth Street, Des Moines, IA. Tickets for
all three nights will go on sale Tuesday,
January 8, 2013. Tickets are $15 per
couple, $2 per additional child (daughter)
and can be purchased at The Des Moines
Park and Recreation Administration
Building, located at 3226 University, open
Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm.
All tickets must be purchased in advance
and in person. No phone orders will be
taken and tickets will NOT be sold at the
event. For additional information please
Sign Up for Some Indoor Sports Fun
Date: Men’s Monday begins
Nov 26, 2012
Women’s Wednesday begins
Nov 28, 2012
Cost: $330.00 per team for
10-game schedule
Registration Ends: November 16, 2012
Date: Begins January 13, 2013
Cost: $175.00 per team for 10-match
schedule (3 sets per match)
Registration Period:
December 3 -28, 2012
PEE WEE BASKETBALL (ages 3-6 co-ed)
Date: 3 & 4 year olds start on
Tues, Jan 8, 2013
5 & 6 year olds start on
Thurs, Jan 10, 2013
Cost: $40.00 per child for
5-week program
Registration Period:
December 3-31, 2012
Application for 2013 Dog/Cat License and Dog Park Permit • City of Des Moines
n $20 2012 Dog Park Permit
n $20 2013 Dog Park Permit
n $35
n $15
n $5
for Non-Spayed/Neutered Animals
for Spayed/Neutered Animals
for Animals of Citizens over 65
(first dog and first cat per household)
Owner’s Name__________________________________________
City____________________ State__________________________
Zip_____________________ Phone #_______________________
Signature of Owner______________________________________
March 31 is the deadline
to purchase a pet license without a
$50 late fee! All animals 6 months
and older must be licensed.
Breed___________________ Color(s)_______________________
Age____________________ Sex___________________________
Name of Pet____________________________________________
Rabies Tag #___________________________________________
Rabies Vaccination Date__________________________________
Rabies Expiration Date___________________________________
Mail this application, rabies certificate, proof of spay/neuter and fee to:
City Clerk’s Office • P.O. Box 10326 • Des Moines, IA 50306-0326
For more information call the
City Clerk’s office at (515) 283-4209.
Library Director Greg Heid stated, “The energy we are dedicating
to this initiative, with considerable public input, will benefit the citizens
of Des Moines immeasurably in the future.” The Ivy Library will
work locally with the Des Moines-based State Public Policy Group,
Inc. to develop and coordinate local focus groups and identify key
stakeholders of the community.
Franklin Avenue Library Receives
LEED® Platinum Certification
The Franklin Avenue Library has been awarded
LEED® Platinum Certification by the U.S. Green
Building Council (USGBC). It is the first building
owned by the City of Des Moines to achieve LEED Platinum status,
as well as the first public library in Iowa to be awarded this status.
LEED is the USGBC’s rating system for designing and constructing
the greenest, most energy-efficient and high-performing buildings. A
total of 80 points is required to achieve the Platinum category and
the library earned 85 points. Platinum is the highest rating given.
The renovated Franklin Avenue Library was designed by the firms of
Benjamin Design Collaborative and David Milling Architects. Rochon
Corporation was the general contractor. “More than 225,000 library
users have visited the Franklin Avenue Library since we held its grand
reopening on August 8, 2011,” reported Library Director Greg Heid.
The ‘LEED Certification Mark’ is a registered trademark owned by the U.S. Green Building Council and is used by permission.
Don’t Hang Up! We May be Calling You!
The Des Moines Public Library is in the
midst of a strategic and master facilities
planning process, working with the
Ivy Library- a Philadelphia-based
research group. According to
Library Board President Kevin
Techau, “This is a wonderful
opportunity to discover
and to confirm what
the Des Moines Public
Library is all about.”
The study will analyze
the library’s current services,
branch library facilities, and how
the library can best serve the public.
Beginning in December, telephone interviews will be conducted
through a random selection of 400 Des Moines households.
Residents 18 years or older are eligible to take part in the interview
process, which will take about 12 minutes to complete. Answers to
these surveys will help library officials understand what programs and
services Des Moines residents want at their public library in the future.
Ivy Library will benchmark the DMPL’s performance against its
national peers; conduct a market segmentation and lifestyle analysis,
and assess technology and facilities. To help determine the library’s
priorities for the future, the consultants will also conduct internal
and external online surveys; executive interviews with community
leaders; and patron focus groups.
Media Musings: Mad About Movies, Music, and More
If you love old John Wayne movies, check out a new blog hosted
on the library’s web site. Making use of his multiple degrees in library
science, film studies, and journalism, librarian Kevin Kretschmer
writes entertaining blogs highlighting the library’s extensive DVD and
CD collections. His first post was a fond remembrance of watching
old westerns. Additional posts touch on a wide range of mediarelated topics, including famous Iowa musicians and a review of the
Alien movie series. To read the Media Musing blog go to www.dmpl.
org, then click on Blogs and Wikis and scroll down to Media Musings.
Conversations & Coffee: A New
Program for Language Learners
Residents who are learning to speak
English and community volunteers
who help them are invited to practice their
English conversation skills while enjoying light
refreshments at the Forest Avenue Library.
Conversations & Coffee will be offered weekly
on Tuesdays from 12:30-1:30 PM. For more
information send emails to Ashley Ansah at [email protected]
New Practice Test Resources Now Available
Anyone interested in taking practice exams will want to take a look
at new offerings from the Learning Express Library, available at all
six DMPL locations. These are great resources for individuals who
want to better prepare for exams by taking practice tests whether
studying for the GED or a number of other exams.
• New Online Practice Exams — Available to users preparing for
the WorkKeys® Assessments, Praxis II: Principles of Learning
Tests, and the COMPASS® college placement exams. A practice
civil service exam has also been added.
• New eBooks — The inventory of vocational and instructional
eBooks has grown to include three new titles for the GED® test
® and nursing school entrance exams, as well
as a new addition to the 501 Questions Series
designed for those wishing to learn or build
their calculus skills.
Stop by your local branch and ask a librarian
for details.
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Des Moines Community Action Agency Fall Programs
Furnace Repair Program
If your furnace is malfunctioning, free furnace repairs are available
to eligible Des Moines homeowners who meet income guidelines of
$28,635 for a family of three. Homeowners must be a resident of
Des Moines and LIHEAP approved.
This program does not provide furnace checks, light pilots or
replace filters. Applications are accepted at CAA office at 1618 Sixth
Applications for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance
Program (LIHEAP) are being accepted now thru April 30, 2013. This
program is designed to help eligible low-income families by paying
a portion of residential heating bills as a one-time payment to their
utility company.
The income guideline for a family of four is $34,575. If approved
for the program, households are provided with moratorium protection
against disconnection. The moratorium period begins the date they
are approved and the protection period runs November 1 to April 1,
Applications are accepted on a first come first serve basis at
the Community Action Agency (CAA) office at 1618 Sixth Avenue.
Appointments can be scheduled by phone at 515-248-6216.
Applications are available online at
Do you need to deliver a message
to every household in Des Moines?
Advertise in City Source Newsletter
• Published four times annually
• Direct Mail to 80,000
• Available on the City’s website
• 77% of the City Survey
Respondents read
City Source
Your Dire
ct Link
To City
Subscribe Online
You can receive the latest news and information from the City
of Des Moines in your email. Just sign up on the city’s webpage
at On home page scroll down to the blue
“RESIDENTS” box. Below the box click on the link “Sign Up
for Email Subscriptions.” Then check the boxes for the type of
information you want to receive via email.
Keep Parks
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such as reduc resulting in reduc
ed library
• Contact the Public
Information Office at 515-283-4795
• For rates send email to: [email protected]
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Financial Education Classes
Are you overwhelmed and anxious about your monthly bills?
Tired of late fees and overdraft fees?
Looking for help with your finances?
There is hope and CAA has free financial classes to help you
get where you want to go. Attend one of three financial education
classes and learn how to develop a spending plan, take control of
your finances, and create a path of success through goal setting.
Certified educators will help you learn how to better manage your
Each family will also receive free energy tools for the home that
will help lower utility costs. The initial class is offered every week and
advanced classes are offered once a month. Qualified families must
meet income guidelines; a family of four is $34,575 a year. For more
details call 515-248-6216.
Find out more about all CAA programs, visit the website at / hs / dmcaa or call 283-4180 or send emails to
[email protected]
City Bu
dget: Ne
Year an
nued on
page 4)
Watch DMTV City Cable on Ch 7 or Ch 86 or Ch 97.1
Mediacom Cable / Live Stream / YouTube / On Demand
The City of Des Moines Cable Channel broadcast on the
MediaCom cable system and can be seen in Central Iowa on
Channel 7, Channel 86, and Channel 97-1. Depending on the
type of cable service you have and the type of television set
-- flat screen or box model. Watch online at – on the home page scroll
down to the blue “RESIDENTS” box. Below
the box click on the link “DMTV Schedule.”
Watch DMTV Channel 7
Des Moines Human Rights Commission
Striving to Advance Justice and Equality for All People in Des Moines
Contact the Des Moines Human Rights Commission if you have experienced
discrimination or would like more information about your human rights.
E-mail: [email protected] • Website:
602 Robert D. Ray Drive (1st Floor), Des Moines, IA 50309
602 Robert D. Ray Drive (Floor 1), Des Moines, IA 50309
Des Moines Komisija za Ljudska Prava
Nastojimo da obezbjedimo pravdu i jednakost za sve ljude u Des Moines
Kontaktirajte Des Moines Komisiju za ljudska prava, ako ste
bili diskriminsani ili bi želeli više informacija o ljudskim pravima.
Emajl: [email protected] • Webstranica:
602 Robert D. Ray Drive (prvi sprat), Des Moines, IA 50309
Commission des Droits Humains de Des Moines
Luttant pour l’avancement de la justice et de l’égalité pour tous les habitants de Des Moines
Contactez la Commission des Droits Humains de Des Moines si vous avez été victime
de discrimination ou si vous désirez recevoir plus d’information sur vos droits humains.
E-mail: [email protected] • Website:
602 Robert D. Ray Drive (1st Floor), Des Moines, IA 50309
La Comisión de los Derechos Humanos de Des Moines
Esforzándose en la Promoción de la Justicia y la Igualdad para Todas las Personas en Des Moines
Comuníquese con la Comisión de los Derechos Humanos de Des Moines si ha sufrido
de discriminación o si desearía más información acerca de sus derechos humanos.
Correo electrónico: [email protected] • Sitio Web:
602 Robert D. Ray Drive (1er piso), Des Moines, IA 50309
Des Moines Tume ya Haki za Binadamu
Inajitahidi na kuendeleza haki na usawa kwa watu wote katika Des Moines
Wasiliana na Tume ya Haki za Binadamu Des Moines kama umekumbwa
na ubaguzi au ungependa maelezo zaidi kuhusu haki zako.
Nabari ya Simu: 515-283-4284
Barua pepe: [email protected] • Tovuti:
Anuani: 602 Robert D. Ray Drive (Ghorofa ya kwanza), Des Moines, IA 50309
Fair Housing Is Your Right!
Housing Discrimination Can Be:
• Advertisements saying “no kids allowed”
• Refusing to allow a service animal (an accommodation for a person with a disability) because of a ‘no pets’ policy.
• Steering members of a protected class to live in certain areas.
• Charging a different amount of rent to protected class members.
• Offering different terms or conditions of a lease to protected class members.
Contact us for additional information.
Des Moines Human Rights Commission
602 Robert D. Ray Drive | Des Moines, IA 50309 | Phone: 515-283-4284
The State of Iowa prohibits
housing discrimination based
on these protected classes:
• Race
• Religion
• Creed
• Color
• Sex
• Sexual Orientation
• National Origin
• Family Status
• Gender Identity
• Ancestry
• Physical Disability
• Mental Disability
Know Your Fair Housing Rights!
Fair housing is more than just a set of laws.
It is a key to Equal Opportunity.
602 Robert D. Ray Drive | Des Moines, IA 50309 |
Fer stambeno prebivalište je vaše pravo!
Diskriminacija u pogledu stambenog prebivališta može biti sledeća:
• Oglas na kome piše "djeca nisu poželjna".
• Nedozvoliti servisne životinje (pomoć osobi sa ivalidetom) zbog zakona "ljubimcima pristup nije dozvoljen”.
• Usmeravanje članova zaštićene klase da žive u odredjenim erijama.
• Naplaćivanje različite cene najama stana osobama zaštićene klase.
• Ponuda ugovora o stanovanju sa raziličitim planom i uslovima osobama zašticene klase.
Kontaktirajte nas ako su vam potrebne dodadtne informacije.
Des Moines Komisija Ljudskih Prava
602 Robert D. Ray Drive | Des Moines, IA 50309 | TELEFON: 515-283-4284
L’équité du logement est votre droit!
La discrimination de logement peut être:
• Une notice: “interdit aux enfants”.
• Refus d'admettre un animal d’assistance (pour personne handicapée) dû à l’interdiction d’animaux de maison.
• Forcer les membres d’une classe protégée à demeurer dans certains quartiers.
• Faire payer un loyer différent aux membres d’une classe protégée.
• Offrir un bail aux termes ou conditions différents aux membres d’une classe protégée.
Nous contacter pour plus d’information.
Des Moines Commission des Droits Humains
602 Robert D. Ray Drive | Des Moines, IA 50309 | Tél: 515-283-4284
Država Iowa nedozvoljava diskriminaciju
u pogledu stambenog prebivališta kod
osoba zastićenong staleža:
• Rasa
• Religija
• Ispovest
• Boja Kože
• Pol
• Seksualna Orjentacija
• Nacijonalno Poreklo
• Bračno Stanje
• Polna Indentifikacija
• Poreklo
• Invaliditet fizicke prirode
• Invaliditet mentalne prirode
Upoznaj svoja prava u pogledu fer stambenog prebivališta!
Fer izbor stambenog prebivališta nije samo skup zakona.
To je kljuc jednakih mogućnosti.
L’Etat de l’Iowa interdit la
discrimination sur les catégories
protégées suivantes:
• Race
• Religion
• Profession de foi
• Couleur
• Sexe
• Orientation sexuelle
• Origine nationale
• Statut familial
• Identité sexuelle
• Origine ancestrale
• Incapacité physique
• Incapacité mentale
Sachez quels sont Vos Droits à l’Equité du Logement
L’équité du logement est plus qu’une simple série de lois.
C’est une clé à l’Egale Opportunité.
602 Robert D. Ray Drive | Des Moines, IA 50309 | PHONE: 515-283-4284
¡Tiene Derecho a Vivienda Razonable!
La Discriminación en la Vivienda puede ser:
• Anuncios que dicen que "no se permiten niños".
• Negar permiso a animales de servicio (una adaptación para una persona con una discapacidad) porque se tiene una regla donde "no se aceptan mascotas”.
• Dirigir a miembros de una clase protegida a que vivan en ciertas áreas.
• Cobrar a los miembros de las clases protegidas una renta diferente.
• Ofrecer a los miembros de las clases protegidas un contrato de arrendamiento con términos o condiciones diferentes.
Contáctenos si requiere información adicional.
Comisión de los Derechos Humanos de Des Moines
602 Robert D. Ray Drive | Des Moines, IA 50309 | TELÉFONO: 515-283-4284
Usawa wa Makazi Ni Haki Yako!
Ubaguzi ya Makazi inaweza kuwa:
• Matangazo inyosema “watoto hawaruhusiwe hapa”.
• Kukataa kuruhusu wanyama wanaohudumu (kwa ajili ya mtu mwenye ulemavu) kwa sababu ya sera kama “wanyama hawaruhusiwe hapa.”
• Kuendelesha wanachama wa daraja kulindwa na kuishi katika baadhi ya maeneo fulani.
• Kumshutumu kiasi tofauti ya kodi ya nyumba kwa kilinda daraja ya wanachama.
• Kutoa masharti mbalimbali au hali ya kukodisha kwa wanachama waliyohifadhiwa darasa.
Wasiliana nasi kwa maelezo zaidi.
Des Moines Tume ya Haki za binadamu
602 Robert D. Ray Drive | Des Moines, IA 50309 | SIMU: 515-283-4284
El Estado de Iowa prohíbe la
discriminación en la vivienda en
base a estas clases protegidas:
• Raza
• Religión
• Credo
• Color
• Sexo
• Orientación Sexual
• Origen Nacional
• Estado Familiar
• Identidad de Género
• Ascendencia
• Discapacidad Física
• Discapacidad Mental
`Sepa sus Derechos a una Vivienda Razonable!
La vivienda razonable es más que un conjunto de leyes.
Es una clave para la Igualdad de Oportunidades.
Jimbo la Iowa inakataza makazi
ya ubaguzi kwa madaraja haya
yasi ifadhiwe:
• Jamii yako
• Dini
• Imani
• Rangi
• Jinsia
• Kijinsia kujiwasilisha
• Taifa ya Mwanzo
• Hali ya familia
• Uke au Ume
• Asili
• Ulemavu wa kimwili
• Upungufu wa Akili
Jua Haki Yako kuhusu Usawa ya Makazi!
Usawa ya Makazi ni zaidi kuliko sheria iliyotengwa.
Ni ufunguo muhimu kwa usawa katika fursa hili.
Des Moines Public Works
Solid Waste Holiday Tree Collection
No solid waste
1.Holiday trees will be collected curbside
collection on
on your regular solid waste collection day. Thanksgiving Day
2.Trees must be free of ornaments and and Christmas Day
tinsel and must not be in bags.
3.Trees must have a Compost It® sticker affixed to them.
4.The Compost It® stickers are available at metro area Hy-Vee and
Dahl’s stores.
If you have questions regarding the city’s holiday tree collection
program, please call the Department of Public Works 24-Hour
Customer Service Call Center at 515-283-4950.
Fall Leaf Collection
The weather is chilly, which means yards are full of leaves and
gardens are filled with dead plants and flowers. The City of Des
Moines offers a convenient way to dispose of your yard debris with
the Premium Yard Waste Cart available in two sizes for a monthly
subscription fee.
Premium Yard Waste Program Subscription Rates:
• 64 Gallon Cart - $8.34 per month/per cart ($100 annually)
• 96 Gallon Cart - $10.42 per month/per cart ($125 annually)
The fee for this service will appear on your monthly Des Moines
Water Works bill.
Des Moines’ residents may also purchase Compost It® paper yard
debris bags available at Dahl’s or Hy-Vee stores and place them at
the curb on their regularly scheduled day for collection. Property
owners may also use another manufacturer’s paper bag for leaves;
however, they will need to purchase a $1.15 Compost It® sticker, also
available at Dahl’s or Hy-Vee, and attach one to each bag.
It is a violation of city ordinance to put leaves or other yard debris in
solid waste containers or to rake or blow leaves from private property
into the streets. Leaves blown into the street reduce traction and can
also contribute to the clogging of the storm sewer system.
To request a Premium Yard Waste Cart, please contact the
Department of Public Works 24-Hour Customer Service Call Center
at 515-283-4950.
DART Opens New Central Station – DART Central Station is the new transfer facility that replaces the Walnut Street Transit Mall in
downtown Des Moines. The new station located at 620 Cherry Street between 6th and 7th Street opens its customer service window
on Monday, November 12, which will provide schedule information and bus passes. On Friday, November 23, DART officially opens the
Central Station and buses will no longer use the Walnut Street Transit Mall for transfer activities. The November service changes will also
take effect on this day. For details visit the DART website at or call 515-283-8100.
page 11
Des Moines, IA
Permit No. 4698
400 Robert D. Ray Drive
Des Moines, Iowa 50309-1891
Residential Customer
Janae D. Brown, A.R.N.P.
Ingersoll Family Physicians
That’s why the providers at Iowa Health Physicians and
Clinics invite you to do something totally rad: schedule
your wellness physical! Even if you use those VHS
workout videos regularly, it’s still important to practice
prevention. By taking this important step to ensure you
know your body better, you will also learn what wellness
practices will keep you rockin’!
Visit your favorite Iowa Health Physicians and Clinics provider between now and December 14th for your
wellness physical, and receive a super, totally tubular water bottle to help you stay hydrated and healthy!
Go to to choose
the most convenient clinic for you.
East Des Moines Family Care Center • Ingersoll Family Physician • Merle Hay Family Medicine • Northwest Family Physicians
Parks Area Family Physicians • Roosevelt Family Medicine • Southglen Family Practice • Southwest Family Physicians
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Watch DMTV Channel 7